(1938-10-19) Far from the Maddening Crowd
Details for Far From the Maddening Crowd
Summary: Kaiden and Ria channel their twin energies by skipping out on a Hogsmeade weekend to allow for some quiet time. And Medusa delivers some highly annoying news.
Date: October 19, 2013
Location: Central Castle Roof, Hogwarts
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Central Castle Roof Roof
Sat Oct 19, 1938 (Hogwarts Castle)

It is a fall night. The weather is freezing and raining.

The ramparts of Hogwarts Castle are sturdy, massive constructions made of weathered granite, and provide an uninterrupted pathway across the roof's exterior. Past the ramparts is a bird's-eye view of the surrounding grounds. While these views are obscured generally, lovely stone gazebos called louvres have been constructed at three spots along the palisades. One to the south that has the best view of the Black Lake and cliffs. Another louvre looks over the viaduct to the southeast. A panoramic view of the Forbidden Forest can be gotten to via the northeast louvre. Raised palisade walkways are to the west and east.
The view is interrupted by the Astronomy Tower, whose walls are missing several stones and are riddled with cracks, and the Owlery. The ramparts themselves have chest height walls to either side that create a six-foot-wide corridor. Crenellations rise up another three feet, making the walls almost eight feet tall at their peak. Strong winds tend to blow along the ramparts frequently, making it a particularly uncomfortable place to be during the winter, though the weather is frequently quite pleasant during even the hottest summer days.

It's a gross, rainy fall night. Instead of being the little social butterfly that he normally is and hanging out down in Hogsmeade, Kaiden finds himself sitting along on the rooftop smoking a cigarette. He doesn't look particularly bothered by any one thing. Maybe the kid's just a little down?

It's only natural the twins are on the same brainwave. For Ria too has also avoided Hogsmeade this weekend, and her gut tells her to wander upward to the roof where lo and behold Kaiden is also there. She has a protective charm around her to block out the rain, but it looks rather half-assed seeing as the tips of her shoes look a bit wet and the sleeves on her cloak are definitely hit with drops. "If you get caught, I can't help you," she says walking up to him with a smile. Her hand is held out indicating she would appreciate a drag as well. "Not out being a friendly badger?"

"Like I need the help of your venom, you wench." He turns to her and smirks, saying, "Feels like I haven't seen you in forever, sister. I trust you're still under father's thumb?" He takes a drag from the cigarette and offers it over to her. To her question he just sort of shrugs, "I'm feeling a little beat down. Figured I'd take a moment of respite."

Ria laughs softly, accepting the cigarette gratefully with a long drag before exhaling. "Someday you will need this wench's help. Mark my words," she winks and hands it back to him. "I am indeed. You already know how aggravating it can be. But I know its for my own good. He has plans for me after graduation." Something in her eyes is hopeful and excited with a strange sort of hunger in her for the future. And yet something there's also a bit of blindness in there, like a girl whose mind has been soaked in a certain way of thinking. Raising a concerned brow she takes a seat next to him (not before drying the seat of course) and asks, "Oh? Anything in particular. Has another girl rebuffed you? Or was it you who did the rebuffing this time around?"

"I couldn't really tell you, sister. I suppose I'm just getting old. Can't quite keep up with all these women like I used to." He smirks and takes the cigarette back, taking a quick drag off of it. "Nah, I'm just tired. Between studies, Quidditch and chasing skirts I haven't had much time to myself."

"It was a wonder you were able to keep up with them at all," Ria smirks stretching her arms behind her head as she takes in the autumn air. "I still think you should get checked for any pesky American, mud blood diseases. But that's just me." Peering back over at him she purses her lips in though. "I don't blame you. You've certainly been working hard, even mother and father have taken notice at your improving marks," she offers. Taking a moment to think some more she says, "You know. I think what you and I need is a bit of fun. It's been a quite a while since you and I have both been single at the same time. And our birthday is coming up soon. We should have a party here of some sorts. Perhaps at Hogsmeade even. What say you?"

"I think that sounds like a decent enough time. Apart from all of the parts where I have to spend time with you." He pretends to retch, but turns and smiles to her, taking the final drag from his cigarette before flicking it into the grounds below. "But yeah, that sounds like fun. Let's do that. Perhaps we'll even demand presents from all the attendees."

