(1938-10-15) Secret Alliance and Dragons
Details for Secret Alliance and Dragons
Summary: Victor meets with Janette and makes an alliance.
Date: 1938-10-15
Location: Pristine Corridor, Hogwarts
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Pristine Corridor Hogwarts Castle

It is late evening

The noise begins to subside here as students get closer to the top of the stairwell. Looking up, one will usually see a few errant students dropping sparklers or stink-bombs directly down onto students on the lower levels, but it's not uncommon to be victimized by such trickery on this floor if one is especially unwary - say, a particularly distracted Hufflepuff with contraband candy. The scrape of the floors below and above create a contrast, as there is only one floor grinding above a person here, but many floors below, and the echoes of these sounds blend together uniquely here, giving a sense of a strange echo in the ears.

The trickery lessens substantially once someone has stepped further away from the stairwell. Mostly this is due to the fact that this floor is where the Prefect Bathroom and Ravenclaw Tower is. A large stained glass door leads to the bathroom in the northern wall. On the western wall there is a strange door, thick and sturdy, but with no handle or keyhole. Mounted on the knobless door is a bronze eagle knocker. When approached the Knocker gives a riddle and the door to the Ravenclaw Common room can only be opened with a correct answer to the riddle.

Late evening, but students are still allowed to walk in corridors.
Janette is standing near the doors of the Prefect Bathroom. She is leaning against the wall, while her hands are crossed on abdomen. Her white curls are playfully tangled, though, the black ribbon is trying to keep a few curls in stance, but unsuccessfully. Girl's lips are coloured in black, what perfectly matches her Slytherin uniform, without the silver P for now.
Her features are speechless, but fingers are dancing on her elbows nervously.

Moving out from the bathroom, Victor walks with a proud posture, his hair is washed and has been perfectly combed, showing some self care. The boy sights Janette, smiling and moving towards the girl, "Hi there." He says, "I heard what happened to you, bloody stupid that Niko. I always knew there was something wrong with him." The prefect says, leaning by the side of Janette.

When finally Janette catches the sight of Victor, she rolls her eyes, tacking the scratch of the back of her head, "Merlin's beard! I thought I will stand here forever. You spend more time in the bathroom than a girl!"
When he speaks about Niko, just one corner of girl's eye flinches, as it would like to… But nothing happens. The girl just turns her grey gaze at the Gryffindor prefect and firmly announces, "Victor Lewis Proudmore, I agree."

"A man has to look good." Victor says, offering a shrug to Janette, "It isn't hard in my case, as I'm naturally handsome, but I need to perfect." The boy adds, examining the girl and noting she still doesn't have the silver 'P'. He smirks as she says to agree with him, "He is a bloody fool, also, that Nimiko girl isn't even that good looking, but what would we expect from such half bloods?"

A grin flashes in Janette's features, than the boy is speaking proudly about himself.
However, the smile quickly fades and the girl gently pokes the shoulder of Victor, "I said I agree. And I was /NOT/ speaking about nor Niko, nor Nimiko…" but girl can't hide her laugh. The laugh ripples through the corridor. "Nimiko…" She repeats, rolling her eyes, "She is Kimiko, but… You are creative, Victor, really!" But her hand once more pokes Victor, "So, I give you the second chance to guess, what I mean. I agree, Victor."

"Kiko doesn't sound that good." Victor says with a wink, keeping that proud grin on his face. "Anyway, I think you agree that I'm handsome, who doesn't?" The boy questions, touching her shoulder, "But I'm not the only good looking person in this corridor, right now."

The girl stands up, straightening as proudly as Victor, "Indeed, that might be truth, but actually," she places her hand on Prefect's shoulder too, "I agree to be your Guinevere. Consider yourself lucky. Actually, consider yourself booked not just for that feast, my dear. For now, my parents are angry, but they are never angry with me for too long," the girl looks around to make sure, that they are alone in the corridor, before she continues, "So, I will walk into the feast with chaperone, but I will dress as Guinevere. You will come to the feast alone, and you will dance with me. When my parents won't be angry at me anymore, you will be officially dating me, other the most beautiful person in this corridor without you. Though, it is what will be seen in public, but you may be sure you have a girlfriend like from now," and she extends her hand, "Deal?" Janette raises an eyebrow. "The love never works out, deals usually works out. I am sure, that two perfect creatures might fall in love after all someday. You are just perfect, I am too. You won't find anything better, be sure. So, you have just one option - shake my hand right now, and you will be able to kiss my cheek before someone saw us," Janette tosses some snowy curls back and mischievous grin raises the corners of her lips up.

First, there is a look of surprise in Victor's face, he wasn't expecting her to be so decisive, but then, the boy smiles, pleased with her words. "Now it's my turn to agree with you, Janette." He says, taking her hand, "And as long as you acknowledge how perfect we are, I can only see our standings improving. To begin with your return to the prefect position and the downfall of those who regard you as a freak." The boy adds, a mischievous smirk forming on his face.

