(1938-10-13) Daily Prophet: Ministry Nabs Wanted Man in Daring Daylight Wand Fight
Details for Ministry Nabs Wanted Man in Daring Daylight Wand Fight
Summary: A Con Wizard is finally caught thanks to Ministry action.
Date: October 13, 1938
Location: Diagon Alley
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The spokesperson for the Ministry of Magic's Central Department, Robert Dovetail, confirmed today that Darnell Glinch of 223a Pettimore Close, East Ham was arrested yesterday following an incident in a residential area off of Diagon Alley.

For those who were unaware of Glinch's status as a wanted man the story which will unfold may be surprising. Glinch, a known gambler and underworld figure, left behind him a string of victims ranging from the elderly to the young — all witches and all of a lower socio-economic status.

One such victim, Mrs Millicent Gardner of Godric's Hollow, was his first. Mrs Garnder bravely recounted how she was violently attacked from behind by Glinch after he failed to stupify her using his wand — her magic was far superior to his. When she awoke, the frail elderly widow, discovered she had been robbed. Ashamed of the incident she hid what had happened but the longer-term effects on her health led her to St Mungo's where master healers were able to see the tale tell traces of a memory charm.

There were twenty-such victims. Women who, like Mrs Gardner, were less noticed in wizarding society. Poor widows, single mothers, those who worked in the less than stellar jobs. The kind of women we pass by every day and take no notice of. These women became easy prey for a man who could steal their ability to remember what had happened and then steal their money.

Evidence of Glinch's crimes came to light following an investigation by reporters at the Daily Prophet after a tip-off from a muggle-born wizard who taught he saw something unusual in a nightclub in London. The investigation was later claimed by the Ministry of Magic's Magical Law Enforcement division and promptly lost in the shuffle of paperwork for months on end.

Sources close to the MLE say that a good deal of the investigation was actually done, unknowingly by aurors who were suspicious of dark magic only to discover later that the case was supposed to have been assigned to a hit wizard.

In the end it was the bravery of the little man who saw to Glinch's downfall. Mrs Gardner played her part, but so too did trainee auror Irene Lee and juniour apprentice healer Takeshi Odori who bravely fought against the dangerous wizard after Glinch openly attempted to attack them on a crowded residential street.

Today Britain is safe, not because of the actions of those who are charged with its safety but those who were brave enough to stand up to a monster who's personal greed was his only motivation in committing heinous crimes.

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