Ria hits her twin on the shoulder and argues, "You always have a wonderful time with me!" Her eyes follow the cigarette as it flits off from his head and over the wall. Pull out her wand, she makes a subtle swirling motion and huzzah! The cigarette butt disappears in mid-air before it can even reach the ground below. "You're welcome," she deadpans to Kaiden. But in agreement she nods, "Yes, we will indeed demand presents! I'll have a cake made. I believe I can also get someone to sneak us some butterbeer however if we're in Hogsmeade, that won't be a problem. What games shall we play?"

Kaiden grins as the cigarette butt disappears, "And here I was hoping maybe Ogg would eat me." He slides his hands into his pockets and takes a deep breath, tilting his head to his sister, "So, how have you been, Ria? I know I haven't been quite the best brother lately in keeping up with you. You doing alright?"

"Not on my watch," Ria nods and checks over the wall's edge to make sure all evidence was vanished, "Besides, if I'm caught around you I'll get into trouble myself." How very Ria, who only does a kindness if it benefits her as well. Though she'll pull exceptions for Kaiden. She blinks however, not expecting the question since no one has asked her that in a while. "Yes I'm…doing much better," she admits with some hesitation while pursing her lips. Much better of course than the sobbing mess she was in Kaiden's arms last summer after that happened. "I've had much more time to…concentrate on myself. And really think about what it is I want to do after we're done with our time here. Really Kaiden, I highly suggest you take a long break from all your ladies. It will do you well." And then she pauses to look over at her twin, "Are you worried?" The two Sykes children are standing by the roof's edge looking over the grounds. It's raining slightly and it very subtly smells of smoke.

Kaiden smiles at Ria and takes her arm in his hand, giving it a soft reassuring squeeze, "And I'd advise you not to turn completely away from everyone's affections, sister. Sometimes a little love can go a long way." He tilts his head at her question and says, "I'm always worried about you, Ria. You're a hard-headed, cantankerous bitch. I love you to death for it, though."

Smoke smells? Amazingly it isn't Medusa this time, which is not to say it might not be in the future and hasn't been in the past just that at this present time it has nothing to do with her. Hands deep into the pockets of her over-sized and hooded black fur cloak the Malfoy girl's confident stride beats out a staccato rhythm against the flag stones. As she finds the Sykes she smirks, lifting her head to peer out at them from under the hood. "Whereas I am a hard-hearted bitch." She comes to a natural stop next to the pair and looks them over. "Although I hear that Ria has a chance with a third year. Maybe he's a forth year, he's quite scrawny."

Ria snickers and squeezes her twins hand on her should. "Of course you do. And you're a lackadaisical softy led by his privates, but its only natural I love you too," she adds with a nod. "Though don't you worry about me. Affections have indeed taken me a long way from where I've been wanting to go. Things are much better this way." Her eyes narrow in cold assurance. But the voice of a newcomer causes her gaze to float in that direction. A smirk crinkles the corner of her mouth. "Its the only reason I can stand you Medusa," she shrugs. But in confusion she raises a brow. "I have no clue what you're talking about. Though … can one really say they're surprised," her chin raises up haughtily.

Kaiden looks up as Medusa enters and flashes the Slytherin girl one of his trademarked winning grins before looking back to Ria, "I suppose you know what's best for yourself. Just don't become an old spinster surrounded by cats. Our genes are far too good to waste." He turns to look at Medusa and says, "Hello, Malfoy. I trust all is well?"

Medusa leans in towards Kaiden and sniffs. She knows better than to sniff Ria. From within one of her pockets she pulls out a paperbag and opens it, offering Kaiden, "Mint humbug?" Her pale head turns towards Ria and clocks the shorter girl's always perfect appearance. "So you don't fancy giving that little Ravenclaw the night of his dreams then and agreeing to go to the Halloween Feast with him? Mind you, he is a half-blood and I know that your taste is far too good to get dirty unlike some of our other housemates."

"So help the world if I ever spawn anything," Ria rolls her eyes at Kaiden. "I'll leave the breeding to you. I'm sure you'll do a fine job at it." But she then watches Medusa sniff away in silent curiosity, eyeing the bag of mints and then Kaiden. "You should take one," she advises her twin. And as for herself? She's got charms for that. She lets out a loud 'hah!' in amusement as she finally realizes who exactly the pale Malfoy is speaking of. "You're kidding right? I'm mildly offended you'd even think I'd entertain such an idea. You've already answered your own question." Ria's taste is indeed too picky. Though with a tilt of her head, she gives Medusa a calculating look. "What's your interest in it?"

