(1938-10-10) Quill Troubles
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Summary: Gerald catches up with Medusa during free period study, it ends with a comical note-taking error.
Date: 10 October 1938
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts

After lunches the Great Hall turns into an open study area for NEWT students who have a free slot on their timetable. The idea being that the sixth and seventh years use that time to study. Quite a few of them do, but a fair few others also use it for gossiping and catching up with friends or other types of business. There are pots of tea, coffee and hot chocolate left out as refreshments as well as bowls of fruit and plates of biscuits. Medusa, the Queen of Slytherin, is seated at her house table although house tables are not strictly adhered to during these sessions. Being who she is people come and speak with her and slip away again after a few minutes or maybe a bit longer. She is trying out a new toy: a quill records everything she says, taking notes for her. "The parrying motion in this spell is key, for it gives it more power. Using a traditional flick and swish method can result in the spell not working or backfiring."

"What'cha doin?" Enter Gerald and..well..he's looked better. He's definitely looked more rested. Stifling a yawn, the Gryffindor drops into a chair next to the blonde, though his head drops into his folded arms almost instantly as he slumps forward, with a *thump* against the table. "…" it's clear there was more, but it's lost in a mumble against his arm.

Medusa taps the quill with her wand and it, like Gerald, slumps to the table. "Defense homework." She leans over and sniffs Gerald as if checking for the cause of his condition. "Have you been drinking that butterbeer those Hufflepuffs are brewing?" Because he could be coming down from a serious sugar high. Eyeing her 'second boyfriend' dubiously Medusa pours a cup of coffee and sets it down within the boy's reach.

Gerald ahs, and while he doesn't seem very motivated to move, he does lift his head, propping his chin on his folded arms. "I see.." he allows with a lazy nod. "And no….I just want to sleep, not die. You weren't there for the last time. I nearly crawled out of my skin. Ask Evy." He chuckles, clearly not too proud to admit. And really, it was the very definition of a nearly paranormal sugar rush. "Almost as bad as the winter break whisky debacle last year..which I am VERY happy to report no one but my parents were present to witness." Again he laughs, though he does eventually sit back and take the offered coffee, gratefully even.

"So no more butterbeer for Gerald, got it." Medusa seems a little amused, but with her droll way of speaking sometimes it is hard to tell. "What has you so tired? Up late night studying, or were you one of those lost voices we heard in the maze last night?" She turns the page in the book she was reading from, having already forgotten where she stopped or was going next.

Gerald chuckles again, nodding. "I was reading, yes. And admittedly my mind gets away with me sometimes. I think too much…maybe because I say so little." It's true. He's a ridiculously quiet guy. He also frowns as he rethinks the day before. "Speaking of Slytherin…what the hell is wrong with Janette? She have something permanently wedged up her ass or what?" Under normal circumstances Gerald would never dream of saying that aloud, but unfortunately he's exhausted, stressed and cranky. It makes for a far more typical teenage male. And maybe he's overexposed to meanness these days.

Medusa laughs and gives Gerald a side-on hug. "I think I am rubbing off on you, Cornfoot, and I like. Yes she has a stick up her arse. But…" The Slytherin smirks and her face takes on a decidedly nasty expression, "soon she will get her comeuppance. We Slytherin do not take betrayal lightly." Dropping her arm she picks up her own mug and sips from it. "Just be aware that she thinks ever boy in the school fancies her."

Gerald ahs, though despite the harsher words seconds ago, Meduas's small prediction earns a rather sick expression. "I feel like I should say something in the 'no stop' department….but I just don't have the energy." The small hug is returned, he even adds a small squeeze to it, but he slumps back soon enough. "And don't think I'm turning into one of your mean little toadies…I just..even I have my limits." And apparently something small the albino girl said may have sparked the otherwise content student. "Safe to say I do not fancy her…at all."

She reaches over and gently strokes Gerald's head. Medusa is not mean to those in her inner circle, in fact she can be very caring if you are the right person or persons. "I don't have toadies, I have pawns. And you are not a pawn. Tell me what that bitch did to you Gerald. Let me make it better. You will never even have to know what happened."

Gerald chuckles, though the stroking to his hair does good to lull him back into a heap on the table. "I don't even know. I just feel offended every time I finish a conversation with her." He tries to muster a chuckle, but falls short. It sounds as fake as it is. "I feel like she goes out of her way to try and make me compliment her and agree with her." He then pushes upward, "I want it said now…no. Even I have my limits. I'd rather cut my left foot-off than…" he twitches at his shoulders before slumping forward again. "I think I need to go back to not talking to people. There was less crazy in my life."

