(1938-10-17) Amateur Dramatics
Details for Amateur Dramatics
Summary: Janette decides to threaten Medusa who is true to form and not overly impressed.
Date: 17 October 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room, Hogwarts

Medusa is seated at one of the tables in the common room, having just parted company with her Transfiguration tutor, Lucian, she is continuing to work on the task the Proudmore set her. Pale head bowed, her quill scratches across the parchment making notes. Every so often she looks up from her writing to turn over a page in a book. It is mid-morning, nearly lunch time. Most students are in lessons but the few older ones who have lighter schedules can be seen flitting in and out of the Slytherin common room.

There is a story about warmth of the white candle, which was blew out by the wrong winds, letting the darkness flood each corner of the angel's heart. This was the day, when the evil was born.

Today is a similar day in Hogwarts. Slytherin's common room doors are opened and ghostly creature enters inside. Usually, these few people inside would start to whisper, tease or chuckle, but today they are just retreating to silence: respectful or scared silence. Ghostly creature starts pacing straight near Medusa Malfoy, while these, who are inside freezes, hesitating even to blink.

The girl is dangerously calm and her features are frozen into the speechless form. There is a black ribbon, which gathers her curls, and this is the sign of changes, as the lips colored in black too. It is obvious, that it was a creature, which felt the warmth of the white candle and the wrong gusts of winds blew it out, even if the creature tried to save it.

It would be funny, if it would be just teenage girl sad about losing her boyfriend. But it is not that. It is the creature, who lost the warmth of the light, that is why the aura, which spreads from Janette raises many shudders to run across the skin of those inside. There is nothing funny, nothing.

Janette stops in front of Medusa and lets the devil himself to look through her eyes into Medusa's. This is the look, which perfectly answers the question, why this girl was send to Slytherin. This question will never see the light again.

Janette slowly leans closer near the ear of Medusa and dangerously calm voice whispers, that nobody else could hear. Then the girl lets the same evil gaze once more to look straight to the Medusa's eyes, and Janette leans near the left ear, speaking in the same whisper, unheard for others.

And then Janette just turns to walk away the way she came, not looking at Medusa at all, because nobody is worth of the third look from her. The girl, still being in the form of pure innocents, is accompanied by the looks of others. The ghostly girl points at one girl and one boy from the fifth grade and waves for them to follow, they just stands up and walks out with her, maybe not knowing why they do so.

The silence rules Slytherin's common room and usual chuckles are just dead. Nobody says that loudly, but everyone knows, that the reign of two Slytherin Queens is coming. Few students try not to look at Medusa or the door, where the girl vanished.

That there are students in Slytherin who feel the pull of darker forces is not unheard of. There have been dark wizards from all the houses. The oddity of Janette's turn about in behaviour might startle some but Medusa isn't a Malfoy for nothing. She merely glances up as the Abbott girl leans over to whisper to her, a single arched brow the only outward appearance that she heard the not-even-veiled threats whispered to her. As Janette leaves, flanked by two seemingly automaton-like students Medusa just shakes her head and goes back to her studies. If Janette wants to take down the Queen of Slytherin it is going to take more than some creepy mannerisms and whispered words.

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