(1938-10-10) Potions, Dates and Pure-Blood Supremacists
Details for Potions, Dates and Pure-Blood Supremacists
Summary: Angelus, Gerald Kimiko and Niko sit in the Gryffindor Commons and various topics come up for discussion.
Date: 10 October, 1938
Location: Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts
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Common Room

The big, round common room of Gryffindor Tower is full of squashy stuffed armchairs and couches upholstered in rich red fabric. Tables are placed in useful spots around the room and a bulletin board is up on one wall, where school notices, ads, lost posters, etc. can be posted. The wooden floors are covered by old Persian rugs and the walls are covered in burgundy wallpaper that depict various mystical animals in golden silhouettes. Illumination is provided by a large window that looks out onto the castle grounds and is supplemented by a fireplace that dominates one large section of the wall providing not only light but also warmth.

Angelus has come back to grab a few things from his dormitory, and instead has paused out in the corridor warily at the sight of the scratch marks. He's entering the commons now though, his blue eyes scanning the room.

Niko is sitting in an armchair, two different Potion books open on his lap as his finger moves across sentences, he mouths the words slowly, when Angelus comes in, his gaze moves up and he warmly smiles, "Hey Eibon." he says offering a small wave, "Hows your day going?" he inquires his focus turning back to his studies.

Not far behind Gus, though no doubt in less a hurry, Gerald makes little to do about the scratch marks, mind a small chuckle and shake of his head as he passes them. Both boys are sent a small wave as he heads for the couch, dropping upon it with a heavy sigh. For now he's silent, though a fair bit of that silence is spent seeing how much of the couch he can cover as he lays back, one foot propping on the arm of it.

Angelus lifts his head as he glances over to Niko, bringing a hand up in a wave. "Hey, Denholm. Do you know what happened outside?" he asks, pointing with his thumb over his shoulder at the entrance. He turns to look at Gerald, quickly stepping out of his way and dipping his head politely. "Cornfoot," he greets, offering a smile.

Niko looks at Eibon, "Not a clue, I was going to ask the Fat Lady, but she was out." he says softly with a small wave of his hand as his fingers moves across the book slowly, "Is she back yet?" he asks softly. His gazes moves from his books as he nods to Gerald, "Cornfoot, hows your studies going?" he asks softly, since the boy has all the same classes as he does.

Gerald offers a wave up toward the two boys, though it's a rather lazy. "Medusa happened." Gerald admits without much reservation. "Long story, but the good news is that no third years were harmed." He chuckles, his attention shifting back toward Niko again, "And, pretty good I guess. I'm ahead for the moment. Yours? Everything good?" The last bit seems offered up toward both boys.

It's well after classes. Dinner has only already passed, leaving a few hours yet for students to linger, socialize and get in some last minute studies. The halls outside are rather quiet, though the few who do wander by mutter to themselves about the bizarre scratches found there….and the still vacant Fat Lady.

Kimiko descends from the girls dormitory with her sketchbook tucked under one arm. Huffing a sigh, she frowns. "The Fat Lady is still out? I didn't leave earlier for fear she won't be there when I want to get back in."

"Oh," Angelus says in disappointment to Niko's answer, but his eyes are then flicking onto Gerald again. A brow arches curiously and he glances to the entrance, tilting his head. He's not sure if he should be afraid or not, but a smirk plays across his lips. "A long story worth telling?" the youth asks hopefully as he looks up to Gerald again. He steps further into the commons as he looks to Niko. "I saw her in the painting by the stairs." That said as his gaze glances to Kimiko, a grin tugging at his lips.

Niko nods slowly, "I would ask, but I am almost afraid to actually know what happened then." he says his gaze back on his books, his finger moving across the pages of the two different potion books, "Me? Oh I am well enough Cornfoot, just comparing two different reference points for potions. Trying to stay on my game in that class, ahead in my others but if I slack off at all with potions, it is just going to be a downward spiral." he says softly with a nod, hearing Kimiko, "I hear you, Kimiko I didn't leave either, so I didn't get stuck." he says softly, turning his gaze off his books towards her, "And how are you Kimiko?" he asks softly, giving Angelus a nod in regards to the location of the Fat Lady.

Gerald shrugs, though the entering Kimiko earns a glance and a wave, but his attention shifts back toward Angelus. "Na not really. Messing with a younger kid.." he pauses, "Harmlessly messing with. The kid was pretty calm when he left, considering he had a conversation with 'the' Medusa." He even uses air quotes as he chuckles. Clearly he's not afraid of the female Malfoy. Maybe he's immune! "It's probably better you know not the specific, ya know, in case of snitches or whatever." Niko gets a nod, and a small hum of agreement about potions. Gerald's seen those books plenty in the past week.

