(1938-10-11) Breakfast Date
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Summary: After receiving a letter from him Phil goes to Thomas' flat for breakfast to discuss whether or not they are going to try and be more than just friends.
Date: 11 October 1938
Location: Thomas' Flat, London
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It is a cool early morning, about a quarter to six. The air carries the soft sent of dew and outside of Flat Number Two in York Terrace, a few college students can be seen wandering home after a bohemian style night. Thomas can be found poking and fiddling with one of his muggle electric peculators, trying to get the coffee going. While Jean Valjean, his small Manx cat can he seen doing his best to prevent this, trying everything to get in Thomas' way, causing him to finally pick up the cat and soft scratch it behind the ears.

When she set out this seemed like a good idea, but now that she has arrived Phil is feeling apprehensive. London in the morning before the rest of the city awakes is beautiful in a way which those who never see it that way can never understand. Cheeks pinkened by the crisp morning air, Phil makes her way up to the flat door. She is carrying a brown paper bag in one hand, the other she lifts to knock on the door.

When someone knocks at the door, Thomas looks between Jean and the door, "I told you no more parties." he says to the cat shaking his head slightly, as he makes his way to the door. While his suit slacks are on, along with his dress shirt. His jacket is hanging off the coat rack along with his tie. He opens the door, prepared to turn away a sleepy eyed college student, only to find Phil. He just stares at her for a moment, before saying "Good morning Phil." and stepping aside to let her in, "Please make yourself at home." he says softly.

Occupying herself with the mundane first, Phil wipes her feet on the mat and steps inside. She shifts the bag from one hand to the other as she slips off her velvet cloak. "Good morning Thomas," she offers him a nervous smile. "I wanted to make sure you were in." She looks around with obvious curiosity as she sets the paper bag on the small table. The smell of warm food and the faint grease marks on the brown paper bag makes it obvious, but she still says, "I brought breakfast as a bribe in the hopes you would let me in."

Thomas chuckles as he heads towards the kitchenette, "I was just getting ready to make some coffee." he says slowly, "Well the bride wouldn't have worked, I though it was one of Jean's friends." he says slowly, "Oh and watch out for Jean Valjean, he likes to attack people when they come around corners." he says as he finally gets one of the peculators going, "Also Good Morning to you too Phil." he says softly with a smile.

Lifting the bag from the table Phil follows Thomas into the kitchenette. "I will try and charm him to be on my side then," says Phil with a soft laugh. She leans against the doorway and watches him. "I brought sausage rolls, fresh from the oven." Her head tilts in against the doorway, her eyes following each movement he makes. "Thank you for your letter. You probably didn't expect me to come over now, however." There is a warm hint of humour in her tone.

"Better watch out he is a rascal, bugger followed me home from the Ministry." Thomas says slowly as he opens the cabinet and pulls off two plates from a mismatched set and sits them on the counter. "Sounds amazing, hope you like coffee, I brew mine a little on the strong side." he says softly giving her a small smile, as he pulls out some mismatched silverware and puts them on the plates, picking them up, "Quiet welcome, I figured you would respond." he says softly with a smile as he puts the plates down on the table, standing only inches away from her, "I didn't expect you this early, however what is life without surprise?" he asks softly, before reaching over and softly stroking her cheek.

Phil closes her eyes and leans into the warmth of his hand, her cheek cool and flushed from her journey here this morning. Her lashes lift and as she regards Thomas with her bright wide blue eyes she says with a quiet chuckle, "I don't like coffee." She is a tea drinker. Lifting her hand she gives him the bag filled with the warm sausages in their flaky puff pastry cases. "You will come to realise that surprise is my middle name." Her mouth tilts into a lopsided grin, "Not true. It is Thomasina, but Surprise sounds much more interesting."

Thomas smiles softly, leaning in with out warning and giving her a soft kiss, before taking a step back, "Well then I better put some tea on." he says softly, with a nod as he opens up a cabinet and pulls out a beat up old black kettle, filling it up with water in the sink, "Mine are Beowulf and Greyson." he says rather flatly, "Not only did my parents find the need to give me a boring middle, they felt that I required two." he says with a chuckle, looking over at her as he lights the stove with a match and puts the water on.

