(1938-10-15) Dancing Queen
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Summary: Going out for a night on the town with Corina, Fabia shows off her incredible moves on the dance floor, to the enjoying of Wolfgang and Thomas.
Date: 15 October, 1938
Location: Natrix, London
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It's a weekday night, so the Natrix isn't as packed as one might find on a Friday or Saturday evening. But the dance hall is never truly slow. So when a pair of fabulously dressed ladies arrive, they are greeted by a lively house.

Corina, the younger of the two women, is pale-skilled girl with a nearly impossible hourglass shape slipped into a daringly cut lavender gown. Her moonlight-white hair draws as many stares as her figure, perhaps more-so in this Muggle-friendly section of the club. She smiles brightly to the doorman, a thick bruiser of a man. She's not exactly a regular, but this isn't her first time here, and she's a memorable one.

Corina's companion, Fabia Fairfax, a woman twice her age and more, is here for the first time; but the instant they step over the threshold, arm in arm, her lips form an 'O'. "I know this song," she murmurs, and her feet find the rhythm as they walk — then her shoulders and her hips find the melody… Small, discreet movements, as yet, not always precisely upon the notes the orchestra plays, but toying with the music, now a little before, now a little after.

She's perhaps the only woman in the Natrix tonight who is, technically, wearing trousers: shimmering golden harem pants, beneath a green and gold frock which consists of a lavishly embroidered bodice, high in the front but low at the back, and a diaphanous overskirt which floats about her down to the knees. She looks perhaps fifty, not sixty, in this forgiving darkness, with the well-defined and elongated muscles in her arms on display and a glitter in her eye.

Tony at the door puffs up just a hint more, like a rooster at a hen he gives Corina a smile as he unclasps the red velvet rope to allow her entrance. He does look a bit on the unsure side when it comes to Corina's companion for the night. But if the old broad can afford to be in Corina's company, she'd be good business so in his deep and dim tone he gestures the ladies in. "Madames." He always calls Corina that, he thinks it makes him sound smart and continental. Completely unaware it just makes him look even thicker that the rather simpleton expression on his block head face makes him look. When they pass in he enjoys watching Corina go but then he's back to work, the endless tiresome life of being a Goon.

Corina blows Tony a little kiss as she passes. The poor lunk doesn't stand a chance, but she does enjoy giving him hope. She links her arm into Fabia's, slowing for a few moments to take in the crowd. "I like to take pause and get a feel for the evening's atmosphere. It also gives me a chance to spot who else might be hunting here." She gives the older woman a devilish smirk.

Tonight may be a novelty for Fabia; but a few years ago, a very few years ago, it would have been such familiar ground — she leans close, even that casual gesture following a strain in the music, and murmurs, "When you've looked, will you dance with me, or had you rather wait for a more amusing offer?"

"Oh, you know I will," Corina assures her companion. "But if you get handsy, I shall slap you like any man." Her light laugh reveals her playful mood, and already she is tugging Fabia toward the dance floor, where many a couple is shaking, shimmying, and twisting to the swinging tunes of the big band on stage.

Wolfgang is at the piano, it's an full instrumental piece so he is able to half-dance while sitting at the baby grand up on stage with the rest of the live big band behind him on their tiered dais. The band blasts the last few notes and then it looks like they are taking a water and smoke break right there on the stage, it usually only lasts five minutes. But in that span of time Wolfgang stands up and cups the side of the microphone in his hand. "Good evening guys and dolls. Welcome to the Natrix, we'll get back to swinging it soon. Does anyone have any requests? Strike while the iron is hot!"

Ah, now, if she hadn't mentioned it, the temptation wouldn't have arisen — but it's there now in Fabia's eyes, in her mischievous little grin as she keeps pace wth Corina as far as the dance floor, a possibility for the future — "Let's Misbehave!" she calls out to the gentleman at the microphone, one hand on her hip. Hardly Mr Porter's latest tune, but a very good one, in her opinion.

