(1938-10-10) Possible Redemption
Details for Possible Redemption
Summary: Quite an awkward conversation happens in quite a cheerful surrounding of the Kitchen Passage
Date: 1938-10-10
Location: Kitchen Passage, Subterrenean
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Kitchen Passage Subterranean

Brightly lit with torches along the walls, this wide stone corridor is much too cheery to lead to anyplace scary. Most of the pictures along the walls depict some sort of food, giving one the idea that the kitchens must be around here somewhere. Or, it could just mean that the cheerful, sugary abode of the Hufflepuff lurks somewhere here as well. But where oh where could they be? The corridor doesn't have a single doorway in it. Just a long corridor with stairs at the northeast end that lead back up to the Entry Hall. The hall seems to also be used for storage, it seems, as there is a stack of vinegar barrels piled in a triangle like arrangement against the western most wall

The proud figure of Victor strides through the Kitchen Passage, he seems to be as cheery as the room itself today, moving through the barrels and stacks that have been deposited there before the young boy hops on the top of a vinegar barrel, he just sits there for the moment, humming to an old tune.

Albino girl walks through the Kitchen Passages too, there is a smile, which tries to dance on her colorless lips, but it is too hard. The smile doesn't look so natural.
Maybe, it's because of these whispers. When the girl walks, everyone retreats from her way, even turning back, just to stare at her. Stare and whisper:

Hufflepuff seventh year girl: "She is dating that half-blood, you know… What he found in her?.."
Hufflepuff seventh year boy: "Oh, I can understand what he found in her… Pure blood. Likely, it would be very valuable for his family to join hers. Also, she is pretty, at some point!" The girl punshes that boy and drags him away, frowning.

A bit farther, not so far away from Victor, sixth year Hufflepuff girl whispers to another: "I remember her brother. I was in the younger year. He was very polite and… he would never do like she…"
Second girl answers: "Oh, indeed. I remember him. Sadly I was not in the same year with him. Though, at some point… Poor girl she is… She shouldn't be in Slytherin."
First girl: "But she is. The hat never lies. You will see, there is something behind all of this. She looks…untrusted…"

Janette tries not to hear all these talks and she walks straight, trying not to look around.

Victor brows furrows at these whispers, the young boy quickly sights the albino girl as he tries to see the source of whisperings, "Oh, Janette." He says, "I've heard these people commenting on your relationship with Nikolas, this will do no good for him." He says, offering a smile despite the harsh words and standing up from the barrel, "You look troubled, is there something besides these rumors worrying you?"
"Victor!" shouts Janette grinning more widely. "I guess my only one true friend!" She comes closer and hugs the boy. Why she thinks he is her friend? Because they both are prefects? Because they both have to deal with similar stuff and people doesn't like prefects? Or because he is just friendly with her? Or she really wants to have at least one good friend?.. "I have some issues, about which I can't speak for now. More… school issues, not relationship," girl rolls her eyes, and withdraws from the boy, straightening her uniform skirt and robe. "I am tired of people speaking just about me… Did you find your dragon to slay or at least Gui… What is her name… for the feast?" She blinks quite quickly, staring straight at the prefect eyes.

The proud boy smiles in return to Janette friendly manners, "Guinevere." He says to her in a calm tone, "But I didn't, I was too busy trying to finish these studies in Runes, fascinating things they are, I wish I was more skilled in them." The prefect adds, leaning against a pillar and taking a deep breath, "Anyway, you should get used to people talking about you, you are a prefect, a symbol of some sorts to your House, just make sure people speak highly of you by making your fellows proud."

Janette pats the boy: "You will find her quickly, do you remember these girls from five year? They were just eating you with their gazes. From… Ravenclaw, I believe." Slytherin prefect chuckles and adds, shaking her head "Whole Slytherin already hates me. Because I am dating with the Gryffindor's half-blood. Your brother though, is a perfect prefect. So anti-other houses. While…I always thought that as prefects we should try to unite our school, not to break it…" Sighs young girl and leans against the wall, staring at Victor. "By the way, I still did not get an answer from my father… About the tailor."

Victor smirks to that commentary, seeming pleased and even proud, "Oh, I was expecting something like that already, now I just need to find the most fitting." He says, frowning at the mention of his brother and his methods, "I agree with you, there are a great deal of politics in our role and we need to understand how alliances work. Anyway, do you think that you will be able to receive the answer from your father soon?"

