(1938-10-12) Magpie
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Summary: Cillian takes on another crew member: Fiona Donnelly of Ravenclaw.
Date: 12 October 1938
Location: Armoury, Hogwarts

Empty suits of medieval European armor stand guard along every wall here, polished to a shine and proudly displayed upon low pedestals. Though ages have passed since any of these suits has been worn, there is something strangely lifelike about them, as if they could step down from their displays at any moment and start marching about the castle.

This is the time of the evening, where the 'Captain' aka Cillian can be found, laying on his stomach on a red and white picnic blanket, a basket beside him as he sips chocolate from a…whiskey tumbler of sorts and idly sucks on a peppermint stick. His robes are removed for the time being, leaving him in his uniform as the one eyed boy works on transcribing something from big dusty book.

Because it is a weekend Fiona is out of uniform and in her trusty dungarees. Hair in pigtails that fall on either side of her head, she walks in looking at a piece of parchment. Her wand is visibly tucked into a pocket of her dungarees because she has a pencil in her hand. The sight of Cillian makes her jump, he isn't someone the small Irish girl has met before. "Oh ye startled me ye did." She stamps her foot and then says, "I meant to say, forgive my intrusion."

Cillian doesn't look up from what he's writing, sucking on his peppermint stick and his quill moving quickly yet in that elegant handwriting of his. "Ahh, ye said it right the first time. The Armor dun be bitin', well…Bob might, but he's been techy cuz his missus be a ghost who's a lil' distracted by a picture on the fourth floor somewhere." He drawls softly in his own Irish accent and finishes sentence with a flourish. "C'mon now, 'ave a seat iffen yet goin' to be in 'ere, might as well 'ave a spot of tea."

"You're from the south," declares Fiona with a grin. She herself has a much softer Ulster accent. But the invitation is one she readily takes up. Moving further into the armory she makes a note on her parchment and then drops down to sit cross-legged near Cillian. "I'm Fiona Donnelly, who might you be?" Donnelly as in the we're so pure-blooded-Irish-wizarding-that-we-shit-shamrocks-while-dancing-jigs. She peers at what the boy was writing. Her own parchment looks to be a map of some sort.

Cillian looks up finally to regard Fiona thoughtfully. "At times luv, at times. Depends on the time o' the year." He sets his quill down and scratches above his eyepatch as he finally looks up with a grin. "Cillian, Captain Cillian at yer service." He tips an invisible hat before hmming softly. "Ye must be a first year…and ye be makin' maps already?" He seems to be studying a book about the history of Rowena Ravenclaw, and copying out recording quotes, or some sort've journal entry. He takes the time to rummage around in his basket to pull out a small tea pot and an ornate green tea cup, pouring a bit of hot chocolate from the pot into the cup and offering it. "I managed to get half a shephards pie and a couple of pasties…but the rest is just apples and chocolates."

"It's a map of good hiding places," says Fiona. She rolls up the parchment and tucks it down a pocket in her dungarees, sending the pencil in with it. "At first it was for fun, so me and Gel could talk but now it is more necessary. I've got kids on my tail." She eyes the book Cillian was reading then looks over at him. "I have sweets." Fiona always has sweets. She squints one eye shut and leans back as she wriggles a hand into a pocket and comes out with a handful of wrapped boiled sweets. Laying them out in a line she tells him what each one is. "You can have one if you like." She takes a chocolate lime for herself and then the offered cup. "Can you speak the old language?"

Cillian just eyes Fiona for a few moments, head tilting to the side as he shrugs a shoulder. "Ye've got kids on yer tail? Well, na' bad for yer first year at the school. M' just surprised that ye 'avent heard of the pirates, granted everybody knows about them. They 'ave sweets and hiding' places galore." Then he blinks at the question. "Aye…"

Fiona sips the hot chocolate, holding off on the sweet for now. She slips easily into Gaellic, pleased to have somebody other than her brothers to use it with. "I heard there were pirates and that you used this place some, but not what you did. Do you hunt for treasure, proper treasure? I've been checking under trees and near benches. I found a two-hundred year old coin in the fountain but chucked it back in — that's somebody's wish."

