(1938-10-17) About Kings, Queens, Heirs, Guards, and Rules
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Summary: Victor Proudmore and Janette Abbott meets in the Lake Shore. Discussion about House Points, picking, guards and Proudmore's hereditament raises.
Date: 1938-10-17
Location: Lake Shore, Hogwarts
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Hogwarts Lake Shore

This narrow crescent of grainy sand and smooth small beach stones spans east to west between the cliff face to the east and the large fortified stone campus perimeter wall to the west that runs north to south until it runs many yards into the water of the Black Lake itself and further off to the north. The only spot along the shore that isn't given completely to a topography of rocks and roots, the latter of which extend right out into the lake, it's a commonplace sight to see students hopping about on the rocks or skipping stones across the water.

It's early evening of still quite warm fall. There are enough people outside to raise an irritating noise. A bit farther from the main crowds, Janette is sitting on the blanket with one girl from fifth grade and one boy from seventh grade from Slytherin. They looks twice bigger than Janette and stronger.

Then she catches the sight of another boy in the same scary look, her hand lazily waves for him, "Good, Ben, you are on time, sit!"

The boy slips on the blanket too, curiously staring at the ghostly girl.

"I was telling the rules for Jack and Rosie," speaks cool voice, while pale fingers are playing with the snowy curls. The boy, called Jack stares at these fingers, just sometimes peeking at the slowly moving black lips and petite frame of the Snowsnake.

"So, when you see a muggle-born walking closer than fifteen steps near me, you must warn that thing to move, got it?" The trio nods, "When you see half-blood, walking closer than ten steps near me, you must warn that creature too, clear? And you must keep most of the others walking not closer than five steps near me. There will be exceptions, about which I will warn you. You three are already exceptions, and Prefect Victor Proudmore," the girl tosses some curls back, glancing at the sky, "And…" conversation becomes more silent.

And the Proudmore goes for a walk, moving along the small beach and passing throught its stones and moving in the direction of the Slytherin group as he sights them, "Oh, hey Janette, I see we has similar ideas for the evening." He says, if he noticed the talk that was happening before, he makes no clue of it, his face set on that proud smile that often is carried with him.

Janette waves with her hand in shooing manner for the three Slytherins. "We will finish later. Now, please, give me some… space," announces the young girl.
Trio stands up and two fifth year students take some steps away. They find a perfect place under the oak.
The tallest boy from the seventh year remains a bit longer beside the girl, studying Proudmore. Then he offfers Janette a warm smile and a wink, "See you later, lady," he chuckles and goes back to the building.
When Janette is left alone on the blanket, she pats place beside her, "Victor, pleasure to meet you, please, join."

Victor casts a quizzical glance to the trio, specially the one who remained, but once the boy turns and leaves, he resumes his normal mood, moving to take a seat on the blank by the side of Janette, "So, has people stopped picking on you?" He questions, eyes fixed on the water for now, "The time might have come for this Arthur to move and slay those dragons."

"I am not sure, Victor!" quite joyfully shouts Janette and clasps her one hand around boy's shoulders. Though, she continues in a whisper, "If someone will ever pick on me again, I will inform my Arthur about it. Also, I got three body guards. They are pretty lovely. That seventh year, Jack, he liked me since last winter, if I remember right, but he knows, that he has no chance against you," girl giggles and releases the boy.
"So," curious grey look finds Victor's orbs, "How things for you? How classes? I saw the Gryffindor lost quite a lot points… What happened?"

The Proudmore raises a brow as Janette mentions the boy liked her, "Well, he better remember that very well, or I shall remind him." He says, frowning as recalls the loss of points on his House, "That fool Douglas, I'm glad you warned me about him, I might drag him for a talk someday. I still have some hopes we will recover those points, well, I will do my part and make sure others follow our guidelines."

"If he will forget that, I will remind him that, don't worry. Deal is deal, Victor," chuckles Janette, curling on the blanket and turning to the boy, that he would be better seen.
"Oh, him. Not a surprise. Good, this is the last year. I mean, we will have whole seven year without them! That will be a feast!"

