(1938-10-12) Investments and Lopsided Blushing
Details for Investments and Lopsided Blushing
Summary: When Rhyeline sees Thomas' new shop and learns of his new situation, she offers to become an investor in the event that she recieves her inheritence.
Date: Saturday, October 12, 1938
Location: South Verdic Alley, London
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South Verdic Alley

Often considered part of Diagon Alley by the masses, Craeft Alley looks much the same as Diagon proper, with shops of all sizes often leaning against each other or leaning out over the walkway. Here in the Southern end of Craeft Alley, nearest the turnoff from Diagon, the only real difference is the walkway itself is a bit straighter, and then only a bit.

It is early afternoon and the weather is rather cloudy but the air is cool and crisp. Thomas can be seen, though some may not realize it is him at first glance, since he is not dressed to the nines anymore, adjusting his clothes softly, as he walks it is clear he is far more use to clothing that is has been tailored just for him, he is moving towards that new strange shop that has shown up on Verdic Alley, removing his wand, he flicks it at the door unlocking it as he moves towards Books Unbound.

Rhyeline walks down the street at a slow, meandering pace, hands clasped behind her bac. Bundled up under a warm cloak, her dark gaze is distant as she ponders something. At first, she almost misses noticing Thomas on his way back to his new storefront. Catching sight of him though, she pauses and tilts her head to the side as she observes him unlocking the new store. She blinks once as Phil's emergence earlier that morning holds new meaning.

Thomas runs his hand through his hair slowly, his typical fedora missing from his head. As he moves closer to the store he looks through the large window slowly, as if studying how it looks from the outside for a moment, before he catches Rhyeline out of the corner of his eye, turning he closes his eyes for a moment, before opening, "Rhyeline." he says warmly offering her a small nod, "Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?" he offers, "And a peak of the next great thing to hit, the Alley?" he says softly with a chuckle, though his tone is rather nervous, not the overly confident tone one normally hears from him.

"Is this shop yours then?" murmurs Rhyeline, remaining right where she is as she shifts her gaze to the store sign once more. She doesn't answer his question just yet.

Thomas looks at the shop for a moment, then back at Rhyeline, "It would appear so." he says softly with a nod, "Going to have it actually open in a few days, was originally going to have it this morning, however I concluded with certain events that it would be better to build up a little anticipation and to take a few moments to make sure everything is in order." he says slowly, offering Rhyeline a soft smile.

Rhyeline tilts her head to the side, gazing at Thomas in quiet thought. The black eye he sports has not gone unnoticed. At last she murmurs in a rather soft voice, "I'd like to see your shop… and- and some tea… as- as long as- it's a good time…"

Thomas' hand comes up and runs across his face, almost trying to hide the black eye for a moment, "Of course, great tea." he says softly with a nod as he opens the door, his hand gesturing for Rhyeline to enter, "There are seats over by the tree." he says warmly waiting for her to enter.

Books Unbound

From the outside, this bookstore looks rather simple. Red bricks build up this two story building, with a large front window and three windows on the top story. On the large store front window, in large, crisp, golden letters, the words 'Books Unbound' is written, while a large wooden sign hands sideways above the black door, with the carved image of a stack of books.

Almost every inch of wall space has been lined with deep wooden bookshelves. Each lined with various books ranging from muggle to wizard literature. Dark hardwood cherry floors line this shop, with a large spiral staircase leading up to the loft on the right side. A bridge has been build between the right and left loft, connecting them. In the center of the store, a large twisted tree with dark green leaves, appears to have grown right out of the floor, it's twisted gnarly branches point to various sections, with small signs hanging off them pointing to different sections of books.

Underneath the tree several sofas, cushiony armchairs and coffee tables have been placed haphazardly, all apparently mixed and match, creating a rather eclectic look. By the door a large dark cherry bar can be seen, long enough to seat about five people, on the simple oaken bar stools. A large silver espresso machine, sits in the middle along with a small glass case of baked goods. Behind the bar, several shelves of boxes various types of tea, mismatched coffee cups and plates, can be seen below a large black sign with the days menu. Often times, the store's cat, can be seen slinking through the store or hiding in the tree.

Stepping into Thomas' shop, Rhyeline stops dead in her tracks. The little one seems completely awestruck at the sheer magnificence of the shop. No wonder Thomas has needed to sell all his clothes. "…Thomas," she murmurs faintly. "It's… it's beautiful."

"Jean Valjean seems to like it." Thomas says softly entering, closing the door behind him and flicking his wand to close the door, "Had to call in all my favors and took almost everything I had to put it together, but I think people will enjoy it." he says softly, as he moves behind the bar, gesturing to the boxes of tea, "Any particular type of tea?" he asks, his wand tapping the Espresso it shaking to life.

"Any kind that has black tea," murmurs Rhyeline absently as she wanders deeper into the shop. Standing under the tree, she tilts her head back to gaze up at its branches. "So… you… no longer work for- for the I.M.C?"

