(1938-10-09) Incident in the Owlery - Janette's Report
Details for Incident in the Owlery - Janette's Report
Summary: Professors Slughorn, Dumbledore, and Mopsus continue their investigation into a violent incident involving a prefect.
Date: 9 October, 1938
Location: Staff Room, Hogwarts
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After classes were done for the day, Caretaker Pringle came to fetch her. His usual barbs and snarls were lacking, but he was quite firm in demanding that she accompany him. He led her to the staff room, where upon opening the door, she could see three professors waiting for her. Three heads of house, in fact, seated in high-backed chairs, facing a fourth empty chair.

Professors Slughorn, Dumbledore, and Mopsus all nod in greeting to the Slytherin Prefect as Pringle ushers her inside, shutting the door behind them and standing like a sentry, guarding the exit.

Slughorn smiles, though his usual brightness is a bit dimmer today. "Come in, Miss Abbott. Please sit. We have a matter to discuss with you."

Janette steps inside, firmly clenching her book in the armful. She looksaround a bit worried and even her usual pale skin is more pale, if that is possible. She opens her mouth, as she would like to say something,but she does not dare to say anything.

Slughorn smiles sympathetically to his Prefect, folding his hands over his prominent belly. "Please do not fret, Miss Abbott. This is an inquiry, not an inquisition. Now then…perhaps you have guessed the reason for this meeting. We have come to understand that you were involved in an altercation in the owl tower about a week ago. An event than involved student from each of our houses, no less." Sluggy gestures to the wise Dumbledore and the all-seeing Mopsus indicatively. "We should very much like to hear your side of things."

Janette glances at the Slughorn and exhales deeply. It looks like she calms down, somehow. At least a bit. Though, the bookis still clenched in her armful firmly. "Indeed," she utters and tries to straighten. Just to be in her usual lady-like posture. She even tosses some snowy curls back as it would help her to stand more self-confident. "That is quite… shameful reminiscence for me, I am so sorry, I…"

Girl'sgaze slips through all the professors and decides to rest on SLughorn. He, somehow, calms her down. When she watches at him, she remembers potions. The only one thing she does almost perfectly and dreams about it. Even now, she starts to dream about her own potion shop… The grey eyes sparkles and girl calms down. "I am sorry, I did not came to you sooner about it… I… It's just… Well…"

She lowers the book finally, straightening in her full petite heightand starts speaking more clearly: "Me, the young girl Fiona Donnelly and Douglas Macmillan were looking at the most beautiful moment. Owl's eggs. The owls. Little owls, they had to hatch and did that. Everything was really nice,until…" She stops for a moment,shifting from one foot to another.

Slughorn nods, his smile warming at her touching explanation of events. Mopsus's face is more neutral, though the lack of focus in his blind eyes has a way of making him look like he's not paying attention. Dumbledore simply nods, attentive and pensive as ever. "Go on, my dear," says the Deputy Headmaster. "What happened next?"

"Alphard Black came…" sighs the girl, blushing. "He… At first he laughed at us, saying we are doing silly thing, that it is not interesting at all. Though, he came closer to watch. Not for too long though… His sharp tongue continued all the teasing, I must say… I could skip that, because it is just simple teenagers problems, which they mightmanage between themselves, but in this situation, this fact becomesquite important," girl lowers her gaze and sways a bit, watching her robe sweeping the dust from the ground.

"My and Douglas cloaks were nicely put on the ground, that it wouldn't disturb us, to watch owls. Though, BLack was not happy with just offending, as heloves to do that.I ran away, actually, after his words and forgot my cloak. When I cameback, I heard not just offensive words, but I saw how he steped on my robe,making it all dirty!" sniffs the girl,and it looks like that touching her clothes is way more offensive for her than any words. She cleans the dusts from her shoulders now,quite mannerly,even if there is no dusts. Maybe she just shows how important her nattiness is for her. Grey eyes finds Slughornonce more: "So, I was tired of him, doing this, and I made the bad move. Really bad. I came near him, saying "Enough of this!" and… I pushed him. Though, just slightly. I am a fragile young lady,after all," giggles Janette under her nose,peeking at others, but trying to look at Slughorn for most. He is so wonderful and clever! Janette would be so happy to know at least half of things he knows about potions… SIghs leaves her throat. "Then… Black slamed me at the ground and started to kick me. If Douglas Macmillan wouldn't have grabed him, I guess I would have to be in the hospital now. Though, then Douglas Macmillan touched the Black,the boys started to fight…" Janette sticks her gaze at the ground now, blushing. "It is all my fault. I had to be calm. I don't know, why I did what I did. Maybe I was just tired of him, always speaking with me as I am nothing. He eventold that." Girl quickly covers her lips with the book, eyes widen. SHe told too much now. So,she just whispers "I am sorry…"

Slughorn leans forward in his chair, reaching to pat Janette's knee. "There, there, child. I realize that this is upsetting. But you must stand strong. You are my Prefect, after all." A bit of pride shines in his eyes as he says this.

