(1938-10-09) What Are Secrets Among Friends?
Details for What are Secrets Among Friends?
Summary: Phil and Astoria change the topic when Rhyeline arrives. Others turn up and eventually we reach another point where it becomes clear Graham and Rhyeline have kept something from Phil. There is flirtation and awkwardness a plenty.
Date: 9 October 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron, London
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It is busy in the Cauldron, but when it is busy people speak more freely with drinks. That is why Phil can often be found here in the evenings. She usually is at the bar but at the moment she is sat at a table, jotting things down in a notebook, her usual gin and tonic in front of her.

The fireplace spews forth a bit of ash while, inside, green flames lick at the stones. Within seconds a woman appears, wearing black robes and carrying a small bag. She steps out of the fire, quickly, and soon finds herself inside the room. Astoria brushes a strand of hair out of her face with a mild frown while she looks around the pub. It only takes her a few moments to find Phil, and it is in her direction that she walks.

Phil finishes writing whatever word she was scribbling down and looks up hearing the flooshing floo sound, curious to see who has arrived. Spotting Astoria she waves to her friend and colleague and motions for her to come and join her if the other woman so wishes.

Astoria offers Phil a small, practiced smile. Moments later she sits across from the other woman and crosses one leg over the other. "Good evening, Philomena," she says quietly, combing the annoying stand of hair behind her own ear. She straightens afterward and adds, "I have good news."

Phil manages to not correct the use of her full name, it isn't something regularly done unless you happen to be her boyfriend or her mother, but the corners of her smile tighten a little. "Hello Astoria. Good news? I could do with some good news. I've spent the day watching a trail." She picks up her glass and take a sip from it.

Astoria and Phil sit at a table, although Astoria only sat down moments before. They speak to one another quietly while the Leaky Cauldron's normal hustle-and-bustle carries on around them. The room itself is quite loud, and rather busy.

Astoria leans forward slightly and pulls her back onto the seat beside her. She pulls from it a pad, upon which are dozens of notes, and slides it to Phil. "I spoke with Madam Gardner and her healer, a Mister Takeshi Odori. I think I may have discovered something new about the thief's method."

This perks Phil up, "That is good news." She moves her glass aside and reaches for the pad of paper to look down at the notes Astoria has made on it. "I can pass this on to my contact in the Ministry." The dark haired woman taps a finger against the pad of paper. "An oblivate spell. Yes, but this one is basic. School kid stuff. That must be why she was able to resist it so easily." All of this is said quietly so that only Astoria can hear it.

Just as Rhyeline tries to slip into the crowded Leaky Cauldron from an equally busy Diagon Alley, someone heading out the door brushes past her just hard enough that it spins the little one around with a startled squeak. Upon regaining her balance, Rhyeline bites her lower lip and scurries out of the way of two more that have finished their lunch and are heading back to work.

"True. I think it is possible that he began to rely on a more powerful spell after Madam Gardner successfully resisted. A full body bind, for instance, or a stunning hex. Either would allow him to use a memory charm far easier. Of course, it could be worse-" Astoria does not elaborate as, just then, she hears a squeak. Turning slightly, and soon finding Rhyeline, Astoria smiles. A moment later she raises her hand, but only a little, to try and gain the woman's attention.

The notepad is closed and slid back towards Astoria. Phil then picks up her glass and sips from it while giving Rhyleline a little wave with the other hand. Lowering her glass again she says, "Let's not speak if this in front of her. She has a lot on her plate already."

Rhyeline notices Astoria and Phil just as she gets her bearings, in time to catch Astoria's inviting little wave. Though the girl seems a bit hesitant to interrupt a conversation in progress, when Phil gives her a little wave as well, Rhyeline smiles and makes her way towards them. Hands clasped behind her back, she speaks up as best as she can over the din. "Hello… How are you?" The girl's soft, shy smile holds the same glow as the night of her birthday party. To anyone watching, it looks like Rhyeline is very much warmed to be included at their table.

