(1938-10-10) Rain Dance
Details for Rain Dance
Summary: Niko and Kimiko run into each other on the roof during a light rain.
Date: 10 October, 1938
Location: Castle Roof and Palisades, Hogwarts
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Castle Roof and Palisades, Hogwarts Castle

The ramparts of Hogwarts Castle are massive and provide an uninterrupted pathway all along the outside of the castle as well as giving any visitor an amazing view of the surrounding grounds, Hogwarts Lake, the Forbidden Forest and even Hogsmeade. The view is only interrupted by some of the taller towers of the castle like the Astronomy Tower or the Owlery. The ramparts themselves have chest height walls to either side creating a six foot wide corridor. Every two feet or so crenelations rise up another three feet making the walls almost eight feet tall at those points. Strong winds tend to blow along the ramparts frequently making it a particularly uncomfortable place to be at during the winter but making it nice and cool during the hottest days of summer.

It was a cool evening, dinner had finished and while most people found themselves off to either study in the Commons or in the Library, Niko can be found looking out down at the grounds and the lake, silently in thought. The cool wind blew bring rain with it, though Niko had positioned himself to avoid getting wet. The cool scent of rain and the autumn air dances across the sense, while the sounds of wind and rain running across the old stones of the castle, echos in the air.

The rain might deter many students from the rooftop, but Kimiko Saito is prone to occasional flights of whimsy. Steps out into the downpour, she turns her face skyward, smiling into the falling droplets. She shrugs off her outer robe, tossing it safely into the dryness of the stairwell. Apparently oblivious to Niko's presence, she steps out into the rain, slipping effortlessly into an elegant ballet, dancing with the wind and giggling at the raindrops tickling her cheeks.

Niko turns his head as he hears someone approaching, he watches Kimiko silently for a moment, before he says, "My mother always said it is the little things in life, that makes it worth living." it is said in his normal soft warm tone, "You are really good at dancing." he says softly, the warm smile on his face, his bluish green eyes staring out at her, waiting for her to respond.

For a moment, the voice on the wind doesn't seem to register. But then Kimiko opens her eyes, glancing around as she pirouettes. Spotting Niko at last, she squeaks in surprise, and spins to a stop, ducking her head sheepishly. "I didn't realize anyone was up here." Several tendrils of her rain-soaked ebony hair cling to her face.

Niko chuckles softly, "Well I came up here for a quiet spot to think." he says slowly with a small nod, "This is where I use to run off to, in our first two years." he says softly with a small chuckle, his hand moving up to run through his slightly damp hair, "Remember that, when I never spoke to anyone and was always just playing with my cat?" he says softly, the warm smile on his face, "You don't have to stop Kimiko, you looked absolutely radiant." he says softly, tilting his head a bit to the right, his hair cascading down his face wildly as he does so.

Kimiko nods at the memory of his quiet years with a mock frown. She worried about him back then. But the frown quickly melts into a blushing, beaming smile at the compliment. "R-Radiant?" For a moment, she's frozen, the butterflies in her stomach making movement seem an unlikely prospect. But one look at his eyes, and suddenly all she wants to do is dance. Her leg lifts, displaying the focused strength, balance, and agility that comes with years of training. The awkward clumsiness she so often displays is nowhere to be seen within this elegant creature as she floats over the puddles and pavestones.

Niko smiles softly, "Yes, it all dark and dismal up here, with the weather and you are casting that aside, dancing, not caring about everything around you, glowing brightly with your smile, not caring about the rain." he says softly, the warm smile on his face, as she starts to dance, "I didn't know you knew how to dance like that, Kimiko." he says slowly, "You must have spent a long time, to learn to be so perfect at it." he says with another small smile, not caring about the rain and stepping out into it, the water locking onto his skin and his amber hair, causing it to stick to his face.

It isn't perfect ballet, as she lacks the proper shoes for it. But Kimi's grace more than makes up for it. She twirls up to Niko, performing a sort of bow, one leg extended impossibly high behind her. "I've studied dance since I was four," she says proudly. "I want to attend W.A.D.A. I'd have applied last year, but my parents insist that I finish seven years at Hogwarts."

Niko smiles softly at her, his smile warm and inviting like always, "So that is what you want to do in the future?" he says softly, "Dance?" he says slowly tilting his head, the wet clusters of his amber hair falling in front of his right eye, which quickly get swatted away. "Finishing seven years isn't to bad I suppose." he says slowly, "Things seem to get more and more interesting each year." he says softly.

Kimiko stands upright, nodding vehemently. "I want to work on my art, as well. But professionally? I want to dance." She tilts her head curiously. "Do you dance, Niko? That is…I mean…you're taking Janette to the dance, right? I…um…I could show you some steps that would really impress her."

Niko chuckles softly, "I know the one, two, three." he says softly with a warm smile, "You've seen me at every dance we have ever gone to since the third year, do the same one, two, three dance with all the girls who were sitting all alone." he says with a chuckle, shaking his head a little bit, "Seems like a long time ago." he continues, before his hand moves up to rub his chin slowly, considering her offer, "Well, I don't think I am going to impress anyone, Kimiko." he says with a small nod, "But how can I refuse, first hand lessons from someone who has been studying it since they were four?" he says with a warm smile at her.

