(1938-10-12) Change of Address
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Summary: A worried Phil tries to discover what happened to Thomas when, for all intents and purposes it looks like he has disappeared off the face of the earth just hours after leaving her company. What she finds when she locates him takes her breath away.
Date: 12 October 1938
Location: Books Unbound, South Verdic Alley, London
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From the outside, this bookstore looks rather simple. Red bricks build up this two story building, with a large front window and three windows on the top story. On the large store front window, in large, crisp, golden letters, the words 'Books Unbound' while a large wooden sign hands sideways above the black door, with the carved image of a stack of books.

Almost every inch of wall space has been lined with deep wooden bookshelves. Each lined with various books ranging from muggle to wizard literature. Dark hardwood cherry floors line this shop, with a large spiral staircase leading up to the loft on the right side. A bridge has been build between the right and left loft, connecting them. In the center of the store, a large twisted tree with dark green leaves, appears to have grown right out of the floor, it's twisted gnarly branches point to various sections, with small signs hanging off them pointing to different sections of books.

Underneath the tree several sofas, cushiony armchairs and coffee tables have been placed haphazardly, all apparently mixed and match, creating a rather eclectic look. By the door a large dark cherry bar can be seen, long enough to seat about five people, on the simple oaken bar stools. A large silver espresso machine, sits in the middle along with a small glass case of baked goods. Behind the bar, several shelves, of mismatched coffee cups and plates, can be seen below a large black sign with the days menu. Often times, the store's manx cat, can be seen slinking through the store or hiding in the tree, often times trying to catch the various song birds that have made the large tree their home.

It is early morning, really early morning. The weather outside is cool, the scent of autumn linger in the air. While most people are still a sleep, a single shop still has it lights one, 'Books Unbound'. While most of the shop has been put up, a few stray boxes linger through out the story, books till inside, a figure can be seen behind the bar, fiddling with something and muttering, before finally standing back up and softly poking at the Espresso for a long moment, that figure is none other then Thomas. Though one might not notice right away since he is not dressed to the nine and looking rather plain compared to normal, he tries the espresso machine again, steam shooting out of it, causing him to stumble backwards and fall on his arse behind the bar.

It took a while, she had to call in a few favours, which might end up costing her more later, but Phil managed to track Thomas down. She pushes on the door to the shop, finding it unlocked. As she steps inside, the door closing behind her, she stops. Her naturally wide eyes widen even more at the sight that greets her. While the stereotypes are true to an extent, yes those who end up Ravenclaw are more studious, not all of them end up leaving school with an obsession for words; Phil did. Slowly she begins to walk around, fingertips touching surfaces, drinking in the atmosphere. Almost as if he had been forgotten she calls out, "Thomas?", her tone distracted.

Thomas still on the ground, "We aren't open yet." he mutters softly, as he gets to his feet, his eyes moving straight towards the espresso machine, "I am starting to think I should have kept the Rolex…" he mutters before he ears Phil's voice, blinking he looks around for a second, before spotting her, "Oh… Hello…" he says his hand reaching up and rubbing the back of his head slowly, "I was going to send you an owl…" he starts, trying to straighten out his none custom tailored clothing, not use to the fit of it yet, "Welcome to Books Unbound!" he exclaims, with a tired chuckle.

In the otherwise silence of the closed shop Phil hears his voice — plus she has amazingly good hearing. She walks in that direction, moving around the table holding the espresso machine to reach out and brush him off. "Thomas, what has happened? You left yesterday morning to go to work. By midday when I called round your office they said you were fired. Your flat is already empty." Phil doesn't even try to keep the concern from her voice or her expression. "I spent all night tracking you down." Which explains why she is in the same clothes she had on when he last saw her.

Thomas runs his hand through his hair, listening. Before he starts fiddling with the espresso machine, getting some hot water to come out, he reaches behind him and grabs two mismatched coffee cups, filling them both up with hot water. It takes him another minute or two to figure out how to get the hot water to stop, but while he does that, "This is perhaps a better conversation to have over tea." he says softly, turning around pulling out a box of tea and adding some to two tea balls, putting them in the cups before adding his cream and sugar, turning around he offers the bright orange cup to Phil, before gesturing for her to come with him, "Lets sit shall we?" he says moving towards the seating under the tree.

