(1938-10-14) Books Unbound Grand Opening
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Summary: The Grand Opening of Books Unbound, goes off with out a hitch, though some people do not approve.
Date: 1938-10-14
Location: Books Unbound, South Verdic Alley, London

The sign in the front window has been replaced with a small sign with the words "OPEN" on it in a soft silver font. The doors have been open for a few hours now, people have been coming and going, a few people don't enter but do have a comment about the Muggle Books inside. Thomas though seems happy enough inside, bringing peoples orders out to them as they scan the books and checking people out.
Jean Valjean, the store's manx cat, however is unsure of all the new people, every so often batting at the pant legs of someone as they round the corner, thank goodness his claw have been trimmed. The various bright colorful song birds continue to sing as the move around the tree, Thomas finally has a quick moment to try and finish his cup of coffee sitting on the bar and leans against it, taking a sip.

Reece steps in from the chilly afternoon air, breathing into his hands to warm them. When his eyes flicker up to take in the interior of the bookstore, they widen in astonishment. "Extraordinary," he mumbles, a slow smile stretching his face. Like a kid in a candy store, he beams with excitement, following one of the signs hanging from the tree to the section containing geographical books.

The young man who approaches does indeed love books it's no secret to those who know him well or even knew him from school for that matter. Graham moves down the alley able to avoid running into anyone as he sees the new bookstore. It gets a once over before he moves to enter stepping off to the side so he can get the feel of the lay out a moment.

Thomas picks up his coffee mug and takes a sip, looking over the various patrons, he moves out from behind the bar and greetings Reece and Graham as he does so not far behind, "Welcome to Books Unbound." he says with a smile, he watches as Reece starts to move towards the geographical books, "If either of you want any recommendations or if you would like any coffee or tea, we also have some rather good brownies, biscuits and scones still left." he says slowly with a smile.

Graham offers a wave to Thomas as he moves over into proper view "Hello, Mr Carrow. The place really looks great." he greats before listening further "Thank you, I may take you up on the tea in a moment where would your mystery novels be?" he asks since he will look around by night as well get one thing done first."

Reece glances up from a volume on deepest, darkest Africa with a smile. "Thank you." He blinks in surprise at Thomas. "Well, if it isn't the jolly good fellow himself. I had no idea you were the proprietor here. Well done. It's a fantastic shop."

Thomas smiles softly, "Thank you Mr. Cohen, I am pleased with how the place turned out." he says softly, his eyes moving up to the tree, as he points, to a sign hanging off a branch just off the stairwell on the right loft, "The muggle mysteries are on the right while the wizarding ones are on the left." he says slowly, "Appointment with Death, the new Agatha Christie book is up there, if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it." he says slowly with a nod, looking back at Reece, "Ah, Mr. Jones. Thank you, I haven't had the chance to pick up my usual from the Cauldron these last few days, been rather busy. I hope all is well in the Cauldron?" he asks with a small smile.

The young man nods with a grin as he's pointed in the right direction. "Thanks." he notices the other as he moves that direction "Oh hey Mr Reece, how have you been? " he asks as he finds the novels he was looking for. Graham chuckles as he knows it will look odd but he grabs three of the same book before heading back towards the others "There first task done." he says lightly.

Reece sets the book back on the shelf, keeping one eye on the other titles as he chats with Thomas. "Of course. The Cauldron is a sanctuary. It cannot help but be well," he chuckles. "I admit, I was surprised to read in the Prophet that you carry Muggle literature as well. Bravo for your broad-mindedness, sir. There is so much of our world that Muggles have explored that wizardkind has not." He nods in greeting to Graham "Hello there, Auror. Good to see you in here expanding your mind," he says with a smile.

Reece sets the book back on the shelf, keeping one eye on the other titles as he chats with Thomas. "Of course. The Cauldron is a sanctuary. It cannot help but be well," he chuckles. "I admit, I was surprised to read in the Prophet that you carry Muggle literature as well. Bravo for your broad-mindedness, sir. There is so much of our world that Muggles have explored that wizardkind has not." He nods in greeting to Graham "Hello there, Auror. Good to see you in here expanding your mind," he says with a smile.