"You never minded the taste before, Malfoy." He smirks at himself and runs his hands back through his hair, tucking a few zany strands back behind his ear. He looks at Ria and says, "Who on earth is she talking about, sister?"

Looking rather smug that she knows something which Kaiden doesn't Medusa leans into him. "Let's not speak ill of the dead or the past." She shakes the bag of mints at him again. Really Kaiden take the hint would you? "There is this whinging little brat in Ravenclaw who thinks I am Mephistopheles himself, which of course I am not. I always saw myself more as a Lilith or a Salome. In any case he asked Douglas and I for dating advice at lunch a few days ago." One corner of her mouth lifts in a smirk. "Advice, dear Kaiden, because this half-blooded scrawny, whinging git fancies our Ria here. Thought he would win her over with juggling balls and muggle magic tricks."

There is some weird juju going on as Ria eyes Kaiden and Medusa. Though her preference is to not delve too deeply into that right now. Far far too awkward. "Arian Kyle," she makes it clear to Kaiden. "That spineless, dirty-blooded Ravenclaw with all those damned….illusions." She says the word with such disdain. "I had a feeling he had a fancy for me. Though I've never though much of it since it makes him rather malleable. Who doesn't enjoy someone so readily available? You never know when they'll come in handy" she shrugs. But also groans, "I find it rather appalling and rather that he'd search so openly for advice. Though I'm afraid of what you may have told him." She gives Medusa a look as if to say 'What did you tell the boy?' "And don't be silly Medusa. If anything you're an Eris."

Kaiden plucks a mint from the Slytherin with a grumble before unwrapping it and popping it into his mouth. Always out to please. He listens to Medusa for a moment and says, "Well, my dear sister always preferred substance to spectacle." At the mention of Arian, Kaiden rolls his eyes, "That boy's been treading a line with me since I met him."

Because she is such a social gem Medsua offers a mint sweet to Ria as well, with the caveat, "They do taste quite nice." She opens her mouth to reveal one of the sweets held between her teeth to prove that they are not poisonous. "Mmmm, well as I recall I laughed at him and told him that since the Proudmore bastard wasn't good enough that his scrawny little self had no chance. I might have used the phrase squashed like a bug." She waves her other hand dismissively as if it were hard to recall her exact words. "He looked like he might start to cry when I laughed as he protested he thought he had a chance because you were so nice to him." One icy blue eye is squinted shut, "Yes, Arian is his name." Both eyes open she smirks, "He is one of those foolish half-bloods who thinks his mudblood family is just as good if not better than his wizarding blood. There seem to be a rash of them this year."

Ria rejects the mint with a nonchalant wave, even if it isn't poisonous. "A very fine line indeed. It without saying that if anything were to happen to him, I would have no clue who did it," she nods to her brother, recalling a very convenient beating of the late Leander Fox. The name 'Proudmore' seems to elicit a strange reaction from the usually gathered girl. Though she doesn't acknowledge it even being mentioned. "I have no idea where he got the impression that I was ever kind to him. He must have been hallucinating," she rolls her eyes, but it is followed with a smirk, "Wish I could have been there to see you break him down though. I'm sure it was a delight. I'm at least relieved you gave him sound advice." She checks her watch for the time.

At the mention of 'Proudmore' Kaiden gives Ria's arm a reassuring pat. "It's the curse of our genes, Ria. We are far too attractive for our own good." He ponders for a moment and says, "I suppose I should have a talk with Arian should he continue his advances."

The sweets are tucked away and Medusa pulls her warm coat around herself. She brushes her thumb against the black fur. "He needs to learn his place, it matters not who delivers the lesson." Kaiden is given a sidelong glance, "Although given some people's penchant for dirty blood I can understand why a foolish boy might be confused. I set him straight about the Sykes however, at least Ria. Slytherin do not dirty themselves. Hufflepuffs…well…I hear the cakes are nice." Medusa smiles at Ria, "It must be keeping you busy having to deal with all of crazy arsed Janette Abbott's duties as well as your own. Thank Merlin we aren't a house of crybabies."