She watches him, taking it all in — the sight of him, his clothing and disorder, the way he moves. When Thomas holds the cup out to her she accepts it thoughtlessly and with a faint nod follows him. Lowering herself slowly to sit down Phil brings the cup to her lips, drinking from it gives her something to do while her quick mind formulates dozens of as yet unasked questions and tries to calculate the reasons for the recent events.

Thomas takes a sip of his tea, looking up at the tree and spotting his manx, "Jean Valjean likes it better here though." he says softly with a small nod, "Though, you asked a question and I have yet to answer it." he says softly with a nod, "It appears when you break a few rules with things called treaties, the I.M.C. doesn't really approve of such behavior." he says simply with a sip of his tea, "So jobless, I took everything I owned, sold it, called in all the favors I had up my sleeves and Tada, I now own a book store." he says softly with a nod, taking a sip of his tea, "You know us Carr…" he starts softly, before his smile goes a little flat, with a sigh.

"I see," she says softly, no recrimination. Phil takes another sip of her tea and looks around. "Those must have been some big favours. It is a beautiful shop, Thomas, and it suits you. Have you someone to help you with the business side of things?" You know, those things he'll be unfamiliar with like taxes and bookkeeping, stock takes that don't end up with him reading each and every book. She reaches over and rests her hand upon his knee, giving it a light reassuring squeeze. Hey, don't worry you still have me.

Thomas takes another sip of his tea, "I am planning to put a ad out, I am sure I can find someone." he says slowly, looking around, "Well, some really good people owed me for some indeed, really big favors. Though some of them were a little kinder to my money then others." he says playfully, "So you like it?" he asks softly looking around, with a soft sigh.

Its perhaps some great karmic fingershake at Phil that both of the men in her life now run businesses across the street from one another. "I do like it. I like it very much. I also like that you aren't hurt." Her thumb brushes back and forth, lightly stroking his knee as she looks at Thomas.

Thomas looks at Phil with a soft smile, "I should have sent an owl earlier." he says softly pressing his forehead against her softly, "But I wasn't sure what I was doing or what I would have even said, I just…" he says slowly closing his eyes, "Started to do all of this." he says with a small nod, before his hand moves and takes hers in it softly, "I am starting to think, the more that I am in here…" he says looking around, "That maybe…" he says softly, "I should have kept my watch." he says playfully, with a small chuckle.

She chuckles and tilts her head, angling it so that she can press a light kiss to his mouth. As she pulls back she teases, "Come on, how hard can it be?" The smile freezes briefly on her mouth then drops away as her eyes widen, realisation that he could have taken that in more ways than one. "I…ah…meant the shop. How hard can running the shop be?" Phil looks away, her hand still held in his, and drinks some more of her tea to try and hide her embarrassment.

Thomas returns her kiss softly, he listens and watches her somewhat panic and chuckles, "I know silly." he says taking a sip of his tea, "Well hopefully not to hard, get to sit and read books all day." he says softly with a nod, "Commute to work isn't nearly as bad. There is a small apartment next to the store room." he says nodding slowly, "Jean is happy." he says, "And of course, importantly I still have you." he says looking at her, leaning in to kiss her softly once more.

Phil smiles at Thomas, "You are incredible, do you know that?" The corner of her mouth quirks. "Mad. Utterly. Utterly Mad. But incredibly so." She sets her cup down and asks, "What can I do to help you get ready for your first day?" A laugh escapes her throat, she shakes her head, unable to believe it all. "I am still shocked so goodness knows how you feel. Bloody hell, Thomas Carrow, you don't do things by halves do you?"

Thomas smirks softly, "No were did I ever say, I was sound of mind." he says with a chuckle, looking around, "Well, actually." he says softly with a chuckle, "A couple of things, first that espresso machine, you can help me figure it out, I figured Espressos are Italian, I can read Italian. But it didn't come with any instructions." he says softly with a chuckle, "Certainly not, I am very much so an all or nothing individual." he says with a smirk, sitting down his tea he wraps his arms around her softly, just holding her for a moment, "Phil… It is so wonderfu lto see you, thank you." he says softly in not more then a whisper, for a second his nonchalance of the situation gone.