As the store still moves with patrons even after being open for a few hours Thomas finds himself out on the floor, speaking with Reece and Graham. He takes a slow sip of his coffee smiling at Reece, "Well thank you, some have an issue with it, but can very easily buy there books else where. Just because the characters are muggles or focuses on muggle topics, doesn't mean it can't make a good read." he says with a small nod, looking over at Graham, "Book club?" he asks softly, "If so if your club decided to meet, here you get a ten percent discount on books purchased for the club as well as a discount of refreshments when you are meeting here." he says with a nod to Graham as he takes another sip of his coffee.

As she comes in from the autumnal rain and closes her blue umbrella, a small growl can be heard from it. She drops the umbrella in the umbrella stand near the door then looks around, smiling as she takes in the sight of the shop and the people within. On her break from work the journalist offers a wave to Graham and gives Reece a polite nod. She has seen him many times in the Cauldron, though they are not more than passing aquiantances.

"I'm always been one for reading." Graham says to Reece tough he looks back to the store owner before to the three books in his hands "I probably could start one, but no I just offered to get Sorcha and Rhyeline's copies of the mystery novel we all seem to read." He looks back to the door and notices Phil giving her a smile and returns the wave "Good Day Phil." he greets her properly "Mind if I set these books down on the counter I may get more." he chuckles.

Thomas smiles softly, at Graham "Well if you decide to start one, just let me know so I can apply the discount." he says slowly with a small nod, before he sees Phil enter from the rain, his gaze moving towards her, "Did you enjoy the book?" he says with a small sly smirk on his face, taking another sip of his coffee, his hand moving gesturing towards the now framed and signed copy of today's Daily Prophet hanging on the wall behind the bar. Turning back towards Graham he says, "Go ahead, sit as much as you like on the bar, oh and do let me know about that tea Mr. Cohen." he says with a small nod.

"Hello Graham," Phil replies n kind and smiles at her friend then gives Thomas a little wave. "I did, though I haven't had time to read any more than that passage, but I look forward to it. Thank you." Her head turns towards the frame and she blushes a little. "That was incredibly kind of you Thomas." She reaches over and gives his arm a fond squeeze. "I don't want to interupt, I just wanted to pop in during my break."

"Thanks, i'll definitely keep it in mind. He moves and places the three books off to the side as to not be in the way of anything else." Graham says before looking back to the others he glances to the article a moment "Ah, very nice." he says as he makes his way back over to rejoin the group at large.

Thomas smiles softly at Phil, "Well I thought the passage was fitting and would certainly put a smile on your face as you headed off to work this morning." he says with a soft chuckle, his hand moving to return the small squeeze though his hand goes to her shoulder, "You don't have to thank me, like I told you I am proud of you and I think it makes a very lovely addition to the shop." he says softly with a small nod, "Tea or a snack for your break?" he asks curious.
He turns back towards Graham with a smile, "I also got a few Auror Crime Mysteries hiding over there if you fancy those types of things, Mr. Cohen." he says clearly trying to joke a bit with the Auror. His hand moving up and running through his hair slowly, "Have you considered reading any of the new muggle Science Fiction coming out?" he asks curiously, tilting his head and sipping his coffee.

Rhyeline slips into the crowded bookstore as unobtrusively as possible. So far it seems that the grand opening is a big hit among its wizarding patrons. Biting her lower lip, the girl seems rather skittish in such a crowd. She stands on her tip-toes, looking for someone. A moment later, she appears at Graham's side, keeping rather close to the auror as she peeks up at Thomas and Phil. With a soft, shy smile she murmurs, "Hello. And- congratulations…"

At the question from Thomas Phil says, "Tea please. I am just going to look around. I haven't yet, you know." She gives him a little grin and then begins to properly look around, fingers skimming along the spines of seemingly randomly chosen books. Every now and then she pulls one from a shelf and flips through it only to put it back again. It is in between one of these selections that she waves to Rhyeline.

