(1938-10-10) A Reporter, a Healer and a Soldier Walk Into a Bar
Details for A Reporter, a Healer and a Soldier Walk Into a Bar
Summary: An odd combination of people meet over drinks in the Cauldron late one night.
Date: 10 October 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron, London

It is late, but late is relative when your days can be anything from the typical nine to fifteen plus hours. Phil is seated at the bar, nursing a drink and smoking a cigarette. In between imbibing in her vices she is reading a book and flirting with the bartender in the way that regulars do. "You know," she says, "that blond was eyeing you. You should have gone for it. When was the last time you saw a half veela?" The bar is emptier this late at night, those present after ten on a Thursday are the die hards or people getting of work at odd hours.

Takeshi comes in off the street the normal blur and flash of bright yellow as per his normal, replaced with slow moments that were stiflingly a yawn as he makes his way to the bar, not fixing the bar stools, at first. But they get the better of him and he straightens them out slowly, the bartender offers Takeshi a small smile and Takeshi returns it, before placing his order. He notices Phil for the first time after his order is places, "Oh…Umm…Umm…Hi." he says slowly with a soft smile, just standing there now.

She looks up from her book and smiles, "Hello." She nods to a stool one away from her, "You can join me if you like, Takeshi." Phil is friendly, but British friendly…which likely goes well with Japanese friendly. You can sit close but not too close, well unless your relationship is of a more personal nature. "Does this," she lifts the hand holding the cigarette, "bother you?" The tone implies she will put it out if it does.

Takeshi looks at the cigarette then looks at Phil, "If I wasn't a…a…a gentleman, I would let you know that I would…would…would prefer it didn't exist, but since I am a gentleman, I am going to…to…to say, that it doesn't" he says softly take a seat with Phil, "Thank you for the…the…the invasion." he says slowly smile, slowly closing his eyes for a second, "Did you like the BENTO!" he accidentally exclaims nervously, turning a bright red, his eyes wide.

"And since I am a lady I will see to its extinguishing." Phil puts out the cigarette and hands the ashtray over to the barman who makes it disappear behind the bar. "Invitation," she offers as a gentle correction. As far as she knows her person hasn't been invaded by any Japanese healers. "I liked the bento very much. I took it to work with me and shared it with some friends. I didn't realise that Japanese chopsticks are different to Chinese ones. I like your's better. They're prettier and the pointed ends are easier to pick up small things with."

Takeshi blushes a bit more when she corrects him, "Invasion…" he words slowly, "Invitation…" he says softly, "Sometimes…sometimes…when I get nervous I mix up words…" he says softly, listening to her talk about the Bento, "Yes…Umm…umm… Japanese cuisine tends to have…umm… smaller food bites." he says slowly, "I hope… the… umm… selection was good." he says softly, "And that… it wasn't… to weird… for your friends…" he says softly.

Phil sips her gin and tonic and offers Takeshi a smile, "It is understandable. Each word you hear you have to translate in your head, then decide what to say and translate that when you say it. You have to work twice as hard." She nods, listening to him explain the reasons for the bite sized pieces of food. "Smaller bites are easier to chew, you take more time and enjoy the flavours more." Setting her glass back down she asks, "Do you speak any other languages?"

Takeshi shakes his head softly, "Just Japanese and…umm..English." he says slowly with a small nod, as his chicken pie is delivered along with his lemonade, he takes a few moments to arrange everything in front of him, making sure it is just right. Once he is satisfied on the fourth try, he picks up his lemonade and takes a small a small sip, "Umm… what about… you?" he asks rather timidly.

"I speak French fluently, and am trying to learn Italian. I also know a bit of Greek and a smattering of Turkish." Phil watches as Takeshi moves everything, but she does it in such a way as to not make it obvious she is observing him and his habits. "It must have felt very strange coming to live here, how did that happen?"

Takehsi takes a small bite of his of his chicken pie, he chews and listens to Phil, "That is… umm… very impressive." he says slowly with a small nod, "Oh… ummm… I was born here, my parents moved to London… before I was born." he says slowly with a small nod, "But… I umm… was raised in a tradional… Japanese home." he says with a small nod, "Been… to umm… Japan… umm… a few times." he says slowly.

"Interesting." Phil closes the book she was reading, given the French title it is likely unfamiliar to him. It gets slipped into a pocket. Lovely things, pockets with charms. "Do you feel Japanese or British?"

Takehsi takes another sip of his lemonade, and considers Phil's questions for a long moment, before nodding slowly, "I suppose both." he says slowly, "I feel like… I can belong to both…" he says slow "I live here but I can do just fine vice versa in Japan. I think that if it was reversed I would feel much of the same way." he says softly with a small nod.

She considers that, nodding slowly. "And your parents, do they think you are too Western?" She picks up her drink and takes another sip. However long she had been here before he arrived, Phil clearly had not been doing much drinking. She looks rather sober in fact.