Kimiko shines a smile down on the common room as she descends. She moves over to find a bit of floor space near Niko's armchair, settling down cross-legged with the sketchbook in her lap. "I'm very well, Niko, thank you," she replies, her words a bit stunted. "How are you? Potions trouble?" She cracks open the book, flipping to a fresh page, and produces a charcoal pencil to start sketching some new design.

Angelus is all the more curious, regarding Gerald quietly as he considers. He ends up shrugging and nodding his head, leaving it at that even as he smirks again. Just so long as it isn't him! The boy grins widely as he looks over to Niko again. "Potions, Denholm?" he asks, closing the distance to him and looking quite intrigued. "Can I look at your books?"

Niko smiles softly at Kimiko, "Well I wouldn't call it trouble, more of a desire to make sure I am prepared for Professor Slughorn's questions." he says softly, with a warm smile, his gaze back on his books for now, "Well I am glad no one got hurt." Niko says softly with a small nod, as Angelus makes his way over he smiles, "Of course Eibon." he says softly, slipping two slim metal bookmarks into them and offering them to Angelus, "Enjoy, just don't loose my marks people." he says warmly, before looking over at Kimiko, "Can I see your sketchbook?" he says playful to her smiling as he does so.

Kimiko's sketch has barely taken shape, though the slight warping of all the previous pages demonstrate that the book has been well-used. She glances up at Niko and shrugs, offering up the book. "I'm not really that great at drawing. They're just idea sketches for paintings and sculpture."

"Thanks," Angelus says politely, eagerly taking the book. He steps back enough so that he sinks into one of the sofa's cushions, opening the book up on his lap. "You could come and get help from the potions club that I've started, but it isn't very big." He frowns for only a second before shifting his shoulders. "We don't have any upperclassmen in it yet, so it's probably not very helpful. I was trying to recruit Evans into it," he murmurs in a softer voice. His blue eyes lift, looking towards Kimiko and at the sketch book, before dropping his gaze to the book.

Niko flips through the pages slowly, taking a moment to look at each one, "Better then anything I could do." he says softly nodding, his bluish green eyes moving across certain sketches longer then others, before he flips to the next page, "Do you enjoy sculpting and painting?" he asks curiously, as he flips through the last few pages of finished sketches, handing it back to Kimiko slowly, "Thank you Kimiko, maybe sometime I can show you a couple of my albums of photography I've taken, if you like things like that." he says softly with a small smile, before turning his attention back to Angelus, "While I would gladly help, if you guys need any help with potions, I am afraid with my class load, my current clubs and Quidditch that one more might just be the death of me Eibon." he says softly with a smile, "Though if you guys need any help, you can always come poke at me, I'd be more then happy too." he says giving Angelus a small wink, that warm smile still on his face.

Kimiko's eyes light up at Niko's mention of his photography. "Oh, that would be brilliant! Maybe I could paint one of your photographs sometime. I don't do very much photorealism, but I do enjoy it." She takes the sketchbook back, flipping again to the most recent page and starts up her sketch again. Charcoal lines and smudges slowly start to take shape. She pauses to glance up to Angelus, opening her mouth…then shutting it, and burying her gaze in the sketchbook again.

As Angelus' eyes scan the pages of the book a grin crosses over his face. He lets out a soft hum in response to Niko, but he doesn't fully respond for several seconds, and doesn't notice Kimiko's hesitance. When he does lift his head, locking his eyes on Niko, he shifts his shoulders easily. "It's not really all that official. Just a couple of us getting together to get extra work done," he explains and smirks lightly. "But it would be brilliant if we could brew some of the advanced potions earlier. What have you guys learned so far?" He flashes a grin and continues, "Yea, I hope you're practicing really good, Denholm," Angelus says on a chuckle. "I was practicing with Black the other day and I don't want to get hit by one of his bludgers." He bounces twice on the cushion before he jumps up to his feet energetically, moving closer to Niko and holding out the book to him, offering a smile before he shifts his gaze to Kimiko. "What're you sketching, Saito?"

