(1938-10-14) The Language of Boys
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Summary: Medusa and Eibhlin agree that neither of them understands the motivations of the opposite sex.
Date: 14 October 1938
Location: Outside the Ravenclaw Common Room, Hogwarts

The noise begins to subside here as students get closer to the top of the stairwell. Looking up, one will usually see a few errant students dropping sparklers or stink-bombs directly down onto students on the lower levels, but it's not uncommon to be victimized by such trickery on this floor if one is especially unwary - say, a particularly distracted Hufflepuff with contraband candy. The scrape of the floors below and above create a contrast, as there is only one floor grinding above a person here, but many floors below, and the echoes of these sounds blend together uniquely here, giving a sense of a strange echo in the ears.

The trickery lessens substantially once someone has stepped further away from the stairwell. Mostly this is due to the fact that this floor is where the Prefect Bathroom and Ravenclaw Tower is. A large stained glass door leads to the bathroom in the northern wall. On the western wall there is a strange door, thick and sturdy, but with no handle or keyhole. Mounted on the knobless door is a bronze eagle knocker. When approached the Knocker gives a riddle and the door to the Ravenclaw Common room can only be opened with a correct answer to the riddle.

It is getting towards curfew when Medusa can be seen walking towards the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room with Thaddeus. The seventh year boy, known to be a liker of boys, has an arm draped over her shoulders. "So that's when he said to me, 'Are you a boggart because I have a fear of hot girls.' And I just laughed," says Medusa. Thaddeus snickers and replies with, "I should get him to write these down for me. I can adapt them."

Nose buried in a book, Eibhlin makes her way down the hall towards the Ravenclaw common room and just may have run into the other pair if they'd paused. It the sounds of their conversation that catches her ear and reminds her that there are other people about the halls. The book closes after glances notes her current page. "Really," the redhead comments, "You're telling that story again?"

Medusa shrugs, "What can I say Evie, I am endlessly amused by Douglas' equally endless supply of ridiculous chat-up lines." She glances at the book the sixth year is reading only to get cuffed on the shoulder in a playful manner by the meaty fist of the lanky Thaddeus. "Huh? Oh yes, sorry." Medusa withdraws a vial from her robes pocket and gives it to the boy who dutifully pecks her cheek and nods to Eibhlin before disappearing into the common room. "How are you?"

Eibhlin shrugs, one shoulder lifting lightly. "Amusing or not, it still gets old after awhile," she replies. As for the book, the spine idly tapping against the girl's thigh ones or twice, is titled as something to do with Ancient Runes. A nod goes back to the boy before he disappears inside and the girl's attention returns to Medusa. "Well enough," her answer, the question returned, "You?"

Sliping her hands into her robes Medusa nods faintly then grins, "I am good, really good." She shifts to lean against the wall. "I heard you saw Gerald all hyped up on sugary butterbeer. He says he's sworn off the stuff now. Must have been quite amusing."

"I did," Eibhlin replies, a touch of a smile tugging at the corners of her lips at the thought. "And it was," she confirms. "Ended up walking him back and when he decided he was hungry on the way he wanted cookies." As if the boy needed any more sugar at that point. A shake of her head and she sighs, "We'll see how long the swearing off lasts."

"Why did he drink it in the first place if he hates it?" Medusa laughs, shaking her head as she does. "I will never understand boys. They are so contrary and then tell us we are."

Eibhlin chuckles, "That's a question best asked him, but I have a feeling he's not going to have a real answer as to why either," the Ravenclaw returns. "Me either," she adds about boys, at least they're in agreement on that note. "I suppose we all are to some extent, but still, they just seem so…" she leaves it at that with a shake of her head. "Probably easier not to try and understand them most of the time."

Medusa hmmms softly, "He does like to obfuscate his feelings." A faint grin dances across her mouth, "I only worry about trying to understand one at a time, makes it easier." Medusa pushes herself away from the wall. "Besides, I can only kiss them one at a time," she winks at Eibhlin.

"Well there is that," Eibhlin agrees with a slight nod in regards to Gerald. "Probably much easier one at a time than trying to understand them all at once," she shakes her heads, amusement flicker across her features at the other girl's last comment. "Yes, well I'll stick to my books. They're much less… complicated."

Flicking a glance back to Eibhlin's book Medusa says drolly, "Less complicated? You are reading a book on ancient runes." Her eyes widen and she remembers the news from earlier in the day, "I wonder what kind of professor old Sirius Black will be. I bet he is strict." Not that it matters much to Medusa as she doesn't take the subject.

"Point taken," the Ravenclaw comments, blue eyes glancing towards the book herself. "Its a relative opinion I suppose. I have something of a knack for language, but apparently 'boy' isn't one of them." The mention of the professor brings a moment of consideration, "Very possible," Eibhlin agrees.

With a thought to the time and the mention of points Medusa says, "I should go, it is nearly curfew." She starts to walk away then turns back and says, "Hey Evie, becareful will you. Things are…heating up. I've always thought you were a nice person. I wouldn't want to see you get hurt."

Eibhlin nods as mention of the time makes her think of it as well. "Until later," she agrees, stepping towards the commons only to turn a glance over her shoulder at Medusa's additional comment. "Thanks Medusa, I appreciate your concern," she replies sincerely, because really a Slytherin isn't exactly the first person she'd expect to be worried about her. "Have a good night," she adds, offering a smile.

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