Graham looks the way he points nodding "I've not read any auror stories before but it could be interesting." He looks as if in thought about the second question "Hm i've not read any before though have read a few of the fantasy novels before and enjoyed those plenty. He looks at the door as another enters smiling a bit "Ah Rhyeline i'm glad your here. I have your copy of the mystery novel over to the side there was going to bring it by after."

Thomas smiles warmly at Rhyeline, "Well Hello Rhyeline, I was just trying to talk Graham here into starting up a book club." he says with a small chuckle, "Well the Auror ones may interest you I do not know how accurate they are, but you would be a better judge of that then I am." he says with a small nod, "And, Out of the Silent Planet from C.S. Lewis certainly a interesting read, if you want to try some muggle Science Fiction." he says softly with a nod. "Any particular Phil?" he says in reference to the tea, before looking back at Rhyeline, "Tea, Coffe? Maybe a scone or biscuit?" he offers her with a small curious smile. "And enjoy looking around Phil, I am sure you will find something you want to take home, knowing you." he says playfully at her.

"Tea please…" murmurs Rhyeline with that rather soft, shy smile of hers as she gazes up at THomas. Noticing Phil's wave, the girl returns it with a little one of her own. Looking up at Graham, her rather shy smile brightens a bit at the mention of a new mystery novel. "Oh, thank you. I- Perhaps I should- should get you something as well. I found here the other day- One of my- my favorite French wizard authors has- has recently been translated… They are adventure stories… in far off, imaginary lands… They were my- my desserts after studies when I was younger…"

Hearing her name Phil looks up from reading a book on the Troll wars and says, "Oh, Earl Grey please, Thomas. Lemon, no milk." She returns her attention to the book, flipping a few pages before she starts reading again. Slowly, so as not to trip, Phil makes her way to a table and sits down, setting the book atop it. As the store's cat comes and cirles her legs she absently reaches down to scratch Jean's head.

The young man chuckles "Unless they have a chapter dedicated to paper-work." he says about the auror books though is still listening. "Hm i've not read those, but i'll look it up for sure." Graham says about the muggle novels which he would likely read just as soon as any wizarding book. "That sounds excellent very interesting, but you don't have to get me anything if you don't want. I don't mind getting the books."

Thomas nods, moving and sitting down his coffee mug, retrieving two mismatched mugs, removing his wand he taps the espresso machine with his wand letting it shake to life, placing the mugs underneath it, as he retrieves two different boxes from the shelf, filling the tea balls, one with loose earl grey leaves the other with a black tea. Adding the lemon to one mug, he fills them both up with water and slipping the tea balls inside, "Well I do not recall a chapter dedicated to paperwork." he says with graham with a small smile as he brings the tea to Rhyeline, "There you go Rhyeline." he says softly with a nod, before taking the earl grey over to Phil, sitting it down at the table in front of her, reaching down and softly scratching Jean behind the ear slowly.

Rhyeline nods appreciatively at Thomas as she savors the warmth of the mugs against her delicate hands. Peeking up at Graham with a smile as warm as her tea, she shakes her head and murmurs, "I don't mind either. I want to. I think you would like it. Although- they aren't mabye quite as- as tense as yours… the stories are… more peculiar…"

Glancing up briefly from her reading Phil smiles at Thomas and murmurs, "Thank you," before her attention is once more drawn into the epic battles of the Troll war. Taking care to not spill her tea, she shifts to hold the book with her left hand enabling her to use her right to lift the mug to her lips and blow gently across the surface.
Phil pages: Given how aware he is he'd notice that she does look his way every so often, but does it subtley.

Graham chuckles "Well the author clearly didn do their research." The auror responds after a moment he looks back to Rhyeline reaching over to pat her shoulder lightly "I appreciate it, i'd enjoy reading those. It's always good to try reading new things otherwise you miss out." he grins remembering something looking back to where Phil is "Miss Rowle, I will need to have a word with you about the degeneration of the youth of this country." his words are light as he teases.

Thomas tells Rhyeline, "Very welcome." he tells her, before does the same to Phil. His hand still on Jean, "Found someone you are comfortable with finally I see, Jean." he says to the cat, before a pudgy man wearing a purple suit asks, "Where are the muggle cook books?" Thomas stands up, "Ah! Muggle cooking!" Thomas says, walking towards the man, his hand moving and softly patting him on the back, taking him to the back wall, starting to chit chat him up as he makes a few recommendations on various muggle cuisines.