Thomas walks up offering Tony a small smile, Tony lets Thomas in but certainly raises an eyebrow at the fact that Thomas is not dressed to the nines as per usual with the youngest Carrow. Thomas straightens out his rather plain clothing as he enters, with a "Thanks Tony." his he moves onto the floor, picking up a Menu and glancing at it as he reaches into his pocket removing a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes and a small silver lighter. Striking the lighter to life he lights his cigarette, taking a long hard drag off of it, his blue eyes move up and start to scan the Dance Hall, exhaling the bluish grey smoke as he does so.

Corina shakes her head at Fabia, "Oh, you're bad. Alright, come on then. Let's misbehave." She saunters out in a small circle to clear a space, then turns to face Fabia and offers her hands, all the while casting sly glances to the gentleman on the floor. When at least one of them gets a slap from his dance partner for gawking, she seems satisfied, and turns her attention more fully to Fabia.

Wolfgang gets a big grin that boasts a level of awkwardness because, "That's a bit on the perky side for these pipes. But just for you Beautiful." He winks to Fabia and then turns to his band, "You heard her Boys, let's suck and blow and put on a show." He then looks back out to the audience. "Any other requests?"

Fabia blows an impulsive kiss to the bandleader; and gives both her hands gladly into Corina's, regarding her with big, unnaturally bright green eyes as the band strikes up this song which amuses her so much — and her body, so highly trained, did Corina but know it, responds partly by design and partly by instinct to the familiar notes, played at a tempo she finds it easy to accommodate. (She's put up with much worse from conductors in her time.) The simple swaying in which she has indulged since stepping into the Natrix becomes dancing, every part of her body moving in a fluid counterpoint; and she sweeps Corina along with her, keeping hold of her hands, interlacing their fingers to be sure of her as she lifts their arms above their heads to twirl her twice in rapid succession. A grin of absolute glee has plastered itself across her features. Now, she's having FUN.

Thomas puts down his menu and orders a plate of pena past and a gin and tonic. Seating himself at the table, he listens to the offer of requests and chuckles, "Can you do I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams?" he hollers, before taking a long hard drag off his cigarette, causing the cherry to glow bright red. Then pulling an ashtray closer to him, flicking the but of it, causing the ash to float down into it.

Corina had assumed Fabia knew how to dance. She just didn't realize the woman was a dancer. Though no stranger to the dance floor, it's all Corina can do to keep up with her partner, whose sheer happiness proved quite contagious. The sterling strumpet has even forgotten to tease the men around her, in spite of the theme of the naughty song, simply enjoying the vivaciousness of the moment. As "Let's Misbehave" draws to a close, she laughs breathlessly, putting a hand to her bosom. "Fabia! You didn't tell me you were such a tigress on the dance floor. I think I need a drink already."

In response to the final chords of the song Fabia *inclines* backward in a magnificent slow sweep, her spine bending a dashed sight farther than could be considered normal for such an antiquated female. Then — it couldn't be said that she 'straightens up'; no part of her is really straight, for such a skinny little thing she's nothing but curves when she's dancing — she adopts, at any rate, a more upright posture, and accepts her compliments with pleased and preening laughter. She knows she's rather superb. But it's so nice to be *told* it, especially by a beauty. "I grant you I should like to sit down for just a moment," she confesses, "before the next one…" Her arm slips through Corina's. "Drinks then, but nothing too strong for me… not tonight… You're rather good too, you know, for a civilian. You must have had heaps of practice."

Wolfgang remarks with a point towards Fabia, "You Doll, put me on your dance card for later." when the song is done. He noticed her dancing as well. He gives a smile and a salute over towards Thomas who's just receiving his food in a timely manner before he snaps, "A one, a two, a one two three four." He pops his hand into the air and the band trumpets and flares into the gentleman's requested song. This one is more to Wolfgangs usual speed and he is certainly more in his element as he sings to some of the girls in the audience.

Thomas picks up his glass of gin and tonic and takes a small sip, taking a long drag off his cigarette, he returns Wolfgangs salute, before putting his cigarette out in the ashtray. Picking up his fork he takes a small bite of his food. His gaze moves across the dance floor, and he certainly is still smiling from Fabia's performance. His hand comes up as he checks the time on his watches, as his foot taps to his requested song.