"You live like such a muggle," says Phil with amusement as she follows him to the counter. Taking the bag from his hand she crosses to the small table and plates up the food. "I use magic for everything or rather our elf does. My domestic charms are considerably lacking. I am usually distracted by whatever I am working on or reading." She pulls out a chair and lowers herself onto it, her gaze dropping to the cat that comes slinking in. "Bonjour Jean Valjean."

"Don't tell my parents they think I got an elf ages ago." Thomas says giving her a small wink, "But I like it sometimes." he says slowly, as he takes a seat at the table next to her, his gaze moving across his manx slowly as he slinks over to Phil and softly nuzzles her leg, "So you regret coming here yet?" he asks as he looks at the food she has brought, "Thank you for Breakfast, Phil." he says softly with a smile.

Resting one hand on the table Phil leans over and with the other strokes the manx, smiling absently as she does. "I promise that if I see your parents I will speak highly of your elf. What was his name again?" Lips twitching with humour she sits back up and a hint of the nervousness appears again but she pushes it aside. "No, why would I regret it?" Reaching for the tea he poured for her she takes it as it comes, without milk, and blows gently across the surface of the liquid before taking a sip. "I meant what I said yesterday. This is your choice Thomas and I will be your friend whatever you decide."

Thomas smirks softly, "Hokey" he says simply, "Great elf, been cooking for me and keeping me fed, so I don't die a slow and painful death by only eating pub food." he says softly with a small wink, he takes a bite of his sausage rolls, before getting up and pouring himself a cup of coffee, taking it back to the table he adds a bit of cream and two sugar cubes. Allowing her to finish, he says, "Was wondering if all the muggle style living was bothering you, why I asked if you were regretting it." he says softly with a chuckle, "But now since we have broached the subject." he says slowly, rubbing his chin as if he was think, "Do you think I kiss every women who brings me breakfast?" he says teasingly, "I thought I was making my intentions pretty clear." he says softly with a chuckle.

"Hokey," she repeats in a tone which makes it clear she is committing the name to memory. "Lovely little fella." Phil sets her tea aside and picks up the knife and fork Thomas had set beside the plate she is using. "I have a fair amount of knowledge of muggle life, and many muggle friends." She cuts into one of the sausage rolls, opting to eat it in a much more polite fashion than just using her hand and biting pieces off as most do. "Not that my family are aware of all of that." Her gaze lifts as her fork does, coming to rest on his face as she chews quietly. Licking her lips she says with humour, "I don't know you could do. This is the first time I have brought you breakfast. I did not want to assume I was being treated differently."

Thomas smiles softly as he takes another bite of the sausage rolls, before taking a sip of the warm coffee, closing his eyes for a moment as if enjoying it bringing him to life, "I don't think our families know a lot of what we do, Phil." he says softly with a chuckle while shaking his head. "Well first off all, no one brings me breakfast, you would be the first, so as it current stands, I do kiss the women who bring me breakfast." he says slowly taking another sip of his coffee, "To put it plainly, I would like to explore us." he says with a small smile.

There is a slight awkwardness but Phil's curious nature wins out. "What happened?" She means of course, what happened to change his mind, what happened when he spoke with Rhyeline. She seems prepared to eat while he speaks, the walk from the bakery to here was a long one and she is hungry. Phil does however, sneak a little bit of food to Jean, doing it when she thinks Thomas isn't looking.

Thomas shrugs softly taking a sip of his coffee, "I asked her to put it plainly, if she was interested or not." he says taking a bite of his sausage roll, "Then I proceeded to apologize for being an idiot." he says slowly with a nod, "Then she said she wasn't interested, I apologized some more." he says with a chuckle, "Then I told her I would always be her friend." he says softly, smirking at Phil, "I did leave the part out about you grabbing my tie and kissing me." he says slowly with a smirk.

Her mouth twitches up into a grin, "A wise omission," she agrees. Phil slides her foot forward across the tiled floor until it brushes against his. Now that she has the answer she doesn't seem rushed but relaxed and content to enjoy Thomas' company. "How is your sausage roll? I like them a bit spicy so I always opt for Cumberland sausages if I can get them. It is the peppery kick that gets me each time."

