(1938-10-10) Just Friends
Details for Just Friends
Summary: After failing to recover the wand in Berlin, Thomas comes to ask Rhyeline if has feelings for him, or if she wants more.
Date: Thursday, October 10th, 1938
Location: Rhyeline's Flat, London

Rhyeline's Flat

A door with stained glass window panels reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's water lilies distinguishes this red-brick flat from the others on either side.

The mudroom opens onto a foyer with stairs leading to a second floor. A long hallway runs alongside the stairs through to the back door. The foyer opens to the right onto the parlor with an adjoining dining room. From the dining room, the kitchen hides tucked into the back of the house. Upstairs, a master bedroom and a guest bedroom allow for guests or even a flat mate. Outside behind the flat, surrounded by tall brick walls, sits a small garden.

The scent of an ever crackling fireplace intermingles with that of brewing coffee and the pure white roses in the bay window facing the street. Gentle lighting lends the flat a warm and cozy atmosphere.

A flash of light warns of the crash of thunder that soon follows. A heavy rain comes down in rushes of wind. All windows along the street are closed and shuttered. In her warm, cozy little flat, Rhyeline has pulled the curtains closed tight in front of the windows, and sits all curled up in front of her fireplace, wrapped in a warm blanket and sipping a warm cup of cocoa. A book of daring adventures in far off lands sits open in her lap. Especially with the dramatic sounds of the storm outside, her eyes are wide as the tension of the story ensnares her completely.

Thomas approaches the flat, his umbrella over his head to keep dry. When he reaches Rhyeline's door, he offers three quick raps on the door, his eyes move across the storm slowly as he tries to smooth out his suit and stay dry. His blue eyes move across the flat slowly, wondering if she is actually out and he has managed to miss her.

Not wanting to keep a visitor waiting out in the rain, Rhyeline sets down her cup of cocoa and lets the book and blanket fall to the ground so that she can rush to the door. She totters slightly as she comes around the corner into the foyer, but regaining her balance, she is there at last, pulling the door open wide. Catching sight of Thomas, the girl blinks in surprise, but doesn't withdraw her silent invitation for him to come inside out of the rain.

Thomas enters slowly, closing his umbrella and sitting it to the side of the foyer to keep everything from getting wet, "Evening Rhyeline…" he says slowly with a nod, "I was hoping we could have a small talk?" he says looking at her with a soft smile. "Unless you would rather I left." he says slowly looking back towards the door.

Rhyeline tilts her head to the side just a bit as she gazes up at Thomas. Without a word, she closes the door behind him. He has his answer. "…would you like some cocoa?" asks the girl in a soft voice.

Thomas waves his hand softly, "No, but thank you Rhyeline for the offer." he says softly with a smile. "How have you been, well I hope?" he says softly with a small nod, removing his fedora from his head and running his hand through his hair slowly.

Rhyeline gives a small nod before leading him into the sitting room. She crouches with that slow, careful grace of hers at her chair so that she can put the book she'd dropped back on the coffee table. Then, taking up her blanket, she sits back down and pulls it over herself. The cherry on top is when she has her cup of cocoa in hand once more. Cozy and warm as can be, she peeks over at Thomas once more, looking curious.

Thomas takes his normal seat, well as normal as it can be after this many visits. He unbuttons his bottom suit jacket as he takes the seat, putting his fedora in his lap. "Rhyeline, first I want to apologize to you." he says slowly with a small nod, "My advances were…" he says slowly, "very unlike a gentleman." he continues with another nod, "Then also my behavior last night was not acceptable." he nods slowly, running his hand through his hair.

"I perhaps made you quiet uncomfortable with how quick my advancements were, which was not polite of me at all and did not take your feelings into consideration." he says with a small nod, "I also went to Berlin, with out your consent on a Quest, that now that has been thought through, did not take your feelings into consideration." he says with another small nod, "Now I have come here, to ask you how you feel." he says slowly with a small nod, "If you would just like to be friends, you will have my friendship and my support in any way I can possibly offer it." he says with a small nod, "I will harbor no hard feelings, Rhyeline." he says offering her a small smile.

Rhyeline takes a slow sip of cocoa, but as Thomas continues speaking, the little one pauses and tilts her head to the side once more. Once he's done, she's silent for a moment longer, considering his words and then her reply. "You were a perfect gentleman," she murmurs at last. "Honest and asked me at once if I would give permission. When I said no, you accepted…"

Thomas closes his eyes for a second, "Rhyeline, are we friends or something more." he says softly, looking at her with a slight tilt of his head, "I will accept either, like I said you will always hold my friendship." he says softly with a nod, "But if you do have feelings for me, then I really, really need to hear it." he says softly, looking at her, "I need you to put it plainly, are we friends or do you want more?" he asks softly with nod, clearly bracing himself for her answer, "And please be honest." he says slowly.

Rhyeline averts her gaze and takes a small sip of cocoa. Warming her hands against the sides of the mug, she rests them in her lap. In a rather soft tone, she murmurs, "I told you before… we can't be more. It's dangerous for me to fall in love…"

Thomas nods slowly, he looks a little sad but he forces out a smile, "I understand Rhyeline." he says slowly, getting up, "You will always have my friendship." he says giving her a reassuring smile, "If you ever need anything and I do mean anything. Please do not hesitate to ask." he says slowly, "I would very much, like to still go enjoy jazz and discuss literature with you, just as friends of course." he says slowly, "I will let myself out." he says slowly with a nod.

Rhyeline doesn't look up, seeming like she expects him to simply leave after that- to lose all interest. However, when he mentions that he still wants to speak with her, to take her to listen to the wonderful muggle music, she peeks up at him. Ah, but then he's leaving. She gives a small nod. It's as she expected. "I'm sorry… it- it was good to see you though. And- I'm still glad you came back safe."

Thomas smiles at her softly, "Would you like to do either of those things this weekend?" he asks softly, tilting his head a bit to the right at her, "I mean, I just finished my Russian novel, I would love the chance to hear a few recommendations from you on some books to read, also I haven't heard any good jazz in over a week, I am a little deprived." he says softly with a chuckle.

Surprise flickers in the young one's dark gaze. For a moment, she isn't quite sure what to make of his offer. But then at last, a faint smile emerges upon her lips and she gives a small nod. "I'd like that… I think perhaps- you should read some plays by a muggle called George Bernard Shaw… they are so clever…" She knows how much he enjoys muggle literature.

Thomas smiles softly at her, "I look forward to you bringing me a copy to flip through, just send me an owl as to when you would like to meet." he says slowly putting his fedora on his head, "It has, as always been my pleasure, Rhyeline." he says slowly, offering her another smile before he turns to leave.

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