Niko smiles at Kimiko warmly, "That would be lovely, I have some really nice photos lingering in a few." he says softly with a smile, "Though if I let you paint one, you have to let me take a picture of you painting it." he says softly, nodding a bit, "Oh and speaking of clubs, I suppose I still owe you a chance to teach me how to swim, since I managed to miss out on that, at the Mud Club party." he says rubbing his chin softly. He listens to Eibon with a small nod, "Well like I said if you guys need any help just ask." he says softly, "Lets see we have cover a good deal of Poison Antidotes so far, Volubilis…" he says slowly, "Hey Cornfoot, Kimiko, did we cover Everlasting Elixirs and Polyjuice, or have I just gotten that far ahead in these darn books…" he says rubbing his temples, looking at Angelus, "The thing is you end up at N.E.W.T. level you have to constantly stay ahead, before you even start covering things, because you are pretty much expected to get it right, the first time." he says with a chuckle.

"I..think so." Gerald says slowly, is brows wrinkling in thought, "I'm mostly sure we got to Elixirs….but really I've been in those books so much this week it's hard to say exactly." He spares a glance toward the others, though it's clear he's not quite sure on his answer. "Maybe?" Not sure at all by the looks of it. Beyond the talk of potions, Gerald lets the others chatter. He's not an artist, and he's not in the Mud Club. That's all greek for him. "But hey, ahead is better than behind, right?"

Kimiko's gaze snaps up to Angelus, a half-smile wavering on her lips. "Oh…um. Well, I'm just…doodling ideas for a figurine I have in mind." Her eyes shift conspiratorially, and she quickly latches onto a subject change. "If you keep showing off your brains, Ravenclaw is going to try to steal you away from us, Niko," she teases with a smirk.

Angelus' grin widens as he nods to Niko, and flicks his gaze off to Kimiko and Gerald as Niko addresses them. He lets out a soft 'heh' and lifts hand to brush a thumb against his chin. "I'm not too worried about falling behind in potions," he says confidently. "I might even consider dropping Quidditch if it meant a chance to learn in the advanced classes." A smirk flickers against his lips and he lets out a laugh, shaking his head. "But then what would you guys do without a Star like me on the field?" he says playfully, tilting his head as his hands gesture at himself. The question is mainly directed to Niko. With another shake of his head as his grin fades, an eyebrow arches as he regards Niko curiously, glancing between him and Kimiko. He lets out a thoughtful hum as he lifts his gaze to look around the room and towards Gerald. He sigh escapes him as he hops up to sit on the armrest of the sofa, and simply falls quiet to listen.

Niko smiles at Gerlad giving a nod of agreement, "That is is, Cornfoot. That it is." he says with a chuckle, running his hand through his hair slowly, "Nah, my brain has to work overtime with this stuff, I am really not all that good at it, surprised Professor Slughorn hasn't tossed me out of the class yet." he says with a soft smile, trying to sound modest, despite the fact he is doing pretty good in potions. "Those Ravenclaws are vicious with books, I think they are already on their Seventh Year potion books by now." he says with a small chuckle, looking at Angelus he chuckles, "Trust me I have considered dropping Quidditch, but with as bad of a beater as I am, if I am on the team, imagine what would happen." he says with a small chuckle.

Gerald just chuckles, nodding understandably, though he seems more amused at watching Kimko and Niko. He even spares a small smirk toward Angelus in regards to it. Course, he's a quiet guy, so settling back into the couch, he merely watches the others. Not playing Quidditch, the only thing he can offer up in relation to that is a chuckle.

Kimiko gasps, jaw agape at Angelus and Niko. "You can't drop Quidditch! I…I forbid it!" She tries to sound authoritative, but the squeak in her voice — not to mention her diminutive form, sitting cross-legged on the floor — rather undermines her position. "You've both got such spirit. We can't lose that on the team!" Saito has always shown a great deal of enthusiasm for the house team, despite not being a Quidditch player, herself.

"Are you serious, Denholm?" Angelus, with a brow arched, focuses his gaze on Niko as he considers. A hum escapes the youth, and his lips twitch lightly, and he nods as if understanding. His head tips lightly to the side as his lips flicker briefly. "You might consider that, actually. There's nothing worse than letting your grades slip…" His mouth opens to continue explaining, but he's then looking quickly onto Kimiko. A grin flashes across his face he lifts his chin. "I can't really quit, can I? I'm the Star player." This is followed by a laugh.