Astoria slides the notepad back towards Phil, saying, "Return it later," with a small smile and a nod. A moment later, Astoria focuses on Rhyeline. She turns slightly to better focus on the woman, and replies, "Very well, thank you. Won't you join us?"

"Come and sit," Phil urges Rhyeline even as she tucks the notepad away along with her own. "I haven't seen you since your birthday. How have you been?" She waves down a wench, "Some drinks for my friends and another for me."

Rhyeline's gaze flickers to the notebook that the two journalists pass between themselves. Invited to join their table, her soft smile brightens. With a nod, she pulls out a chair and planting her hands upon the surface of the table, she eases herself down with slow, careful grace. Despite the care of her movements, her gaze seems brighter and there is more color in her cheeks than usual.

Before Rhyeline can speak, the waitress swiftly attends their table and asks the girl if she wants anything to eat. After placing her order for soup, Rhyeline looks back over at the other two. "I've been well. I've- been feeling much better this last week… I think that I might return to work soon." Rhyeline's eyes seem to shine as she confides this hope of hers in them.

Astoria orders a glass of white wine before settling her elbow on the table and placing her chin upon her hand. She watches Rhyeline sit and glances to Phil. A moment later she says, "Well, that sounds wonderful - assuming you enjoy employment," with a small grin. Focusing on Phil, Astoria asks, "What has kept you preoccupied, Phil?"

The news brings a faint smile to Phil's face, "Well if you are sure and Keenan is sure," is her response to the idea of Rhyeline returning to work. Another sip of her gin and Phil says, "Ah, well between being drug to social functions with my mother — she is still husband shopping — and spending time with my boyfriend Laurence I am pretty busy."

"Well… Keenan is waiting for more results of tests to be sure…" murmurs Rhyeline. When Astoria focuses the conversation on what Phil has been up to, Rhyeline tilts her head to the side and watches Phil with great curiosity. With a soft smile, she murmurs, "Spending time with Laurence… that must be nice at least. I hope it outweighs the tedious social functions?"

"Laurence?" Astoria asks, furrowing her brow. She raises a finger to her cheek, letting her eyes narrow for a moment. "I have not met him, have I?" she asks, focusing on Phil intently. "I presume he is not dragged to the functions by your mother - otherwise, her search for a proper husband would be repeatedly impeded," Astoria says with a small grin.

"I do not know if you have met him," admits Phil. "You would remember him if you have. He owns Flights of Fancy. Laurence is an artisan bespoke broommaker." She sips her gin and tonic. "He is hesitant about marriage because of personal reasons, which my mother takes to mean she can carry on thrusting every Nott, Abbot and Malfoy my way."

"I suppose there is something good about the fact that my mother lives in Paris. Though- she still sent a letter to Madam Malfoy, asking her to take an interest in my case… At least she isn't trying to find me a husband." Rhyeline glances over at Astoria. "You are not married, no?"

Astoria listens quietly to Phil, and grins after her final statement. After Rhyeline's question, Astoria shakes her head. "My mother — well, she never took much interest in arranging a courtship," Astoria states. Her gaze lowers for a moment and she clears her throat. After looking back up, she adds, "And I haven't met the right person." She looks between the two women, forcing herself to smile.

"I can set you up if you like?" Phil is currently smug about her recent matchmaking success with some other friends of hers. "Find a nice wizard — or witch if you prefer — who is understanding enough to put up with a writer's drive."

Rhyeline accepts her soup from the server with a nod, before Phil's offer draws a startled look from the girl. However, when she realizes that the offer is directed at Astoria, she calms. Peeking up at the eldest woman among them, the little mouse offers her a warm, reassuring smile. "You'll find someone. Soon, I'm sure."

Astoria clears her throat and offers Phil a tempered smile. "My ambitions have always gotten in the way," she explains, her voice a little quieter. "I would rather… not. But thank you." She gently pulls on the collar of her robes, hiding a red flush on her neck, and nods to Rhyeline. "Perhaps. One day."