Thomas chuckles softly, as he feels her foot brush against his he smiles at her, his hand moving to stroke her cheek, "It has a kick to it, but I like things a little spicy." he says softly with a smile, "Jean Valjean seems to like them too." he says slowly with a nod, "But he is a pig and will eat anything." he says with a small smirk, "So when should I speak to your father about courtship." he says softly, with a small smirk on his face, waiting to see Phil's face.

He gets a small, albeit not hard, kick for that while Phil smiles with sweet innocence and responds with, "About the same time I tell your mother about your elf lies." She laughs then and brings her cup to her lips, sips her tea and watches him over the end of the cup. Lowering it again she asks, "When do you normally leave for work?"

Thomas rubs his leg softly, "My elf lies are in no way related to my gentlemanly ways of seeking your Father's permission for courtship." he says with a wink, "And ouch that stung." he says chuckling, "Oh, more often then I care to admit, about a quarter to nine, showing up right before my paperwork pushing job starts." he says slowly with a nod.

"Wuss," teases Phil. "Nine? You are a wuss." She chuckles and looks down as Jean leaps up onto her lap. "Why hello." Setting her tea aside she breaks of a bit of the sausage roll she was eating and feeds it to the manx. "I am in for eight, sometimes earlier. But then I also stay quite late some nights. Each day is different." Phil gives off the impression that she feeds off of that difference.

Thomas smirks at Phil, "Yes, Nine to Five." he says slowly with a nod, "Unless there is something really important for me to file." he says softly with a smirk, "Then I might have to stay til five fifteen." he says trying his best to look taken a back by the very thought of it, but his smile leaks through. "Then I grab pub food, and start reviewing old case files and laws for hours on end. I have boxes of them." he says with a small chuckle. "Not all of us are as adventurous as you Phil, though I admit it is attractive on you." he says softly.

Her fingers run over the soft fur of the manx as she watches Thomas, amusement glittering in her eyes. "Every word of that made me want to think of a way to push you to your limits so you become rumpled and disorganised and adorably frustrated." Phil cants her head to the side, her hair falling across her cheek. "You are adventurous. You went to a dangerous city poised on the brink of war to hunt down the wand of an assassin without a thought for your own safety. I should throttle you Thomas. It was a foolhardy thing to do. Promise me that you will be a tad bit more careful with your person in the future."

Thomas smiles softly, "Is it bad, that your desire to throw me into a chaotic fluster, is found to be cute in my eyes?" he says slowly with a chuckle. He listens to her and sips his coffee slowly, "You make it sound so much more exciting then it was." he says softly, "I went, spent days dealing with bureaucratic red tape, because that is my specialty." he says slowly with a small nod, "Only to find out that there was no wand." he continues with another nod, "In between paper work, another one of my specialties, I managed to eat a little bit of the local cuisine and see a few sights." he says softly with a wave of his hand, "Also I don't make promises I can't keep." he says softly.

Phil breathes out a soft sigh and nods as she gently lets Jean down onto the floor. "Fair enough, I won't ask you to." She brushes the fur from her lap. "I am going to look into the problem, see what I can learn from my more nefarious associates. I have pushed Graham to get a case file opened at the Ministry. They should be investigating it, should have been from the outset."

Thomas listens to her softly, letting her finish as he takes a sip of his coffee and sits it down on the table. He stares at Phil for a long moment with his blue eyes, "I will be a tad more careful with my person, I promise." he says softly with a nod, "But only for you." he says pointing at Phil for a moment, he doesn't comment on the situation any more then that, though his hand does move to take Phil's hand in his, before leaning over to kiss her once more.

"Thank you for the kind concession." Phil meets him half way, her eyes closing as Thomas kisses her. She tastes of tea and the pepperiness of their shared breakfast as well as that unique flavour which is all her own. Her other hand goes to the back of his head as she deepens the kiss, wanting to taste him as well.

Thomas returns the kiss with the same passion, his eyes closing as his hand moves gently up from her hand and begins to caress her arm, he stands up slowly breaking the kiss, offering Phil his hand, as he makes his way towards the living room, "The sofa, I promise is far more comfortable then those old chairs." he says softly.

Taking the offered hand as she rises Phil jokes, "Are we going to sit on it and make out like teenagers in the broom closet?" As it is his flat she lets Thomas lead the way, it provides her with the opportunity to eye him up from the rear.

