(1938-10-18) Camilla Adopts Another Stray
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Summary: A wandering Canadian Magizoologist is pointed towards Camilla Fawley about some local Magical Creature matters. Camilla does what she always does…adopts the stray.
Date: October 18th 1938
Location: Fawley Farm, Hogsmeade

Morning. It's a wonderful time of day. Dew still on the grass, the air crisp, the energy from a night of sleep and a tonne or two of coffee. It's a marvellous time. At least as far as Kaleb Gamp is concerned. Though he's always been an odd abraxan foal. And speaking of Abraxan, he waves to one as he passes it and several other winged horses. "Good day, sirs and ladies granians!" And to the thestrals, "And to you, goodly noble thestrals! And to all you flying horse-kind!" He does seem chipper. Of course, he can't actually understand beastspeak, so he wouldn't know if they're saying anything to him. But he likes talking to animals anyway. As he approaches the house, he keeps his eyes open for any signs of humans. After all, here's here to meet a Ministry representative for the area.

Camilla steps out of the barn and pads at her forehead with her arm as her other hand holds her wand and a great big roll of hay comes out of the hay loft and she concentrates on hovering it from one place to another. Letting it drop on or close enough to a trough and then she lifts it up again and rinse and repeat until she has a few corralls all fed for the moment. "Mr. Gamp I presume?" She calls over with a smile, hand held up to block the sun from her eyes as she waves him over. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Ah! Ranger Kwaito-Fawley, isn't it?" Kaleb raises his hand and moves to walk toward her. His accent, she may notice, is notably not British. "No, no. Just got here. No need to apologize. Besides, I was admiring the granians, thestrals, and the abraxan on the walk up. Nothing like a few flying horses to get one's interest piqued." He chuckles widely. "Reminds me of this thestral I found out in a forest in Germany. Let me tell ya, if you come across one of them in the dark of night when you're camping? Doesn't matter HOW much you know about them, you'll still jump out of your skin in fright!" He laughs at himself a little. "Anyway, thanks for meeting me."

Camilla laughs along with him as she cleans off her hand on her bib-top pants leg and then offers it to him. "Ah, Germany, the Black Forest. I was called in there because of some history to find a friend that got knocked off his broom at the world cup and got himself bit by a werewolf. You don't have to tell me how spooky that place gets at night. Speaking of werewolves though. It's a full moon phase tonight. Would you mind if we talked while I did some preparation work for tonight?"

"Oh yes, yes indeed! Wouldn't want to be caught there unawares. No ma'am!" Kaleb shakes his head. "Poor man. Being a werewolf is a curse like no other. I'd not envy him." He looks to the sky, despite there being no moon in it at the moment. "Full moon…tonight? I've been negligent in my watch of the skies. But then, I haven't been camping. I've been staying in Londong. Haven't had need to worry if there were werewolves about." He smiles and shakes his head. "I don't mind at all. Certainly you've got to take precautions. Especially with all your animals about!"

Camilla gestures off towards the rehabilitation center. "The farm itself is completely warded for protection from somethings. What I prepare for is my friends coming in to spend the night. We have one of the best werewolf kennels in the world, of course, that's my bias speaking." As she leads the way she gives him a bit of a tour. "The Fawley family has been caretakers of the Forbidden Forest and these lands almost since Hogwarts and Hogsmeade was founded. We work with Hogwarts very often. I personally take care of the Mascots for the school, we can meet them later if you'd like. So, what were you here about again? I must admit, I read about three sentences of your letter before it got eaten."

"Well now, it's a surprise I've never made it here before, then!" Kaleb smiles widely. "This place sounds like the place for me!" He does seem genuinely happy to be here. "But, I guess one man can be in only so many places at once. In fact, only one place at once, as far as I'm aware." He chuckles a titch, following Camilla as she speaks. "The school has…mascots?" He seems curious at the thought, but leaves that for now. "I've been told that you're the one to speak to regarding the centaur population in the forest." He pauses. "Did you say the letter was eaten? Dare I ask what ate it?"