Janette shrugs. "Usually he answers me very quickly, but… Maybe he is busy at work now?.. You should look for another tailor for now… And mine you could use next year," giggles Janette. "Also…" She really wanted to say something, but stopped. For some reason. And, likely, she changes subject. "You know, it's a secret, but… I know your costume, so… Niko offered that we could dress as Romeo and Juliet, though, he did not tell me a lot about this thing… Seeing that you know some literature from muggle world, what could you tell me about Romeo and Juliet, without the fact, that their families were so against their friendship… As right now… Niko and I are. Well, something similar," giggles the girl, blushing slightly, but she remains quite calm near Victor, being sure of their friendship and that he won't go all laughing.

Victor eyes Janette for a few moments, as if examining her features and trying to determinate why she suddenly stopped, however he doesn't seem to find an answer and just goes along, "I don't know this history, I mostly focus on their dragon tales. You would be surprised with the great number of muggles that claimed to be able to slay dragons without the use of any magic at all!" He says, smiling, "But I'll check on it." The boy promises.

"Thank you…" nods the girl, giggling a bit. "You are sooo into dragons…" she shakes snowy curls.

Victor keeps his lips curled in a smile, watching as her curls move, "I do, someday I will slay a handful dragons." He says, "Or maybe just have one myself. Anyway, do you know whether people has been speaking on Niko already?"

"Then I do hope, that when you slay one, you will honour me by bringing one of his teeth or the bracelet from dragon's skin," shrugs the girl giggling "I am not sure what hunters take from their pray and I am not your Gui…Guinever?.. But still. We are friends, aren't we? I would like to have something to remember you, when I will be old!" her soft laugh ripples through corridor.
Though, the question about Niko takes the smile away. Girl starts thoughtfully sway a bit and whirls her snowy curls around finger. "I am not sure… What do you mean? Are you asking if people are speaking about Niko as they speak about me? I don't know. I don't think so… All the girls like him. He is so handsome. A real rival for you. The only one, I am sure. Plus, he is very kind. It is impossible for him to find enemies, that people would whisper behind his back. And I… I am just a freak. With the help from Douglas, Medusa and Alphard, I am something even worse than a freak. Boooh!" Girl pretends being a scary ghost ,but ends up laughing.

Victor chuckles at Janette's stuttering, "I will surely bring you some memento." He says, "But do you want to be my Guinevere?" The boy questions with a wink, shrugging as she speaks on Niko being a real rival for him, "I'm not so sure." He says and smirks as she mimics a ghost, "You know… There are some few things which could be done to remedy this."

Janette nervously scratches the back of her head. She opens her mouth a few times and closes it, not saying anything. Her grey gaze slips to the entry hall, as she would be thinking about running away. Though, she is a lady. Ladies never run away.
Janette starts running with her hands through clothes. As she would be trying to clean dust or straighten folds. Though, her clothes have no folds or dusts. They are just perfect as usually. But girl gives herself some time to think of a proper answer.
Finally she laughs, as she would be sure, boy's question is…just a tease. Girl smirks "Would you like to have an albino Guinevere?"
Though the last remark of the boy makes girl frown slightly. She plays with her snowy curls. "What do you mean?…Remedy what?"

Victor shrugs, smirking "Why not?" He questions, with an amused smile, "There are no real depiction on how she actually looked like, but one thing I know, she was a real Queen." He says, placing a hand on his chin and stroking it slowly, "Remedy your reputation, we could do something that would put you in high regards with some of the pure blooded students."

"Real Queen…" chuckles the girl, but does not comment more. Maybe she is just too… confused or shy, or another topic steals her attention. She slides a bit closer near another prefect, whispering "What that would be?.."

Victor smirks once again, leaning to whisper a few words to Janette, "You could begin by being seen more oftenly in the presence of well known people, like myself. Maybe throwing some social gatherings and parties would also help. Also, you should go to the party with me." He says.

Janette gasps and chokes on an air, starting to cough. She all turns brightly red. "Wait…" she stammers "Wait a mi-mi-nute…"
Girl inhales deeply and exhales, before she manages to gather herself and straighten as she should be. She must meet all the surprises with the raised chin. "You mean simple parties or… you mean Halloween feast?… Why would you risk your own reputation to restore mine?…"

Victor smirks at her reaction, "Why not both?" He questions and shrugs, "I wouldn't be risking my reputation as long yours return to its proper place." The prefect adds.

Girl starts rubbing her fingers nervously. "So, you think, that you could restore my reputation, if I will be seen in your company… You would go with me to the feast and to the other parties… You offer me to be your Guinevere, until…" Girl was too scared or something, but her voice raised a bit from the whisper.

At that moment a few Ravenclaws from fifth year and Hufflepuff were walking through. These girls stopped and one of them drawled as loudly as possible: "Noooooo way! You?!.." She was just standing there and staring at Victor and Janette. "HE IS ASKING YOU???!" One of her friends starts patting the girl, but also the frown on Hufflepuff girl's features can be seen too. Though, she gathers herself better, clasping the hand around Raven's shoulders "Come… We thought Medusa Malfoy is the one, who steals boys, but this one… She has that handsome Gryffindor boy, and now… Another?! Shame on you," the last words are said straight to Janette. And these girls finally walk away, still peeking at the second handsome boy in the Gryffindor, who was stolen by the same Slytherin prefect, according to them. The madness of the girls and envy around the feasts become enormous.