Rhyeline remains standing rather close to Graham's side, and from this secure position, she gazes over at Thomas. However, when Graham says something about the degeneration of youth, the little one blinks and tilts her head, peeking up at the young auror curiously.

Phil looks up and around the shop until she spots Graham, "Oh you mean my new boyfriend?" She chuckles. "He was cute. Reminded me of me a bit at that age. Not the horrible chat-up lines though." Lifting the mug to her mouth again she sips her tea only to lower it and explain to Rhyeline, "A young man was at the Broomsticks last night. He decided to try it on with me. I sent him home."

The party to celebrate the opening of a new bookshop in Diagon Alley is in full swing when a small black-clad figure strides through the open doors, deep in thought: and stops stock still, gazing about in blank astonishment.

"What the devil's all this?" demands Ismene Malfoy of the persons nearest her. "How long has there been a bookshop here? I used to come here for—" and she bites her lip upon, er, whatever it was she was expecting to find…

Thomas continues to chat and laugh it up with the pudgy man, before patting him on the shoulder, the both of them moving towards the bar, the man now holding books on Italian and Chinese cooking, as he passes by the group of three talking they would be able to hear, "And there is a little shop on Bloomsbury, great muggle cooking things, good price too." his tone warm and friendly, before he is checking the man out, as the door opens, "Welcome to Books Un….." he stops looking around, "Grand opening." he says slowly, "Can I help you find anything?" he says warm with a smile as he continues to check out the man in the purple suit, "Coffee, Tea, Scone, Biscuit? We also have brownies." he says softly with a nod, putting the books the one man just purchased in a bag and handing them to him.

Graham chuckles and shakes his head slightly "Back to school more like, alas I didnt hear any of his lines though I did see him try that shot, and that was priceless. Oh well I didnt hear his name so I guess he lives to ditch another day." the auror says meaning he didnt report the student for leaving school without permission.

The curiousity of Rhyeline's dark gaze clears as Phil so kindly explains. At the unexpected sound of Ismene's voice, the little mouse suddenly looks rather tense. Graham may notice how the girl unconsciously moves just a bit closer to him. Silent, she peeks over at Ismene with a subtle look of apprehension.

"Tonight's the grand opening, madam," someone is saying to Madam Malfoy, and then adding, rather bravely given the look she's giving him, "so whatever you were looking for that wasn't a book, you're a little too late…"

The little old Malfoy witch (not really so old, but she contrives to give an impression of it) sniffs at this intelligence; however, rather than cease to darken the premises with her presence, she drifts further in, bestowing dubious glances upon the bar, the bookshelves, the other, more genuine patrons. Her eye is caught by the tree in the middle of the shop. Handsome specimen. She is inspecting it when she catches sight, on the other side of it, of Rhyeline Diderot. She circles further round beneath the tree's outstretched branches, making sure the girl sees her too, and gives her a reserved nod.

Phil sets her mug down and lets the cat up onto her lap as she watches Ismene, "Good day Madame Black," she calls over then leaves it up to Thomas to sort out, her attention drawn back to the other two. "I hope nobody knew who he was, Graham. I rather like the idea of at least one person not suffering at the hands of that sadistic Pringle."

Thomas watches Iseme as the pudgy man leaves with a smile and his new books. Approaching her he smiles soft, "Madam Malfoy, can I interest you in either coffee or a cup of tea?" he asks softly, with a small smile, his hand moving to run through his hair looking at the tree, "The tree certainly wasn't an easy addition." he says slowly, looking over it slowly, "Though I feel that it is fitting and really creates the atmosphere I was attempting to create." he says slowly.

Graham feels a slight tug on his robe but doesn't turn back towards the other which would quite give her a way. He looks to the door a moment and understands quickly enough though he'll play it by ear if there needs to be any trickery to help his friend. He looks to the new arrival giving a nod in greeting as well before looking back to Phil "I don't think anyone did. At least didnt seem to." he says to her giving a small shrug.

