(1938-10-20) ADD & OCD
Details for ADD & OCD
Summary: The ADD Rena and OCD Takeshi, arrange a date.
Date: 1938-10-20
Location: Leaky Cauldron, London

Leaky Cauldron

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses, sometimes coined "wenches", bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent are any modern Muggle devices or electricity, the lighting all provided by lanterns and chandeliers.

The work day had come to a close, this is the time when a lot of people can be seen coming to the Leaky Cauldron. One of those people is Takeshi, who enters quickly with his typical blur of bright yellow robes. He quickly moves to the bar, the waitress smiling at him softly, though letting out a small sigh as he starts to straighten out the bar stools, looking at him she says, "Takeshi dear, you really don't have too…", though Takeshi just offers her a small smile, when he has finished with a deep sigh, he places his order for a Chicken pie and Lemonade.

As far as the working masses go, Rena is no exception from the rest. The redhead has made such a habit of coming in here for her dinner over the last couple of months that she's begun to become familiar to the staff. She even lived here for a little while, before moving to Hogsmeade.
"'Ome sweet 'ome," Rena says to with a smile as she shuts the door behind her. After hanging her overcoat on a rack near to the doorway, she slips down into the room and makes her way to the bar. It looks awfully neat for a change… and her eyes travel along the straightened barstools until they fall upon Takeshi. Spotting the man who had given her the paper crane in the Three Broomsticks not long ago, she exclaims: "Hoi! Mister Odori! 'Ere now, there's lovely. I didn't expect to see you 'ere."
Rena goes right ahead and seats herself on a barstool next to Takeshi. She can be a little bit overenthusiastic at times.

Takeshi looks at Rena, then quickly looks down, "Ms… Umm… Umm… Ms. Lee." he says slowly, nervousness clearly in his voice again, "Tis… umm … you know… umm… tis really nice to… umm… see you…" he says slowly as he is brought his lemonade, quickly taking a sip before looking over at Rena again, before looking away and closing his eyes for a moment.
When he reopens them his hand moves to the inside of his robe, removing a small piece of blue paper, he focuses on it as he begins to fold it, not really saying much for a moment, "I certainly… hope work… is going… well…?" he says slowly, looking up at Rena for a moment before quickly looking back down on his folding, being careful and focusing so that every fold is just perfect.

Slightly wincing at her own brashness, Rena recalls just how painfully shy Takeshi is, and tones her attitude down considerably: "Work is what it is. I'm afraid I 'aven't done anything terribly exciting or important all week."
Smiling, Rena turns to motion to the waitress. The girl nods, knowing what the order will be, and drapes her dish-towel over her shoulder as she goes to work on the food.

Propping one elbow on the bar and resting her head against the upraised hand, Rena glances down at the paper Takeshi is busily working on. "What about you? Saved any more lives this week? Gotten any more Aurors out of trouble?" She asks the last question playfully.

Takeshi smiles faintly, "Nothing to exciting, changing diapers and washing babies." he says in his heavy British-Japanese accent. "In a umm… hard rotation… for me at least…" he says with a small nod, "The department… I really don't umm… like." he says slowly with a nod. Finishing a small blue hummingbird now he sits it on the bar, poking it a few times with his finger to get it just right.
"I didn't get you out of trouble… I was just trying to… umm… help…" he says slowly, "But I think I… was… umm… just more in the way then anything." he says slowly with a nod.

Rena tilts her head slightly without thinking, trying to get a better view of Takeshi's face. When she does it, she tends to look a bit like a curious sparrow.
"You weren't a bit in the way!" She objects strongly, without raising her voice. "And you were a great help. If I'd 'ad… erm, /had/ to stop and /help/ the gentleman, I couldn't /have/ gone and caught Glinch." She pauses here and gives a faintly sheepish smile, pointing at herself: "Been working on my H-es a bit. Don't seem natural somehow."