Not the least but put out on being turned down Phil flashes Astoria a smile, "And in the mean time, nobody can please you the way you can please yourself." She follows that up with a saucy wink and another mouthful of gin.

Rhyeline blinks, looking a bit confused by Phil's scandalous little remark. The naive creature peeks back and forth between Astoria and Phil before giving up and taking another sip of soup.

Astoria laughs quite suddenly after Phil's remark. Her eyes close for a moment, squeezing shut in a fit, and she tilts slightly to the side. Bright, pearly teeth glean for a moment, too, before she begins to control her breathing and covers her mouth. Astoria takes several seconds to compose herself, though even when she has settled her cheeks are flushed and she labors for air. "I do not think I have- have ever heard it put in quite such terms," she manages.

There's an individual who enters the Leaky Cauldron…wearing a pair of dark grey trousers and a lighter grey duster over his button down white shop, a dark grey fedora on his head and a leather satchel at his side. Laurence makes his appearance, sauntering along with hands in his pocket as he scans the room thoughtfully.

It is after work and the Cauldron is coming into its own. People are drinking, eating and of course talking. Three witches sit at a table off to one side, Astoria, Phil and Rhyline. Phil seems rather amused by Astoria's reaction and equally so by Rhyeline's lack of one. She reaches over and pats her petite friend, "I will get you a book, Rhyeline. You are French, you will like this book." She glances up and nods towards the fedora wearing wizard, "That, my ladies, is Laurence." Lifting an arm she waves to the broommaker.

Rhyeline peeks up as Phil patpats her. The mention of a book- being French- all of this seems to just confuse the girl even more. Laurence's arrival soon distracts her though when Phil point him out. As he approaches, Rhyeline offers him a soft, shy smile.

Astoria wipes her brow, trying to stop the rush of laughter, and eventually settles. She swallows, shaking her head, until Laurence is introduced. She turns to regard the man, skin still quite pink from laughter. "Good evening," she states, accent light and enunciation precise.

Coming in off the streets is Takeshi, his bright yellow robe ina flash as he beings his daily after work ritual. Moving to the bar, the waitress offers him a small smile as he begins to place his order, only to stop, just let every day, and arrange the bar stools in front of him before continuing. "You know Takeshi, you don't have to do that…" she says to him softly, which seems to cause poor Takeshi to blush slightly, "Umm…Umm…I know…" he says softly as he places his order for a seafood pie and a lemonade. The waitress smiles at Takeshi, a little apologetic, before Takeshi takes a seat at his typical table, closing his eyes and for once, not starting to arranging the chairs, just sitting there with his eyes closed.

Laurence notices Phil with a quirk of an eyebrow, making his way towards the woman and moving up to her table and eyeing each woman in turn with a small smile. "Hello Philomena." He nods politely, tipping his hat to the other women. "Ladies…" Then he turns back to Phil and if allowed he'll steal a quick kiss as he holds up a one moment finger to the other women.

Poor Takeshi really only gets a sidelong glance because Phil's attention is on Laurence. She laughs softly as he leans down to kiss her, meeting him half way and then gestures to a chair at their table. "Come and join us. We were just discussing fine French literature." Her wide blue eyes glint with humour and a tell tale sign of mischief which he should be well able to recognise by now.

Rhyeline's eyes shine as she watches Laurence stealing a kiss from his beloved. She hides her smile behind her hands. A flash of yellow catches her attention and the girl tenses, almost flinching as she looks over to see the healer. However, when she recognizes that it's only Takeshi, she seems to calm. Blinking, she slowly tilts her head to the side, watching the boy.

Astoria watches the exchange between Phil and Laurence with a mild grin. She takes a sip of her wine, letting her attention flick to Rhyeline, perhaps amused, before noticing her flinch. Turning slightly, she also spies he healer. With his eyes closed he may not notice Astoria watching him, but she does regardless.

The door opens from the London side and in steps another regular though he may not see himself as one. Graham has dressed down after work into his more comfortable suit at least. He takes a moment to glance around before spotting the group of familiar faces. "Good Afteroon, everyone is there room for one more?" he asks politely but is glad to see the group all the same.

