(1938-10-09) The Gorgon's Warning Goes Unheeded
Details for The Gorgon's Warning Goes Unheeded
Summary: Medusa encounters Niko before dinner and gives him some relationship advice which he clearly intends to ignore.
Date: 9 October 1938
Location: Entry Hall, Hogwarts
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Heading into dinner Medusa is stopped by a very angry mousy haired girl who reaches out to grab her. "You think you are so perfect," sneers the girl. "The Queen of Slytherin, but you're not you…you…you're just a horrible boy stealer!" Medusa reaches out and carefully with slow measured movements removes the girl's hand from her arm. "Listen to me clearly Caitlin Connor, you cannot keep living with these delusions. You are as bad as a mudblood thinking they will ever be welcomed in the Wizengamot. He did not like you. He did not even know you existed." The angry girl's eyes widen as Medusa advances on her. "You are as insignificant to him as an ant is to me. Now stop this right now! You are making a spectacle of yourself. Nobody likes a whiny baby and frankly if you keep trying to throw yourself at my boyfriend I will hex you so that you grow a mustache, are we clear?"

Niko is on his way to the Great Hall to enjoy some lovely dinner, his hands are locked between his head as he walks, his gaze tilted upward as he does so, almost lost in his own world, before the sound of bickering comes to his ears. He looks at the two girls curiously for a second, before his hand moves and his mouth opens as if he was going to say something, but then he decides better of it shaking his head.

The dark-haired Ravenclaw gasps and turns to run away slamming into a few others before bouncing off Niko and running off. "The Gorgon has got her bitch face on tonight," laughs a seventh year Gryffindor. "Somebody better warn Doug." His friend snickers and says, "I don't think he'd listen. Did you see what they were like in potions earlier?" The two give Niko a passing nod as they head inside. In fact most of the crowd that had been watching disperses. Medusa however seems to be hanging around.

Niko watches as Caitlin bounces off a few people before bouncing off him, letting out a small sigh, he looks at Catilin leaving then back to Medusa. As the couple of his house mates give him a small greeting, he returns it with a warm smile and a nod, before saying, "Don't see the need to bicker about things, when you could just talk it out." he says

Perhaps unfortunately for Niko Medusa assumes he was speaking to her. "She is pathetic and she will never get a boy to like her behaving like that." Her gaze travels the length of the younger boy and back again as if searching for something in his appearance. "Would you go for a girl like that? She had bought a dress to wear to the dance, to wear for a boy who had no idea she existed. And for the past four days all she has done whenever she sees him is cry, but me I get shouted at." Poor little Meanie Medusa, she actually didn't do anything wrong this time. This time.

Niko sighs softly, "I didn't say it was your fault." he says warmly with a soft smile, "I was just saying instead of shouting at each other, calling each other names and threatening each other." he starts softly, the warm smile still on his face, "That maybe sitting down and discussing things with each other, that both parties involved would be more understanding." he continues, his tone warm and friendly.

Medusa's hands go behind her back, the fingers of one loop around the wrist of her opposite arm as she walks slowly with measured steps towards Niko, each step echoing on the stone floor. "You are one of those naive little boys aren't you? Someone who thinks the world is really rosy and everyone can just get along if they," her tone becomes mocking, "really tried." A smirk tilts up one corner of her mouth. "The world is not rosy and even this place isn't. Open your eyes Denholm. See the reality of what you are and where you are. And really consider what you are doing to Janette Abbott by associating with her."

"The world is what we make, so yes if all really did try, instead of assuming that it is this cold dark place were stabbing each other in the back is acceptable." Niko says slowly, the warm smile on his face, "As for my relationship status, Janette looks pretty happy last time I checked." he says slowly, his hand moving up and rubbing his chin, "While you look pretty unhappy and are busy bickering with Ravenclaws." he says softly, the warm smile on his face. "Perhaps you could find happiness if you focused on your current events, with Macmillan, instead of worrying about who else is dating who?" he says softly, the warm smile still on his face.

"It is quite clear you do not understand the damage you are doing to her by being what you are. I am certain you are a very nice person, but your blood is tainted. Janette, flakey thing she is with her obsession with potions and viewing herself like some kind of pigment-less goddess is amazingly, despite all that pureblooded." Medusa shakes her pale head lightly, "Her father would never approve. She may be a prefect but that will not prevent the other Slytherin from ridiculing her. There is a reason that no non purebloods have ever been in Slytherin. Even the hat knows Salazar Slytherin would have never stood for it."

Niko chuckles softly, his right hand moving up and running through his hair slowly, "I am sure you are just as wonderful a person." he says slowly, the warm smile on his face. "Hmmm." he says slowly considering what she had just said to him, "Well her father seems like something that would be Janette's to deal with." he starts slowly, "People ridiculing her…" he starts, "You mean people like you, who like I just said, could maybe be happy if they actually focused on their own life?" he says softly with a chuckle, the warm smile on his face, "As far as my blood." he lets out a small sigh, though the warm smile still on his face, "I know this is really drives some of you up the wall." he starts chuckling again, "But I really think my blood, my lineage is just as good as yours." he says looking at her with a warm smile still planted on his face, his tone still friendly and not a hint of malice in any word he spoke.

Her face is a picture when she hears his final words, but Medusa doesn't react with anger she just laughs. It is a deep laugh. "I can see you really mean that. More fool that you are." She shakes her head, still chuckling. "Don't ever leave school Denholm because this," she gestures to the walls around them, "is the only place where you are safe from the much nastier versions of me. What you said," she becomes serious as she imparts this warning, "will get you killed in parts of Diagon Alley. There is nothing about you which equals me in anyway." Medusa lowers her arms. "Nothing." Her shoulders lift in a shrug, "I tried to be nice and warn both you and Janette. Now it is on your heads what happens." She turns to leave then, heading towards dinner.

Niko chuckles softly with a smile, "Then I suppose I will see when we I leave." he says softly, the warm smile still on his face, "It was a pleasure talking to you!" he shouts at her as she leaves, "I really can't wait for our future conversations!" he continues, the warm smile still on his face as he brings his hand sup and starts to make his way to dinner. Giving a few people a friendly nod as he makes his way.

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