Quickly changing the subject off of her poor language skills, Rena asks: "Why don't you like the department you work in? Do they treat you ba…" Her eyes fall on the hummingbird, and her train of thought is thoroughly wrecked. "It's adorable!"

Takeshi chuckles, "Well… umm… Thank you." he says to the compliments, "I was just… umm… worried about you…" he says slowly. His gaze moving back to the Origami Hummingbird and he pokes it softly with his hand, "You can have it… or if there is another animal you like I can make it for you…" he says slowly, his tone clearly a bit nervous, "Oh my department… Midwife and Infant care…" he says slowly, "I don't mind the babies…" he says softly not really answering her question.

Rena's food arrives - fish and chips, and a mug of cider. The waitress slides it in front of the redhead, but the meal is scarcely acknowledged.
She just can't seem to help herself. Being presented with these tiny, intricate paper animals seems to knock her back to the age of ten with delight. "You're spoiling me, you are," Rena grins, picking up the tiny bird carefully to look at it more closely. "But now, I'll 'ave a good luck charm to 'ang in my cottage as well as work! Thank you."

Setting the bird down on the bar once more, she appears to be content with leaving him to keep them company during their respective meals. "You don't mind the babies, but something else bothers you, eh?" She asks finally, not having completely forgotten her place in the conversation before.

Takeshis smiles softly at Rena, as his food arrives. It takes him a few moments to get everything, perfect, then he is satisfied and takes another sip of his lemonade. "Oh… um… yes something else." he says quickly blushing a bright red. "Well… ummm… maybe someday… I can teach you… how to fold some Origami." he says slowly, trying to change the topic now, drinking more of his lemonade.

Rena quirks an eyebrow curiously at her friend. Takeshi is being decidedly evasive about answering her question, and she isn't sure whether or not to push the issue. At last, however, she appears content to drop the subject for the time being, and just focus on her food.
Her language skills may be lacking, but her time in Hogwarts did at least teach her some moderate table manners. "Do you think you could?" She asks excitedly, after swallowing her mouthful of food. "I'm not so clever with my 'a… hands as all that, but I'd love to learn. Or, well, try to learn, at least."

Takeshi takes a deep breath, before taking a hurried sip of his lemonade, "Well, umm… maybe we could go out and then I could… umm… teach you." he says his brow furrowing, obviously not content with how he asked that, "But I… umm… think I could…" he says slowly looking at Rena, trying to smile, though only mustering a nervous grin.
With that he looks back down, closing his eyes tightly, not even waiting for her to answer, "I mean… if you… umm… would rather not… and just… umm… learn how to do it… we can do that too… I won't take offense… I mean… I understand… umm… I have some… umm.. odd mannerisms… buy you are really… umm… pretty… and… and… and… I would really like it…" he says softly in almost a mummer, his eyes never coming to look up at Rena.

It is Rena's turn to blush now. Her cheeks colour to a rather distinct rosy red, although the lighting inside the Cauldron isn't the best, and thankfully hides it slightly. At first, she scarcely seems to know just what to reply. However, at length, she finally finds her voice again and says quietly: "I'd like that. To- to go out with you, I mean. There's no 'arm in giving it a whirl, eh?" She smiles warmly, again tilting her head slightly to try and get a view of Tekeshi's face. "Your mannerisms don't bother me," she feels the need to add. "After all, I've got plenty of my own and… well, I…"

There is another momentary pause as Rena shifts in her seat slightly and looks down at her food now: "The whole pure-blood thing. Does it bother you to be around folks who ain't pure-blood?" She may as well ask directly.

Takeshi shakes his head, "Oh no! Not at all." he says slowly with a smile, he looks almost panicked, "I am not a Purist at all." he says slowly with a small nod, speaking faster then her normally would. "Normally, a marriage would be arranged for me…" starts off slowly, before picking up his glass of lemonade, sitting it back down, seeming slightly uncomfortable, before hanging his head, "Due to my… mannerisms… I have brought shame to the Odori name, my father…" he says slowly, shifting slightly on his stool, "Does not feel that I require such an arrangement…" he says softly.