Takeshi puts his fork down and stops eating for a moment, not saying anything when his parents are brought up his head hangs low, "My mother is supportive of who I am, as long as I do well." he says slowly, his head hanging low, "However my father is correct in his assessments, that I have brought shame to the family." he says slowly with a small nod, "I think he prefers me to stay away from those in Japan who would cast judgment on our name, because of me, which he is right to do so." he says slowly with a nod, not stuttering and not looking nervous or embarrassed, but more shameful then anything else.

"Families can be harsh, sometimes," opines Phil in a gentle tone. "Especially those who are traditional in their viewpoints. I have a friend who has a secret which they fear will bring shame on their family, so they ran away at a young age. Changed their name. Their appearance. Everything." Her gaze falls to her drink. Brows arch. "Ten yars passed and they came home but still feared seeing their family so now they are all alone, wanting desperately for a family but afraid they will be turned away."

Takeshi listens softly and nods, "Bringing shame on one's name and family however is the greatest dishonor." he says slowly nodding his head before picking up his fork and taking a small bite of his chicken pie, "Though that is my burden." he says softly and slowly, the look of shame still ever present of his face, "One that I bare with as much dignity as possible." he says softly, before taking a sip of his lemonade.

"I can't say that it is obvious just looking at you," declares the dark-haired woman, "but then I object to very little and often even what I do object to is not what others would." Phil salutes Takeshi with her glass and takes another sip. "Japan's loss is our gain." Let's just hope nobody starts looking at the Japanese funny, eh?

Takeshi still seems a little down, he takes a sip of his lemonade, "So do you enjoy your job?" he asks trying to change the topic now, as he pokes at his food with his fork slowly, "Is there anything else Japanese that interests you?" he asks yet another question, wanting the topic to change.

Phil nods. "I do enjoy my job, yes. I get to meet a variety of people, learn new things every day. It keeps me on my toes." She props an elbow on the bar and rests her head on her bent hand. "I can be in the court room one day and in the slums of the East End the next. That's what happens when you follow the story." Her mouth lifts in a smile, "Lots of things interest me. What interests you?"

Takeshi chuckles nervously, "What…umm… lots of things." he says slow, taking another nervous drink of his lemonade, "I practice, Origami and Ikebana." he says slowly with a small nod, "I do gardening and also do woodworking and build traditional Japanese furniture." he says softly with a little nod, "I read mostly historical books, play a little chess and I love to sketch." he says with a another small chuckle, clearly becoming more comfortable around Phil.

As he lists his hobbies she smiles. "You keep very busy when not at work, from the sounds of it." Phil, reaches up to flick her hair behind her shoulder. "I am learning how to take photographs, nice ones without thumbs in them. My friend is a photographer and he gave me a little camera."

Takeshi smiles, looking a bit nervous, "Well…umm…umm… you see." he says slowly, "When I am not… umm… working, I really don't get too many… umm… guests." he says blushing softly, "Umm… actually, I don't umm…" he says softly, "Think I have…umm…ever…ever… had anyone over." he continues slowly, "So I have… umm… lots of things to…keep me busy."

"It wasn't a recrimination, just an observation," says explains Phil. "I live with my sister, Felicity. I don't have people over all that often either." She leans over and says conspiratorially, "They always touch my things and then I can never find them." Leaning back Phil grins, "So I go visit others instead."

Takeshi chuckles softly, "Well I am always afraid people… are not going to feel comfortable…" he says slowly, "I keep a very traditional style home and most, westerners are not use to that." he says slowly with a small nod.

She tries to imagine what his home looks like, but finds it such an alien concept. "I would like to see it sometime," Phil declares. "I have ridden on the back of a donkey cart, I think I can take whatever your seating arrangement is. Besides, it sounds interesting."

Takeshi smiles softly, "Oh…well…umm… it isn't finished." he says softly with a nod, "I am…umm… still finishing the furniture." he says slowly with a small nod, "But you are… umm… welcome to come visit. Just… umm…" he starts to arrange his food again nervously and goes quiet for a few moments, "Send an owl." he says slowly.

"If you would feel comfortable inviting me to your home when it is finished then I would be honoured to see it," agrees Phil. "I will research suitable housewarming gifts for Japanese-British healers," she teases. Lifting her glass to her lips she takes another drink.

Takeshi coughs softly, "Well ummm…" he says slowly blushing slightly, "You see… I make my own… umm… furniture…" he says slowly, "And… ummm with my… condition… it is going very slowly…" he says blushing a bright red, "I don't think it will be done for another five years at the rate I am going…" he says softly in almost a whisper.

Phil takes another drink and then says, "Plenty of time to do that research then." And maybe when the war ends visit Japan, buy a gift and bring it back. "I am in no rush, Takeshi. It is your home." Changing the topic she asks, "What made you decide to become a healer?"

Takeshi takes another sip of his lemonade, "Oh, because I wanted to help people. When I see people hurt or sick… it makes me sad, I just want to make them better." he says softly with a small smile and nod, "Why did you become a journalist?" he asks, softly with a smile.

"Because I want people to know the truth. So much of the world is obfuscation; layers of shadows built upon one another until the shadow is perceived as reality. I'd like to think that I am penetrating those shadows with each good story I write." Phil swirls the gin in her glass. "Not the stupid ones about socialites and charity functions that they give me because I'm a Rowle and know everyone, but the hard hitting stories."