Niko chuckles softly, "Fine you've talked me into it, I will keep beating bludgers at people!" he exclaims warmly, with a smile. "Though when Professor Slughorn tosses me out and throws my books at my head, you lot better fix it." he says pointing at Kimiko, "Especially you, since you forbid it." he says offering her a small nod. "You are doing a fine job, Eibon." he says giving the younger student a smile and a nod. "To bad I won't be around to see you in your prime." he says with a small wink turning and picking up a piece of paper and crumpling it up and tossing it at Gerlad, "Cornfoot, you are being to quiet. You plotting?" he says playfully.

Gerald chuckles, listening to his peers, though from his place on the couch, he's all but outside the area of conversation. Then again, Niko's question manages a laugh from him, a lazy, slow laugh. "I spent five hours with Medusa Malfoy….I'm exhausted." Once again, Gerald fails to think before he speaks, and once again, he misses the possibility of a misunderstanding. Hopefully people know better. "I appreciate the faith you have in me though." As if Gerald Cornfoot would ever plot! It's not like he hangs out with the jerks…oh. Right.

"No, you can't," Kimiko insists to Angelus, and gives a firm nod when Niko consents to staying on the team. Gryffindor's little cheerleader will not be denied her players! But her attention is drawn by Gerald's comment. She's not really known as a gossip, but all of this Medusa Malfoy business piques her curiosity. "What is it with you and Malfoy, anyhow? Is it true you're taking her to the Halloween dance?"

Angelus flashes a grin to Kimiko in response, and then simply flops backwards off the armrest onto the cushion. Lying comfortably on the sofa, his legs propped against the armrest, the youth listens quietly without a word from him.

Niko gives Gerald a wink, "All the faith in the world Cornfoot." he says with a warm smile, "How is Medusa, well I hope." he says slowly with a small nod, "She seemed a tad bit frustrated with me last time we spoke." he continues rubbing his chin softly. "Well I am glad, you approve of me staying on the team." he says to Kimiko with a small wave of his hand.

Gerald yawns, though Kimiko manages to cause him to choke on…well..air. He lunges upright, watching the small girl quietly for a moment. "No..That's Douglas." AGAIN, Douglas!!! "Why does everyone keep saying that? Are you trying to get me killed?" he pauses a moment, sighing as a hand reaches to rub his eyes, "Sorry..what I mean is. Medusa and I are only friends. She's going to the dance with Douglas and I am going with Sunny." This part spoke with just a touch more grace than his initial spout. "And on that note, I think I'm going to go lay down….I feel like I may be having an aneurysm." Who knew /not/ dating Medusa Malfoy would be more stressful than actually doing it?!

Kimiko winces at Gerald's near-asthmatic response. "Sorry," she whispers meekly. "I just heard…or maybe it was Douglas…" She nibbles at her lip, cheeks red with embarrassment.

Angelus twists around on the sofa, not quite sitting up straight but propping himself up enough so that he can see everyone's faces. A smirk flickers against his lips, his blue eyes sweeping from each sixth year in turn.

Niko just starts laughing, "Oh come now Cornfoot, that was pretty funny, you have to admit." he says warmly, giving Gerlad a reassuring nod, before he decides to turn in for the night, "Take it easy." he says to him warmly, before looking over at Kimiko, "No need to blush Kimiko." he says playfully, "Cornfoot will live." he continues, before leaning back in the armchair with a sigh, "Not like you said he was going with Douglas." he chuckles softly.

Gerald nods, tough he does climb to his feet despite the glance and smirk sent toward the girl. "Its okay." He admits, "Niko's right..not a big deal, you're just not the first, or even second, person to ask that. I guess it still catches me off-guard." Either way he offers the three of them a small wave, "Still need a nap." He admits with a yawn, "Be well, stay out of trouble and all that jazz." He doesn't stick around for much longer, rather he turns on his heels and heads for the boys dorm. "Later!"

Kimiko gives Gerald a meek wave, still red-faced in spite of reassurances from the boys. Once he's gone, she groans, hanging her head to hide her face under her dark hair. "I'm suuuuch a nitwit." She peeks up at Niko and Angelus through dangling strands. "At least I wasn't the first…"

Angelus' gaze wanders after Gerald as he heads out, and he sits up straighter, lifting a hand in a simple wave. Then he turns his gaze onto Niko and Kimiko with a raised brow, tilting his head lightly as he asks, "Who is Sunny?" Clearly he's not familiar with the nickname, though a grin does tug at his lips as a thought reaches his mind.

Niko chuckles softly, "Nah, the way they can be seen together more often then naught, it is no surprise people think he is her boyfriend." he says with a small wave of his hand, "Think it's Soleil Parkinson, Slytherin." he says slowly before rubbing his chin, "Seems to be a trend of Sixth Year Gryffindors going to the Feast with Slytherins." he says softly to himself.