Thomas gets a box of Celyon Black Tea down, along with two mismatched mugs, one red and square the other bright green and round. He fills two tea balls with the loose leaves, waiting for the water to be ready, "The Ministry, feels that my service is no longer required… in the I.M.C. or any other department." he says slowly, as he looks at the tree, watching Jean Valjean slink across a branch to get a better look at Rhyeline, as a few song birds flitter around on the opposite side.

"… because you went to Berlin?" murmurs Rhyeline, looking towards him from where she stands under the tree. Silent, she moves to sit down on one of the cushioned armchairs.

"No because I broke quite a few treaties." Thomas says softly as he finishes preparing the yea, sitting the mugs on a small tray with cream and sugar, picking the tray up he makes his way under the tree sitting the tray on a coffee table between him and Rhyeline, "I certainly hope you are doing well?" he says softly, with a smile, "Also I hope I can count on you as a patron, especially on th grand opening." he says softly as he adds two sugar cubes and a bit of cream to the bright green mug, "I am considering making a few changes, but what do you think so far?" he asks softly, tilting his head curiously.

"It's beautiful. So beautiful… I will come here often," murmurs Rhyeline with a soft smile. The little one still seems distant, almost as if lost in thought. Taking up her mug of tea, she takes a small, slow sip before gazing around once more. "It seems like- you've put everything into this shop…" Pausing, she peeks over at him, fixing on the bruises around his eye. "What happened?"

Thomas chuckles softly, "Well we Carr…" he starts but stops short of finishing, biting his bottom lip slowly for a moment, "Everything I had went into this shop, every favor, every bit of money I had left." he says slowly with a small nod, "Oh you mean…" he says gesturing to his eye, "Mikhale was a little upset to hear the news of my dismissal from the Ministry and my…" he says slowly taking a sip of his tea, "Of me being disowned officially by our Father." he says slowly with another small nod.

At this last bit of news, Rhyeline blinks with shock. Biting her lower lip, she bows her head and looks down into her cup of tea. "I see… Then… in that case… you see- I might be about to- to inherit a fair amount of money… If… if you don't mind the source… then- I would like to invest in your shop… to make sure it's a success and- and that you're alright…" Her left cheeck grows rather pink, but her right one doesn't. How curious.

Thomas smiles at Rhyeline softly, taking a sip of his tea, "A most generous offer." he says slowly with a nod, taking a sip of his tea, "Though you really don't have too Rhyeline. I did everything on my own accord, I wouldn't change a thing about it." he says with a small nod, looking at her cheeks grow unevenly red, "What happened too you?" he asks gesturing at her cheek.

Rhyeline blinks, looking confused, before she realizes what he must mean. She bites her lower lip and moves a hand to hide the pale mark on her cheek. "Oh- I… nothing. Just… a small accident… left a mark." Her other cheek grows warmer still. "And- I know it's not necessary… that you are alright. But- your shop is so beautiful, and- I want it- I want /you/ to be successful… to help… as you helped me… so… if I do inherit the money from- from Ambassador Troy… would you accept my investment?"

Thomas nods slowly, "Yes." he says softly, "Though I can comment currently on how much of the store I will be able to part with." he says slowly with a nod, "I have a rather sizable investment in it myself." he says softly with a chuckle, "Small accident?" he mouths slowly, "Do I need to have a talk with his accident?" he says slowly, his blue eyes moving over Rhyeline slowly.

"Oh no," murmurs Rhyeline, shaking her head. "No, it was just an accident. It's nothing. I just- didn't want the bruise to- to attract notice." Although it seems that has happened regardless. The little one wears makeup so rarely. It seems that the spell to allow the color of the concealer to adjust with the blushing of the skin beneath had worn off. "And- I just wanted to help- to- to make things easier… if you would like my investment, let me know… I- I haven't received the money yet…" Blushing bright, but still hiding the hidden mark with her hand, she brings her tea to her lips and takes a long slow sip.

Thomas eyes Rhyeline for a moment as she speaks, "If you say so, but if I keep seeing accidents." he says softly, "I will be a little bit more persistent." he says taking a small sip of his tea, "Well I would love to have you as an investor, though I suppose we will have to see what Books Unbound is valued at after the first month and when you receive the money." he says slowly, "A Diverse portfolio is something everyone needs." he says softly with a small wink.

Rhyeline's shyness seems to deepen at his gentle warning, given out of such concern. Biting her lower lip, she gives a small nod before tucking a strand of hair self-consciously behind her ear. When he tells her that he will accept her investment, the little one's features brighten, and with a soft smile she says, "Wonderful. And… your shop is sure to succeed… because I will be here as often as possible… please… let me know if you need anything else… like you helped me, I want to help you…" And perhaps if his shop is successful, Mikhale won't be as intent on hunting her down and driving a stake through her heart.

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