Dumbledore sighs sadly. "Miss Abbott. When you were asked what had happened initially, you told Mr. Pringle that it was Alphard Black that initiated the physical violence. Of course, nothing excuses Mister Black's own actions. But you lied to a member of this school's faculty. What possessed you to do so?"

Janette grins at Slughorn, though her smile fades, when Dumbledore speaks. She shakes her head. "I wasn't lieing. I was quite scared, in deed. At that moment some things disappeard from my head, I must admit that. It was the first time in my life, when someone beated me…" Girl sighs again.

"I remember exactly, that I told Mr. Pringle, that I was the first one to shout at the Black and that I was slamed then. Maybe because I was scared, I forgot to say,that I pushed him, but… Professors," Girl turns to Slughorn "I couldn't call my actions as a physical violance. The way I pushed him, it was very gentle," she pushes the air now, as she would try to show how everything was. "I understand, I did wrong, but I am but a sixteen years girl, who was beated by that boy for quite a long time.Just with his sharp tongue. He was the first, who turned everything from words to the physical actions,when he steped on my clothes on purpose, as he would be stepping on me… I just didn't know what to do anymore. I thought, that a slight pushing will bring him back. He will become normal. I understand, that we might not like each other, but some kind of manners must be. He always can not to speak with me at all…"

Girl chuckles under her nose "When a person loses his minds, another person sometimes slaps the cheek of that first person. I thought about the same results, I guess. When I made that action. That the person will get his minds back…"

Girl sways a bit. "Professors, plus, his words let to the action… Likely,this is the reasons,why I though the Blackstarted everything. Because it started from his actions and plus, I was scared. Really scared. I had bump on my head for quite a long time.." Girl touches the back of her head. Though she jumps up on her feet firmly, sticking the gaze to the Slughorn. Gaze full of hope and admiration: "Please! Don't toss me from being prefect. This position and the potions are everything I have. Everything what gives me joy. Please. Don't take that away from me,don't be angry… I… I will never do that again!"

Slughorn's shoulders slump as his heart melts. But there is great sadness in his eyes as he explains, "No decision has been made yet, Janette. But you must understand how serious this is. Whether you feel that what you did was violent or not, a Prefect laying a hand on another student is unconscionable. Then, to fail to report the matter to me was a failure in your duties. You are empowered to enforce discipline by removing House Points, and by being my eyes and ears. But however offensive Mister Black was — and believe me, he will face the consequences of his own actions — it does not excuse the way in which this was handled." He sighs, frowning miserably. "We have much to discuss among ourselves. Is there anything else you'd like to add before you go?"

Janette bites her lip and she is almost crying. Really.She,whoalways is so icy. "I… I just beg you… Give me the second chance. I always did my job just perfect. We all are people and sometimes do mistakes. I promise. I beg you,just give me the warning and if I will ever dosomething wrong, then you allcan punish me, but please… We all are people… And I promise, if I get another chance, I will be the most perfect eyes and ears. You won't regret it, I beg you," and the tear ripples through her cheek, causing all the bright blush.

Slughorn fumbles with his fingers, looking for all the world as if he'd like to scoop Janette up and hug her until she stopped crying. But Professor Mopsus speaks up to spare him further embarrassment. "We will take your words into consideration, Miss Abbott. In the meantime, please do not speak of this meeting to anyone until our investigation is complete."

Mr. Pringle takes a step forward, gesturing toward the door. "Let's go, lass. You're done here."

Dumbledore nods in confirmation to Pringle, and adds, "Apollyon, do come back after you've seen Miss Abbott out." To which the caretaker nods firmly, awaiting Janette.

Janette glances at Slughorn the last time, brushing with her fingers through lips, as showing, that her lips are sewed, and she rushes out of the room, with lowered head and dropping tears.

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