(1938-10-12) Books and Brooms
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Summary: With a new bookstore coming in the master broommaker Laurence comes to introduce himself to Thomas.
Date: 1938-10-02
Location: Books Unbound, South Verdic Alley, London
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Books Unbound

From the outside, this bookstore looks rather simple. Red bricks build up this two story building, with a large front window and three windows on the top story. On the large store front window, in large, crisp, golden letters, the words 'Books Unbound' is written, while a large wooden sign hands sideways above the black door, with the carved image of a stack of books.

Almost every inch of wall space has been lined with deep wooden bookshelves. Each lined with various books ranging from muggle to wizard literature. Dark hardwood cherry floors line this shop, with a large spiral staircase leading up to the loft on the right side. A bridge has been built between the right and left loft, connecting them. In the center of the store, a large twisted tree with dark green leaves, appears to have grown right out of the floor, it's twisted gnarly branches point to various sections, with small signs hanging off them pointing to different sections of books.

Underneath the tree several sofas, cushiony armchairs and coffee tables have been placed haphazardly, all apparently mixed and match, creating a rather eclectic look. By the door a large dark cherry bar can be seen, long enough to seat about five people, on the simple oaken bar stools. A large silver espresso machine, sits in the middle along with a small glass case of baked goods. Behind the bar, several shelves of boxes various types of tea, mismatched coffee cups and plates, can be seen below a large black sign with the days menu. Often times, the store's manx cat, can be seen slinking through the store or hiding in the tree, trying to get one of the multicolored song birds that have made the tree their home.

The door to this new shop is cracked open slightly, the sign still hanging in the the large store front window. Thomas can be seen moving along the bookshelves slowly, moving a few books and a variety of books floating neatly stacked behind him, which he occasionally pulls down and fits on the bookshelf. A few recently delivered packages sit on the bar, unopened and apparently not looked at since they have arrived. A small manx cat, is lurking around the area slowly, his eyes moving across the jungle of books as he walks.

There's a loud rap on the doorframe outside of the door before Laurence peeks in, he wears a light grey fedora and a white button down shirt with a pair of slacks as he looks a tad dusty from his work and he holds a cake platter with some sort of honeyed cake that smells faintly of rum and chocolate and he purses his lips thoughtfully. "Is this the place that you go when you want to purchase a book?"

Thomas moves out from the bookshelves, the stacks of books following him, a soft smile on his face. "Yes, but we open in two days." he says softly with a chuckle, "Still tweaking a few things to get it ready." he says softly, with a chuckle, taking out his wand and moving the books floating behind him to sit down gently on the bar, "So if you come back on the 14th, the food and such will be ready by th…" he says softly before he spots the cake platter, tilting his head curiously now.

"Ahh…I see then. So sorry, really so sorry then. I just was looking for a book on how to find a new mate and share a decadent chocolate rum coffee cake with them while discussing which witchy shopkeeps in the Alley make the best baked goods, if you occasionally help them out with a few handywork like activities before the shops open." Laurence hmms softly. "But I can come back on the 14th."

Thomas chuckles softly, "I actually have that one behind the bar." he says with a smile gesturing for the man to come in, moving around the bar, "Coffee, Tea?" he says slowly, as he taps his wand against the espresso maker, it coming to life shaking slightly, "Carrow, Thomas Greyson Carrow." he says slowly with a smile.

Laurence grins and winks. "Ahh, I thought you might." He produces two forks from behind his back. "Hmm, its a coffee cake so maybe some tea? Thanks mate." He rolls his shoulders and looks around, whistling, obviously impressed as he finds a counter to set the cake down on. "Laurence Toulson, a pleasure to meet you Thomas…indeed."

Thomas moves to the shelves his finger moving across the boxes of tea slowly, "Black tea okay?" he asks looking over his shoulder at Laurence. "I assure you the pleasure is all mine." though his brow furrows in thought for a second, "You are that broom maker, correct?" he asks softly, tilting his head a bit, "There was an article in the Prophet not that long ago, if I recall." he says slowly, with a small nod.