Takeshi sits there with his eyes closed for a good moment, before he finally stands up and muttering to himself, something about things not being perfect, stands up and starts to adjust the chairs at his table, getting everything just right as he does so. Before taking a seat, only to notices he is being watched, again. His eyes close and his face goes bright red as he sits down closing his eyes again, this time tighter.

Laurence hmms softly and kisses the top of Phil's head, rubbing her shoulder. "Maybe a little later, I have to get back to the shop…came in to get a quick bite to bring back with me." He then quirks an eyebrow at the mention of French conversation and he bites his bottom lip before chuckling throatily and looking between the women. "Ahh, well come by the shop sometime lovely, all of Philomena's friends are welcome to come by as well…and I'd be more than willing to share my own French skills with all you all." He winks before tipping his hat to Graham.

"Hello Graham." Phil is just about to take a drink when Laurence offers his skills as a cunning linguist to her friends. She coughs and looks at him with blatant amusement. They really are as bad as each other. She sips her gin and sets it back down on the table. "Don't listen to him. The only French he knows are the dirty words."

Rhyeline bites her lower lip as she watches Takeshi, her dark eyes filling with sympathetic pain for his plight. Graham's arrival distracts her for a moment. She smiles with such warmth up at the auror and when he asks to join them, she nods. Laurence's mention of French skills draws her curiosity. "Parlez-vous francais?" she asks with a flawless Parisian accent. When Phil explains, the girl blushes and murmurs, "Oh…" Then she notices Takeshi again out of the corner of her eye. Seeing how the young healer sits down and squeezes his eyes so tight, Rhyeline bites her lower lip. Looking to the others at their table, she murmurs, "E-excuse me…" Then she gets up with that slow, careful grace of hers. And perhaps to the great surprise of anyone that knows her, she makes her way over to the healer.

Astoria chuckles after Laurence speaks. After Phil's explanation, she adds, "For a moment I hoped he was a tailor - I am always in need of a tailor," with a grin. She nods politely to Graham and sips her wine once more. Her attention follows Rhyeline, but only for a moment, before settling back on Laurence and Phil.

Graham looks to each in turn taking the lack of argument as an okay, he pulls up a chair and plops down lightly onto it. He looks to Rhyeline returning the smile before looking back "How is everyone today?" he asks though he pauses watching Rhyeline as she moves towards the healer an eyebrow raising but he'll turn back returning the nod "Hello Miss Bletchley."

Takeshi takes a deep breath trying to settle his mind, his eyes open and instinctively reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small piece of paper, his gaze moves on it as he takes another sigh, his fingers start to fold the paper slowly, completely focused on the paper and the folds, but he sees Rhyeline coming towards him out of the corner of his eye, causing him to close his eyes tightly again, ignoring the paper in his hands.

Rhyeline comes to stand at Takeshi's table, not far from the healer himself. She wrings her hands anxiously behind her back and bites her lower lip. Sneaking a peek back over her shoulder at the others, she looks once more to Takeshi and murmurs, "E-excuse me… but… em… would- would you like to- to join us? Come and- and have some mulled wine…"

Laurence hmms softly and considers what's being said, tilting his head to the side and grinning at Phil before shrugging a shoulder. "I am an absolute professional at untailoring, my dear…." Then he just chuckles softly and shakes his head. "You all stay out of trouble, hm?" He watches after Rhyeline and smiles softly. "Such a beautiful little flower…"

"Behave or poor Rhyeline will run away," Phil teases Laurence. She playfully swats at his hand, "Get your food and go you perverted old man." Looking at the other two; Graham and Astoria she says, "Do you see what I have to put up with?" With a laugh Phil leans into Laurence to kiss his cheek she asks, "Shall I come round later?"