Given Takeshi's tendency not to meet Rena's gaze, he might not notice the shadow that seems to pass through her dark eyes, momentarily, when he speaks about dishonor. The fallen expression isn't directed at him, however. It's something more internal.
Quickly recovering herself, Rena shakes off the expression and remarks: "That's 'ardly fair. Your family should be proud of you. Your job is to 'elp… help people. There's nothing more important in this world - for wizards OR muggles - than helping people." She says, firmly, leaving absolutely no doubt in her statement.

Takeshi looks up and smiles at Rena, "It's okay. I am use to it." he says slowly, clearly feeling a bit more comfortable around her, since he is not stuttering and grasping for words, though his tone is still shy. "So umm… were would you like to go?" he says softly, not touching on work again, afraid it would draw back to his current issue there, "I mean… I would be glad to take you anywhere you would like to go?" he says softly offering her a small smile.

"Well…" Rena muses over the question for a time. However, after a moment, the young woman's cheeks colour yet again, and she has to let out a nervous laugh. "I'll be perfectly honest with you," she pauses, glancing away before continuing her thought, "Nobody's actually ever asked me before, and I'm a bit at sea. I don't know where one should go."
The young woman almost cringes when she looks back at Takeshi now. One can scarcely blame her. Boisterous and outgoing as she is, generally, even Rena can be at a loss.

Takeshi smiles softly, "I've never asked anyone before…" he says slowly with a chuckle, it is a nervous chuckle but he is warming up to Rena more and more. "I was kind of hoping you would have a few ideas…" he says slowly looking at Rena, "I suppose we can stumble through this together…" he says softly with a cough.

"Well then, aren't we a pair?" Rena slips into a fit of quiet laughter, the amusement at their mutual predicament sparkling in her eyes.
"If it were daytime, I'd probably ask if you wanted to go to Hyde Park or Kensington gardens. They're my favorite places to go but I suppose, what with winter coming on and all, the leaves will all be gone soon." She muses over her meal, thoughtfully. "What sorts of things do /you/ like to do when you're not at work? I know it's silly, me spending my time in the muggle gardens. But you see, that's where my dad took me when I was a girl. I'm still fond of them."

Takeshi smiles warmly, "No no no!" he says softly shaking his head, he has all but forgotten his food, "Gardens are not silly." he says with a small nod, "I… umm… I Garden in my Garden in my backyard when I am not at work… or work on my furniture… I am a woodworker…" he says slowly, picking up his lemonade and taking a small sip.

Rena sort of gives Takeshi one of those "Will wonders ever cease?" looks that she seems to give him quite often.
"'Ere, I envy you, I do. I never 'ad a chance to learn to do things with my 'hands like that. I mean, I did learn a few things in school, but, when I was at 'ome…" Her voice trails off, and she appears to be shrugging off the memory of something best left un-discussed for the time being.
"I suppose it's too forward saying that I'd love to see your garden. Gardens really are my favorite places to be… What do you do when winter comes? Does it all just go to sleep?"

Takeshi shakes his head, "It does, but it is fall. The prettiest time for it." he says slowly with a smile, "It is a traditional Japanese garden…" he says slowly with with a smile, "Well umm… I have never had anyone over…" he says slowly looking at his lemonade, "But… I'd make an exception for you." he says slowly. Looking up at her with a smile, "Have you ever seen Bonsai trees before?" he asks softly.

Rena's expression warms, but she shakes her head: "No, I don't think I've ever seen one before. Maybe I 'eard the name somewhere, but I'm not sure."
Though hardly one to be called shy, Rena's own slight timidity seems to be melting off slightly, now that she's easing into their conversation. "What's it like? A Bonsai tree, I mean. Is it very big?"