With frown Phil gently nudges Jean from her lap and gets up. She drops some coins on the table to pay for everything and quickly apparates out of the book store, undoubtedly angering the very same cat.

A nod to Phil, the precise echo of the one Rhyeline just received; and a flat look in answer to Graham's's nod to *her*. Madam Malfoy turns to this young Carrow, with whose parents she is acquainted, pure-blooded Slytherins that they are. Yet she can't at this moment precisely recall which of their children he is… "Mr Carrow," she says, safely enough, for she's sure of *that*. "You are the proprietor of this… new establishment?" And with a question so innocent in its wording, she manages to give the impression that all new establishments are dubious places indeed, not to be trusted till she has been dealing with them at least twenty years.

Rhyeline returns Ismene's reserved nod with a small, but respectful one of her own. The girl's apprehension fades as she grows more reserved herself. For the moment, the little one remains silent and watchful.

Thomas watches Phil apparate and poor Jean take off to hide under one of the armchairs, his gaze staring out at the patrons slowly, as if plotting which on he should kill first now. Thomas smiles softly, "Yes I am the proprietor." he says softly with a small nod looking around, slowly, "Books Unbound." he says slowly with a small nod, "I certainly hope I can get your patronage, Madam Malfoy." he says softly with a polite nod.

"We've always dealt with Flourish & Blotts," Madam Malfoy says simply. Who could be a more loyal customer than a blood purist, to whom time-honoured connections mean everything? She nods to him, then prowls round the tree to avail herself of a cup of tea. They're shameless, too, these aristocrats of the wizarding world, convinced that everything belongs to them, by right.

Madam Malfoy sips her tea, eyeing the motley (in her eyes) cross-section of the magical world gathered here tonight, and then approaches, cup and saucer gripped steadily in her black-gloved hands, Rhyeline Diderot. "Good evening, child. Read any good books lately?" she asks drily.

The young man turns quickly unable to help himself at the sudden exit of his friend. Graham will have to ask her about that later though she did say she was just on break. He watches as the other moves about the place before approaching Rhyeline who happens to be much near by or still perhaps clinging to his robes. "Good day, not sure we've been introduced properly Graham Cohen." he says being polite as he is able.

Rhyeline does indeed keep rather close to Graham's side as she does her best to maintain a calm, collected demeanor. Despite her best efforts, her cheeks flush with warmth. As Ismene greets her, the girl dips into a slow, but graceful little curtsy. "Good evening Madam Malfoy… I- was just telling Graham about- about finding an English translation of a childhood favorite of mine…"

Thomas says slowly, "Flourish & Blotts." with a small nod, "Always been a big fan of them myself." he says slowly with another small nod, "Well I hope I am certainly able to steal you for a cup of tea at least at time, even if you bought your book at Flourish & Blotts, and simply wanted to read it here and enjoy a cup of tea, Madam Malfoy." he says slowly with a small nod.

Cold black eyes meet Graham's for the time it takes Madam Malfoy to draw in a breath; "Ismene Lestrange Malfoy," she states, giving both her names in answer to his, leaving no doubt that her sympathies and inclinations must match rather neatly with her bleak but (originally, before her robes had had time to become so worn-in) expensive appearance. The unpleasantries observed, her gaze flicks sideways to Rhyeline. "Oh?" she asks, arching an eyebrow. The curtsey has mollified her a little. She appreciates a good curtsey. "And which was that?"

Graham nods "It's good to meet you. Well properly at least." the auror says at her response to his introduction even offering a friendly smile. If he's concerned about the gaze he's given it doesn't seem he shows it. He looks back to Rhyeline and will allow her to answer since he doesn't honesly know though he does try to give her an encouraging grin while he's at it.

"I- I believe the translated title is- A Tale Most Extraordinary…" murmurs Rhyeline, blushing a bit deeper as she reveals the title of her favorite- childhood book. She peeks up at Graham, almost as if nervous he will laugh at the silly title.

