(1938-10-10) Conditions for Education
Details for Conditions for Education
Summary: Isobel seeks Headmaster Flint's approval to run study sessions at Hogwarts, and finds she must meet his rather unusual demands.
Date: October 10, 1938
Location: Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts

Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts Castle

This three tiered tower houses the Headmaster's Office and living quarters. The headmaster's office itself is a large circular room lined with solid mahogany bookshelves crammed to bursting with books and scrolls and interrupted from time to time by one of the many windows that give light to the office. The only break in the books that does not contain a window is created by a fancily carved niche in which rests a battered old leather hat with a floppy brim, its folds and crevices bearing a suspicious resemblance to a scowling face.

Two flights of stairs, one running along each side wall, meet at an unseen point in the middle which leads to the tower's living quarters. The stairs' landing is hidden behind a wide expanse of wall defined by a triple set of Doric columns on each side that meet in a peaked decorative arch. On this wall reside the portraits of past headmistresses and headmasters of Hogwarts with the biggest portrait of them all belonging to the immediate predecessor of the current Head and always occupying a place of honor right above the office's throne-like chair. In front of the portraits' wall lives a large gothic desk carved out of mahogany to match the shelves on the walls and always crammed with paperwork.

It took some doing to secure a meeting with the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. Naturally, the transition of power has made Gervase Flint a very busy man. But working for the Department of Magical Education has its perks, too. So, finally, Isobel Strudwick was given audience and provide a password to enter the secluded Headmaster's Office.

"…a fine choice, Gervase. He's my son, after all," intones the voice of former Phineas Nigellus Black. "Ah, you seem to have company."

Flint turns away from the portrait of the former Headmaster to face the entrance to his office, clasping his hands before him. The moment the new arrival comes into view, he speaks dryly. "Yes, what is it?"

There's no casual dress for Isobel today. She is dressed in her finest witching, one may even say bewitching, attire. She most definitely dressed for a business type meeting. She even has shoes on, which for any who know her, is quite the accomplishment. She has her hair done up, not fancy, but practical. As she steps into, she adjusts a purse hanging over her shoulder. "Headmaster Flint." She greets with a little smile. "Examiner Isobel Strudwick." She says by way of introducing herself, in case there is need. "I believe we've an appointment, Headmaster?"

Flint's expression doesn't change even a crack. But he does manage a small nod. "Strudwick. Yes," he drawls. "Come in." He moves over to his neatly organized and mostly barren desk, seating himself in the high-backed chair behind it. He gestures to an empty chair across from him for Isobel. "What does the D.M.E. want today?"

Isobel offers a nod in recognition to the chair offered. Walking across the floor her shoes, slightly heeled, making a clacking sound upon the floor. As she rests herself down upon the chair, she gets straight to the point upon being questioned. "I, rather we, believe it would be beneficial for the students, especially those set to have their OWL and NEWT level classes, to have study sessions. Sessions that would be overseen by a member of the department. Such as myself." She pauses for a moment to let her words sink in. "I am here to request your permission to instigate such a program."

It's so difficult to tell whether Flint is glaring at a person, or simply looking at them. His craggy brow hangs heavy over his gaze. "Hm, indeed. I've reviewed your past performance in this capacity." So he knew why she was here after all? "Last year's study sessions seemed to be…marginally successful. But I worry that they will become a distraction. Young men need to be thinking about their studies, not about getting in line to spend time with a pretty young lady."

"A marginal success is still a success." Isobel responds in kind. "And perhaps for those young gentlemen who have trouble focusing on studying, having a 'pretty young lady', as you say, may help them to focus." It would be evident to one paying attention that she is definitely making some fair attempts to enunciate words as they would be spoken, instead of her regular tongue. "As well, it isn't just the boys that benefit from study sessions. The girls benefit just as equally."

Flint scoffs softly. "Indeed, and more than one of our young ladies here would prefer to study with you for precisely the same reason." He steeples his fingers, staring across the distance between them. "You can have your study sessions, on two conditions. Firstly, you will submit to me a schedule of your sessions for approval. I cannot have them interfering with other planned events."

"On occasion, a student needs help to study. And on occasion they need an incentive to get to studying in the first place." Isobel makes no mention of Flint's scoffing at the matter. Her opinions on it, one way or another, don't matter. She gives a nod of agreement to his first condition. "That sounds perfect acceptable, Headmaster. I'd na…not want to get in the way of other events." She hitches up her left eyebrow ever so slightly. "And what would be the second condition?"

It almost seems as if a dark shadow passes over Flint's eyes. "You will have a member of the Magijugend at every study session. This student, a Sixth or Seventh Year, will demonstrate any spells necessary. But you will cast nothing."

There's a slight nose twitch at the mention of the Magijugend, but that's all the physical response that Isobel gives to it. "Now, is that no casting of any spell at all during the study sessions or just in regard to the members of the Magijugend?" Her voice hinting at curiosity. "As well, are you asking that the members of the Magijugend have preferential treatment?"

Flint's growing scowl becomes more evident with each passing moment. "You will cast no spell at all on Hogwarts grounds. The Magijugend will be present to assist you. But no Magijugend will be learning from you."

"And what a spell that requires a demonstration that the member of the Magijugend is as yet unfamiliar with?" Isobel inquires of the headmaster, eyebrow now fully raised. "Would an exception be made possible in that circumstance alone?"

Flint slowly rises from his chair, planting his hands on the edge of his desk so he is leaning forward toward her. His lip curls back as he growls, "Under. No. Circumstances." He straightens his posture, standing upright and lifting his chin imperiously. "Along with your schedule, you will submit a syllabus. Should your Magijugend assistant require any additional training to demonstrate a spell for you, it will be arranged in advance."

Standing to meet Flint, Isobel keeps her gaze with him, unwavering. "As you wish, Headmaster." She offers him a little smile. "Is there anything else you require me to be aware of? Any further restrictions or requirements? Addendums to the agreement to be made?"

"Should anything occur to me, I'll be certain to send an owl your way." Flint nods toward the door. "Good day, Miss Strudwick," he says in a clipped dismissal.

"Good day to you, Headmaster." Isobel offers a curt nod. Turning away from him and making her way around the chair, the sound of her shoes can be heard for quite some time, until the stairwell blocks the hallway down below.

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