Laurence takes note of the espresso machine and baked goods and all of that and he just nods slowly to himself. "Black tea is more than okay." He assures the man before giving a small bow. "Aye, Laurence Toulson, Master Broommaker and I do happen to own the shop across from yours. I'm hurt you haven't come by already…it might be quite as swank as your own shop, but there's always a soft couch and a glass of wine, scotch…spiced tea." He smiles and blinks. "There was an article?"

Thomas rubs his chin for a moment, thinking silently, before filling a couple of teaballs with loose black tea leaves, pulling two mismatched mugs from the shelves, one a dark royal purple and rather lopsided and another a simple white one, he moves to fill them with hot water from the Espresso machine. "Well I have been rather busy, also been trying to keep a low enough profile." he says slowly with a small nod, "Hoping the air of mystery lures in a few people." he says with a small wink, "Aye, I believe it was about your Grand Opening." he says softly, "Well I wasn't really going for swanky, was leaning more towards, relaxing." he says softly with a small nod, as he puts the tea balls in the mugs and slides the simple white one to Laurence.

Laurence offers Thomas a fork and he smiles kindly as he receives the white mug, tilting his head as he listens and looks thoughtful for a few moments. "It was a very nice grand opening, so I'm glad." Then he chuckles softly. "Aye, relaxing."

Thomas accepts the fork with a nod, "Thank you." he says softly, before adding two cubes of sugar and some cream from supplies under the bar, "Cream of sugar?" he asks softly, tilting his head a bit, "Well I am glad it is relaxing." he says softly, "The few people I have had in so far, have rather liked it, so I am pretty happy with it." he says slowly with a small nod, "So how is the broom business? Bet it gets busy around the start of Hogwarts." he says slowly with a nod.

"I provide…custom made brooms, which means no broom is exactly alike, so the business is…good, it stays consistent, memories last longer than manufacturing and fortunately these days, a few people still believe in it." Laurence replies smoothly before waving off the offer of Cream or Sugar. "Its okay, but thanks." He looks around once more. "So. Books?"

Thomas nods slowly, "Well I must admit, I still use the same broom I used when I was a student." he says with a soft chuckle, "I have never been two great with them." he says smiling, "Though it may be time to upgrade soon, when that time comes I will surly come visit you. Mr, Toulson." he says softly before looking around the store for a moment, "Yes, books." he says slowly, "The gateway to different worlds, the past the present and the future." he says slowly, "While the only store on Diagon Alley, you can buy both muggle and wizard literature, that is up to date, while carrying a surplus of classical and older works." he says with a small nod.

"Well, bring it in one day, we'll take a look at it, and I'll give you a reading to see which wood matches you and we can see what should be done then." Laurence takes a sip from his tea before watching the man quietly and listening carefully as he ahhs softly. "So very versatile I see, good to see somebody thinking outside of the box in this town."

Thomas nods slowly, "Sounds like a plan." he says slowly with a nod, "There is a good deal of individuals who enjoy muggle literature, a few of my friends seem to enjoy it just as much as I do. Eventually I plan offer a translation service, to translate certain books to english from their native written language." he says slowly with a chuckle, "Also if you buy a book you can get some free legal advice." he says laughing taking a bite of a rum cake.

"Ahh, Legal advice, wheeeewie indeed, you have a full service place here. Books, muggle anw wizard. A nice cup of coffee or tea, some sweets…" He forks a bit of cake. "Translation and ah, if you're in a bind…spend a few on a brand new book, and get some advice on how to avoid getting fined for some infraction."

Thomas takes a small bow, "Thomas Carrow, at your service." he says with a small chuckle, taking a sip of his tea, "Well you are always welcome on slow days to come over and grab a book and keep an eye on your shop from across the way." he says slowly with a small nod.