"Perfect. The deal is made, then," firmly states Janette, shaking the boy's hand and gently tapping her own cheek with the pale finger. That mischievous grin is still playing on her lips.

Victor smirks and takes a look at the corridor before he leans in to give the girl a kiss on her cheek, seeming pleased with the overall situation.

"Now, about the downfall…" Girl leans against the wall once more, starting to brush her snowy curls. "Professor Slughorn promised, if I will behave nicely, I will get my Silver P on the 11th of November. So, I just need to remain good girl, but… We need to start from Douglas and Medusa. I can get that sweet revenge, remaining a good girl. We just need patience. Just to wait, when they will slip, without any help…" Grey gaze runs through the corridor and Janette crooks her finger in the "come here" manner.
When the boy will lean closer, Janette will whisper to his ear that even the walls couldn't hear anything.

Victor seems rather annoyed and disturbed by the whisper, he frowns and leans to whisper a few words to Janette, taking an occasional glance to the corridor, just to make sure no one is there.

Janette grins evilly, whispering to the boy back, but she just says a few words. Then a group of yellow cloaks flash in the corridor and the girl quickly withdraws from Victor, crossing her hands on abdomen. While these Hufflepuff are around, Slytherin girl speaks in quite coolly voice, "So, I thought you should know that, because you are a Prefect and you must keep your house tidy." Girl continues whirling her white curls. Her back is turned to the Hufflepuffs, so, she offers a wink for the Prefect.

Victor nods to Janette, tilting his head and offering a wave to the Hufflepuffs, before he focus on the girl once again, "It's my duty, and a Proudmore doesn't fail on their duties." He says, "I will see his work undone, but tell me, do you have any evidences?" The boy questions, "Otherwise I might need to just… let it pass."

"I am sorry, Proudmore, you will have to let it pass. I have no evidence. But what I am telling, that you need to watch some people more intently. You can never know, what might happen again…" Janette nods and leans against the wall, not giving any attention for the passing Hufflepuffs.

At first Hufflepuffs try to smile, one of the girls even smiles incredibly widely at Victor, but when they catch the look of Janette, they just rushes off, stopping a bit farther and starting to discuss something intently, glancing at the pair.

Victor seems about to return the smile, but he also catches the look of Janette, remaining serious as she speaks, "Uhh… I think you are correct, I will keep my eyes on him and try to refrain him from stupid ideas." He says, taking a deep breath and allowing his weight to rest on the wall, "People might well start speaking about us already."

Janette shrugs a bit, opening her mouth to tell something, but suddenly one of the Hufflepuff girls starts pacing closer.

Flaxen hair frames a face of flawless, creamy skin and cascades over this Hufflepuff's shoulders like a refreshing waterfall in summer. Her tan cheeks bear the slight tint of rosy blush beneath her high cheekbones. The yellow color of her uniform just perfectly matches with the soft curls. She stands in front of Victor, not caring about the dark gaze of Janette. That girl just utters, "I heard, that you are looking for your Guinevere… I am looking for my Artur. I know that story…" and she sticks her curious green eyes to the boy.

Janette just slides a bit farther, giving the space for the girl, but Snowsnake can easily hear everything. She sniffs, raising the blush on Hufflepuff cheek.

Victor pauses as the girl moves closer and says she is looking for his Arthur, the boy takes a look at the Snowsnake, saying no words for a few heartbeats.

"I have my Guinevere already," He says, "But maybe you could play the dragon I'm to slay?" The boy suggests with a smirk, straightening himself and looking into the green eyes of the girl, "Well, I'm sorry, but there will be other parties."

"How!?.." gasps the girl and her eyes fulfill with resentment, "How dare you to… You are not so perfect as you pretend to be! I am not a dragon to slay!" She quickly and unexpectedly boxes Victor's ear, before she runs away to her company, not crying, being really offended, and all the Hufflepuffs leave, giving some more minutes of privacy for the former Slytherin Prefect and Gryffindor Prefect.

Janette can't do anything, but start laughing, "Really, Victor? Trying to be without girls doesn't mean you have to ruin your pretty cheeks, you know," and she giggles some more, pacing back closer near Victor.

Victor chuckles, not seeming to be pained by the boxing on his cheek, his hand moves to where the girl punched him, "Well, she had it coming." He says, "She isn't bad looking either, but if we are to carry on with this plan… It's best I refrain from something I really like to do." The boy says with a sigh.

Janette runs with her pale fingers across boy's cheek, which was unpleasantly touched by the Hufflepuff girl. "Good boy, Victor. Keep them all from you. Because you can't walk away now. We made a deal, we shaked our hands, we do not want to be dishonourable, yes?"

Victor seems a bit scared as Janette speaks, he never had to face such serious terms in a relationship, "Well, it's a deal." He says, his face enlightening as the girls runs her pale fingers across his cheek.

"You will be good, don't worry," she pats his shoulder and places a peck on his cheek, "You will learn to be happy with one, because you have the most perfect one, as it is suitable for such a man like you!" She winks, grinning evilly, and turns to leave.

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