Camilla gives a bit of a guilty grin, "Helga, on of the mascots, she gets rather jealous of my attention at times. I made the mistake of reading it during some slotted cuddle time with her. Four mascots, one for each of Hogwart's Houses. Named for the founding members, Godric, the Lion. Rowena, the Eagle. Sal, the Serpent and Helga, the Badger." She looks a bit puzzled. "The centaur population? What would you like to know?"

"A lion, an eagle, a serpent, and a badger? Well, I've heard of stranger things." Kaleb shrugs, taking off his cap. "Oh, I've only met a select few centaurs in my years and I was interested in meeting more. I heard there was…well, a herd of centaurs here. I initially thought to ask the school about going to see them, but was told you were the one to speak with. I'd only want permission from those who allow it to go into those lands and meet them. Grant it, I'd only meet with their herd with their permission as well." He smiles, seeming unaware of the troubles they've had with the centaurs. "And since I've got your attention, I figured I'd ask about a few other creatures and beings and where to find them in the British Isles. I admit it's been too many years since I've been around here."

Camilla smiles warmly, obviously very proud and in love with her strange motley of family. Though she does look quite concerned about his desire to go into the forest and meet Centaurs. "Well, the centaurs and the Fawley's get along well enough because no Fawley has ever claimed the forest was anything but the Centaurs. So it really isn't for me to give permission. Only education and warning. I tried to warn away a reporter who thought they could get a scoop on what's going on with the centaurs this summer. They were very lucky I came across them dangling from one of the centaur's traps. This really isn't a good time to approach them I'm afraid Mr. Gamp." She seems she could go on at length about what is going on. But she pauses to let him digest the bad news.

Frowning, Kaleb rubs the back of his nexk as he listens and takes in what Camilla has to tell him. "I know that centaurs are a proud people. I'd never attempt to impose or encroach on their territory without their permission. I would never dare intrude upon them. I was just hoping to…well, listen to them. Be among them for a while, be there but never in the way. Maybe ask a few question." He shrugs. "But if you say it's not a good time, I'm not one to argue." He grins slyly. "Besides, hanging upside down does terrible things for my hair." He gazes about as they talk. "Now, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find unicorns, would ya?"

Camilla is a country girl, warm and welcoming to her way of life. But she perhaps doesn't have the sense of ones personal space so she moves closer to him as they walk and gives his back a rub. Almost like a pet, something she would do to calm one of her creatures if they were upset. It's not a condescending thing, exactly the opposite. She can tell she's dealing with a kindred spirit. "You are very much in luck there. I just so happen to have a stallion that got caught up in a trap himself. You see… there's five families or herds as you say in the Hogsmeade Clan of Centaurs. Usually it's just all of them against the humans, trying to keep us out of their forest. They like me - only because I keep humans out as well." That gets wink from her up at him before she breaks away enough to reach into her pocket and pull out a little piece of rock to pass it to him. "You'll need this to climb over the wall." She gestures to the very low Scottish highland wall that looks as old as Scotland itself. She gives a little hop over the wall and then waits for him.

A warm smile is offered to the younger woman, Kaleb listens carefully as she speaks. "He got caught in a trap? How's he doing? If it's bad, and there's anything I can do, just tell me…" He pauses for a moment before chuckling. "Though, granted, you're probably well more prepared here to take care of injuries." He shakes his head, more at himself than anything. "You sound as if you've established yourself well with their clans. Not many who can say that, for any reason!" His voice full of admiration. Though when she gives him the stone, he looks at her curiously, but doesn't argue. He holds it tight and inches himself over the wall. Once across, he looks to her, "Where to now, my lady?"

As he inches over the walls he might spot a mossy indent that's very hard to see from any distance. A rune here and there is carved on the stones of the wall and the little stone in his hand gives off a little tingle and a click sound like a key opening a lock. She smiles as she shakes her head. "The only real time I've done more than nod in respect in passing was when the heads of the herds came to give their condolences about my grandfather. Now he is the one that deserves your high praise. Not me." She continues on to the east and finally swings open the door of the building there.
You head towards Rehabilitation Copse

Rehabilitation Copse Hogsmeade
Fri Oct 18, 1938 ((Fri Oct 18 09:25:37 2013)) (N,1)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and clear.