Takeshi nods very slowly, "You have passion about what you do, that is umm… a very attractive feature in a person." he says with a soft smile. He takes another sip of his lemonade, "Maybe if you come over I can make some more… umm… sushi?" he asks softly.

"I feel a bit bad about that," says Phil with a chuckle. "Not bad about the sushi it was amazing. Bad that I am such an awful cook." She sips a bit more of her gin. "The last time I tried to cook for a friend I burnt the chicken. We both tried to eat it but it was awful and we ended up having salad, new potatoes and mangos." She laughs at the memory.

Takeshi chuckles, "I can make Yakisoba too." he says slowly with a nod, "Maybe sometimes I can make that for you if you have never had it." he says with a smile, "It took me a long time to learn how to cook, but I really wanted to pick it up, so that when I was out on my own, I could cook the dishes I grew up with." he continues with a small nod.

The London side of the shop opens and admits a strange looking creature. He's dressed in the Uniform of one of His Majesty's Armed forces, the Muggle branch. Nicely groomed hair, a hat tucked under his arm as he moves through. The waitress seems to know him and calls a greeting which he offers a casual salute in reply, heading for his favorite window seat.

Phil hmmms. "Maybe that is my problem," she muses. "We grew up with elves so, none of us know how to cook." Her gaze flits over to the soldier as he enters the tavern. Phil is well used to the muggle world, working in and around it as she often has to do. She raises her glass and offers the man 'hello' with a tip of her glass and then looks back at Takeshi as they sit at the bar, one empty stool separating them.

Takeshi chuckles softly, "Well we have an elf, but I personally do not." he says slowly, clearly referring to his parents. "I am so good at cleaning and organizing things, I haven't found a need for one yet." he says slowly, looking to Kenneth as he enters, shifting slightly in his seat, before raising his hand in greeting to him.

Kenneth nods to the pair sitting at the bar and looks around the room. It's pretty empty currently, not really any sign of a crowd, so the Captain changes course much to the surprise of the serving girl and heads for the bar. "Private conversation or can anyone join in?"

"Please, join us," Phil offers Kenneth. "It is not everyday I get to drink with one of His Majesty's finest inside the Cauldron. I usually have to be in Woolwich for that." She sips her drink and then says to Takeshi, "If you do ever come visit you are not allowed near my room. That is the only messy place, but to me it is not messy. I know precisely where everything is."

Takeshi smiles softly, "You would probably want to keep me away from it, in the course of a day, it would be organized, beyond belief." he says softly with a nod, looking over at Kenneth, he shifts slightly nervous again, "Umm…no…umm… we were just… umm… just…just… umm… talking cooking and… umm… and houses." he says slowly.

Kenneth smiles and is seated next to Takeshi, so the young woman would not feel hemmed in. "I am Captain Kenneth Benton. You needn't worry, young man, your secrets are not secret from me. I've been to St Mungo's hospital twice over the course of my years. I have friends in all sorts of unlikely places."

Setting her glass on the bar, Phil leans back and reaches past Takeshi to offer a hand to Kenneth. "Phil Rowle. It is nice to meet you Captain Benton. Do you come here often?" As the question comes out she laughs, "I meant that out of genuine curiosity, by the way, not as a line."

Takeshi doesn't look any more at ease, his hand moves and he silently pokes at his food with his fork, chewing on his bottom lip slowly, his gaze moves across Kenneth slowly, before suddenly standing up looking at Kenneth's stool for a moment and moving his a few times, trying to line it up with his, once satisfied, he looks at Phil's stool his brow furrowing, as he tries to line his up with hers, once satisfied, looking back at Kenneth's stool, and it just goes on and on and on.

Kenneth says, "Yes, Miss Rowle, I do come here quite often. It is important for me as a father of two future wizards that I keep abreast of the goings on in both worlds, so that I might make the best choices for them while I may. And you need not have worried that I would think you were giving me a casual line. You are almost have my age and have a handsome chap here who wishes to make conversation with you." He indicates Takeshi with a movement of his hand even as the waitress brings him a pot of hot tea. "If I am making you uncomfortable, sir, I can go and take my customary seat by the window."

Hand shake delivered Phil sits back. "Takeshi prefers things in neat patterns or lines. I am afraid we disrupted that," she explains. "However," Phil adds, "I should go. It is getting late." She slides off her stool and downs the rest of her gin, setting the empty glass back on the bar. "It was lovely to see you again Takeshi. Thank you for the bento." Inclining her head politely to Kenneth she states, "And a pleasure Captain. Perhaps I will see you here again sometime."

Once Phil gets off the bar stool he is able to line them up, with a deep sigh of relief, he looks at Phil, "Always a pleasure to see you Ms. Rowe." he says softly with a small smile, taking his seat back on the bar. He looks at Kenneth slowly for a moment, "Umm… Odori… Takeshi Odori…" he says introducing himself softly.

Kenneth offers his hand "An honor to meet you Mister Odori." His gaze then turns to Phil. "It was nice to have met you. Perhaps we will meet here once more under other circumstances."

Phil moves aside and with a CRACK apparates away.

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