Corina gives Fabia a nudge as they walk. "You caught Wolfgang Montague's eye. Colour me jealoussss…hello, there, handsome." Suddenly her attention is on somebody else completely, and she subtly gestures toward a table where a blonde gentleman is seated. "I think I recognize him, actually. I saw him on…the Alley. I know who's buying my drink tonight." She diverts their course in the direction of Thomas's table, boldly approaching the young man with a subdued smile. "Say, aren't you the owner of that new bookstore?"

Fabia has the good fortune to possess the gift of being, by and large, happy with whatever she has, wherever she is — her evening didn't require a seal to be put upon it. But, ah, there it is anyway! Attention, however perfunctory it may prove later to have been, from a terribly handsome young man, with the voice of a fallen angel. Wolfgang Montague receives her most practiced Glance of Seduction (and goodness knows she's practiced it, till it's perfect): cool, yet subtly inviting: a lift of her sooty eyelashes, as she flicks her dark emerald eyes in his direction, a slight indication of pleasure touching her lips. She raises her eyebrows at him, daring him to conversation, or to that dance he mentioned — then her gaze flicks away, to the young woman she's *with* at the moment.

She falls in with Corina's direction; but murmurs urgently in her ear, "Alley? Do you mean Diagon Alley?" as they approach the young blonde gentleman's table… New bookshop? She doesn't know a thing about it but is fully prepared to fake it. "Yes, how do you do?" she utters, offering Thomas her hand in its frivolous little golden net glove.

Wolfgang finishes up 'Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine' and gives a bow of his head. His hands come up and press together like he was praying, but it's just an act of gratitude to the audience. "And now, ladies and gents, it is my deepest pleasure to introduce to you doing me a particular favor by gracing us with her presence none other than Miss Peggy Wood." Peggy Wood being the Lead part in a just wrapped London Musical Theater production of 'Operette'. He reaches to offer his hand and draw her from the side of the stage to the microphone. Giving her cheek a kiss he then himself returns off stage.

Thomas looks at the duo with a smile, as he raises his hands as if he was being arrested and waiting for the the cuffs, "Guilty as charged." he says slowly, before he picks up his glass of gin and tonic and takes a sip, "Books Unbound." he says slowly, "And Thomas Carrow." he says with a polite nod before taking the hand and kissing it, "Though were have my manners gone? Please have a seat, can I get you two lovely ladies a drink?" he asks curious looking at the two. Before looking up offering his applause to Peggy Wood.

Corina gives Fabia a playfully smug grin when Thomas makes his offer, and disentangles herself from the older woman. "That's so kind of you, Mr. Carrow." She slides into a seat beside Thomas, engaging years of practice at demonstrating her curves through the form-hugging dress as she moves. "This is my good friend, Fabia, and I am Corina. I would love a Gin Sour. Fabia?"

Fabia smiles at Thomas quite as though his name meant something to her; withdraws her hand; and then, hearing the announcement that Miss Peggy Wood is to sing next, exclaims, "Oh! I saw Operette three times, at His Majesty's Theatre… I do like die Massary, and Mr Coward always writes such witty airs, though of course for pathos it isn't a patch on Bitter Sweet…" She perches just next to Corina; and confesses her slight yearning for, "A gin martini, very wet. So kind of you."

Wolfgang strides up to the table with a bottle of bubbly and three crystal flutes. "I am afraid my sweet that business has come up and I must offer this as an apology and promise that I look forward to dancing with you soon." He attempts to sweep Fabia's hand up for a kiss to her netted knuckles before he'll then lean over to place a kiss on Corina's cheek. "You do keep such perfect company." Then to Thomas he offers a shake of the hand. "You sir, I envy. Enjoy the rest of your night with these goddesses deciding to slum it tonight with schlubs like us." This jest is accompanied with a smirk and a wink to Thomas, his hand patted and then it's off he must go when another goon comes up behind to whisper in his ear. "Again adieu. Enjoy your evening, welcome to the Natrix Bellezza, Sir, and Miss Silver. Bubbly on the house." With that he's off to te back of the house, there is a moment when the waiter doors swing closed behind him that his charming stage presence is lost instantly and he looks like he means business before he steps completely out of sight.

