(1938-10-09) Thomas Returns
Details for Thomas Returns
Summary: After Phil heads off upon hearing that Thomas is in Berlin, speak of the devil, there he is!
Date: Wednesday, October 9th, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron, London
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Leaky Cauldron

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses, sometimes coined "wenches", bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent are any modern Muggle devices or electricity, the lighting all provided by lanterns and chandeliers.

Phil just shakes her head, "I am going to go. I will see you both later." She looks over at Takeshi and smiles, "Take care of yourself, Takeshi." Nodding to the coins which she left on the table, "Give those to the children's ward." With that she pulls her cigarettes out and by the time she has left using the back exit she has one lit.

The auror looks to Phil's request he looks to Rhyeline to see if she will answer but it doesnt seem she will be able to. Graham looks to Phil nodding "I will come see you later." he says looking back to the shy woman turning to face her to hide as he mouths "It's oaky. I'll talk to her." he turns back to the table at large, but reaches out and pats her arm lightly from under the table. "It was very nice of you to offer to make that dish." he offers the healer "I'm sure Phil will enjoy it."

Rhyeline bites her lower lip and peeks up when Phil gets up to leave- too angered about Thomas to stay. When Graham pats her arm lightly, she peeks over at him, but then just lowers her gaze once more, remaining silent. Foldig one of her arms across her belly, hugging herself slightly, she closes her eyes and takes a long, slow sip of wine.

Takeshi takes the last bite of his pie, "Oh…umm…I okay…" he says to Phil about the coin, taking them and putting them in one of his robes pockets. He doesn't really know what to make of the sudden outburst followed by her leaving, then Graham talks again, he is really warming up to Graham, "Oh, well I don't mind. People are often curious about things from Japan…" he says slowly, with a small nod. He looks at the two left at the table and says, "Umm…Umm…" but that is all he gets out.

Graham knows that Phil isnt upset but doesnt really have a way of relaying that to Rhyeline without getting into too much detail. He looks to her a moment almost watching her pop back into her shell. He looks to the healer to keep his focus a bit. "Hm i'll admit to being the same, but i'm more of a historian. I would read about it and than want to go myself to view everything."

Even though the tavern has quieted down, Rhyeline looks a bit tense, peeking at other tables out of the corner of her eye. However, she doesn't leave. Instead, she just closes her eyes once more and drains the last of her wine.

Takeshi takes the last sip of his lemonade, "Well…umm…It has been…umm…Nice." he says softly with a small nods he says softly, "However I need to me heading…umm…Home." he says slowly, shifting slightly in his seat, "I hope to see you both another time." he says getting up and fiddling with getting his chair just right, before offering a small wave and heading out the door, in the same flash of bright yellow as he entered.

Graham isnt really even able to respond befoe the healer is moving away leaving a rather confused looking auror. He turns to Rhyeline to speak in lowered tones. "Rhyeline, please listen. Phil is not upset with you trust me i've known her a while now. I'll talk to her and all will be well." he knows he cant keep the whipsering up without drawing attention so it's hurried but his words sincere.

Rhyeline glances up as Graham does his best to reassure her. She gives a small, unconvinced nod before looking into the empty glass. "At least… at least she wasn't as angry as Mikhale was…"

Thomas apparates into the Leaky Cauldron by the bar, he looks tired and rough. Five O'Clock shadow lingers on his face, his suit wrinkled and his tie half down around his neck, with the top two buttons undone on his shirt, "A bottle of Gin." he says softly and pays for it, his hand moving up and running through his hair slowly, before letting out a deep sigh not really paying attention to anything else at the Cauldron for now.

The young man smiles to the other realizing he cant fix this on the instant. "She's not, and wont be mad at you." he says again but calls the server over to refill both their glasses after a moment it's here that he spots the man's enterance. "Hm the timing on that could have gone badly." he motions the other to look where he's pointing.

It will take time. Rhyeline gives another small nod and takes up the new glass of mulled wine. Just then, Graham directs her to look across the room at Thomas. The little mouse grows perfectly still, watching him.

Thomas smiles warmly at the waitress as she gives him the bottle of Gin and a glass and he pays for it. His hand moves as he pours himself a small bit in the glass, just to look at it and start pouring again. Sitting the bottle down, he brings the glass to his lips and takes a pretty decent sized drink of the gin, wincing a bit and shaking his head, his hands coming up and rubbing his eyes.