Cillian considers what's being said carefully, pursing his lips before dipping his peppermint stick in his chocolate and stirring with a soft giggle. "Treasure? Aye but…we're people who 'elp others mostly. Gold an' money and tings get old and are spent and such but…true treasure be in knowledge and history and legacies left by those who did great tings in their lives. So aye, proper treasure."

She watches Cillian, figuring maybe he understands more than he can say she switches back to speaking English. "My father is an archaeologist. He studies ancient magical ruins. I get to go with him and Mother sometimes. During the Christmas holidays we are all of us going to Cyprus. Do you know it is said to be the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite?" Fiona drains her cup and sets it down. "I am going to visit all the temples."

"My Father…is a professor, and My Da owns a pub…and deals with specialty potions and brews and such." Cillian admits in Gaelic after a few moments and then he ahhs and nods when Fiona shares what's going on and what may be happening and all of that. "It sounds like it'll be very exciting."

Fiona looks at Cillian oddly for a moment and then nods slowly. "My Great-Auntie Maureen lives with her friend Charlie. Only they never had any children, but I like going there because I can climb their trees and because there are no other children I get all the sweets." The chocolate lime gets unwrapped and the sweet popped into her mouth. "If your pirates ever want to look for fossils with me let me know. I've already found a few ammonites by the lakeshore."

"Oi? Really? That's not as fun now is it, no lil' wee one toddling around." Cillian drawls back in English, grinning and shrugging his shoulders. "Well yes see now…Fiona, me dear dear lass. M' in a bit of a pickle here." He sighs softly. "Ye know a wee bit too much now, about the Pirates and all. So at this point ye get to walk the plank, or ye get to decide a life of piracy just may be for ye."

She eyes him shrewdly. "I'm a treasure hunter," Fiona says. "I don't know if I could be a pirate wench. I don't like dresses and I have no bosoms." Thus begins the negotiation. "But, if that doesn't matter then I think it would be fun. Too many people around here are too serious. We're kids. We're supposed to have fun and not be all mopey and kissie faced and…stuff."

Cillian just gives Fiona a /look/. "…oi! I dun be 'avin' wenches in me crew! I 'ave Mousie and Needles and Josie, who be me second in command…" He trails off and sighs, shaking his head. "But if ye'd prefer to go at it alone, then that's fine. I mean, we 'ave secret meetings and plans to explore the dungeons and practice sword fightin' and climbin…"

Exploring dungeons? Sword practice? Those sound good…but climbing. That has Fiona's interest. "I like to climb." Which is an understatement. She wipes her hand on her dungaree clad leg and then holds it out to Cillian. "I accept."

Cillian eyes the offered hand and takes it with a gently squeeze and a wink of his good eye. "Good, then ye shall be…" He snaps his finger and nods. "Magpie." He nods firmly. "Welcome aboard."

Fiona's handshake is firm, likely taught to her by her father. The nickname makes her laugh. "I hope I don't bring sorrow," she says, thinking of the old English nursery rhyme. With that Fiona rolls onto her feet. "Thanks for the hot chocolate. Keep the sweets, I've got loads more."

Cillian just hmms and tilts his head. "Keep…the…" He blinks and frowns a bit. "Ah, very well." He sighs and rubs his forehead a bit. "I'll be tellin' the others about ye."

Fiona nods, pointing to the sweets she had set out earlier. "They're good, I promise. Sweets are my thing." She pulls her parchment and pencil from her pocket. "Now, I've been told that there is a good hiding place behind some statues on the fourth floor." The girl looks over at Cillian, "Goodbye Captain."

"Ahh…g'bye…" Cillian watches after Fiona with a slow blink. "…sweets are…my…thing…" He just pinches the bridge of his nose and shakes his head slowly. This is going to get very interesting. Back to writing!

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