"I have no clue what you're saying, Kaiden. But do whatever you must," Ria stretches and inspects her nails as she feigns ignorance at his offer. "I appreciate your help Medusa. I will take it up as best I can from here." Speaking of prefect duties. "Yes indeed, it's rather a pain to have to pick up the slack. Although I can't say I've never been in her position …. " After all she lost her badge for a time too. "She certainly had it coming to her. That's the consequence of lowering oneself to someone unworthy. That and she's put our entire house severely behind on points. We won cup last year and now she's made it all the more difficult this year." Her eyes roll in disgust. "Anyhow, I've got some things to take care off to replace the blood traitor. If she wants to roll around in the mud, so be it. It's unnecessary for her to bring us all down with her." Giving Kaiden a peck on the cheek she nods to Medusa, "I will catch you all later."

"Well, we can't all be cunts of your caliber, Medusa." Kaiden flashes her a winning grin and slips his hands into his pockets. He looks to Ria and says, "Do take care, sister. I can only hit so many people at one time."

Medusa gives Ria a little wave as she corrects Kaiden, "No, what you meant to say is that you can't all pull cunts of my caliber. Because quite simply there is no one else like me." Even so she turns towards him now. "Fighting aside, I did want to ask you if you would possibly help tutor me. I am trying to sort out my grades this year, get something decent. I need people I can trust to be intelligent."

"I suppose an exchange of sexual favors is out of the question?" He smirks and gets all serious and scholarly for a moment, "What do you need help in, Malfoy?" He pulls a cigarette from the pack in his pocket and produces a small silver lighter.

"How droll." Medusa snuggles deeper into her coat and motions to Kaiden with the international hand gesture for 'gimme' as she too wants a cigarette. "I have sorted out someone to help me cover sixth year Defense, but as they're only a sixth year I can't rely on them for help with what we do this year." She bites down on the remnants of her mint, crunching it. "I also have help for transfiguration and potions. I do well enough in herbology. I could do with some charms revision from time to time, but I'm actually pretty good with charms." Because as they say, Medusa does excellent things with wands.

Kaiden offers the cigarette to her and will be the gentleman, lighting it for her when she's ready. He fetches his own and does the same. After taking a drag he says, "Well, I can help you with Charms and Dark Defense. I don't care who your Defense tutor is, they aren't as good as me, so get rid of them." His tone denotes that he's not even joking a little bit about the last part.

Closing her eyes Medusa takes a long pull off the cigarette. "He's a Black. You know how they are with their dark arts." Not that Malfoy's aren't known for a few shady wizards in their family tree. " She opens her eyes and looks at Kaiden. "I just want help with revision. This is not some ploy to get my tongue down your throat and will not lead to your body making any kind of physical contact with mine."

"And I'm a Sykes. You know how we are at being better than everyone else at most things." Not that far from the truth, really. Kaiden takes a drag from his cigarette and continues, "I think you give yourself too much credit, Medusa. We had our fling. There's a reason it never went anywhere."

Medusa just laughs, then says around her cigarette as she looks up at the sky, "I was merely laying out the ground rules, Kaiden. That neither of us is interested makes things a lot easier." She takes another drag then, the end of the cigarette glowing faintly in the dim light.

"If I do this for you, you'll put in a good word for me with Soleil. Deal?" He tilts his head to her, taking a smaller drag from the cigarette than before and ashing it.

She chews that over. "You know she is dating Gerald Cornfoot, right?" Medusa looks up at Kaiden. "Not that she isn't a massive step up from that Crocker bitch. I'm pleased your taste has improved." Another drag taken and she says, "Sunny likes to use the maze in the dungeons as her make-out spot. Funny thing about that maze. It's very dark and you can't always tell who it is you're kissing."

"Are you suggesting that I need to use deception to win her over? If so, I'm offended." Kaiden shakes his head in disbelief and says, "I shall simply take her from this…Hornfoot, was it? No matter. She's quite fetching and I shall have her on fair terms. Just put in a good word for me."

"I will extol your benevolent virtues after our first study session," promises Medusa. "Though I still think subterfuge would be fun and it is Cornfoot. At least think of a clever insult for one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight families, Sykes." Her lips twitch with amusement because she has been known to poke fun at Gerald's name herself, even if he is her friend.

Kaiden waves a dismissive hand and says, "Anyway, I must be slipping of to Hogsmeade. I feel the need for a drink or two. Just contact me when you wish to set up a study session." He dips his head and moves past her, smacking her squarely on the butt as he does so.

Medusa shakes her head as she watches him leave, flicking her now dead cigarette butt over the ramparts.

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