Janette slips with her grey eyes from the girls to Victor. She flinches a few times a bit nervously and finishes her though "…until you will see my reputation is in a good place and then, you will find another Guinevere, just to be the saviour of another lady?.." she remains a bit freezed and in shock.

Victor takes a look at the girl, grinning to her, "Medusa has her talents, just remember that." He says and offers the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaws a wink before he is able to fix his gaze and attention on Janette once again, "I'm…" He begins, brows furrowing, "Not sure, it depends more on how it works out, actually. But King Arthur was known to rescue many maidens in despair."

"I see, Victor… But… Niko likes me. He invited me to the feast not because he wants just to rescue me from being without the date," for some reason, girl gently touches her cheek. "He invited me because… He likes tapping my nose and he smiles at me, and he thinks I am beautiful. He likes me what I am. He doesn't want to be hero for… any lady. He chose me, because he likes me…" She brings her gaze back to Victor. "You are very handsome, and you know that… And I like you as a person, really." She comes closer and puts her hand on boy's shoulder mannerly "If you would have ever told me, that you just honestly like me, and that you would try to grow our relationship from the seed to a beautiful tree, not caring about many other ladies… Things would be different, really…"
Girl runs with her free fingers through snowy hair. "We both are perfectionists. Maybe this is the reason, why we are friends, but also this is the reason, why I understand my own value. I want to have a person, who would understand that too. I don't want to be one from a million. I want to be the only one…" And now girl glances at the entry hall, as she would think of running away the second time, but for some reason, she just stands in front of Victor, keeping her hand on his shoulder.

"Oh." Victor says, dazed by her words for some time, he frowns and thinks on them for a while, visibly surprised by that, "I didn't expected that." He says and takes a deep breath, not making any movement to remove her hand from his shoulder, "Well, definitely you are different from everybody else I know, this pale look of yours and some of your manners are really unique." The prefect shrugs once again, seeming nervous now.

Janette chuckles a bit, still patting the boy and keeping her hand on his shoulder. Her grey look intently stares at boy, especially, when she sees he is a bit nervous. "Victor… What is wrong?.." Yeah, likely this is the most stupid question in this minute. And obviously, girl understands that, becoming nervous too, gently squeezing the shoulder of the taller boy, as she would be in need to hold on something or she just forgets about her hand.

There is another moment of pause, then Victor seems to snap out of his state, resuming the proud demeanour that is usual to him, "Nothing at all." He says, moving a hand to touch her arm, "I'm alright." The boy reassures, more to himself, rather than Janette, "But how do you really feel about Niko?"

Janette studies the boy intently, slipping with her gaze to his arm. "Victor… I know you good from the day we became prefects. From that day we shared many things and I see, when you are not yourself… Victor… Please, continue being honest with me. We are friends. Why are friends, right?" girl's hand slips to rub his arm gently in the consolation manner, but it is not consolation, more the way to prove to boy, that he can trust her.

Victor nods slowly, "I will be, you can trust me to confide anything, after all." He says, now turning to watch the people passing by for a moment and returning his gaze to Janette afterwards, "You said a Ravenclaw girl spoke about me?" The boy questions.

Janette chews on her lip a few moments. Her look is speechless. There are no any emotions. Though, the pause is quite long. Really long. Maybe it is somehow hard, when boy's interest is so quickly turned to another direction? Maybe she wanted to hear something different, or maybe she is just trying to remember she heard or just saw the Ravenclaw staring at the boy. Or maybe she remembered the things, which worried her, before she met Victor? Anything can hide under that look, but the long silence… That might be suspicious. And stammering, and the scratch of the back of her head: "Well…" drawls the girl. "You saw you-yourself… Many girls are looking your way…"

Victor smirks his mood slowly returning to the normal state, however, he turns and fixes his attention on Janette, "Now, I think I know you as well as you know me. There is something clearly troubling you and you don't want to tell me. Can you at least tell me if I'm the cause?" He questions.

"I… It is just… I am alright…" girl blushes, but quickly steps aside, hiding under the snowy curls, peeking at the enter hall the third time, as she would like to run away. The third time never lies.
"See you later, Victor. I should go…" and she curtsies and almost runs away to the entry hall.

"Okay." Victor says simply, offering a comforting smile to Janette and waving as she announces her departure, "If you need anything, know you can come to me. We prefects should help each other after all." He says, moving as well.

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