(1938-10-11) Discussion in the Atrium
Details for Discussion in the Atrium
Summary: Graham and Astoria talk in the Ministry of Magic Atrium about current events.
Date: October 11, 1938
Location: Atrium, Ministry of Magic, London

The lines are not very busy at the moment, but the atrium itself is astir. Witches, wizards, and several goblins make their way around the fountain, some speaking to one another, while a newspaper boy advertises for the evening Prophet (which has just arrived). Near the fountain, standing with a pad that hovers just beside her, is Astoria. She speaks quietly, seemingly to herself, while watching the crowd. Not many people seem to notice her, though a few do cast glances in her direction and take note (not literally). A cool, blue light shines overhead, casting the room in a faint aura.

Graham sits lightly in the atrium taking part in his favorite sport of people watching, and since there is an abundance it's like the world cup at the moment. He spots the lady standing near the fountain and breaks his silence "Miss Bletchley." he says giving a small wave after he speaks though hard to say if he'll be overheard.

Astoria looks up from her work, eyes focusing quite suddenly onto Graham. Her gaze narrows while she says, "Mister Cohen, good evening to you," with a brisk nod. A moment later she takes a step towards the man, moving lightly on her feet, and pauses in front of him. "How do you do?" she asks, offering him a mild, practiced grin.

The auror watches at her approach "I am doing fairly well waiting for results to come back on some research so I can head home." Graham says though he's not quiet long "What about yourself hopefull everything is going well?"

The auror watches at her approach "I am doing fairly well waiting for results to come back on some research so I can head home." Graham says though he's not quiet long "What about yourself hopefull everything is going well?" he looks about the atrium another moment before back. "It seems this place gets more and more busy by the day, it's a bit hard to keep up at times."

"I am well, Mister Cohen - thank you for asking," Astoria replies, her grin fading slowly. She glances to her left, and then her right. "Yes, it has grown quite busy. 'twould seem the world's events have heightened the need for many to be more social." She places her hands behind her back. "Did you hear that Thomas has returned?" she wonders.

Graham nods at her words and agrees that this must be because of current events. "It would seem so, but things still go on for the most part as normal." he says turning back to the other properly. The auror nods at the question "I did, actually he moved into the leaky cauldron while Rhyeline myself are a few others were still there."

Astoria nods to Graham's earlier statements, but does not interject after he mention's Thomas. "Oh, yes, I saw him there. With Rhyeline, though she did not linger long after I arrived." She pauses. "Unfortunately, he was not in a proper state to hold a conversation. Was he able to find the wand responsible for the curse?" Astoria asks.

The young man sighs and nods "Yes it seems he'd started drinking a bottle of gin right before I left myself." Graham listens to the question and shakes his head slightly before he answers properly. "No he didnt find the wand, rather bad news the one who cast the curse had actually not been caught and died after all, but remains at large instead."

Astoria stands quietly, expression souring as Graham speaks. Her brows knit together and her lips form into a thin, narrowed line. After clenching her jaw, Astoria says, "That is ill news and does not bode well for Rhyeline's recovery. I see, now, why he took to the bottle with such a thirst." She lifts her gaze, focusing on the ceiling for a moment, and then turns her attention to Graham. "Have you made… plans?" she asks.

Graham agrees with his gaze first "Yes, that would be enough with someone that dark and powerful out there." he is silent a moment in thought before shaking his head "I have not yet, I am torn Rhyelines treatments seem to be working but another sense probably my auror side says that it's not just that, but this person is still out there and needs to be brought in."

"Well, the assassin is an issue - I would be interested in learning his or her employer's identity, too, however," Astoria says. "Though my primary concern, like yours, is for Rhyeline's health." Her arms uncross and one hand is raised to her chin, which she taps. "This is a curious case, indeed. I do wonder if the embassy has become involved in the scheme, or if it was merely a misunderstanding. Of sorts."

"That I do not know, i'd only speculate, things like this can be very confusing affairs, during such an ambush it's far to easy for two or three people to actually see the same thing, but when they explain it. It's two or three different things. I would hate to think of a cover up or any such thing with my counterparts there, but i've learned that all avenues have to be looked into in a case even ones which don't seem to make sense."

Astoria listens quietly, nodding to various points Graham makes. Her answer is swift, "Then I suppose we must be content with aiding Rhyeline in her recovery - for now. Though if you require aid in the future, I will do what I can." She smiles, though only a little, and lowers her hand.

Graham looks about a moment before back "I agree, that for the moment since we don't know where to begin such a search, not to mention it would be dangerous which I cannot put others into such a situation without good reason, focusing on Rhyeline's health which is something we can hopefully fix more immediately is best." he pauses a moment before pushing up "I should probably go check on that research so I can head home, but it was good to see you again."

Astoria nods her head. "It was. Do take care, Mister Cohen," Astoria replies with a brief, practiced smile. She turns slightly, regarding her notepad with a raised eyebrow, and returns to her place near the fountain's side.


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