(1938-10-20) Just Mud
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Summary: Ria bumps into Niko and voices her opinion on Niko's and Janette's recent breakup.
Date: 1938-10-20
Location: Harkiss' Candy, Hogsmeade

It's strange to see the prim and proper Ria surrounded by the youthful color chaos that is Harkiss' Candy. The giggling and excitement of a wide range of student can be heard from every corner. And upon wandering the chocolate aisle, the Slytherin girl herself almost gets barreled down by a pair of first years who are playing tag within the shop. "Will you calm yourselves!" she snaps after them, but they're so full of sugar that they pay her no mind and continue running off around the corner to another aisle. With a careful glance left and right, she deems that the coast is clear and then attacks the chocolate covered peanut dispenser, holding her bag underneath so she can partake of the wonderful sweetness later. Eating her feelings? No, certainly not! This girl has got her life together…for the most part.

Niko enters the shop, his hands tucked into the pockets of his leather bomber jacket. In the past week he certainly has seemed to be his normally cheery self, the warm smile that normally graced his face gone. His bluish green eyes move across the store slowly, as he moves through the store. His eyes moving across various things, as if trying to decide what to get.

Chocolate chocolate chocolate. The treats drop like rain from the dispenser into her bag, and once it's been filled, Ria holds it up before her, fairly satisfied as she twists it into knot. Tucking it under her arm, she heads over to the register to pay for it, with the heels of her perfectly polished shoes tapping against the floor. The taps slow down however, when she spots Niko and eyes him down as she passes him on her way to the counter. Pursing her lips and narrowing her eyes in though, she decides to address the boy with, "You….what's your name again?"

Niko arches a brow, looking at the girl for a moment, "Nikolas Denholm." he says slowly looking around the store for a moment, shaking his head, before looking at a few things on the shelf, "Why?" he asks bluntly, as he picks up a a candy bar considering it for a moment before sitting it back down, "And yours, the face is familiar but I can't quiet slap a name to it." he says slowly still not looking back at her.

"Ahhh," Ria's brows raise as if suddenly coming to a realization, and she gives Niko a thorough once over, from head to foot and back up again. Her face curls up into a delighted snaky smile as she hugs her bag of chocolates against her. "Denholm, that's right. Hmmm … quite interesting," she nods and repeats to herself, "Quite interesting indeed." Without making any motion for a handshake she introduces herself briefly as if its a detail that didn't matter too much, "I'm Ria Sykes. But you're the halfy Janette fancied so much that she went crazy." She leans her chin on the back her hand, admiring Niko like a specimen. "Well now I see what all the fuss was."

Niko certainly looks a little bit more uncomfortable, at the mention of Janette's name. He just moves to pick up another candy bar and looks over it slowly for a moment, "Janette is a good person and deserves better." he says simply with the wave of his hand, "Though it is certainly nice to meet you." he says slowly with a small nod, "Seventh year, Slytherian Prefect, if I am recalling correctly." he says with a small nod.

Ria lets out a bit of a laugh in amusement at Niko before she replies, "Oh yes, she certain does deserve better. But she settled for you did she not?" She continues to look on at the boy like wondrous doll almost. "Can you blame her? I've only seen you here and there, but up close you do have a very good face. So good in fact that it caused a perfectly sensible witch from a perfectly sensible family to act out of line." She continues to observe him amused though she nods in confirmation. "Yes that's correct," she replies shortly, but also doesn't bother to return a 'nice to meet you' either. "But yes, a good face indeed. You should be impressed with yourself."

Niko sits down the chocolate bar and turns at looks at Ria, "And she will get better." he says with the wave of his hand, "She had settled to me, but clearly she has come to her senses, realizing that she can not possibly live a productive or happy life, with someone who is clearly as muddy as I am." he says with a small wave of his hand, continuing to ignore her compliments.

"Indeed, I believe she's coming to understand the way things ought to be from what I've last heard," Ria muses to herself, absent-mindedly staring afar off in thought. Something about the continued snaky smile on her face makes it seem like she is thoroughly pleased by his answer. "Well good. At least you know," she coos at Niko as if he were a toddler and she was a doting mother. It's always rather annoying when she has to put the uppity ones in their place. And returning back to her usual tone she adds, "Don't worry, you'll be better off with it too, and will eventually find someone more on your….caliber." The word rolls rolls of her tongue carefully. " One always feels more comfortable when yoked with their equal."

Niko just smiles warmly, "As long as Janette is doing better that is all that matters." he says before letting out a small shrug, "If you say so." is all he says to the rest of the conversation. Moving a few feet and picking something else up, "Not really concerned about myself, just concerned about Janette." he says with a small wave of his hand.

There's something Ria finds slightly disgusting about how warm his smile is, and it's subtly laid into the look she's giving him. "Very noble of you. Only natural coming from a Gryffindor," she says gingerly. Unlike the comments about his face, that was clearly not a compliment. "Good day," she offers him a nod and smirk. And with her curt parting words, she turns on her heal and heads over to the counter to pay for her chocolates. Which she will destroy later.

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