Victor chuckles, watching the pale girl on the moonlight for a few moments, "But before we shall turn Hogwarts into our Camelot? With you and I as King and Queen of it?" He says, "Also, I don't want to see my House falling behind the counter, we might not be able to beat that silly Ravenclaws, but there is still a chance to have an honourable second place."

"Hey hey hey… If you will be in the second place, Slytherin will appear as third. That's not very nice. We should get the same amount of points," laughs the girl, gently tugging her black ribbon in snowy curls.

Victor places a hand on his chin, stroking an imaginary beard for a while, "We might be lucky and see some Ravenclaw doing bad things, then we report to their prefects." He says with a wink, "Then our houses wouldn't stand in second or third, but rather first or second."

"And who would be first, huh?" chuckles Janette and lies down, spreading her white curls around. "Plus, I won't use my position unwisely. I don't want to lose it again. My father was prefect. I do not want to disappoint him!"
She turns her head at the boy, "Tell me about your parents…"

Victor shrugs, "I'm not sure, whoever it's the best!" He says with a smile, nodding and thinking for a few moments on what to say about his parents, "Well, they regard me as the best kid in the family and for that they aren't wrong. My father is a hunter, he has many muggle weapons, but also use some spells. He has a dragon skull at home and someday I'll hunt a dragon with him."

"Oooh! Now I understand where you get that idea of slaying dragons!" grins the ghostly girl widely. "Hunter. Sounds… Amusing at some point. Did you go on hunting with your father?

Victor shakes his head, seeming a bit disappointed, "Not yet, but maybe on the next vacation I will." He says, "Would you like to go on a hunting, Lady?" He questions, "Maybe not for a dragon, just some small adventure."

"Would be a pleasure to follow my knight and see his victory in the hunting, indeed!" nods Janette playfully, starting to play with her white curls.
But suddenly she changes subject, "Do you thing our parents will be happy about our deal?"

Victor shrugs, "I guess so, I'm the heir of the Proudmore's heir." He says, "And you are a pure blooded wizard from a good family, I'm not sure if our parents know each other from school, but even so, I think they would approve our deal."

"Good, heir of the heir!" laughs Janette, "That sounds pretty confusing. You mean, that after your father’s death, you will be the head of Proudmore's huh? Like the King? What that will give to you? Power? Should I already be proud?"

Victor nods and smiles proudly, "That will give me lands and workers, father never had to sweat his hands, we Proudmore focus on… Higher tasks." He says, "I will have nearly the entire Godric's Hollow, if father keeps our business like it is."

"Ooooh…" drawls the girl, raising to sit straight as proper for the heir's of the Proudmore's heir future partner. "Sounds sooo good! So, you will have to learn about all these things, how to run business too, not enough just magic skills. I would die, if I would have to. I do not like numbers and… I do not like to care about money," laughs the ghostly girl.

Victor shrugs once again, "I might just be able to hire someone who is skilled with that, but it would be good to do the accounting myself." He says, relaxing on the blanket, "So, what do you plan to do once we are out of the school? Your house has a talent for potions."

The girl shakes her head. Anger flashes in her eyes. "I lost my uncle and grandparents, when I was little. They died because of my mother's sister and her husband. He was muggle. I will never understand, why she chose to marry him. But she was disowned. At least by my mother. So, I don't know much. But my mother Daily Prophet as Politics Journalist. She is the most clever and the most beautiful there! And my father is Inspector in I.M.C. He has to travel a lot," sighs the girl, obviously missing her parents, but quickly she cheers up, "I want to have my own poiso…I mean potions store…"

The Proudmore seems a bit startled by the anger, leaning backwards for a moment, but as her tone returns to a more cheerful one he leans back in, "Well, I could help you with that. My family has money and a shop in the family would certainly be welcome." He says, "Specially if we are able to sell some… unique things."

The pair’s conversation becomes more and more silent. They whisper, giggle planning the future. When time comes, they both walks back to the Hogwarts and Victor escorts Janette back to Slytherin’s place, while her own two guards Ben and Rosie bring all the things back from the Lake Shore.

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