Takeshi smiles softly, "Well they are small… and they can be however you really want them to be." he says softly rubbing his chin, "I got into Bonsai trees because of my gardening and Ikebana." he says slowly with a small nod. "You put weights and such on Bonsais to change the form they take when they grow." he says slowly with a nod.

As Takeshi explains, Rena manages to eat a little more of her supper and take a sip of her cider. It all sounds fascinating to her. She's never heard of anything like all of this before. "Cor," she says, slightly in awe: "It must take forever and a day for the thing to grow, then. Trees grow so slowly that you can't even see it happening from day to day!"
Backing herself up a step, Rena blinks and asks: "What is Ikebana?" Clearly, the cockney girl has some more new words to learn.

Takeshi takes a sip of his lemonade, biting his lower lip softly at the last question, "Oh… Ikebana… it is hard to explain." he says slowly looking around the bar, "Because the term is so different from places like Japan and here in Britain." he says slowly, his fingers playing with the sleeve of his robe, "It is…" he says before lowering his tone, "Flower Arrangements." he says softly with a nod, "Though they are different, from the type of flower arrangements here… it is more of an art form… understanding the simplicity of living plants." he says softly.

Judging by Takeshi's reaction to the question, Rena gets the impression that she's probably supposed to be shocked or appalled by the answer. Or, at least, most other people might be. However, for her part, she finds it very interesting.
"Really?" Rena asks, her eyes widening somewhat in surprise. "You're so very lucky, you know. Being able to work with everything that's so good and green. That's why I moved to Hogsmeade and away from the city. But, I'm afraid come springtime, I won't know what to do with my garden! You'll have to teach me." She says with a grin.

Takeshi smiles softly, "I will be more then happy to help you with your Garden." he says softly with a small nod, "I mainly do the arrangements for those at St. Mungo's who are rather ill." he says slowly with a small nod, a soft smile on his face. "But I have a way with plants, they seem to come to me naturally." he continues with a small nod and smile, "So I suppose you can see some of my Ikebana and my Garden if you come over… that is if you want too." he says slowly, before finally getting around to his chicken pie and taking a bite of it, before washing it down with a bit of his lemonade.

"I think that's awfully nice," Rena replies with regards to his flower arrangements for hospital patients. "Nothing brightens up things better than flowers when you're stuck in an old 'ospital, I say. Not that I've been in one much. But they say percentages will catch up eventually, given my job." She laughs somewhat wryly at this. Nothing like working a job where one of the benefits is a dedicated hospital bed.
Returning to thoughts of Takeshi's garden, the redhead grins and toys with her cider a little in one hand: "I would love to come and see. Especially before all the autumn colours fade away, since you say it's prettiest, this time of year."

Takeshi smiles softly, taking another bite of his food, his gaze falling on the items in front of him, shifting them around slightly along with the paper hummingbird on the bar, til everything seems to be in his liking, once he is satisfied he lets out a soft sigh. "Well when would you… like to come… umm… umm…" he starts before getting nervous again, his shyness taking over, "Visit." he finishes with a small nod, his head starting to hand low again.

Rena watches Takeshi make minute adjustments to the things around him with a glimmer of amusement in her eyes, but she doesn't laugh. Giving the question some thought, the young woman finishes the last of her cider and says: "Whenever you like, really. I'm free as a bird. I seldom ever go anywhere but 'ere, the Three Broomsticks or 'ome after work. And of course, I don't work /every/ day."

Takeshi smiles softly, "I will send you an owl!" he says sounding a little bit to excited. Before letting out a small cough and picking up his lemonade, "I will enclose my address and a day." he says slowly with another small nod, "Do you like… umm… being an… umm… Auror?" he asks suddenly looking down at his rubs and fiddling with his sleeve, before looking back up at Rena.

Elly is a bit on the huffy puffy side more than usual, waiting tables when you're nine months pregnant makes her usual almost ballet from table to table more of a waddling penguin dance. She still manages to not tilt the plates and drinks that are all placed just right on a stack all the way up her arms. She's been in the back cooking the food, but the shift change has seen a stall in serving as one wench didn't come in. So heeere's Elly! "Aye, who 'ad the kidney pie? An' the bangers?"

