(1938-10-11) Unlikely Alliance
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Summary: Niko and Silas bump into each other and an unlikely alliance is formed.
Date: 1938-10-11
Location: Entry Hall, Hogwarts
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Entry Hall

The marble beginnng of the staircases leading upwards into the castle face the heavy oak doors that lead outside across a flagged stone expanse that could fit an average house. Looking up, one can see the staircases shifting from one landing to the next, on up into the shadows making it difficult to tell just how high the Entrance Hall really is. The torches in the walls do little to pierce the dimness overhead, but cast light on the suits of armor flanking the front doors and the many doors spaced at odd intervals leading to the Great Hall, Slytherin Dungeons, Staff quarters, and even a broom closet.
Perhaps the thing of greatest interest in this entry though, at least to the students, are the four large hourglasses housed in niches on one of the walls opposite the doors. One filled with sapphires, one with emeralds, one with rubies, and the last with topaz, these hourglasses keep track of the all important House points. The gems in the bottom half represent the points earned so far by houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Breakfast has just finished, most people are headed towards classes or back up their commons. Though one person is standing in front of the hourglasses, his eyes focused intently on the House Points, silently pondering. That person is Niko, he doesn't even seem to realize the people who are rushing past him, almost bumping into him, finally he lets out a deep exhausted sigh, turning to walk away, his bluish green eyes staring upward, though he seems distressed, his trademark warm smile seems to still be present on his face.

Some are simply not meant to rush, and Silas is indeed one of those. As several firsties pour past him, the young man simply navigates the stairs, step by step, a a slow pace that will get him where he needs to. He passes into Niko's line of sight just as he turns around, and one side of his face tweaks just slightly in a slight smirk. For once, the boy known for being relatively quiet actually speaks as he gets closer, "You're in second place, Gryffindor. Why the long face?"

"Meliflua." Niko says softly in greeting, looking back towards the hourglasses, then back at Silas, "Because it seems that as upperclassmen we are not setting a very good example for the younger students." he says softly with a small nod, "All the points lost so far have been by upperclassmen." he says softly, his gaze moving back towards the hourglasses. "Though, how are you Meliflua? Well I hope?" he says smiling warmly, his tone soft and friendly.

"Upperclassmen," Silias remarks with a bit of a chuckle, "who really have forgotten the import of this little game we play, and how it's supposed to draw us all together." His shoulders shrug, and he walks a bit closer, looking at the counters again. "I've not heard the most recent details… but I guess we can't all play by the rules." A slight sigh escapes him, before he finally asks, "Were you involved?"

Niko watches Silas for a moment, the warm smile still on his face, "No, I tend to not cause any issues. Though Slytherin House seems to be rather struggling with the little internal power struggle." he says slowly, his hand moving up and slowly running through his hair slowly, "The issue is that we are setting a bad example for the younger students. Game or not, friendly competition or not, it isn't acceptable behavior for Sixth and Seventh Years." he says slowly with a small nod.

"Mungo preserve me," Silas declares, without so much as a change in timbre or inflection, "I believe I may be agreeing with a Gryffindor. Clearly the propoganda sessions aren't working." Internally, Silas makes a note to look into these "power struggles"… if something internal is spilling out to the other houses, it may need intervention. A moment's thought is given to the fact that he's clearly let his studies get in the way of his politicking before he makes eye contact with Niko again. "So you've identified a problem. Gryffindors are problem solvers; if often of the sort to use converted plowshares. What's you're resolution to this, then?"

Niko tilts his head curiously at Silas, "Do you really want my opinion Meliflua?" he says with a small chuckle, the warm smile on his face. "My resolution, we leave the Purism at the door. We don't push your views on it on each other." he says softly, "We worry about bigger things then who is kissing who. So I am seeing Janette, who cares?" he says softly with a small shake of his head, "But convincing Malfoy and Black of that is your real challenge, I think you would have better luck getting moved over to Gryffindor then getting either of those to quit playing their game." he says slowly, the warmth still in his tone.

Silas offers the slightest grin over in Niko's direction at the initial comment, countering with, "I wouldn't ask of I didn't mean it, Denholm. In five an a half years, have you ever heard of me being one to waste words?" There's only the slightest knife's edge to the tone, but the smile stays on his face and manages to never leave his eyes, "Malfoy and Black… they will never change, sadly, and we cannot and should not try to make them. We can only offer differing examples. Not all of us wield our purity as a sword." His gaze goes back to the counters before he continues, "My purity, and the purity of the woman I will one day marry, is all that interests me. My family's, at that, but even then only insofar as it touches me. Beyond that," he grins as Niko admits to his relationship, "It's clear that you /are/ involved, even if only as much as, say, the doll in some fictional Vodun hex is involved." He takes a deep breath, "The two need to worry about their own faults, I think. It may be necessary to press that point home some way."

Niko smiles softly, "No Meliflua, you do not use words sparingly." he says softly with a small nod, "And I apologize." he says slowly with a small nod, "I agree, the only way to help fix this situation is setting a more, socially acceptable and positive example." he says slowly, "And not all of us, who have pride in our lineage, even if part or all of it is muggle, are not trying to bring the wizarding world down in a flash fire." he says slowly, still warmly smiling at Silas, "While though I am involved, which I like your example, I agree and have told Medusa, that she should perhaps focus on her her own life instead of others so much." his hand moves up and runs through his hair slowly, "Meliiflua, are we actually agreeing with one another and have similar goals on this?" he says with a warm chuckle.

"There is nothing wrong," Silas intones, "with being proud of your lineage. Even if it is Muggle. They are, after all, a race hardy enough to survive in this world without magic. And they still constantly invent new means to throw even larger rocks at each other." A chuckle follows this, and he actually reaches over to put a hand on Niko's shoulder, "And my name is Silas, by the way. If you're going to keep using my surname, I'm going to ask you to preclude it with a Mister, since then it's a sign of respect. And yes, we're agreeing. I didn't suddenly sprout horns again, did I?"

"And that is one thing I very much so respect about you, Silas." Niko says slowly with a nod, he says warmly this soft smile on his face, "No, no horns." he says playfully, "Thank you by the way, for listening and actually using your head, unlike so many others who simply want to turn this into a fight about blood." he says with another slow nod, "We are here to learn, not fight about Purism." he says slowly reaching over and softly giving the Slytherin boy a pat on the shoulder.

Silas looks at Niko's arm, as he takes back his own, "Blood is blood. It is important, but it is not everything. And denying others over such petty terms makes us weak. As you know, power is important. I find it comes more from moderation, and knowing others can understand you." He smiles, "I think we both have a potions class to get to, though, and neither of us can spare the points."

Niko nods "As always valid points, Silas." he says slowly, turning to head towards where they both need to go, "I look forward with working with you." he says softly not looking back at Silas, "Like you said, power is important. You are certainly a powerful ally." he says complimenting the boy softly, warmth in his tone as he continues to move towards his destination.

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