Kimiko nods solemnly. "It's very…" She glances up at Niko, nibbling at her lip, "…unusual. I mean, perhaps it's a good thing," she adds quickly. "There's really no sense in our houses being at odds with one another. I'm sure there are many nice Slytherins…" and she mumbles the last, "…that aren't pure-blood supremacists."

"Oh," Angelus murmurs and nods in acknowledgement to Niko. He tilts his head a little as he thinks, humming softly. He glances from him onto Kimiko, arching a single brow as he regards her quietly before he frowns as he stands up from the couch. "I…" He hesitates for only a second, long enough to offer a warm smile. "…should probably head upstairs. I'm waking up for an early practice tomorrow." He looks thoughtfully over Kimiko, but his smile doesn't falter as he dips his head to her and to Niko. "See you later."

Niko gives Angelus a small wave, "See you on the Pitch." he says softly, before over at Kimiko and slipping down from his chair so that he is on the floor with her, "You okay, Kimiko?" he asks softly, looking at her, with a warm smile on his face.

Kimiko closes her sketchbook, clutching it protectively to her chest. When she feels sure that Angelus has gone, her voice comes in a quiet whisper to avoid the other Gryffindors in the room hearing. "He's in the Magijugend. There are a lot of rumours going around about them…and about Headmaster Flint." She glances around nervously, sighing with relief to see no eyes upon them. "I'm Muggle-born, Niko. And now we've got these Magijugend…Flint in charge…and Gryffindors rubbing elbows with Slytherins…" She shudders, giving him an apologetic grimace.

Niko looks at Kimiko, "Your blood, your name." he says softly giving her a warm smile, looking her in the eyes with his bluish green ones, "Your Lineage." he continues, "Is just as good as anyone who carries a wand." he says slowly with a small nod, "That is my view, Kimiko. That is the view, the Magijugend, Purists, think that view makes me Mud, but…" he says slowly nodding, "I know who I am, were I came from. I am proud of that, you should be too." he says with a small nod, "They want us to be uneased by them, well I say we should just laugh and let them know we aren't." he says with a nod.

Kimiko takes a heavy breath, sending a few dangling ebony locks flapping as she exhales. "I know. I am proud to be a witch, and I don't believe any of their purist nonsense. But…things got very scary at the end of last year when the Mud Club first formed. Already, a lot of Slytherins were getting quite bold in picking on us. Now they've got their very own club, sanctioned by the Headmaster. I don't feel safe walking down the halls alone, Niko. Not with people like Alphard Black out there."

Niko chuckles softly, "You know how I handle Black?" he says his warm smile fading and shifting into a smirk, "I kill him with kindness." he says with a small shrug, "I am just the friendliest person in the world, and no matter how mad he gets, I just get more friendly." he says with a nod, "Telling him all my views and how I think he is just a good guy." he says with another nod, his warm smile forming on his face, "He would rather, ignore and avoid me right now, then to deal with me." he says nodding slowly, "Like I said, laugh and let them know you don't care." he says with a small nod.

Kimiko's lower lip pokes out in an exaggerated frown. "But I do care, and you know very well that I'm a terrible actress." She sets the sketchbook aside, hunching forward and leaning her elbows on her knees. "It's getting worse and worse, Niko. Surely you see that."

Niko takes a soft sigh, "If Black bothers you tell me and I will try and deal with him for you." he says slowly, he looks at Kimiko for a moment before running his hand through his hair, "Yes, Kimiko I do see that." he says slowly, "But hate breeds hate, someone has to stop it. Someone has to try take insults and just shrug them off and smile." he says with a nod, "Kimiko… what would you rather do? Become like them and do things out of hate and misguided thoughts or try and be the better person…" he asks softly.

Kimiko shakes her head vehemently, eyes widening. "Oh, no, no, no. That's not what I mean at all. I do want everyone to be kinder to one another." She gives him a strained smile, staring at him silently for several long seconds. But she catches herself, and suddenly looks away.

Niko smiles softly back at her as she stares at him, "Kimiko, it will be alright." he says softly, putting his hand on her shoulder and giving it a soft squeeze.

Kimiko turns her head toward his hand, but it takes all of her willpower not to rest her cheek there. Instead, she gives him a soft smile, and pushes herself to her feet. "I should probably get some sleep. I have some time in the morning to work on that figurine, so I need to be up early."

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