Takeshi opens his eyes slowly, his gaze moves on Rhyeline, his mind moving back to last time they spoke, his mouth opens but nothing comes out, his head snaps back down on the paper and he starts to fold the paper again slowly, "Umm…Umm…Umm…" he starts chewing on his bottom lip slowly, "Umm..I…I would…would…would like that…" he says softly, as he finished the origami crane and sits it on the center of the table, his gaze moves from it to Rhyeline slowly as he stands up, to move towards her, only to turn around and straighten out the chair, a few times before satisfied, adjusting his bright yellow robes he takes a deep breath before turning to follow Rhyeline.

"Very clever," Astoria says, grinning only a little more after Laurence's reply. She focuses on Phil and adds, "Oh yes, I can only, well- imagine." Following a wink, Astoria stands and takes a step away from her seat. "I am going to have my drink refreshed. Do not have too much fun without me."

It's probably a very good thing that Rhyeline is out of earshot and didn't catch Laurence's comment. She looks shy enough watching Takeshi as it is. A soft smile appears upon her lips when the young man agrees to come with her. Being rather shy herself, she knows that he doesn't really want to sit alone there. She waits patiently until he is ready to follow and upon returning to the other table, she makes sure he gets a seat next to her.

"It was good to see you again Laurence." the auror calls over as he seems to be preparing to head back to his shop. Graham cannot help but steal a few side glances towards the shy witch as she speaks to the healer knowing this is very had for her to do. He is still listening and chuckles at Phil's words "I do see, seems an absolute awful thing indeed." he says joking at the pair.

Takeshi follows Rhyeline slowly, once they arrive at the table, he takes the seat next to her slowly, his gaze moves between everyone slowly, his mouth opens slowly, "Umm…Umm…Hello." he says softly, his head still slightly hang low, the waitress returns with his food and puts it down in front of him, Takeshi slowly arranges his pie and drink, chewing on his bottom lip softly, forcing himself to ask, "How…How…is everyone?" he asks in a rather timid tone.

When Rhyeline returns with Takeshi Phil smiles kindly at the junior apprentice, "Hello again. I'm Phil Rowle, Felicity's sister. We've met before." Which likely explains why she does not offer him her hand despite it being a peculiar thing to do.

Astoria smiles to Takeshi when he arrives. "Good evening, sir," she greets him with a slight nod. "Please excuse me, I will return in a moment." She moves towards the bar, stepping lightly, holding her glass.

Rhyeline watches as Astoria heads off before the girl pulls her soup a bit closer once more and begins to finish the last few sips. The little one keeps an eye on the shy healer next to her- half cautious, half empathetic for his plight.

Graham turns back as the pair return to the table. "Hello, welcome. Not bad here just relaxing after work luckily found a good group to do so with." he says to the healer "What of yourself?" he is trying to be polite hopefully break the shell so he can relax a bit further. He will turn to Rhyeline "How are you?" he asks continuing conversation.

Takeshi has finally become satisfied with the locations of his food and drink on the table, he takes a slow bite of the seafood pie, before his attention turns to Graham, "Oh…umm…" he says softly, "Just finished up my shift." he says softly with a small nod, before looking at Phil, "Umm…Yes…Umm… I think I remember you from when you stop by St. Mungo's." he says slowly, biting his lower lip softly before taking a sip of his lemonade.

Phil glances down at her nearly empty glass, "I think I will go get another too." She rises to her feet, "Back in a moment."

Even though Rhyeline enjoys the warmth of being surrounded by friends, she calms a bit when the table clears out a bit, leaving just her, Takeshi and Graham to enjoy their food. Peeking up at Graham with a soft smile, she murmurs, "I'm feeling rather well… And… and you?"

Graham smiles as he accepts his regular food and drink taking a sip of the cider before he answers. "Well made it through the day in one piece, so quite well i'd say. Alas the boring part testifying today on this older wizard who created a barricade out of his house when we tried to get him out he was just flinging spells." he chuckles remembering "Poor guy, luckily nobody was badly hurt so just a serious fine."

Takeshi nods slowly, taking a sip of his lemonade, starting to look a little more at ease, "Just gave some training diagnoses today, so it was pretty plain, no interesting cases." he says softly, before taking a bite of his pie, his gaze is still on the table, he has quit stuttering though his tone is still very timid. "Then again interesting can be bad in my line of work." he says softly, with a short chuckle.

