(1938-10-18) Sweet Day
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Summary: Dean and Arian 'bump' in to each other during Hogsmeade weekend, and chat it up.
Date: 1938-10-18
Location: Harkiss' Candy, Hogsmeade
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Harkiss' Candy Hogsmeade
Fri Oct 18, 1938
Stepping into the dizzying kaleidoscope of sweets, muggle and magical, is a Hogwarts students dream come true. Harkisss Candy and Malt shop has even been known to turn adults into children again, without the use of magic. Young and old alike wander the forest of stands sprouting lollipops like fantastical rainbow colored leaves. Strange birds strutting a multicolored variety of sugared quills mingle among the forest, preening their feathers for consumption.
Then theres the shelves down the middle of the store. Polished glass jars of pepper imps, licorice wands and exploding bonbons dazzle the eye. Wrapped in shiny foils, fizzing whizbees crowd among the trademark gold hexagonal boxes of chocolate frogs and pots of wriggling jelly slugs. Various muggle treat of peppermint and butterscotch fight for their own right to be sampled and taken home, as well as an impressive variety of homemade fudge.
The main feature of the place, however, is the malt counter. With the wood polished to a high shine, and cushiony bar stools lined up in front, patrons can be seen sampling all manner of drinks that fizz, foam and steam. The best part of the bar it that it never seems to be full. No matter how many students and adults crowd the counter, theres always another stool for the little straggler who wants to join his fellows, or a couple for the sweethearts that wish to share a malt for two.

Despite the hustle and bustle of students trying to nab their favorite treat this afternoon at the start of another Hogsmeade Weekend, Dean is off in the sparsely populated muggle candy section. He looks a little weary, but the joy of a candy shop can cut through any kids dark clouds. Several things already in one hand, he reaches out and takes a couple tied-bags of Sugar Babies.

Arian has picked up his usual collection of magic candies (he goes for simple things, anyway, so it's not a big haul so far) before he's meandered back into the muggle candy section. After all, he IS a half blood, and he's received more than his fair share of non-wizard candy. The odd thing, though, is that this is normally Arian's favorite part of venturing into Hogsmeade, but now, as he pores over the treats, a frown is worn. In fact, he's so distracted that he bumps into Dean over near one shelf. The Ravenclaw mutters a muted "Sorry" without looking up.

Dean is trying to stuff the bags of Sugar Babies in with the stash in his left arm as he's bumped. He drops a Fizzpop which of course pops and then fizzes a fruity smelling foam at his feet. "Oy!" He looks down at the wasted Fizzpop and sighs, glancing over his shoulder. "'Ey Kyle! Forget to screw in your eye-bulbs today?"

Suprisingly, the fizz and foam don't get Arian's attention. No, it's not until Dean actually calls him out that he actually gives a start and turns around to see what the commotion is. "Oh, bloody hell," he mutters, rolling his eyes at himself. "Damn sorry there, Dean. Just…" He gives a sigh and shrugs his shoulders. "Sorry, I'm a little distracted right now. Here," he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a few bronze coins. "Let me at least pay for THAT." That, of course, being the mess on the floor.

Dean bends down to try and salvage the fizz, but thankfully this isn't the first Fizzpop to pop and fizz in the store, and some enchantment on the floor causes the fizz to be sucked up into nothingness. Dean chuckles and waves away the coins. "No need, it seems." While he's bent down, Dean notices some peppermint patties and nabs a couple. "Don't worry about it, pal. Some blame is on me, I'm sure. Haven't felt myself since—" He glances around at the other students as he straightens. "-You know… the other night."

Arian is only too glad he's saved the sacrifice of handing over his coins. After all, that would only cut into his candy budget, and that's the happiest part of his life. Candy, that is. Not budgets. When Dean brings up 'the other night,' however, Arian gets even weirder. "Yeah, um, that was really weird," he mutters, obviously wanting to change the subject as quickly as possible. "You know, you might actually be able to help me, though. I could use the help of a Hufflepuff."

Dean starts moving down the shelves, grabbing a couple rolls of butter rum Life Savers as he walks. He raises a brow at Arian's words. "Oh? In what way?" Truthfully, Dean himself is glad to change the subject, and he racks his brain a bit trying to figure out why he even brought it up.

"I need some advice about one of your housemates," Arian tells Dean, following the younger boy and grabbing a giant block of Hershey's chocolate. "I don't know if you know her or not, but I need gift ideas. Her name's Artemis Meliflua. 5th year. Do you know her?"

Dean can't help but chuckle. "I've seen her around. Don't really know her though. I've seen her reading in the common room, or playing chess. Other than that, don't really know what she's in to." Dean nabs a couple chocolate frogs, wishing he had grabbed a basket from by the entrance. He looks at the other boy side-long for a moment with a smirk. "Fancy her, mate?"

