(1938-10-12) Caught in the Act
Details for Caught in the Act
Summary: Rhyeline catches Phil in the act.
Date: 12 October 1938
Location: South Verdic Alley, London

Often considered part of Diagon Alley by the masses, Verdic Alley looks much the same as Diagon proper, with shops of all sizes often leaning against each other or leaning out over the walkway. Here in the Southern end of Verdic Alley, nearest the turnoff from Diagon, the only real difference is the walkway itself is a bit straighter, and then only a bit.

It is around midday when a rather rumpled looking Phil can be seen appearing from a small alley way beside a shop. She leans against a wall, hand resting on it as her other hand slips on a shoe. Verdic Alley is moderately busy for a Saturday, with people coming in and out of the various shops and restaurants. Nobody seems to be paying to much attention to the witch who is trying to dress herself.

Rhyeline stands in the middle of the street, gazing up at an unfamiliar store-front for- books! Of course before it's even open properly, Rhyeline would have discovered it. She slowly tilts her head to the side, looking thoughtful. Just then, she notices a rather, uh, disheveled looking Phil creeping out of the alleyway. The little one blinks, looking rather surprised before biting her lower lip.

Hoping from one foot to the other Phil pulls on her other shoe. Her clothes don't look anywhere near as rumpled as the rest of her, hair all mused and sticking out a bit. She tries to smooth it down as she walks away from the alley only to start when she sees Rhyeline. A flood of colour rushes to her cheeks. "Good morning Rhyeline." Is it even morning anymore?

Rhyeline has served powerful men long enough to recognized the embarrassed blush of the walk of shame. However, the fact that Phil is emerging from a strange shop, rather than the one across the street seems to confuse the girl. Blinking, she peeks over her shoulder at Laurence's shop before looking back over at Phil. The awkward silence grows until at last Rhyeline murmures, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, just a bit embarrassed is all. Had a bit too much to drink last night, apparated into an alley way instead of my house." Which could be plausible, Phil does drink a lot and accidental apparations do happen. It likely doesn't explain the shoes, however, or why she looks so neat aside from her hair. "How are you?"

Rhyeline seems even more puzzled by the flimsy lies. "I'm well," she answers in a rather soft tone. Hands clasped behind her back, she hesitates. She seems almost cautious, perhaps not having forgotten Phil's anger the other night. "I… well- em… Good morning then…" She seems about to head off.

With a sigh Phil chases after her, "Rhyeline, please wait. I wanted to speak to you. To clear something up." She reaches out a hand to touch the smaller woman on the shoulder. "I am sorry, just seeing you here caught me off guard."

Ryeline pauses at the sound of Phil's footsteps, and then turns when she calls her name. "I understand," murmurs the little one with a small nod. Then she tilts her head to the side, wondering what she wants to clear up.

Feeling rather like she is back in school again, Phil begins with, "Graham said that he thought you thought I was angry with you. But I'm not. I wasn't then either. I was actually angry with Thomas for being so stupid." She gently squeezes Rhyeline's shoulder. "I know you would have never encouraged anyone to put themselves in danger for you. That is not the type of person you are. You're sweet and gentle and kind-hearted." Her hand falls away as she says, "I am sorry I gave you that impression."

Rhyeline gazes up cautiously into Phil's eyes, studying her. Seeing nothing but sincere, wide-eyed honesty, the girl nods. "It's alright… I just- Mikhale was so angry with me… not him… so-" she hesitates, biting her lower lip. "But it wasn't right to assume the same of you… I should have listened to Graham…"

Dragging a hand through her hair Phil says, "Mikhale is…his brother. Siblings are like that. They push things and try to be protective even when you're an adult. Thomas is home safe and sound. Nothing bad happened. Mikhale will get over it." She smiles at Rhyeline. "I am sorry you ever thought I'd think of you that way."

"No, forgive me for assuming such things of you… and- Phil?" Rhyeline's gaze flickers past her towards the shop she'd been sneaking out the back of. Peeking back up at her, she murmurs, "It- it's not necessary to- to hide things from me… We… we are friends, yes?"

"Yes, we are friends. I…when it is something I can tell I will. Right now…right now it is something I need to keep quiet." Which is as best as Phil can explain it and a bit more than she has managed to say when explaining it to herself. Hand rubbing at her dry throat she declares, "I need to go. Maybe we can meet up later?"

Rhyeline nods, not looking too troubled by Phil's reluctance to share what she's been up to. The little one just wanted to make sure Phil knew that she wasn't the sort of person Phil needed to worry about. With a small smile, Rhyeline nods. "That would be nice. I- I got some good news from Keenan… well- maybe good news. Mm- but- good morning, Phil." And with that, she continues off down the street.

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