(1938-10-13) After the Challenge
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Summary: Niko tries to soothe Kimiko's worries about the increasing tensions forming at Hogwarts.
Date: 13 October, 1938
Location: Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts
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Kimiko hadn't gone far after giving Douglas a piece of her mind — a very small, nonthreatening piece. In fact, she'd just gotten out of side, and did her best to stifle her tears while eavesdropping on Douglas and Niko. Only after she hears Douglas leave does she breathe a sigh of relief, but with it comes a choked-off sob that echoes down from the girls tower into the Common Room.

Niko slips his wand back into his robes shaking his head as Douglas leaves, "Bloody git." he says slowly, before he hears the choked off sob, "Kimiko…" he says loud enough for her to hear him, "It's okay… he is gone you can come back down." he says slowly, but still loud enough for her to hear him, his hand moving up and running through his hair slowly.

Half of Kimi's face appears around the stone corner, peering out as if making sure Douglas is really gone. Wiping her eyes with an embarrassed sigh, she steps out and slumps her way down the stairs again. "I didn't know he felt that way," she mumbles miserably.

"He is an idiot." Niko says shaking his head, "He wants to talk big, but they are just words. He isn't anything more then that, don't let them hurt you Kimiko." he says slowly moving closer towards her, shaking his head slowly with a sigh.

Kimiko's shoulders droop. "That's what I've been trying to tell you, Niko. I am afraid he'll hurt me. Him and people like him. Last year, Muggle-born students were getting beat up in the halls. It's going to start happening again. I can feel it."

Niko closes his eyes for a moment, clearly thinking, he is struggling to keep the sofa reassuring smile on his face, "Then we need to form an alliance." he says slowly, "I've already started setting the ground work for some of it." he says slowly, opening his eyes, "Like minded people, who will stand up for each other." he says with a small wave of his hand, "We protect one another, they travel in packs and try to single individuals out, we travel in packs and do the same to them." he says slowly, "Though we don't use their methods, we don't attack them, we don't provoke them. We set the example, of how a Wizard should act." he says slowly with a nod, "Just like Douglas, when they are faced with opposition one on one, they cower and run with their tail between their legs. So we level the playing field." he says softly with a nod.

Kimiko takes a step closer to Niko, nodding slowly, trying to put on a brave face. "Isn't that what the Mud Club is all about? We stand by each other. Maybe we ought to talk to Crocker and Professor Viridian about organizing a bit better."

"The Mud Club is a support group." Niko says slowly, "It already has slander against it, I don't want to drag any actions, any unforeseen issues this Alliance I am talking about, will cause into the Mud Club." he says slowly, "I am talking something different, nothing with monitored ties, nothing that people can use to try and harm the Mud Club." he says slowly, "A silent club, with something we can identify each other with, but nothing that forms and talks, something we can spread like wild fire." he says with a small nod, his thoughts scattered as he tries and piece together what he has in mind and explain it.

Kimiko peers up at him with a splash of worry painted on her face. "But…don't we want ties? Professor Viridian is the Mud Club mentor, and everyone knows how powerful he is. If we make it known that the Mud Club is organizing more, his mentorship should protect us…right?" Her voice cracks with uncertainty. All of this politicking and maneuvering is miles beyond her wheelhouse.

"Yeah but if something happens." Niko says slowly with a sigh, "Lets say that, someone tries to hurt you…" he says, a worried look flashing across his eyes, "And me or another group of people from the Mud Club get into a huge fight." he says slowly, "Then don't we put the Mud Club in danger?" he says slowly, tilting his head a bit to the right his amber hair falling in his face, "I don't want this to loose the club, to loose that support all the younger student need." he says with a sigh shaking his head.

Kimiko shifts a bit closer, finding more comfort in that proximity as the subject turns toward greater dangers. "The Mud Club is already in danger. Just by being members, we've got targets on our heads. But that's the point, isn't it? To stand together?"

Niko nods slowly, "I suppose you are right Kimiko." he says softly, "I just don't want to be the reason we loose the club." he says with a small nod and sigh, "We need to stand closer together, we need to let them know, that we are not going to put up with this." he says softly, "The only way we can make this not get worse, is if we make a stand." he says slowly with a sigh, "They are getting a lot of Gryffindors… if we don't stand together right now. We are going to loose too much footing to stand together in the future." he says slowly.

Kimiko does, indeed, stand closer together as he suggests. Though, perhaps she's taking him a bit too literally. "The Magijugend have that symbol. That triangle-eye thing. Maybe we should have some kind of symbol, too. Something that will give people hope."