Thomas waves his hand bringing the waiter over, handing him the coinage, "A gin sour and a very wet gin martini, for the Lovely Ladies." he says softly to the waiter, a smile on his face. Then with the announcement of the free drinks, the waiter returns his coins and he slips them into his pocket, "I have been meaning to see the Operette, though I haven't quiet found the time." he says slowly with a small wave of his hand, "How rude of me however, it seems that in all the excitement, I managed to miss your names." he says, being the gentleman and placing the blame on himself.

Corina receives the kiss from Wolfgang with a tilted cheek and a cool smile. "I'll expect a dance of my own, Wolfy. I can't have Fabia stealing all of the attention tonight." She gives Fabia a wink. She lifts her brow at Thomas, chuckling softly. "It's quite alright. I am Corina Silver," she says, offering her hand to him, palm down. This time she'll let Fabia introduce herself.

And Fabia's hand, which has been all over the place tonight, quite fails to resist Wolfgang Montague's grasp — it's his for as long as he wants it, and subsides elegantly onto the table thereafter. "Another time, then," she says congenially, "and thank you so much for the champagne." Once he's out of earshot, she snuggles up to Corina and adds, "There's usually still *one*," in a complacent whisper for her friend's ear alone. Looking, then, to Thomas, she announces herself as, "Fabia Fairfax. Such a pleasure."

Thomas takes Corina's hand and places a small kiss, "I assure you both, the pleasure is all mine." he says slowly, reaching into his vest pocket and removing his pack of Chesterfields offering both ladies a cigarette, "How are you two lovely ladies tonight though?" he asks softly nodding, "I would have to bed good, considering the dance performance I saw earlier." he says offering them a polite nod.

Corina smiles all the way down her arm at the kiss, slowly batting her lashes. She's laying it on rather thick. "We're having a whale of a time. Though isn't Fabia a marvelous dancer? She surprised me, the sneaky minx."

'Smug' isn't even in it. Fabia purrs something about Corina being so kind, and declines, with a tiny wave of her fingers, the cigarette offered by Thomas — and the natural completion to that wave is a tilt of her head, upon which her eyes widen. "Oh! I do believe I see someone I know… Will you pardon me, please, sweeties, if I step across and see if it really is him?" It's a pro forma request neither of them could properly decline; she pets Corina's arm as she rises, not quite as a promise to come back, for if as sometimes happens they make their own arrangements, it would hardly be opportune; but as a promise that she's *fond*.

Then she glides across the corner of the dance-floor to a table claimed earlier in the evening by a powerfully-built gentleman somewhere in his late middle years, who has to recommend him chiseled features, a thick head of white hair, impeccable evening dress, and the undivided attention of a glamourous young brunette who's more likely to be in Corina's line than his grand-daughter.

When first Fabia rests her hand upon the edge of his table, next to his elbow, all green and gold with feathers in her unnaturally red hair, he glances up with no attempt to disguise his irritation; but then he looks at her again, very deeply, and his astonished bark of "ISKANDEROVA!" is audible to half the Natrix.

He's on his feet, bowing over her hand, bestowing a lingering kiss upon it; she glances back toward Corina and gives her a schoolgirlish little wave.

Thomas nods as Fabia excuses her self, picking his fork back up and taking a bite of his food as he listens to Corina, "Yes she is, though I must admit you were indeed lovely on the dance floor too Ms. Silver." he says with a small nod, before taking another bite and then a sip of his gin and tonic, "Though I digress." he says slowly, standing up, "Though I rather hate leaving a lovely lady." he says looking down at his watch, "I have an appointment to keep." he says inclining his head to Corina, "Perhaps you would grace my presence another time, you certainly seem to know where I work." he says with a small smirk before picking up his pack of cigarettes and lighting one on the way out.

Corina chuckles softly. "Well, I think that's the last we'll see of Fabia tonight." But then Thomas is making his exit, causing one of Corina's eyebrows to arch incredulously high. "That I do, Mr. Carrow. I suppose we shall see." Not one to be deterred by a dismissal, it isn't long before Corina has another (wealthy-looking) young man wrapped around her finger on the dance floor.

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