Thomas chuckles, "No I don't smoke in my kitchen." he says softly, "Unless you want to make out like teenagers in a closet." he says playfully as he picks up his pack of Chesterfields off the table and removing a smoke and offering one to Phil as he lights his, taking a seat on the sofa.

Taking the offered cigarette Phil lets Thomas light it for her and then begins to prowl around the room. She lifts up objects, turning them over in her free hand only to set them down again. Books she pays more close attention to, curious to see what inspires or interests him. "One of the things which I like about you is how you are not what I expect. Each little revelation makes me rethink my view of you." She leans in against the mantelpiece as she takes a drag off her cigarette and watches him.

Thomas takes a long hard drag off his cigarette, exhaling the bluish grey smoke slowly, his eyes on Phil as she moves around his flat, "Well, I keep a certain appearance." he says softly, before taking another drag off his cigarette, "The Carrow Family, mainly my Father, has certain standards that he feels should be instilled in all of us." he says slowly, looking at Phil and running his hand through his hair, "This however is me." he gestures around his home, "This is the real Thomas Carrow, the one who listens to muggle jazz in the park and reads book after book of theirs." he says with a small chuckle, "I like that you can appreciate, their arts, their triumphs and their struggles." he says with a small nod.

"I like jazz, but sometimes I am in the mood for blues." Phil turns her head and picks up the book nearest her. "I go to clubs in Soho a fair bit. Also the Troxy in Limehouse." She flips through the book to find where Thomas has marked his place. A faint smile turns up a corner of her mouth as she reads. "Fitzgerald has a way with short stories. My favourite is about the girl from the southern states who goes up north — the Ice Palace?"

Thomas smiles softly, "I personally love May Day, the struggle between classes, while the more privilege continue on with their life." he says slowly, "I moved here so I could hear them play their music, sometimes I can open my windows and hear them practicing." he says softly, taking another hard drag off his cigarette, "Muggles, they are truly remarkable, with out magic we would be lost, they however, embrace it, always working to improve their lives." he says with smile, "Why did you know muggle recently created what he calls a ball point pen?" he says a look of amazement on his face, "The tip of this pen, is designed to prevent your pen from smearing? Like quills and fountain pens?" he says bringing his hands up, with a look of 'Isn't that amazing?" on his face.

"A ball point pen," she repeats. "Incredible. I used a thing called a typewriter once after learning that is how muggle journalists write their stories." Phil carefully sets the book back onto the mantle and walks over to the window to peer out of it. "I live in Chelsea. We have nice parks, restaurants and shops." Rich people.

Thomas smiles softly, with a chuckle, "I've seen a type writer never got a chance to use one." he says slowly with a chuckle, taking a step close to Phil as he takes another drag off his cigarette, once he is close enough, he reaches up and softly strokes her cheek, "You thought I was going to be such a boring person, when you came over and tried to get me drunk?" he says softly, his blue eyes moving to meet Phil's as he says slowly, "I am glad you tried though." his tone not much more then a whisper.

She doesn't deny his accusation but instead laughs. "I did," concedes Phil. "You had a distinctly stuffy look about you. I wanted to ruffle your feathers. You didn't even seem to notice I was flirting with you." Her body turns, angling itself towards Thomas. "I am glad I tried too," comes her whispered reply.

Thomas takes a step forward and wraps his arms around her softly, giving her a small squeeze, "Well I think you have ruffled my feather pretty well now." he says slowly, "I noticed and trust me, I really liked you, I don't think you realized, if I didn't I wouldn't have said much more then was required." he says slowly, leaning in and his lips slowly pressing against hers, his eyes closing as he kisses her slowly, his right hand softly moving up her back caressing it.

This time when he kisses her she tastes of cigarettes. Careful to not touch him with the lit end Phil keeps her right arm out of the way, but her left comes up to wrap around his neck as she leans up onto the balls of her feet and closing her eyes meets Thomas' kiss. It is a slow and careful exploration with lips, teeth and tongue. Her breath warm and moist against his cheek.

As the kiss finishes Thomas smiles softly at her bring up his hand with his cigarette in it and taking a soft drag off of it, tilting his head, softly at Phil, "You are dangerous for me you know that?" he says playfully as he blows the smoke out of the corner of his mouth as to not blow it in her face, he leans in gives her a soft kiss on the cheek, taking in a deep breath through his nose, committing the scent of her to memory, "You make me want to send an owl to work saying I am sick." he says slowly with a chuckle.