The trees here are incredibly dense and snuggled in between them is a well sized building with darkened windows. Upon the door is a sign that is rather small and simply reads, "RCMC." Once inside, the doors open into a large room, much larger than the outside of the building would suggest. In the front are desks that sit in front of several small cages that go from small to the size for a large dog. Behind are several larger pens with thick glass walls and doors to go into them. The doors are separated into two sections so that just the upper part may be opened by itself.
The whole building is painted in muted and calm colors for the soothing effect on those that work and the animals that are here. All the doors have locks and at least some small kind of charm on them for safety as well. Right in the middle of the back wall is a door that seems to have quite a bit of security on it and opens up to the whole of the back of the building. Whatever gets put in that cell, will not get out… And look out if it ever does.@@

"Your grandfather must have been a great man to earn the respect of the heads of the herds, but it takes a great woman to folllow so closely the steps of such a man and not falter." Kaleb offers once he's across the wall and walking along side Camilla once again. "It's like my grandmother once said to me, 'You descend from those of respective nature, but that alone doesn't make you respectable. The respect you receive is to be thus of your own accord.' And it seems she was telling me was, your family members can have all the respect in the world, and can receive all the praise, but if you're receiving respect and praise as well, it's because you've earned it." He raises an eyebrow. "I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you have their respect, for any reason, it's because you're the genuine article. The real deal."

Camilla smiles and listens to his pearls of wisdom from his own grandparent as she busily starts to prepare things. "She sounds like a wonderful woman. Thank you for that, it's a beautiful philosophy. If you would like to visit the unicorn. He's resting…" She taps a map on the wall to show him which stall he's in. "He'll be asleep dreaming of meadows while the skele-grow does its curative thing. But you'll get about as close a look as you ever will to a living breathing unicorn most like." She gestures for him to go ahead, giving him enough trust to do so unsupervised. She's there, just not right there. Cells need to be set up for the werewolves. It's a long list of checks and balances and protocols that she follows very precisely. Though even with the clinical precision she handles making sure the cells are going to be secure for a night of lupine hijinx.

"A wonderful woman, yes." Kaleb agrees, murmuring the words gently. As he watches where she taps on the map, he offers a nod. "Oh, most likely. As I'm sure we're both well aware, adult unicorns are always suspicious of men…well, except for when they're new born. Usually quite trusting of most anyone at that point." He smiles a little, chuckling. "Though, I'm sure you knew all of that. Sometimes I get into the habit of talking to people who aren't specialists when it comes to magical beings." He nods. "Poor guy, having broken bones. I hate the thought of a creature in pain." He shakes his head solemnly. "I'll go have myself a gander for a moment. Let me know if you need any help with your preparations."

Camilla smiles to a man that strolls in from the front and looks a bit like she does. He steps into a cell like he was going home and then steps back behind a steel screen where each cell has a stainless steel hospital shower in it and folded clothes come out of a slot in the wall and drop onto a shelf. "See you in the morning. I'll take good care of you." The man replies with a smile, "You always do Cami bambi." Blushing and rolling her eyes she seals up the cell and then comes over to check up on Kaleb. "Magnificent isn't he?"

Kneeling down at the edge of the stall, Kaleb watches the sleeping unicorn with a small smile upon his face. "Beautiful." He whispers, wanting to wake the unicorn. "He's wonderful. I've never been this close to a full grown unicorn before." Standing up slowly, he faces, Camilla. "They're absolutely awe inspiring creatures." He says, and by the look on his face, he truly means it. "I hope he recovers quickly."

Camilla smiles proudly and in quite a bit of awe herself down at the slumbering creature. "I shall tell you what Mr. Gamp. If you would like, you would be very welcome to stay at the farm for a while. It won't be a vacation, Fawley Farm rules are that you do your part. But I already can tell you are more than willing to chip in." Camilla has quite the habit of picking up strays, so to speak and Kaleb is quite far astrayed from home.

