(1938-10-20) Interview Please?
Details for Interview Please?
Summary: Rhyeline and Brad, have a meeting over her appearing on Cauldron Talk.
Date: 1938-10-20
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade

It is mid day, and here at the Wizard Wireless Network, things are always moving, people running from one side to the next, various radio personalities can be seen in either their booth or office. Workers running around with reports and news. Some would call it pure chaos, Brad Moody however calls it life as usual. He is sitting in his office, speaking with his personal assistant, who seems to be taking notes very quickly as he speaks. Sitting in the front of the building, at a desk is a young Witch and a small sign that reads, "Receptionist", he is moving papers around and handing them off to personal assistants, she seems to be the only one trying to calm this chaos.

Overwhelmed by the crowded chaos of the Wizard Wireless Network headquarters, little Rhyeline gravitates at once towards the small source of calm sitting at the receptionist's desk. Tucking a strand of hair self-consciously behind her ear, Rhyeline stands in silence before the woman until she notices her.

The receptionist looks at Rhyeline as if she is expecting her to speak, when she doesn't she speaks slowly as she folds a few memos into paper airplanes, "Yes, how can I help you Miss?" he voice is warm and friendly, almost inviting. She lets the several memos go, sending them off flying towards who they are for. Brad's assistant though, spots Rhyeline out of the corner of her eye, she quickly moves out of the office, her clipboard held close to her chest, "Ms. Diderot!" she says in greeting, "Come with me dear!" she says gesturing for her to follow as she moves towards Brad's office.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip and leans closer. Amidst such overwhelming chaos, finding her voice is difficult for her. When Brad's assistant spots her, however, the little one isn't exactly relieved. Hands clasped behind her back, she follows along in reserved silence.

As Rhyeline enters Brad stands up from his desk, moving out from behind his desk, "Ah! Ms. Diderot." he says warmly, gesturing for his assistant to leave them, he takes a few steps closer before stumbling back slightly, bringing his hand to his head, "First let me say how stunning you look!" he says slowly, pretending like he just got his bearings back, then both of his hands come out and point at her, "Then let me say, how pleased I was to get your acceptance of my invitation!" he says looking up at the ceiling with a huge smile, "So many people are afraid of little me, that they do not even write back." he says waving his head slightly dismissing the thought as nonsense.

The little mouse seems nervous indeed when the assistant first escorts her into Brad's office. At his enthusiastic compliemtn, the subtle warmth in her cheeks deepens as she blushes. At first, when the little one parts her lips to speak, she can't quite seem to find her voice. Her dark gaze flickers towards the assistant as her blush grows even more noticeable.

Brad smiles softly, "Ah! Yes, some tea or coffee?" he asks with a snap of his finger, "Just have both brought to you, with some biscuits." he says nodding to himself, before moving past Rhyeline, opening the door, "Tea, Coffee and Biscuits for my guest, Sarah!" he yells out before closing the door and smiling at Rhyeline, before taking a seat at his desk, "Please, Ms. Diderot, have a seat you are my guest after all!" he exclaims warmly with a smile, "Oh and I hope you enjoyed the autograph?" he says looking at her, tilting his head curiously, his hands clasping together with his elbows on the desk.

Rhyeline takes a seat, moving with a slow, careful grace. Rumors of her prolonged illness would seem true- or perhaps she is putting on an exaggerated show. Peeking up at him, once they are alone, she finds her voice at last. It is as soft and sweet as one might have expected. "Your invitation was very kind… I appreciated your patience…" It did take a day or so for her to respond.

"Nonsense, it was a was a quick response." Brad says with a wave of his hand. "My invitation was not nearly as kind as you accepting it!" he says with a huge smile, before pointing his finger at her, "Now you Ms. Diderot are a natural. Lovely voice, I certainly can not wait for our interview together." he says offering her a small wink, "It will be nice to be able to answer some of my viewers, questions." he says slowly with a nod, "They are just after the truth and it is my duty to bring them that truth." he says with a smile.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip and hesitates a moment before she murmurs in a soft, apologetic tone, "It… it would mean a lot to me to… to be able to speak- to speak on behalf of… of what matters so much to me… however, I- I have never been one who- who speaks well… Especially not- not in front of others… and- definitely not- not for the whole world at once to hear me…" Her gaze shines with apprehension, and her manner seems almost beseaching, hoping he will understand. Before he can express dissappointment, she quickly does her best to press on. "However, I- I have asked Cassius Malfoy to- to agree to- to speak with you… if you like…"

Brad slowly taps his index finger against his lip, before he gets up and starts pacing back and forth the length of his office. His hands clasped behind his back. His head looking at his footfall as he thinks and listens to Rhyeline, "Well I will gladly accept Mr. Malfoy, though I still feel you would be a better fit for the show. Can I ask why Mr. Malfoy?" he stops, turning on the balls of his feet, staring at Rhyeline.