"You do look pallid," says Phil with mock concern. She takes another pull of her cigarette, or what is left of it and looks around for somewhere to dispose of the remains as she exhales. "I have a small confession to make." Finding the ashtray on the table she slips away from Thomas and moves over to it. "I got your owl last night but was worried that if I came over things might go too fast."

Thomas takes the last drag off his cigarette slowly, exhaling the bluish grey smoke and watching it slowly float up towards the ceiling, "Is it going to fast?" he asks softly tilting his head, "You set the pace Phil." he says slowly with a small nod, as he puts his cigarette out in the ashtray slowly snuffing out the butt. His hand moves through his hair slowly, "I hope I haven't made you feel uncomfortable." he says looking at her with a soft look of concern.

"This?" Phil shakes her head, "No, this isn't too fast." She lowers herself to sit on the sofa. "But after how I felt when I left you yesterday I don't…let's put it this way…I wouldn't have had to come over for breakfast, if things went the way I thought they would if I had come over last night."

Thomas chuckles softly, taking a seat on the sofa, with a soft sight, Jean Valjean jumping up on his lap, getting fur all over his dress slacks. "Thanks Monsieur Madeleine." he says poking the cat's head before just starting to scratch behind his ear. "Well Phil." he says slowly with a smile, "I am not one to try and rush things, I think" he says slowly, "To be honest, I was worried you had reconsidered and decided that, you wanted to run away as fast as you could." he says with a small smile.

Phil reaches over and strokes the cat. "No, I hadn't changed my mind. You are lovely Thomas. I still cannot understand how all of this came about, but I would like to see where it goes. If we do end up having sex I don't want either of us to regret it." She looks up at him, "That is why I didn't come over. I don't want to ruin things by doing what I usually do and just throwing myself in without thinking."

Thomas smiles softly, reaching over and softly stroking her cheek with the back of his hand, "Well you have to be careful with me." he says softly, "If you fall in love with me or I do with you." he says softly with a small nod, "I might just have to steal you permanently." he says with a small chuckle, "Well if we are trying to savor every moment, you are going to have to go to the theater with me." he says with a small shrug.

She scoots closer, turning so her back is against the back of the sofa, her leg touching his. "I like the theatre. I also like dancing." Phil reaches out to pick up one of Thomas' hands, turning it over in her own she traces a finger along the lines of his palm. "And the cinema. I think I might shock you with the things that I do."

Thomas smiles softly, "In all honesty Phil, you never cease to amazing me." he says softly his eyes moving across her slowly, "Though I am not much of a dancer, you may have to teach me." he says slowly with a small wink, his hand moves as she traces the lines in his palm to take her hand in his softly, "I think I still shock you on just how different I am from what you thought." he says slowly, "I really look forward to experiencing all these things with you Phil." he says slowly, offering her a smile.

Her head falls back against the back of the sofa and she smiles at Thomas. "You are sweet. I am looking forward to seeing your feathers properly ruffled." She pushes his sleeve back and looks at his wrist watch. "Hmmm, we've still well over an hour until you have to be at work. Is there anything you'd like to do?"

Thomas looks at his watch, then back at Phil, "Well I am rather enjoying the company that came to visit me." he says slowly with a nod, "Really…" he starts softly with a nod, "I want to know, what makes you tick." he says with a small smirk, "What makes Philomena Thomasina Rowle, want to be Phil." he says softly with a nod, "Then maybe if you play nice, I might do the same for you." he says softly, reaching up and brushing a few strands of her hair, behind her ear.

"Well," she drawls out in a soft voice. "Those are deep questions for so early in the morning. I find different things drive me. Professionally I am driven to impart the truth. To seek it out, putting things together until all the pieces fit and then reveal the truth to me so that I can reveal it to others." One leg crosses over the other, stockings whispering softly against one another. "But I am also driven to seek out adventure. I do not want to live a small safe life. I want more, always more."