As she stands at the bar finishing one drink and waiting for another fresh one Phil gets to speaking with a wizard who must be familiar to her because she is gone quite a while. They lean in and speak quietly to one another then exchange slips of paper before parting with a laugh. She returns to the table and sits down, lowering herself to the wooden chair with her innate grace. "Felicity always says that what you want are days when the most interesting thing is someone who needs a wart removed. I think I would go stir crazy if nothing interesting happened. But then in my line of work we seek out interesting so the rest of you don't have to."

The young man nods "I enjoy the days occasionally when it's just paper work for me." Graham looks back to Phil and nods "I think Sorcha would have it so all my days are along that line but it just doesn't seem to happen for my line of work either." he looks to the healer and chuckles "I am an auror, so it would seem when I have a really interesting day, your line of work follows that same path." he grins.

Takeshi nods slowly, "Those are good days, but when you are learning it is nice to see things that you don't see everyday." he says softly with a small nod, looking back over at Graham and taking a sip of his lemonade, "Yeah, but I am sure you rather enjoy the adventure and excitement." he says softly, "I haven't met an Auror yet who doesn't thrive off of that." he says softly, adjusting a few things on the table slightly.

Phil seems to be consisting of a diet of gin tonight, hopefully Laurence won't have eaten all the take away before she gets there. Maybe there will be a few chips left. "I think you just have," says Phil with a teasing grin sent to Graham. "It is the bookworm in our Graham. He's exceptionally good at what he does, but given a choice he'd rather spend the day with a good book."

Graham smiles nodding at the healers words "Ah yes I know many in my office are of that sort, but i'll have to be the first to break that category." he looks over to Phil an eyebrow raising at her drink he smiles in return to her words "She speaks the truth the bookish Ravenclaw auror at your service." he makes a bow

Takeshi smiles softly, feeling a little bit more comfortable around Graham now, "I understand, not many healers are like me." he says softly, a little bit of shame lingering in his voice, but he forces a smile, "All that matters is that we enjoy what we do right?" he says slowly with a small nod.

"I would rather be unique than be like everyone else," says Phil with some kindness towards the young healer. She glances at Graham as if encouraging him to agree. Go on Graham. Be the nice guy you are.

The young man nods at the healer "I agree, I love my job, and just because I am not in it for the rush, doesn't mean I cant be good at it." Graham looks back to Phil as she speaks and smiles "She has a way with words because she is very good at her job and she is quite correct."

Rhyeline is still there, but she has been awfully quiet. Content to listen, the little mouse just sips a glass of mulled wine with a soft smile. Her watchful gaze keeps flickering to the shy healer and should he glance her way she offers him a rather soft, but encouraging smile.

Takeshi chuckles softly, "I was once told the most interesting people are those who do not fit into predetermined notions of what those people should act like." he says softly with a small nod, taking another sip of his lemonade, seeming to be a little bit more at ease now, he looks at Rhyeline returning the smile, though his cheeks turn a little red and he shuffles slightly afterwards taking another quick bite of his seafood pie.

Leaning her bent arm on the table Phil asks Takeshi, "Can you make that thing with the rice and the seaweed with the bits of fish inside? I have heard that is very good but there are no Japanese restaurants in London." And she is the type to have looked. A little glance is given to Rhyeline and then it flits between her and the healer with curiosity but Phil doesn't voice her thoughts.

Graham nods in appreciation. "I think that's quite true, if everyone fit into exactly how we saw them there wouldnt be any point meeting new people they'd just be like someone else." He drinks more of his cider and eats his food in silence looking up as Phil speaks but he remains quiet all the same.

Rhyeline returns Takeshi's smile, her cheeks slightly pink as well. Lowering her gaze, she takes a long, silent sip of mulled wine. She doesn't happen to notice the curious look that Phil gives them.

