(1938-10-12) To Catch a Thief: Capture
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Summary: The MLE is on the hunt for Darnell Glinch but it is a junior apprentice and a trainee auror who disarm the wanted man, enabling his capture.
Date: 12 October 1938
Location: Residential Area, Diagon Alley, London
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As the Ministry of Magic has closed its net in on him Darnell Glinch has gone on the run. The thief that likes to use hyped-up memory charms has recently claimed his twentieth victim. Clerical errors meant the case was unassigned for a few weeks, then with him in hiding things went quiet again. Everyone within the MLE, Hit Wizards and aurors from the top on down to trainees have been issued with a photograph of the suspect. And the knowledge that his parents own a house in a residential area off of Diagon Alley.

Takeshi was leaving his home, though it seems like he was having a hard time getting away from the door this morning. His wand keeps moving as he locks the door, checks it, only to unlock and lock it again. His brow furrowed as he concentrates on the door, he keeps repeating the locking and unlocking, sighing softly as he continues to try to become satisfied, with the condition of his door being locked, "Did I turn off the lights…" he says slowly to himself, opening the door and peering inside, before shutting the door again, once again trying to lock it.

While Rena Lee is not known for making a lot of social calls when she is in London for work, she did actually spend a lovely evening with some acquaintances. And so, walking through Diagon Ally, the young woman is in a pretty good mood. However, she isn't so lackadaisical that she doesn't remember the fact that a suspect in an ongoing case has connections in this area. Needless to say, Rena is walking with her wits about her, and with a little heightened caution.

A short weasely looking man walks rushed along the road, eyes darting shiftily from left to right, hand shoved into his pocket. He looks filthy, his clothes dirty, his ginger hair caked with grime and matted to his head. He stops, hearing the near constant click of metal that is Takeshi's door locking and unlocking and bumps right into Rena. The man turns back, stumbling falling to the ground. It is obvious to her that he is Darnell Glinch, the wanted thief.

Around them the street is no busier or emptier than usual for this time of day. A few people stop, having seen the man fall to the ground.

Takeshi is still struggling with locking the door, after few more failed attempts he rests his head on the door letting out a huge sigh, "It's locked…It's locked…" he keeps repeating to himself over and over again, before finally closing his eyes and turning around to talk away, though he almost rushes back to the door, before he catches someone on the ground, smoothing out his bright yellow robes, "Hey are you okay?" he shouts, starting to make his way towards him.

Startled by the sudden collision, Rena stumbles back a step as Darnell falls to the ground. Initially, she is all apologies, moving toward the man: "Are you 'urt?" But then, she realizes… she's seen this face before. Rena's expression freezes over in an instant, and she hesitates as Takeshi heads their way, glancing between him and the fallen man. It's weakness to show indecision in her face, and so she produces her wand with a quick sweep of her hand: "Darnell Glinch! You are wanted in connection with a series of thefts. Please stand down and don't make a fuss." Rena's look is dead serious, though she probably doesn't seem remotely convincing as an officer of the law.

Darnell pushes at Rena as he tries to get away, wand coming out, he shouts, "Expelliarmus!" hoping to disarm her. The filthy man rushes past Takeshi, ricocheting off of him as he makes a mad dash for a house up ahead.

Takeshi manages to stay on his feet as the younger healer, realizes what is going on, the image of Mrs. Gardener running through his mind, his wand already out, he flicks his wrist and yells "Stupefy!" hoping to hit the thief, looking over at Rena, "Are you okay?" he exclaims, looking rather flustered his hand shaking, his mind a mess now, not even looking to see if his spell hit it's mark.

Darnell does not succeed in his attempt at ridding himself of Rena - not just yet, anyway. Her wand remains firmly in hand, and although she is pushed back momentarily, she regains her balance in a hurry. Ironically, at nearly the same moment as Takeshi, she flourishes her wand, crying out: "Stupefy!" Blinking, Rena replies to Tekeshi quickly, with a faint smirk: "I was about to ask the same."

As the wands come out and spells start to fly the bystanders run, darting into doorways and behind bins, not wanting to get hit. A few even flee into their homes, hoping to watch from the safety of behind their windows. Curtain twitchers.

Darnell manages to avoid both attempts at stupefying him, Takeshi's just doesn't take but Rena's goes well wide of the mark and an elderly wizard who was about to go into his house falls to the ground. He will be there for quite some time. Darnell throws another charm over his shoulder as he runs, aiming it at Rena, "Locomotor Mortis!"