"Well, truth be told, I'm still getting used to it - and I'm still only an initiate. I'm always rather frightened that I'll make a mess of the job and get myself fired." Rena admits with a self-conscious chuckle and smile. "I come from a background of performing. I suppose if anything terrible 'appens, I can always go back to that, some'ow."
Elly's waddling sweep through the room causes Rena to cringe a little, sympathetically. It looks pretty darn uncomfortable to be in that kind of situation, to her. "Not It!" she calls out, however, cheekily when the waitress asks her question.

Takeshi offers Elly a small wave and smile, he is in here enough arranging tables, chairs and bar stools that most of the waitress at least recognize him by now, since he has been doing it for almost six months now. "Not mine…" he says softly in a rather shy voice, taking a sip of his lemonade.
"I understand… I am still only a Junior Apprentice at St. Mungos… I am worried this rotation is going to be the death of me and possibly the end of my career…" he says slowly, in his shy tone, "I mean I have three months but I don't know if I can do it…" he says shaking his head before picking up his glass and taking another sip.

Elly gives a cheeky wink right back to Rena and then takes a turn to get the plates settled down at the right table. Then she's back to bustling and getting refills for everyone, "Stace should be in inna blink. Behayve til then." She wags her finger playfully at the room of customers before she waddles herself back into the kitchen.

Rena's gaze follows Elly's progress back into the kitchen, and she chuckles a little, nodding in the woman's direction. "I suppose she'll be one of your patients soon enough, if I'm any judge by the looks of things."
Furrowing her brow slightly, Rena leans on the bar again with one arm and looks back at Takeshi: "What's so terrible about your job that 'as you feeling it'll be the death of you? Now you 'ave to tell me, or else /I'll/ die of curiosity." She teases, trying to keep things light.

Takeshi's cheek grow bright red, as he looks down at his lemonade, then back at Rena, then back down at his lemonade. "I… umm… well… umm… I…" he says slowly, fiddling with his cup, "I… umm… am uncomfortable… with… umm… childbirth… because… umm… of the… the.. womanly bits." he says slowly, looking as if he wants to just vanish into his barstool, his cheek a bright red.

Rena struggles. She struggles quite hard against the urge to let out a laugh. It's not for disrespect of Takeshi's problem it's just…

Rena manages to swallow it down with some considerable effort, and she clears her throat before speaking: "Well, I can understand that." She says, trying to sound as compassionate as possible. "I suppose this rotation is mandatory though, and you can't be moved to a different ward? I mean, being an 'ealer doesn't mean you 'ave to be a doctor for birthing babies once you're through."

Takeshi still has his head hung low, "I have… three months…" he says slowly, sigh a delated sigh, "To help with… a… delivery…" he says slowly closing his eyes, "Until then, I am just changing and washing babies…" he says slowly shaking his head, "I…just…" he sighs shaking his head again, his eyes still closed tight. "You don't… want… to hear… about this." he says softly.

Rena can't help feeling for Tekeshi. Poor man, having a phobia like that and not being given a choice… She reaches over and rubs his shoulder gently with her hand: "'Ere now, luv. Don't take on so. I know it's got to be rough as all get-out, but if you're determined to be an 'ealer, then you'll find a way to get through that one birth, so you can say it's done." Pausing a moment, she adds: "I don't suppose you could just look away and think of something else, like say… imagine in your head the exact way you'd be folding one of your paper birds. Visualize it like it's really there."

Takeshi smiles softly at Rena, "I will be fine…" he say softly with a shake of his head, "I just… umm…. have to make it through this." he says slowly with another small nod. Before picking up his glass of lemonade and taking a small sip, "Well I should be going…" he says his cheeks still pink, not making eye contact with Rena.

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