Graham has watched his plan to help Rhyeline un-folding at least for the day, she seems to be back into her shell. He glances towards Thomas though it's not his fault a quick look of annoyance crosses his face but it's gone as quick as it was there at all. He ponders a few options looking to Rhyeline "What would you like to do, I can try and dis-illusion you so you can sneak out or I can try to get you to the appraition point. Unless you want me to invite him over though he'll notice us soon."

Rhyeline looks very much as if she would like nothing more than to be invisible for a little while. But, clinging tight to her glass, she shakes her head and looks back over at Thomas, waiting for him to notice her.

Thomas takes another sip of the gin, his hand spinning the glass in his hand for a moment, before letting out another sigh, spinning on the bar stool and resting his back against the bar for a moment. His blue eyes move across what is left of the crowd in Leaky Cauldron, before they fall on Graham and Rhyeline, his eyes stay focused on them for a moment, before he sighs reaching over and picking up the bottle and hoping off the bar stool, starting to make his way towards them.

Rhyeline takes a rather deep sip of mulled wine as Thomas makes his way over. Then, setting the glass down on the table, she looks up just as he reaches their table. "…hello, Thomas," she murmurs rather softly, finding her voice at last. "I'm glad to see you're safe…"

Thomas stands for a second, looking between the two again for a moment, "Mind if join?" he asks slowly, before taking another sip of his gin, "Hello Rhyeline." he says warmly, "Of course, just a bit tired after the trip is all." he says slowly with a small nod.

Rhyeline nods. When he tells her that of course he's alright, Rhyeline's soft smile grows with relief as a bit of her tension fades. "I understand. It's- it's a long journey. Especially with- with muggle transport."

Thomas laughs softly, "Ah the muggle transportation wasn't that bad, though the German Ministry is enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out." he says softly with a small shake of his head, before taking another sip of the gin, "How have been Rhyeline?" he asks softly before looking at Graham, "And of course you too, Mr. Cohen." he asks softly with a smile.
Rhyeline can't but laugh faintly just a bit when he mentions the maddening beurocracy of the German Ministry of Magic which she remembers all too well. "I've been- actually, rather well…" And it's true. The warmth in her cheeks seems more vivid, her eyes brighter too. "And… I'm thinking now perhaps you are not so jealous that I was sent to Berlin and you weren't?"

Thomas sighs softly, "Oh I am still jealous." he says softly giving her a wink, "Rhyeline…" he starts slowly, before his blue eyes fall back on his glass, quickly he takes a hard swig finishing it all off in one swig, with a wince and a slight cough, "They don't have the wand…" he says slowly, shaking his head, "Because…" he says picking up the bottle and pouring more gin into his glass, "Because… the assassin was never caught, he is still out there." he says a bit forced before taking another drink from the newly poured Gin.

The young man takes a big sip of cider before he speaks. Graham looks between the two "Ah, welcome back i've not dealt with my counterparts before there but i'd be lying if I was surprised that they aren't easy to get along with. Long been a bit more secretive than even us here." the news given by the other gives a raised eyebrow though to him this means he can actually do something to help given it's his job to find these types.

Kenneth slips in from the London side of the shop, tucking his uniform cap beneath his arm and heads toward the tables by the window. It seems to be his habit to take a window seat…

Rhyeline's gaze widens. The girl looks rather shaken by the news that the would-be assassin was never caught. She parts her lips to speak, but then hesitates. Her brows furrow in subtle confusion. "I was told- but… so… he got away that night?"

Thomas looks at his glass the back at Rhyeline, "Afraid so…" he says slowly with a sigh, "Took me three days of trying to cut through the bureaucratic red tape, to find out it was all… well to put it simply… the whole story about the would be assassin being killed, was a cover up. They never caught him." he says shaking his head taking a sip of his glass, looking over at Graham, "Bureaucratic red tape, all the way Mr. Cohen." he says with a small shake of his head.

Graham turns back as the door opens "Hello captain Benton." he greets the other though he looks back as they speak again "I am sorry Rhyeline, but it's not a dead end. We can find them and question them." he says not excited but trying to reassure that she will still be helped.

Rhyeline looks to Graham and bites her lower lip. When he tries to reassure her that the will find him and question him, she shakes her head. "That's- that's not a good idea. You mustn't. If they consider you a threat- a target- please… no, just don't worry about it. The new- the new treatments have been working…" She looks back towards Thomas, looking almost scared.