Takeshi suddenly realizes that he is standing in the middle of a battle and his eyes go wide, he looks at Rena and blinks a few more times, then stretches with wand out towards Darnell again, "Rictusempra!" he shouts, the first spell coming his mind. Looking at Rena as she ducks the on coming spell, then over to the old man, conflicted not knowing what to do, though his eyes do wander back over to his door, "It's locked…" he says to himself ina wry soft little voice.

By the skin of her teeth, seemingly, Rena managed to leap aside and dodge the incoming curse. However, seeing what she's done to the old man, a dismayed exclamation slips out. But she can't stop for accidents. She'll have to come back after… after what? Does she even KNOW what she's doing? Trying to Stupefy the man has already caused damage to an innocent bystander. Grabbing her skirt with one hand and hiking it up so she can run more effectively, Rena flourishes her wand again in a second attempt to disarm Darnell: "Expelliarmus!"

Rena has much more success this time. Darnell swears as his wand goes flying from his hand. He looks at it but decides to keep running instead. As Glinch nears his parents house a loud caterwauling charm is set off, alerting figures hidden nearby to the arrival of the suspect, but also of course creating a horrendous noise.

The old man, he's still unconscious…maybe a nice healer could check and see if he hit his head on the way down.

Takeshi says once more to himself, "It's locked…" before he turns and runs over to the poor old man, to make sure he is alright, his hands moves across him slowly, checking to make sure nothing is broken, his wand moving across him as he stares at him, making sure that he is okay, before with a wave of his wand trying to reverse the charm that has been inflicted on him.

Rena scarcely has any time to bask in success when the wand flies from Glinch's hand. It's ridiculous trying to run after someone effectively in these shoes and a skirt. "Glinch! Stop!" The young woman shouts desperately over the chaotic din ringing out through the air, trying to reason with the man on the run. "You're just making it worse!"

Nelson throws open the door of the Glinch house and comes out, wand at the ready. Tall, and rather tattily attired, he looks like he may have been undercover given the fact that he…well…looks like a bum. Or maybe he just looks like that all the time. Whatever the reason, his features are a mask of determination. "Darnell Glinch, you are hereby under arrest." Of course it is much easier when the culprit doesn't have a wand. This is of course Nelson Thornes, Hit Wizard. His grey eyes lift briefly to Rena and a smirk curls up one corner of his mouth but it might be hard to miss in all that stubble. Wand firm and pointed at Darnell Glich he heads over to him.

With two wands pointed at him Darnell sinks to the ground, "Don't let me go to Azkaban," he pleads. "Please, anything but Azkaban!"

Rena was never so relieved in her life to see reinforcements appear out of the blue. Skidding to a rather ungraceful stop, the young woman lets out a tense breath and holds steady. Keeping her wand trained on Darnell, she flashes a smile briefly at the tattily dressed Nelson. "Cor!" She exclaims, moving a little closer. "This felleh 'ad me worried. Thank goodness you showed up." A flicker of pity might show in her eyes as Darnell pleads, and so she glances away: "En't up to me to decide. You'll 'ave your chance with them that do the deciding."

Takeshi smiles softly at the old man, "Are you okay, Sir?" he asks him quietly looking up as they arrest the man and he pleads, before looking back down at the man, "You were hit with a Stupfey Charm, but it looks like you will be okay." he says softly with a smile, "We are going to get you to St. Mungo's to have you checked up, do you feel like you can walk Sir?" he asks softly with a nod.

Nelson uses his wand to secure restraints on Darnell then collects the suspect's wand. "You did well," he tells Rena. "He has been using Ministry level magic on his victims, you did very well." Darnell whimpers as Nelson roughly drags him to his feet.

Slowly the hiding bystanders come out of hiding, doors open and people step outside after Nelson cancels the caterwauling charm.

The old man looks at Takeshi, blinking furiously. "I think so…I feel dizzy though. Oh you're a healer." He will make it to the hospital just fine and will not have any lasting damage to give Rena any lasting guilt.

Nelson's praise causes Rena's face to colour slightly. It's a good thing the lighting isn't at its just now. It saves her a little embarrassment. However, she murmurs her thanks to the hit wizard as he hauls Darnell away. Recalling what she's done, the young woman gasps and begins running once again. Only this time, she's running back the way she came; back to Takeshi and the older man she hit by accident: "I am so so SORRY!" She calls out breathlessly, trotting down the street. Slowing to a walk, she approaches the pair with a truly remorseful look in her eyes: "Is 'e alright?" Rena asks Takeshi frantically. "It was an accident, sir, but it's my fault!"

Nelson drags Darnell off using a bit of side apparation as the wanted man continues to beg to not be sent to where he will most definitely go.

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