"If you've got the one-two-three, you've already got the advantage." Kimiko grins, and steps close, offering one hand up, and placing the other on his shoulder. "Ballroom dancing is pretty much designed for men to impress women. Just take the lead, stay in control, and make her feel safe while you do it."

Niko outs his hand on Kimko's side softly, his fingers taking hers as she offers, "Well see, look at that I already am doing great." he says playfully, as his bluish green eyes stare into dark brown eyes, as he starts to one two three with her in the rain, the water cascading down his face from his hair and the warm smile lingering on his lips.

Kimiko giggles softly, nodding. "Perfect. You have an excellent feel for this. So…when a girl is feeling safe, you can get a little fancier. A twirl or a dip, for instant. If she's comfortable, you can lead her in the movements naturally, without her worrying about messing up…and worry is what usually makes a dancer mess up." She demonstrates for him now she would twirl to show him what his movements should be.

"So is that why you didn't let me try and showed me?" Niko says softly, a playful hint in his tone, "Because you didn't feel safe?" he says slowly with chuckle, as he takes her hand back after the twirl, "Or do you feel safe enough to let me try and twirl you, here in the rain?" he asks softly.

Kimiko dips her head apologetically. "Oh, no…I'm sorry. I just wanted to you show you, so you'd feel comfortable." She peeks up at him, squinting against the rain. "I do feel safe with you."

Niko chuckles softly, "I was only playing Kim…" he says slowly before she continues, he just stands there in the rain, the water pouring down on him as his eyes stare out at Kimiko, "An Auror." he says slowly, with a small nod, "That is what I want to do, when I graduate." he says softly, still standing there, his hand on his side and the other one in her hand. Then suddenly he tries to twirl her, "You are the first person I've told." he says slowly with a nod, smiling warmly.

The moment he tells her, Kimiko realizes what he's saying, even before he fully explains. Her face glows with delight that he's revealing what he dodged around the other day. But when he says she's the first, she balks, and for all her grace and trained dexterity, she's a victim of her own social awkwardness, and her mid-spin stumble sends her plummeting to her bottom with a squeak! Then suddenly she laughing, embarrassed and utterly amused.

Niko takes a step closer to her, offering her his hand smiling softly at her, "Maybe you shouldn't have felt safe with me after all." he says slowly, waiting for her to take his hand. "Are you okay Kimiko?" he asks softly, his gaze on her as small drops of water drip down from his hair as he is bent over waiting for her to take his hand.

Kimiko takes his hand, giggling and nodding. "I'm sorry. That was my fault." With his help, she rises to her feet, shaking off the giggles. "You just…surprised me." She beams up at him, dark eyes full of admiration. "So you want to be an Auror? That's very impressive."

Niko chuckles, "Well you said you felt safe with me, so I thought I could at least answer what I avoided the other day." he says softly with a warm smile, "I don't know about impressive." he says slowly with a chuckle, "Maybe just crazy." he says softly, "Though that is the furthest thing from my mind tonight." he says softly running his hand through his hair.

Kimiko finds herself reluctant to let go of his hand, but makes a conscious effort to do so, clasping hers before her and rocking on her heels. "So…what is on your mind tonight?"

"If what Medusa was right and I am just going to cause Janette problems." Niko says softly shaking his head, "You know me Kimiko, I just want people to be happy." he says softly shaking his head, "What if she is happy with me, but miserable with what it means to be with me?" he says slowly, shaking his head with a sigh.

Kimiko's lips part, forming a sympathetic 'O'. With a heavy sigh, she shrugs helplessly. "I wish I could give you some advice. But," her voice lowers to a mumble, "I don't know how objective I can be."

Niko looks at Kimiko that warm smile on his face, "Of course not." he says slowly with a nod, "I didn't expect that you would be able to." he says slowly with a shake of his head, "Because your the other thing that has been on my mind." he says slowly, his words not much more then a whisper, "Even though you shouldn't be…" he says running his hand through his hair.

Kimiko's smile lights up like the sun. But it only lasts a few seconds before she lowers her head shamefully. "I'm sorry…I said we should focus on being just friends, and here I am doing exactly not that." Grimacing miserably, rain streaking down her cheeks, she takes a step back from him. "I…I should go."

Niko shakes his head a little bit, "You don't have to go Kimiko." he says softly, looking at her with a half smile, "I forget sometimes…" he says slowly, running his hand through his hair again. "Like I said the other day I don't know how to act and such." he continues, "But I do know you are my friend…" he says slowly with a small nod, "Pretty much known me and worried about me for years now." he says softly, "I haven't been much help in this situation." he says softly, "So I'm sorry." he says warmly looking at her with the smile.

Kimiko looks back toward the stairwell down into the castle, then to Niko. "This…all of this," she gestures around them at the rain-soaked rooftop. "This is a recipe for something…we shouldn't be doing. You and Janette deserve to be happy. Not to have some other girl making things difficult. I won't be that girl, no matter how-…" She stops herself, shaking her head and taking a few more steps. "Next time, let's accidentally run into each other someplace less romantic." She offers him a weak smile, then turns to walk back to the stairs.

Niko goes to say something, but closes his mouth. "Kimiko you are a good friend, thank you." he says softly, offering her a warm smile. He watches her go, his hand running through his hair again slowly, until she is out of sight. He turns and moves back to his spot, the rain has died down a little bit, but his gaze falls on the lake, watching it softly, "I wonder if things will ever be the same again." he says slowly and softly to himself.

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