She looks at the espresso machine which defeated him earlier and laughs, "I will certainly try. I think I have an idea." Phil shifts closer to Thomas, capturing his face in her hands, thumb brushing against the corner of his mouth. "You keep surprising me Thomas. Twice this week I have felt myself filled with anxious worry over you. Can we spend the next week being a bit less crazy. Please?" Her mouth twitches into a smile.

Thomas looks at her softly with his blue gaze, "I promise." he says softly, a smile on his lips, "I am just a bookstore owner after all, what trouble could I get into?" he says playfully, "Phil, this is all come so quick and so fast." he says slowly, "But, I am happy you are here…" he says slowly with a nod, "Very happy." he says softly, his hand moving up and his thumb moving across her lips slowly, "I think you even get a discount." he says softly, his tone playful once again.

"Oh, well if I get a discount…," she teases. Phil takes his hands as she rises to her feet, tugging Thomas up onto his own. "Let me help you and then I might borrow your bed for a nap. I haven't slept yet. You really do not want to know what I had to do to track you down, Carrow." Her hands fall away and she walks over to look at the offensive espresso maker. "I watched them use these in Italy."

Thomas nods slowly, "I have just been pulling and twisting." he says giving a rather simple confession of his tactics with the espresso machine, he gets up and follow. "So you have first eye experience with these." he says with a chuckle, "Of course you can crash in my bed, as long as you don't mind company, I haven't got the chance to sleep yet either." he says softly.

She pushes back her sleeves and leans over the machine, looking at each of the nozzles and buttons. "The ones I saw were run by muggles, a magical one shouldn't be much different. We just need to find the spell to start it." Phil's gaze lifts to Thomas's face, watching him from under her lashes, "I wouldn't mind the company, no." Blushing she looks back at the espresso machine. "What spells have you tried?"

Thomas rubs the back of his neck slowly, "You know, for some reason… I didn't even to think of using a spell." he says slowly, "Been making coffee the muggle way for so long now, I didn't even stop and consider that." he says shaking his head, looking at her blush and leaning over, whispering softly in her ear, "I figured the most we would do is cuddle for a second, before we both pass out from exhaustion." he says slowly with a chuckle.

Phil rises slowly from her bent position and nods, "I am quite tired." She eyes the machine again and pulls her wand from her pocket. "You're not living as a muggle anymore, Thomas. Best think about that elf." Trying for the most simple option she just taps the machine with her wand then steps back a few paces to see what happens.

Thomas just watches the machine for a moment, "Yeah soon as I can afford one again, I think it would be a good investment." he says softly, "If you want, also we can…" he starts to say then espresso starts to come out of the machine, nodding softly he looks at Phil, "Well played, Ms. Rowle, Well played indeed." he wrapping his arms around her softly for a moment, before giving her a soft kiss.

To say that Phil looks smug would not be an understatement. She beams with smugness. "I am handy to have around, and not just so you can keep kissing me — which I like by the way." Her arm slips around his waist and she smiles up at Thomas. "We can what?" With her other hand she flicks her wand and locks the door, the word and spell simple enough to cast even with his nearness a distraction.

Thomas smiles, "You are indeed handy, might have to steal you from the Prophet." he says teasingly, "Well I am glad, it is quickly becoming my favorite pass time." he says stealing a quick kiss from her, "We can forget about the Espresso Machine and just go straight to bed." he says softly with a nod, he watches as she locks the door and smiles.

"As you wish." She taps the machine with her wand again, sending it back into stasis. "If you snore I am never sleeping over again. Same if you drool," Phil warns. Tucking her wand away she waits for him to turn the lights off or do anything which needs doing before they can go rest. "If you can't stop kissing me now, what are you going to be like when I am in my pants?"

Thomas pulls his wand out, with quick flick the lights dim, allowing enough light to make his way around and see the shop if need be. He starts to walk towards the door to the back, his hands moving up and resting behind his head, "Dunno." he says soflty with a chuckle, "I don't really think you are objecting, because I think you want to kiss me just as much I do you." he says looking back at her as he opens the door.