"He… he would be much better to- to speak on behalf of- of the Unity Party… to answer your questions… I… I am- I am not even working full time for the movement now… at most, I- I am a researcher…" murmurs Rhyeline in a rather soft tone. Again, looking rather apologetic, she bites her lower lip.

Brad tilts his head at Rhyeline, offering a warm smile, "Can I have you on record, saying that Mr. Malfoy would be better suited to discuss the topic on hand, due to his ability to speak better on behalf of the Unity Party?" he asks softly, "Simply a formality, so that I can say that for my listeners to explain why he is speaking, when many of them have asked about you." he says slowly, straightening out and standing up, his hands moving to straighten out his bowtie.

Rhyeline blinks, looking surprised. "They… they have asked… about me? What is the topic on hand?" she asks in a soft murmur, tilting her head to the side like a curious kitten.

Brad waves his hand slightly, "Just certain events that have been happening." he says slightly shrug, "Though if you would prefer to have Mr. Malfoy speak, he is always welcome on Cauldron Talk." he says with a small nod, "Though I feel your voice would be that of a song, sung by angels themselves to my listeners, you do have quiet the lovely voice." he says slowly with a nod, "Some would even call it beautiful, and the little bit of shyness you have going on, very mysterious and alluring, I have plenty of listeners who would just eat you up and hang on every word you spoke." he says slowly offering her a small wink.

At his profusion of compliments, the little mouse blushes bright and lowers her gaze, overwhelmed once more by her shyness. It takes time for her to find her voice once again. Keeping her head bowed, she peeks up at him through her lashes, "I do not know if my voice would be dependable… if I knew so many where listening… But- I still don't understand… what events do they wish /me/ to speak of?"

Brad waves his hand slightly, "Cauldron Talk is an unscripted show, we look for raw and real response from people. It would undermine much of my show if I simply told those I wished to interview what questions I had, so they could script answers." he says slowly with a nod, "I am certain you understand." he smiling softly at Rhyeline, his hands moving to softly sit on her shoulder, "It is up to you, who you wish to speak, I will gladly accept you or Mr. Malfoy." he says softly, before looking up at the ceiling rubbing his chin.

"…I see," Feeling the hand resting upon her shoulder seems to deepen her shyness. Keeping her gaze averted, she murmurs, "Well… I do not think that I- I would be able to find my voice… if I were placed within earshot of the entire wizarding world… So… to speak of questions pertaining to the activities of the Unity Party which seems to be what your broadcasts are often interested in, I hope that Mr. Malfoy would be an appropriate substitute… However… unless I know the exact subject at hand, I- I cannot be sure of that… if it does not relate to the movement, he- he might not be able to help at all…"

Brad smirks slyly, "I can promise you it relates to the Unity Party." he says softly removing his hand from her shoulder, before taking a seat at his desk, flopping down in his throwing his hands up, "But I must say that I will miss your angelic voice." he lets out a deep exhausted sigh, "Let Mr. Malfoy know that he is welcome to stop by anytime, the sooner the better actually. My listeners I think would really enjoy his interview." he says running his hands through his hair.

Rhyeline nods and placing her hands upon his desk, she uses the sturdy wood surface to help as she gets slowly to her feet. "I will let him know… Thank you very much for your flexibility, Mr. Moody… I- I look forward to listening to the conversation between you both…" And then, she offers him the softest, most shy of her smiles. It shines with a sincerity that must surely be quite rare for Brad to see in the eyes of his opponents.

Brad nods with a warm smile, "It will be a pleasure." he says with a nod, "I certainly hope you and the rest of my listeners really enjoy the show." he says with a small nod. "Thank you for coming to see me, remember you can always have a place on my show with that Angelic voice of yours." he says slowly with a nod, as the assistant finally returns with coffee, tea and the biscuits, Brad rolls his eyes, "Also if you ever want a job just let me know." he says waving away his assistant, "Already done now, Sarah, could you have taken any longer?" he says shaking his head, throwing his arms up in a exaggerated wave.

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