Niko nods slowly, reaching up and putting his hand on Kimiko's shoulder, "What about a charm?" he says slowly with a nod, "Something people can hang off their wands, bracelets or something else, something simple and plain, something like just a M and C." he says slowly looking to Kimiko for her thoughts?

Kimiko can't help herself. It is pure reflex. When his hand goes to her shoulder, she leans her face to brush her cheek against it. Of course, she catches herself almost immediately, freezing in place, the quickly turning her head the other way in a feeble effort to play it off as nothing. "Um…yes, that…that sounds good. We should bring it up at the next meeting."

Niko smiles softly at Kimiko his hand moving to stroke her cheek, when she freezes he does too. "Oh…yeah we should." he says slowly removing his hand, blushing now slightly, "But we need to pathc their pace you know?" he says slowly, "If we don't…" he says softly with a sigh, "Things are just going to get worse." he says slowly.

Kimiko's eyes draw back to Niko's like magnets. She nods slowly, whispering distantly, "So much worse. Spinning…out of control…"

Niko looks back into her eyes, "Yeah… spiraling out of control." he says, closing his eyes for a moment, "Maybe…umm…" he starts sounding a bit nervous now, "You could sketch something up for the meeting?" he says slowly "So we look really prepared, have options on the table." he says giving Kimiko a warm smile, "You really are good with sketches after all, they were all so lovely." he says with a nod.

Kimiko nods absently, her eyes still tracing the contours of his face. "Yes…alright. Some designs…um…would be good." Is she even really listening to him?

Niko looks at Kimiko his eyes moving across her slowly, "Yeah… it would be good…" he says slowly, just staring at Kimiko with his bluish green eyes now.

Those eyes are just the problem at the moment, as Kimiko cannot seem to pull herself away from them. The angel on her shoulder goes unheeded as she loses herself in that blue-green gaze, a soft, inviting smile curling her lips.

Niko stares deep into Kimiko's dark brown eyes, his lips move as if he is going to say something, but nothing comes out, he just stares at her, her soft features, "I won't let anyone hurt you Kimiko." he finally says softly, his tone warm and friendly.

Kimiko says nothing, but simply nods, smiling to fight back more tears — happy ones, this time. Overwhelmed, she moves to close the last remaining inches between them to lean into a hug and bury her face against his chest. Propriety be damned, it seems.

Niko puts his arms around her and holds her, "It is all going to be okay Kimiko." he says slowly with a nod, "I promise." he says giving her a small squeeze, "Things can only get better right?" apparently not realizing that she isn't upset over Douglas anymore.

Kimiko lets out a long, musical sigh, feeling so safe and protect where she is. She nods, causing her cheek to rub against him. "I suppose so." I hope so. She shifts to look up at him. He seems to tower over her tiny form like this.

Niko just holds her tightly, "It will…It will…" he says slowly, "We just hand to be there for each other, set the example." he says softly, a sigh escaping his lips as the scent of her reaches his nose, taking it in he closes his eyes, for a moment. "You are so lovely Kimiko…" he says slowly, the words just seem to spill out his mouth, with out his permission, causing him to blush. He tries to catch the comment, "For things like this, what Douglas said, to happen to you, I mean." he says sounding a little more rushed this time.

Lovely. He said she's lovely. Kimiko's heart skips a beat or three. How easy it is to forget herself in this perfect moment. But fate has a way of intervening. At the sound of other students making their way down the stairs from the dormitories — undoubtedly having been awoken by Niko's earlier loud taunts toward Douglas — reality comes crashing in and Kimiko remembers herself, and her guilt. She gently pulls away from Niko, though the strain on her face makes it seem like doing so takes tremendous effort.

Niko starts to straighten out his robes slowly, his eyes keep peeking up at Kimiko. Trying to think of what he should be saying, what he should be doing, but Kimiko makes it so hard for him to think straight, "You just let me know if anyone gives you a hard time." he says giving her a small nod, running his hand through his hair slowly.

Kimiko dips her head. "Well…there's this Gryffindor Sixth Year…with bluish green eyes and this amazing amber hair. He's giving me a terrible time." She catches her lip as a grin escapes her, and she hushes quickly as the other Gryffindors draw nearer.

"Don't worry I know I can beat him in a duel." Niko says playfully giving her a small wink, nodding to a few other Gryffindors as they draw nearer, he offers Kimiko a small wave, "You take it easy Kimiko." he says slowly heading to leave out of the Commons room.

Kimiko stands there with her hands clasped, watching Niko go. For all of her attempts to be discreet, she wears her feelings right on her bedrobe sleeve. Oh yes…her bedrobe. Realizing suddenly that she's still in her pyjamas, she squeaks and dashes up the stairs to change.

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