"'Most' extraordinary?" Madam Malfoy inquires of Rhyeline, picking, for some reason of her own, at that word. She doesn't seem to have heard Graham. It's extraordinary the things she doesn't hear when she sets her mind to it. She lifts her cup from its saucer to her lips, and makes a face as only she can. It clatters down again. "Why don't you tell me why it's so extraordinary, child, over a cup of *proper* tea, at that cafe you like so much. I'm not certain the clientele here is," her eyes arc from left to right and back again, "wholly *suitable*, for you any more than for me."

Her tone transforms her words into a command rather than a suggestion; she doesn't entertain the possibility that anyone might NOT fall in with her plans.

Thomas is looking between the three slowly, when a man dressed in bright orange robes comes up to him. "Oh do you mean Muggle Science or Muggle Science Fiction." he asks the man slowly, "You see we have had a bit of confusion on the two different subjects." he says once the man clears up that he is looking for Science Fiction, Thomas pats the man on the back slowly, though as he is walking away he does say, "Our tea is perfectly proper, even says please and thank you when I brew it, Madam Malfoy." he says with a small wave of his hand.

The young man wouldn't laugh at her and the title gets a small nod "It sounds very fun, I will absolutely read it." Graham says to Rhyeline he looks back to the older witch a moment though as she seems not to have heard him "Ah, if she is to leave she has to get her mystery novel. I got her copy." he reaches to his pocket finding his money and placing it neatly on the counter "Though it's up to her of course."

It might seem to some as if Ismene has taken the role of an over-protective mother regarding Rhyeline. The little mouse bows her head slightly as she peeks up at the woman, adopting the manner of a dutiful daughter. Hearing Thomas' response, the girl's eyes widen with subtle alarm. This cannot end well. Hoping to avert a disaster though, the girl steps forward, drawing close to Ismene's side. "I'll- I'll see you later Thomas…" And peeking over at the young auror, "And- and you can perhaps- bring the book by later?"

The Carrow boy's impertinent comment regarding the manners of his tea, that cannot be allowed to stand — "Far better," is Madam Malfoy's opinion, "that it should have remained silent, and concentrated harder upon the business of steeping," she sniffs. "Never mind; yours is a new establishment. I'm sure you'll iron out these little problems. Given time." Which he may not be…

She glances at Rhyeline, who is very much now at her side, not Graham's, and inquires, "Do you often accept gifts from young men, child? I suppose that is the fashion now, though in my day…" One of her shoulders rises in a shrug, a silent lament against the decline of, can you believe the irony, manners. "Good evening to you, gentlemen." Her cool gaze encompasses Thomas and Graham both; and she gives her cup and saucer into Thomas's keeping and touches her hand to Rhyeline's back, to nudge her mother-hennishly in the direction of the door.

Thomas doesn't respond to Ismene, though he places the cup and saucer on a table to retrieve later, he moves up the stairwell with the man looking for Muggle Science Fiction, he chit chats it up with the man, offering him various suggestions on books. The warm smile on his face, "I think this one might be along the lines you are looking for." he says slowly, smiling at the man, before leaning over the loft with a smile on his face, "You take it easy Rhyeline." he says softly to her with a nod, before turning back to the man and taking to him for a moment, before leaning over the railing again, "Thank you again for your patronage, Mr. Cohen, I look forward to hearing about that book club." he says softly offering the man a small wink. "Madam Malfoy, I look forward to seeing you again, maybe next time as a patron." he says slowly with a small nod as he makes his way down the stairwell with the man who has a science fiction novel in his hands now.

The young man grabs the books after paying, but is left standing there as the other moves away towards the older witch, and while he understands what she's doing by trying to defuse the situation. He is glad once more an auror's job means hiding one's facial features as he. Graham can be stubborn and one topic brings his ire like very little else an internal smirk before he adds. "Ah, yes of course i'll stop by your house this evening than." He looks to the shop owner "Thank you, the shop is excellent I should head home myself."

Rhyeline blushes deeper still when Ismene remarks on her acceptance of Graham's gift. However, the woman's question seems more rhetorical, so the girl remains silent. Keeping close to the woman's side, nudged onwards by Ismene's hand, the girl can only peek briefly over her shoulder at Thomas and Graham, nodding, before she is led out of the shop.

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