Takeshi looks at Phil for a moment, "Oh…Umm… Sushi?" he asks softly, "I…umm… Know how to make it, been a while, I am no Sushi Chief, but I can make some." he says slowly, looking at Phil, blushing softly, "Umm…Umm…I can make you some if you would like…" he says softly, looking down at the table slowly.

"Sushi." Phil forms the word, copying the sounds Takeshi uses with the ease of a natural linguist. "I would like to try it very much. I am an awful cook myself, but we have an elf who isn't half bad. Or I could offer something different in exchange." She eyes the blushing pair, wondering what has them so pink…c'mon guys all she did was look. Well, okay and she likes playing matchmaker.

Rhyeline glances up from her mulled wine once more, oblivious to Phil's matchmaking schemes. The subtle warmth in her cheeks lingers as she peeks over at Graham. "So… I- I finished the last of the books you gave me last night… It was brilliant. Except- I felt like I was left on the edge of a cliff… do you know when another book is coming out?"

Graham looks over to the conversation about food and nods at the idea. "That does sound interesting indeed." he says looking between the pair if he catches Phil's attention he'll try to give her an near invisible shake of his head in warning heads up friendlytude. He looks back to Rhyeline as she speaks "Yes, the author is very good at that keeps you on the edge waiting. I believe that this next week, they try to keep them consistent."

Takeshi shuffles a little bit in his seat, "Umm…I suppose I can send your sister with a Bento." he says softly, looking at his food and taking a small bite, "No…No…No need for anything in return, it would be…umm… a pleasure." he says softly with a small nod, "I will have to go shopping and…umm…pick up… the things to make them. Any type of fish you like?" he asks softly, before taking a sip of his lemonade.

"I like all kinds of seafood and shellfish." Phil reaches into the pocket of her robes and takes out a coin purse. "If you are going to make it please allow me to pay for the ingredients. Especially considering how exotic they are." She offers the shy junior healer a kind smile as she takes a few coins from her purse and sets them down near Takeshi. Phil leans back then and says, "I haven't seen Thomas in a while, have either of you?"

Rhyeline looks relieved when Graham tells her how soon the next book is coming out. "Good. That's good." She takes another slow sip of wine when Phil mentions Thomas, drawing the little one's attention. "Oh. Um… He- I think he's still in Berlin…" The pink warmth of her cheeks deepens noticeably as she lowers her gaze once more.

Graham sits back having finished his meal. He watches back and forth as they speak though turning to Rhyeline he nods about the books "I'll pick it up for you, if you'd like I've taken to grabbing mine and Sorcha's copies at the same time." he chuckles the question about Thomas and cannot logically waive this one off as it's been asked already. "Ah, yes hopefully he will return soon." he says adding to things somewhat.

Takeshi shakes his head, "No…Umm…umm…" he says softly, "I…umm… insist, it be my treat." he says softly giving Phil a small smile, "Nothing too exotic, just rice, seaweed some vegetables and some fish." he says slowly with a small nod, giving Phil a reassuring smile, taking a sip of his lemonade, as he has nothing to contribute on who this so called Thomas person is nor why he is in Berlin, still.

"BERLIN!" People turn and look as Phil raises her voice only to lower it again to an angry hiss, "What in the bloody hell is he doing in Berlin? And don't either of you dare try and tell me it was because the Ministry wanted it. His German isn't that good yet." Seeing Takeshi across the table she sighs and says, holding up a hand, palm open. "Never mind. Tell me later." She picks up her glass and takes a long drink from it.

Rhyeline flinches at Phil's unexpected outburst, almost spilling the rest of her mulled wine. She stares wide-eyed at Phil and bites her lower lip, looking rather nervous. She attempts to answer, parting her lips to speak. But it seems her voice has failed her. Flushing bright, she peeks over at Graham before just looking down once more, cheeks burning.

Phil just shakes her head, "I am going to go. I will see you both later." She looks over at Takeshi and smiles, "Take care of yourself, Takeshi." Nodding to the coins which she left on the table, "Give those to the children's ward." With that she pulls her cigarettes out and by the time she has left using the back exit she has one lit.

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