It wasn't really the answer he was looking for, but Arian feels a little better when Dean actually picks up on the fact that he's asking for a reason. After all, it helps to have friends in the right places. Or houses. "Well, a bit," says Arian, trying to be coy and failing miserably. "I'm actually taking her to the Halloween Feast, but I want to get her something. You know, to… seal the deal, so to speak." As the boys pass by a stand of giant lollipops, Arian grabs one and gives it a sniff. "I love the smell of an all-day sucker."

As if it had read his mind, a basket lays empty in the space between two shelves. Dean dumps his armload into the basket and picks it up by the handle, offering it Arian for his things. "Oh, brilliant. I haven't asked anyone. I think I'll just float around at the feast." This news doesn't seem to bother Dean in the least as he goes on. "Are you guys going to dress in costume?"

Arian thankfully dumps the things he's holding into the basket, making sure to keep them separate from Dean's things (he's never really cared for butterscotch). "Yeah, I am, but I haven't decided what I'm going as yet," he says. "So, you've no idea what to get this girl as a gift? Not even, like an inkling?"

Dean shrugs a bit as he tosses a couple Fizzpops into the basket to replace the one he lost. You know, you need two to replace one. Teen logic. "Sorry mate, I don't really know her. I've only just seen her around. I don't know too many of the older students." He offers Arian a clap on the shoulder. "Go for candy or flowers. That's the safety net, innit?"

"I was afraid you'd say that," says Arian as he tosses a couple more chocolate frogs into the basket. You can never have enough of those, right? "I'm just afraid I'll eat all of the candy before it gets to her. And flowers seem so… cliche." A few more chocolate frogs to in. Arian's addicted. "But I have another task you might be able to help me with. How would you feel about helping me get revenge on a Slytherin? A very, very, very evil one." He pauses to let the idea soak in. Hopefully Dean's up for it. He's going to need all the help he can get.

Dean stops moving and faces Arian with raised brows. "Revenge? How so? And what Slytherin?" He's not much of a pot-stirrer, he's day-dreamed of getting back at a few Slytherin's, especially the ones who mess with his violin. But to actually do it? He waits for Arian's response, feeling both excitement and anxiety.

Arian gives a look around, making sure there's no whispering ears to listen to what he's about to say. There's no doubt if anyone, particularly a Snake, hears this, that they'd instantly go running to tell on him. "Ria," he says the name as quietly as possible. "She's a seventh year. And she's the queen of evil. I have an idea, but we're going to need some information first. We need to find out what she's allergic to."

Dean scratches the back of his neck and looks around nervously when Arian glances about. "Ria? Sykes? The -Prefect-?" He lets out a broken laugh, but manages to maintain his cool. "You're mental to go after a Prefect. How do we find out what she's allergic to? And isn't that dangerous?"

"Yes, the prefect," Arian says, keeping his voice as low as possible. "I know, I know, it's mental. But I can't just let her keep bullying people. She.. The other night, she stole all of my candy AND threw all my cards across the courtyard. It took half an hour to get them back up. And she was trying to get ME in trouble for it. She needs to know," he says with a complete seriousness, "that she can't get away with it. C'mon, are you in?"

Peer pressure. One of those things that are as old as time itself. Dean sighs and nods. "Fine. I'll help." A finger is produced and waved at Arian. An image of his mother, if anyone here actually knew her. "But any hint of it going sour, and I'm out. Hufflepuff is up in the house points for once, and I won't be the one to knock it down."

Arian nods, trying to keep a grin from appearing on his face. "Good, good," he tells the boy, clapping him on the back. "All you'll need to do is find out if she's allergic to something. I can do the rest. Or," he adds, "if you prefer, find out if she likes a certain boy in school. Maybe we can get her to embarrass herself instead. That may actually be more effective than getting her sent to the hospital wing…" It's all Arian can do to stop himself from rubbing his hands together evilly.

Another sigh is let out, but Dean can't help grin at Arian's excitement. "Fine, I'll see what I can do. Come on, we don't have much time left today." He takes a few steps and drops the basket on the counter, handing the clerk a galleon "The whole lot, please."

Arian reaches into his pocket to pull out his coins, but he has to stop when Dean offers the coin to the clerk. "Wait, wait," the Ravenclaw says in protest, "what are you doing? You can't buy all of this. Half of it's mine." He's not sure whether Dean is trying to pay for him or take all of the candy he picked out. Either one seems bad. "I have to pay for my share."

Dean waves dismissively and shrugs at Arian. "I got it, don't worry." He rocks on the balls of his heels as he waits for the clerk to count out his change. "You need to save your money to get that brilliant gift. Especially if everyone you ask for ideas is as helpful as I am."

Arian nods. Well, at least he is getting free candy out of the deal. That's something. "Thanks," he says, carefully pulling out his share of the haul. "I'll have to get you back sometime." As for the gift idea… "Yeah, I guess I'll just go and look for something. Maybe the bookstore. Flowers will be my fallback option." As he turns to leave, he taps his nose. "I'll be in touch," he says secretively.

Dean shoves his things into a paper sack and follows Arian out, turning to head towards the wand shop. "Yeah yeah. Talk to you later, mate." He shake his head and chuckles before making his way down the street.

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