Thomas smiles softly, "So just as I thought, you are a Huntress." he says slowly with a small nod, his eyes move and watch her stockings as she crosses her legs, "You are hungry for the truth, for adventure. So you take on the hunt." he says softly with a small nod, "A hunger you can not satisfy." he says with a small nod, his hand moving to rest on her leg. "That is why I was worried that you wouldn't come, truth be told, I worried that I was just the thrill of the hunt, that once you could obtain me, I wouldn't be interesting." he says with a small wave of his hand and a chuckle.

Phil's gaze drops to the hand on her leg but only briefly, before meeting his. "I think you underestimate your appeal Thomas. Not to mention the many things we have in common." Her mouth quirks into a grin. "Would you like to go on an adventure, right this moment? One which will prove to you just how much we have in common?"

Thomas looks at Phil for a moment, then down at his hand, "Sorry, perhaps that was a little to much." he says softly withdrawing his hand from her leg, "Well I may have locked myself up with my books and hours upon hours of work for too long." he says slowly with a chuckle, "Oh? An adventure?" he asks slowly, a smirk tugging on his lips, "Do I need to send that owl to work?" he says, clearly accepting her challenge.

"I didn't mind," she says. But then Phil is rising to her feet and tugging Thomas up onto his. "You might need to send the owl, but not just yet. I however, need my robes. Wait here." She turns to leave only to turn back and kiss him and then leave, going to fetch her robes from the hallway.

Thomas smiles softly, returning the kiss, "Well I didn't want to offend." he says slowly with a small nod, obviously still trying to be a gentleman. He sits on the sofa, propping his right leg up on his left. "Do I need to grab my jacket and hat?" he asks curiously, his hand moving up and rubbing his chin, curious of what is going on.

Pulling on her robes she comes back into the room. "Hmmm, yes, but don't put them on. Just get them in case you need to run to work later." She pulls her wand out of her pocket and waits for Thomas to collect his things.

Thomas gives Phil a curious look, before grabbing his jacket, briefcase and fedora, tossing it over his arm. He walks back towards Phil, his Manx looking at him, "No parties Jean Valjean." he says sternly to the cat, who just crawls under the sofa hiding. "Ready when you are." he says warmly a smirk still on his face.

Phil slips her arm around Thomas' waist and pulls him to her for a bit of side-apparition.

Thomas smiles softly at Phil as she slips her arm around his waist and pulls him, closing looking to his cat, who hates it when people apparate and use the Floo network, his head poking out from under the sofa as if trying to kill Thomas with his mind.

The arrive in a large bedroom, which likely isn't anything anywhere near what Thomas expected. Everything in the room is obviously hers, however, from the comfortable way she shrugs off her velvet robes. Books line shelves and spill over onto surfaces. Some open where she left off reading them, most closed. There are other shelves filled with trinkets from her travels. On her desk is a stack of phonograph records and a converted, and highly illegal, magical phonograph player sits on the window sill. There are the usual things too; a large inviting bed, a wardrobe and chest of drawers. But what is obvious is how much the person this room belongs to loves literature and music. Some of the clothes peeking out of the wardrobe are clearly Muggle in design.

Thomas looks around slowly, sitting his jacket and fedora on the bed, and placing the briefcase at the end of it. His blue eyes move across the room slowly, he remains silent in thought, he takes a few steps around the room, his finger moving across the books slowly, "You have some real gems here." he says slowly, before his gaze turns to move towards the phonograph, a smile on his face, he closes his eyes for a moment and listens to the music, before turning and looking at Phil with a smile, "It's lovely…" he says softly, closing his eyes for a second.

She lowers herself onto the chaise underneath the high window. "Do you see now, Thomas?" asks Phil. "We have ever so much in common." She spies a black book on her desk and with obvious embarrassment tucks it into a drawer. The title, something in French.

Thomas chuckles softly, his gazes moves across her slowly, he goes to say something, but open his lips open, for once the charmer is without words for a moment. "You are amazing." he says simply, a look of shock of his face as he shakes his head for a moment, moving closer to her, he doesn't comment on the book if he sees her hide it, he just wraps his arms around Phil and holds her close to him for a second.

Her hands run over his forearms, sliding back and forth between elbow and wrist as Phil looks up at Thomas. "Walking around in your flat was like," she looks around her room, "seeing pieces of me already there." A soft smile plays about her mouth and she turns her attention back to him. "How does it feel seeing my room?"

