(1938-10-11) Spreading Gossip by Owl
Details for Spreading Gossip by Owl
Summary: Alphard sends a letter home.
Date: 11th of October, 1938
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Alphard read the letter one last time. It was petty and it was vindictive, but really it wasn't as if it hadn't been earned! Or so his sense of justification went.

"Dear Mum..

«Blablabla.. insert lots of talk about general studies as seen through Alphard's absolutely self centered world view, and some whiny complaints about how horrible unfair it is that Alphard was docked points for defending himself against would-be bullies just because he won the fight!»

'Speaking of Janette Abbot. I'm not at all surprised that she's snogging a Half-Blood who can't stop talking about how much better his Muggle side is than his Wizard side. But I was absolutely shocked when I found out that her daddy apparently approves! Did you know what the girl is going around saying? That Bernard Abbot is letting them use his tailor to make her and Niko Dehholm's costumes! I mean what is that if not a public declaration of approval of the match? It is so sad, mother, how another of the Sacred looks ready to fall.

I'm so looking forward to coming home for Christmas, and not having to deal with these sorts of people.

Your loving son,

Alphard Pollux Black'

He gave it to his Owl. Now his mother just had to do what she did best; bitch and whine and gossip about pure-bloods in the right ears. And hopefully.. hopefully it would all come back to bite Janette in the ass, especially if the other Slytherin kids had done something similar.

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