Kaleb considers Camilla for a good moment, thinking over her offer. "You know, Ranger Kwaito-Fawley, I do believe I'd quite enjoy that." He grins. "I'd do my part, of that you can be certain. I'm no stranger to creatures and beings. They're my area of expertise. As well, I'm not shy when it comes to the…well, more unpleasant chores. If there's a creature that needs extra special care because it's sick or injured or, well, even pregnant, you can count on my help with them as well." This is just the type of experience he'd enjoy. Searching out creatures is all fun and games, but sanctuaries are the pot of gold for a wandering magizoologist such as he. "Oh! And just to scratch one more off my list, you wouldn't happen to know of any actual merperson colonies around the United Kingdom or Ireland, do ya? I've been itching to brush up on my Mermish and it's been a while since I've actually been to one of their colonies."

Camilla chuckles and laughs and offers her hands down to help him up. "Mr. Gamp, you have really come to just the right place for all of your British Isles Magical creatures. We will have to check with Flint about the merpeople. Because while the forest for the most part is outside of the Hogwarts Grounds… the Black Lake is mostly within their boundaries… though you may wish to wait til spring if you intend on staying that long. I am afraid they get very grumpy this time of year. Very busy preparing for the ice over."

"Well, I'm certainly glad of that. I can't think of a place I'd rather be!" Kaleb chuckles. "I'll be sure to write another little letter to the Headmaster. May see about a meeting. More personal, and easier to explain about what I do or what I want to do." He stretches a little bit. "Well, I suppose I should get back to the Leaky Cauldron and get packing, if I'm going to be making this my base for a while. And really, thank you for the offer. It's very kind and generous of you." He smiles widely at that. "You won't regret it."

Camilla gives him a pat on the arm, "I have a good feeling I won't. Just please make sure not to go exploring in the Forest without me to supervise. My only condition is of course no harm or exploit will come to my charges. I am very sure that you are not out for such things Mr. Gamp. But I must be careful. I hope you understand."

"Of course, my good lady. Of course. I don't want to do anything that would harm you or those under your care." Kaleb makes a slight sweeping arm movement, indicating the creatures in here and beyond. "I'll consult you before ever doing anything concerning the forest." He smiles softly. "Now, I suppose I should get my stuff before the full moon appears, eh?" He grins.

Growly gravelly tones that are still playful call from the cell the man that came in earlier is in. "He doesn't get my room!" It makes Camilla chuckle and shake her head. "That is one thing… Demetrius does share the house with us. We make every effort to keep things clean and safe. We'll understand if you prefer to keep to one of the cabins. But during school when the kids are away he stays in the Big House with me. Well besides three nights out of the year." She keeps it light and smiling at Kaleb. There would be no judgement from her if he changes his mind entirely when he learns that a werewolf lives with her.

"I'll go wherever you put me, ma'am." Kaleb seems fairly impartial about it. "I've even got a tent that I don't mind staying in. I've done plenty of camping in my day." He explains in a casual done. "In the house, in a cabin, in my tent. I'm just glad for the opportunity. I'd rather work at this to keep my room. A lot more interesting than just paying for a room at the Leaky Cauldron." He chuckles. He makes no mention, for the time people, of living with a werewolf. Either he minds, and he's just avoiding the issue at the moment, or he doesn't care and he doesn't feel the need to bring it up any further.

Camilla walks him to the door. "I'm here for the rest of the night. If you are in no rush - one more night at the Cauldron - or the Three Broomsticks here in Hogsmeade and we can have breakfast and get things sorted out then. It was very lovely meeting you Mr. Gamp. We Magizoologists need to band together. Do have a wonderful night. See you come breakfast. Just come around to the back of the house, the kitchen door. Make sure to announce yourself. Godric doesn't like surprise visits." She gives a little wink and a smile and offers her hand in farewell.

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