"Maybe," says Phil with a laugh. She tucks her hand into one of his. "Alright, yes I do. Just know all those kisses are starting to add up and have an effect on me. If you keep it up I won't be responsible for what happens, Thomas." Her mouth quirks into a grin that is then ruined by a yawn which escapes her. "Maybe I'll hold you responsible another night."

Thomas chuckles, "Well I told you already, that you get to set the pace." he says softly, as he takes her through the door, into a empty storeroom, guiding her through it to another door and opening it to a small studio sized apartment, just big enough for the tiny kitchen and his queen sized bed and a small table. He flops down on the bed, letting go of her hand as he does so, "Or in the morning." he says teasingly.

Phil looks around the small flat, brows arching. "Bijou." She shrugs off her velvet robes and sets them over the footboard, then slips off her shoes. "This is going to be a huge adjustment for you Thomas. Are you sure you are ready for what we have as well?" The dress comes next and ends up with her robes. Then the stockings, pulled off as she sits on the edge of the bed. Everything else remains hidden beneath the knee length black slip she was wearing under her dress. Phil turns and crawls over to stretch out beside him, bare toes wiggling with delight at being free once more.

Thomas smiles at her softly as he his mouth wording, what she says slowly before trying himself, "Bijou." he says softly, waiting for her to elaborate, he sits up slowly, his hand comes up and starts to unbutton his vest, before removing it following his shirt. "It is going to be interesting." he says slowly, "But you…" he says slowly removing his boots and pants slowly, and tossing his clothes on a chair by the table, before moving to lay down next to her, in only his boxers, "You are absolutely amazing." he says softly wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close.

"This place is small. Your flat was so big, so filled to the brim with everything you are." She leans up on an elbow and looks around then lies back down again, facing Thomas. When he lies beside her and pulls her to him she smiles, "I am not the one who just threw everything on one gargantuan roll of the dice." Phil's hand slips up between them, her finger tips dance across his bottom lip. "You," she laughs softly, "are mad Thomas and utterly, unbelievably adorable." Her gaze flits down as Phil leans back slightly, "Also incredibly sexy," then finds his again as she grins.

Thomas nods, "It was just things, I can always get more things." he says slowly with a nod, he looks around slowly, "It is small that's true." he says looking at her softly, "But out there." he says nodding slowly, "That store…That is everything I am too." he says slowly, "You are pretty adorable and sexy yourself." he says softly, his hand moving to softly play with her hair, his blue eyes staring at her, "Not to mention, intelligent, playful and rather bold." he says slowly, he says softly as he caresses her sides, "You really are amazing." he says, "Every inch of you."

"You are making it hard for me to sleep," she jokes. Phil slips one of her legs between his, her toes rubbing against his skin. "Not that I am complaining, per se." She wriggles closer, one hand slipping up beneath her head as a way to try and minimise that one awkward arm that is always in the way. "What time do you need to open the shop?"

Thomas chuckles and as she slides her leg between his he pulls her a little bit closer, his right hand moves from her sides to her back, "I suppose whenever I feel like it." he says slowly with a smirk, before leaning in and kissing her neck softly, placing several small kisses on it, before his hand slowly moves to her thigh. "What time do you need to go in tomorrow?" he asks softly, his lips only inches away from her neck, his warm breath as he speaks teasing the spots he just kissed.

"It is the weekend," she tilts her head back, eyes closing as he kisses her neck, "I…ah…I don't have to go in," says Phil. She shifts her leg, bringing it up and hooking it over Thomas' hip as she uses it to pull him in closer. "That will take some getting used to, I'll bet. Working weekends. Being on your feet." Her lips twitch with humour, "Remember the customer is always right."

Thomas' hand softly moves to her leg, his fingers moving across her leg slowly, "Lets get a little bit of sleep." he says softly, leaning in and softly kissing her. He holds her close his eyes staring at her softly, "You're a silly thing Phil…" he says slowly, "Sexy, but silly." he says with a smile, his eyes closing with a small nod.

Since neither of them really thought sensibly about getting under the covers Phil pulls the duvet up over them as much as possible. "Shut up and sleep," she says, cuddling in against Thomas. It doesn't take her long to drift off after the emotional roller coaster of a day.

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