Kenneth turns to see Graham and offers a wave. He seems to perk up at the tone of the conversation he's walked in on, but he will keep quiet on it till he is invited to speak. After all, this sounds like an intriguing bit of news….

Thomas takes another sip of his gin, "Well when I can take more time off, I am heading back to Berlin to find him." he says slowly with a small nod, before looking at Graham then back to Rhyeline, "He is right Rhyeline, the would be assassin is better for a solution then just the wand." he says slowly with a small nod, ignoring her pleas to not worry.

The young man looks between the two. "It's just an idea Rhyeline, if the treatments don't work as well as expected. Which I am sure they will. Graham says and does seem optimistic though he doesn't wish to be rude "Feel free to join us if you wish Captain." he looks back to Thomas "Mr Carrow, please don't act in haste from one who deals with them more often than should be dark-wizards aren't to be taken lightly. The curse this person has used even with all the time i've studied magic i've not heard it's likeness."

Kenneth says, "A German mage? You are going then to Berlin? Surely you do not intend to go alone?" He moves to take a seat. "Berlin is a very large and bustling city. You might need someone who can show you the way around."

Rhyeline parts her lips to speak, to try to persuade them against running off into danger over something that isn't necessary. But then, Kenneth takes an interest in their conversation and joins their table. Falling silent, she bites her lower lip, her dark gaze flickering from face to face.

Thomas shakes his head taking another sip of his gin, he goes to respond to Graham, but closes his eyes slowly taking another drink from his gin, "I suppose you are right, Mr. Cohen, I am no Auror." he says softly, then when Kenneth speaks up, "Actually I know just the man for that…" he says slowly, a smirk growing on his face, "You are right it would be foolish to go alone, I could always drag Mikhale with me, he has been to Berlin a few times and well he use to be an Auror." he says softly, taking another small sip of gin.

Kenneth looks to the others "I can help with maps of the Muggle parts of the city. Muggle currency, muggle ID.. if I can help, I will. "

Rhyeline looks more and more anxious by the moment. At last, she gathers her courage and tries again. "Please. These men- they are so dangerous. They tried four times to kill the Ambassador and then crafted a curse meant to end him, slow but sure. Please. It's not worth so much. It's not necessary."

Graham sighs slightly "I am not speaking of superiority over you or anyone I don't see myself that way. I only urge caution is all." He looks back to the captain as he speaks but shakes his head "It's appreciated i'm sure, but dragging you into such a thing would be in-excuseable with your little ones and all." he says this looking finally back to Rhyeline "I know they are dangerous nobody is running off at the moment just speaking." he offers a smile.

Thomas smiles at Graham, "I didn't take it that way Mr. Cohen, I was clearly pointing out that you are correct that certain Wizards are far more qualified to deal with Dark Wizards then I." he says slowly taking a sip of his gin, "I rushed off to be a hero, not fully thinking things through and that was foolish of me, lets just say I have accepted my own short comings in regards to situations like this." he says with another nod, his speech not as fluent as it normally is, perhaps a bit to much gin.

Rhyeline might not mind talk so much if words didn't so often lead to action. Her dark gaze flickers from face to face. When it seems that her words have failed to alter the course of the discussion, she bows her head and just takes a slow sip of her mulled wine.

Graham stretches out a moment finishing his cider. "I'm afraid I should head home for a bit and get things setup for work tomorrow." he looks at those at the table "Mr Carrow bravery is always to be commended, but I believe that for now we can be brave and make a difference from here. Mr Benton." he nods standing his final look to Rhyeline "I will send you an owl. Or stop by per my usual." he gives her a smile before he moves out.

Thomas sighs softly, finishing off the bit of gin in his glass, "I'm sorry Rhyeline." he says slowly, his hand coming up and rubbing his forehead, "I thought for certain that *hic* I would be able to get the wand, this whole situation has me a bit *hic* flustered." he says slowly, shaking his head for a bit, "Did you enjoy the book? You also look *hic* lovely as always." he asks softly, before looking at Kenneth, "I do not *hic* believe we have met, yet." he offers his hand to the man, "Thomas Greyson *hic* Carrow." he says softly, almost falling out of his chair now, but catches himself. Waving goodbye to Graham as he leaves.