"Fine," says Medusa. "I will not take any action on your behalf. You are old enough to fight your own battles." She gives a lock of Gerald's hair a faint tug, nothing painful, just teasing and then withdraws her hand. "Let's speak of something else. How is your studying going? You are spending so much time helping me, are you having enough for yourself?"

Gerald chuckles, nodding against his arms. He sits up a few seconds later, reaching for his cup again. "It's going fine. I'm ahead." He allows with a small sigh, "That's sad, isn't it…" While he sighs he does seem at least a little amused at himself. "Helping you is actually filling my free time. I work pretty quick when it comes to my own studies. To quick sometimes." He offers her a grin though. Perhaps he's finally waking up. "Don't tell anyone I was being rude about Janette. I shouldn't have."

"I only gossip when there is profit to be made from it," states Medusa. She glances down at her book again. "You know Alphard and you are both rather good tutors. I expected Lucian would be, I have known him for years and he has always been exceptional at transfiguration. But you two were a gamble." Medusa sips her drink and gives him a sidelong glance.

Gerald chuckles, "Yeah well…who knew the quiet kid was smart, huh?" He returns the glance, but it's still lacks much in the way of focus. "Alphard? I can see him being a good tutor. It lets him feel superior and hear his own voice." He chuckles, perhaps he doesn't feel bad saying things about Black. "I don't really know Lucian. Never talked to him. I don't think." He thinks back, unsure but in the end he shrugs it away. "Guess I'm glad you took a gamble. But we both know it was because I'm so adorable. Deep down you know it's true." An attempt at a joke..weak and unfueled as it is.

"Oh completely," says Medusa with a nod. "Just watch out, when I tire of Douglas I will come after you." She turns a page in her book again and then another until she finds what she wants, finger running over the lines. The older girl pauses and turns to look at Gerald. "What do you want to do after school?"

"Hmm?" Color him caught off guard. "I..don't know. I usually just read or..sleep." beat, "Well, not lately I don't sleep but normally that's all I do." He's not exactly a bundle of after school involvement. Not to mention that he doesn't have the most involved girlfriend. At all. "Why?"

"No," elaborates Medusa with a laugh, "after graduation. Not in the afternoons." She raises her hand, gesturing to the room at large, "What are you plans after leaving Hogwarts? I can't imagine you not having a plan of some sort."

Gerald laughs, "Ohhh." See, exhausted! "I dunno. I was planning Magical Law Enforcement Department. Dumbledore suggested Hit wizard..I'm really good at that type of thing or something." He mumbles most of it, but he does seem interested in the topic. "What about you? You have to have plans. Or do you just plan to marry well and be done? Have a half-dozen tiny little blond demons?"

Medusa looks at Gerald as if picturing him being a Hit Wizard. "I can see how you would be good at it. You would also be hard to corrupt." She doesn't explain why that would be a good thing, surely there are no corrupt ministry employees? "Douglas and I are going to London during the holidays to have a tour of a few departments. He already has a job lined up but I don't. I can't decide. I've been thinking recently about internal affairs." Medusa, policing the ministry.

Gerald nods softly, thoughtfully even as he watches her. "I can see that." He admits with a sigh, "And, I like to think that I'd be hard to corrupt, who knows? I have the necessary academic skills without question but I lack a LOT in interpersonal experience But…I guess that's easy enough to solve. I just need to find proper motivation." He ignores mention of Douglas all together.

Medusa leans over, closer, giving Gerald a coy look — something she has never bothered to do before — making it obvious that she is laying on the charm. "Tempted?"

Gerald watches her, and while he doesn't pull away, there's a rather clear flicker of something in his blue eyes. He also arches a brow slowly, "Tempted to do what?" Congratulations Medusa Malfoy! You've just lost Gerald! "I'm sorry…you've confused me."

"Uncorruptable," determines Medusa with a nod as she pulls away. "You didn't even try to look down my jumper." And with her buttons undone as she tends to wear her shirt he would have got an eyeful too. "You will be one of those hit wizards that solves the crimes and saves the day."

Gerald chuckles, nodding. "Oh…" he seems to at least appreciate her words, though they summon a laugh from him more than once. "Maybe. We'll see I guess. If I even have what it takes to cut it." He also reaches to push to his feet, "But..I need a nap if I stand any chance of being awake for dinner." Chances do not look good regardless. "You have a nice afternoon Miss Malfoy." He also bends to give what appears to be a hug, though it's followed with a sudden drop in his tone, "And I have you know I looked down your jumper twice. You not as perceptive as you like to think." So there.

With a laugh Medusa gives him a playful shove, pushing Gerald's hip. "Sod off. I have work to do." She picks her wand up and taps the quill to get started again. "See you later, Ger." The quill copies down her words prompting Medusa to utter, "Bollocks," which also gets copied down.

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