"Ahh, Legal advice, wheeeewie indeed, you have a full service place here. Books, muggle anw wizard. A nice cup of coffee or tea, some sweets…" He forks a bit of cake. "Translation and ah, if you're in a bind…spend a few on a brand new book, and get some advice on how to avoid getting fined for some infraction."

Thomas takes a small bow, "Thomas Carrow, at your service." he says with a small chuckle, taking a sip of his tea, "Well you are always welcome on slow days to come over and grab a book and keep an eye on your shop from across the way." he says slowly with a small nod.

"I'd offer you the same, bring a book and come hang out at the shop…I try to provide a bit of respite for a person, an opportunity to…have your own flight of fantasy so to speak." Laurence chuckles softly and takes another bite of cake.

"Ah, and I be livin' in a loft above my shop. We're neighbors in more than one way now aren't we?" Laurence grins and then chuckles softly at the question. "Because, flying is freedom…and wood is filled with life, I enjoy…the lore and the art."

Thomas nods slowly, "Very respectable." he says slowly with a nod, "Somewhat of a romantic concept, I admit." he says slowly taking a sip of his tea. "It does appear so." he says softly with a small nod, taking another bite of his cake he looks around slowly, "Does it really look too swanky?" he asks with a soft chuckle.

"Romantic? Bah…who knows. I know what I love and I share that with others so…maybe it is Romantic." Laurence finishes a mouthful of cake before looking around thoughtfully. "Nah, not swanky…just respectable." A pause. "Granted that shelf over there looks like it might be tilting but…I work with wood, if you ever need help building more shelves or fixing the ones you have, just let me know."

Thomas eyes narrow on the shelf, "I'll be damned, you are right it is." he says slowly, taking another sip of his tea, "Well actually, I may take you up on that." he says slowly, "There a few things I have planned in the future, so I will let you know first, when the fund arrive." he says "Though I will gladly pay you to that one that is tilted…" he says slowly, spearing the last bite of cake and eating it, his eyes back on the shelf.

"Hey, no need to pay me for just fixing shi-err, things like that. Just pop by or send me an owl and I will be over in a jiffy. I like to help people out and I'm pretty good with wood, so." He shrugs his shoulder and takes a sip of tea. Laurence pauses before asking slooowly. "But you must make me a promise?"

Thomas tilts his head head curiously, "Oh what promise?" he says curiously, taking the last sip of his tea, suddenly Thomas felt something brush against his leg, looking down he sees the cat, Jean Valjean, nuzzling his leg, leaning down he softly scratches the cat behind th ears.

"To let me come and get coffee if my own pots and such go to pot…" Laurence drawls softly.

Thomas chuckles softly, "You are always welcome to as much coffee as you would like." he says slowly with a small nod, "Just pop in and let me know what you want." he says with a small nod, "Need to help each other you know." he looks around slowly, "You know what?" say softly, "We are right across the street from each other right?"

Laurence mmhms and raises his almost empty tea cup to Thomas, chewing his mouthful of cake before swallowing and clearing his throat. "Aye, right across the street."

Thomas nods, "If you make me a display broom and a sign I will hang it right above my door, so people see it when they leave, if you would be so kind as to do something similar." he says softly, tilting his head curious of the mans response.

Laurence hmms sotly. "I always put adversements and such for local shops in my shop, so that indeed I could do. Especially if you have any books on flight and the like, can refer people over to your shop to read up on what they'll need to know as well."

"Broomflying is right next to the Quidditch books." Thomas says softly, "Can I send you a few over and you can put them somewhere with a sign, if that would work." he says slowly with a nod, "And when people buy books on flight, I can refer them over to you." he says softly with a nod.

Laurence mmhms softly and bows his head. "Very well, I can work on that then…I have a display of books in there occasionally, so I can put the reference to your shop there as well." He grins. "Sounds like a deal."

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