Kenneth says, "My son's name is Greyson. I am Kenneth Benton and you, if you don't mind me saying, should not be drinking. There is trouble brewing in Germany and there might be folks here who are seeing information which you might leak under the influence of alcohol."

Rhyeline's dark, expressive gaze widens anxiously when Graham rises, excusing himself for the evening. She looks like she might be about to speak, but in the end, she just nods and watches him go. The little one's blush deepens at Thomas' words. Her eyes flicker self-consciously towards Kenneth before she peeks back over at Thomas. "Yes… It was a wonderful gift… and please. You found something out that wasn't easy at all to learn… I'm just- just glad you're back safe. Your brother, he- he was very worried…" Looking to Kenneth, the little mouse nods in agreement with his sage advice and wise warning.

Thomas spins the glass slowly on the table, "I suppose *hic* both of you are *hic* right." he says softly, "I just *hic* wish I could have *hic* did what I meant to do." he says slowly with a sigh, "I'm…*hic* glad you enjoyed the *hic* book." he says slowly, then the words about his brother comes, "Huh?" he says not really getting it at first, "You *hic* told him?" he continues, before busting out in laughter, "I bet *hic* he was as happy as ice in *hic* hell*" he says with a chuckle, "Also *hic* Greyson is a very *hic* good name, your *hic* son should be happy." he says slowly nodding.

Astoria returns to the pub, perhaps having never really left, carrying a glass of wine. She moves swiftly past a few patrons before spying several familiar faces. Noting Thomas' strange hiccups, Astoria raises an eyebrow and travels towards him.

"Mm… yes, I- I didn't realize that I was supposed to keep it from him… I just thought that- that you wanted him to go find you after a week. So- when I saw him, I wasn't sure if I'd see him again, so-" Rhyeline bites her lower lip. "He wasn't very happy, no…" And that's all she says about that. Noticing Astoria out of the corner of her eye, the little one looks over and offers her a small, hesitant smile before peeking over at the other men. "I… I think I should be going…" Placing her hands upon the table, she pushes herself up to stand with slow, careful grace. She pauses for a moment, holding onto the table as she waits for the world to stop spinning. A couple of glasses of mulled wine can be rather strong for a girl her size.

Thomas smiles softly at Rhyeline, "Nice seeing you *hic* again Rhyeline." he says softly with a smile, "Hope *hic* to see you soon." he says softly offering her a wave and almost falls off his stool again, he looks at his glass of half full gin and coughs, poking it with his finger before spotting Astoria, "Ah! Ms. *hic* Bletchley!" he says softly with a smile, "I hope you *hic* have been well!" he says offering her a small wave.

Astoria returns Rhyeline's smile with one of her own, though it is brief - perhaps cut short by Thomas' behavior. She scowls at the man, expression quite dire, and glares at him. "What a fine example you make," she says, bluntly, while observing his near-fall. "I dare say your mother would be /appalled/, Mister Carrow," she admonishes, enunciation precise, and, in places, heavily emphasized.

Rhyeline grows perfectly still- or tries to- when Astoria scolds Thomas so badly for being drunk. Walking with the care of a tight-rope walker, the girl inches away from the table, hoping to sneak off without Astoria noticing that she might have had one sip too many.

Thomas slouches in his chair lightly, "Been a *hic* interesting day?" he says trying to make an excuse as he gets up slowly, clearly tip toeing away from her, right in front of her, the five o'clock shadow on his face and his suit for once a mess, he looks at everyone "Shhhh" he says to them all as he continues to try to tip toe away looking at Astoria to see if she can see him.

Astoria sighs and /pointedly/ rolls her eyes. Her frown continues, and her glare doesn't grow any less harsh while she follows his progress. "That is /no/ excuse," she argues. After a pause, during which her brows furrow and her head tilts back slightly, Astoria sighs with a slight groan. "I will see you safely home, Mister Carrow, to save you from potential embarrassment," she sighs, clearly frustrated. Astoria pulls her wand free from her robes and approaches the man, even as he attempts to sneak away.

Thomas stops and stands perfectly still, "You *hic* can't see me." he says matter of factly, before he continues with his slow escape, he looks over at Rhyeline and mouths, "Help me!" to her as she makes her escape, finally he just freezes and stands perfectly still. "Well.. *hic* if you insist… *hic*" he says softly.

Rhyeline peeks back at them, but then makes her way out into the night without another word.

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