Thomas leans in and kisses her forehead slowly, he listens to her speak, still saying silent for a moment, he looks at her curiously, for a moment, "We left my flat?" he asks softly, clearly attempting to be playful, before looking around slowly, "Seeing your room, makes me…" he says slowly, looking into her eyes, "It makes me realize how truly special you are and just how amazing and wonderful you really are." he says softly, "Like a parts of me and parts of you are already intertwined, before you ever came over came over with that gin." he says softly.

She leans her head back and grins, teasing Thomas, "You are awfully sappy for a man who hasn't even been on a date with me yet." Her hands slide up around his shoulders to lace together behind his neck. "Then again, we have progressed quite quickly to you being in my bedroom." The tip of her tongue darts out to wet her lips, a faint hint of pink on her cheeks. "I have never had a man in here before."

"You are not much better." Thomas say teasingly looking at her, "I thought we had a breakfast date." he says slowly, looking at her as she slides her hands around his neck, "That we have." he says slowly as he wraps his arms around her waist, "Really? Perhaps you had never met someone who could truly appreciate it's beauty before." he says slowly, smiling softly at her blush.

"Are you going to kiss me now," she asks, pressing closer to him. Phil's fingers curl in the hair at the nap of his neck as she leans her head in and nuzzles her cheek against the underside of Thomas' jaw. "You smell nice." A light kiss is placed against his neck, just above his collar. "And you feel nice too."

Thomas moves his head so that he can kiss Phil softly, on the lips, returning the nuzzle against her cheek, his clean shaven cheek pressing against her, "You are a pretty lovely creature yourself, you know." he says slowly, his hand softly caressing her sides.

He can feel the corner of her mouth lift as she smiles. "I try," murmurs Phil, hand sliding around to loosen his tie a little. Turning her head she trails little nibbling kisses along the underside of his jaw then whispers warmly against his ear, "You should decide about that owl soon, Thomas."

Thomas takes in a deep breath at the mention of the owl, pulling back softly, looking at Phil slowly, "You are going to be the death of me, Phil." he says slowly, looking up at the ceiling, "I am going to need to head to work soon." he says slowly, his gaze moving down towards, her, "Not because I want to, but because if I don't we might move a little faster then you want." he says softly, reaching over and softly stroking her cheek, "I want to savor this with you." he says slowly.

She nods slowly and reaches up to fix his tie, making sure it is perfectly straight. "You have a lot to do still too, I know." Phil steps back. The sigh of him slightly rumpled from her kiss, his hair a bit messed knocks her for six and she captures her bottom lip between her teeth as a flood of hunger washes through her. She makes no attempt to hide how she feels, not really skilled at doing so in any case.

Thomas wraps his arms around her holding her close in the embrace of the kiss. His eyes close as he teases her softly nipping back, at her lips. When the kiss has finished he rests his forehead against her's softly, being silent for a moment. Just taking her him, every bit of her, his hands move up her back slowly, then back down stopping on her hips. He lets out a soft sight, "I work a pretty predictable, job." he says slowly, "I have lunch from noon to one, I get off at five." he says softly in not more then a whisper, "I certainly hope to see you soon." he says softly, "Also there is a few plays going on right now, that I would hate to see alone." he continues with a small nod.

Phil clears her throat and steps further back this time, putting real space between them. She shoves her hands behind her back to stop herself for reaching for Thomas again. "A play would be nice," she says, nodding in agreement. "You pick the play and I will chose the restaurant, just tell me what time the play starts." Her eyes close and Phil says, "I think you should go. You can use the fireplace in here." One eye peeks open to get a final look at Thomas and then closes promptly again. "Go or I will not be held responsible for what happens."

Thomas takes a few steps towards her, "It's a deal, but you have to stop by sometime to find out what time." he says playfully with a smile, "I need to find more excuses to see you after all." he says slowly, before continuing " I suppose I should go, can't have people thinking I show up late." he says with a chuckle, before leaning in and kissing her one last time softly on the lips, his hand stroking her cheek, "Goodbye Phil." he says softly before moving over to grab his jacket, hat and briefcase. With one last look at Phil, he seriously considers staying, but steps over to the fireplace and in gone in a green blaze.

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