(1938-10-20) Lover's Spat?
Details for Lover's Spat?
Summary: Medusa and Gerald have a quiet argument in Hogsmeade's make-out-central.
Date: 20 October 1938
Location: Madam Puddifoots Teashop, Hogsmeade
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Madam Puddifoots Teashop Hogsmeade

Madame Puddifoots is more or less known as snog heaven by couples wishing to have a place to hold hands and smooch more than eat and drink. In fact, the promise of snogging is the only thing that could induce any self-respecting man to enter a place that looks as if someone's wand threw up lace and chintz in various shades of pink over the entire place. The seats are puffs of lace and chintz, the table clothes are confections of lace and chintz, the curtains… *Everything* is lace and chintz. Gossipy portraits on the walls reside comfortably in ornate, golden frames, to match the curtain rods and tassels that tie back the curtains. The tea is served in little porcelain pots with tea cups painted with sprays of roses and baby's breath and gilded rims to the cups and saucers. And Madame Puddifoots crowning touch? Animated golden cherubs that flit back and forth, sprinkling the trysting couples with golden confetti.

A couple of moony eyed seventh year boys are sat at a table looking at one another with adoration but not saying much while a few feet away Medusa sits behind an opened issue of the Daily Prophet. Every so often she lowers a corner and peers at the two boys then seems to whisper something. As soon as she finishes a delicate bumblebee flits over to one of the boys and buzzes, then as if it were some sort of Hogwartian Cyrano de Bergerac the boy repeats the very same words Medusa said to the bee. All the other tables are filled with couples but whenever anyone approaches the Gorgon they just get a glare and scramble to get away.

Slipping into the teashop, Gerald doesn't try to hide his dislike of the place. Standing in the doorway, it takes him several moments to spot the blond, complete with small admirers. It takes him several more moments before he decides to head her way. "What are you doing?" Yup, color is tone slightly disturbed!! He adores the blond..but he puts /nothing/ by her.

Medusa lowers one corner of her paper and looks up at Gerald. She reaches out and grabs his hand, dragging him down with her then promptly lifts the paper back up, hiding them both behind it. "Shhh!" She listens for a minute but hearing nothing bad has happened begins to speak in a whispered voice. "I am trying to help Thaddeus with his date." Thaddeus who is some distant Ravenclaw cousin of Gerald because we need another pureblood family in Ravenclaw and Cornfoot works. "But I do need to speak to you." She eyes Gerald, "Just how attached to Sunny are you?"

Gerald is jerked down into the seat without much resistance, it isn't until the paper goes up and Medusa begins to speak that he manages to look completely confused. He also leans back and sends a glance back toward the younger teen, but his attention ultimately is set on the blond at his side. "Uhm…I don't…know.." He wavers for a moment, "Why?"

With an eyeroll Medusa lowers the newspaper and points to the two seventh year boys sat at a table nearby. Tall, dark-haired Thaddeus Cornfoot of Ravenclaw and a red-haired Weasley. That done, because it clearly explains it all. Clearly. Medusa raises the paper again. "I get the idea that she annoys you and…well I have been given a price to pay for tutoring. An old…friend fancies Sunny and wants me to put in a word for him or he won't tutor me."

Gerald ahs, "Well, that's just tough luck then ain't it. She's made it clear she intends to marry me." He..of course, looks unsure when that's his 'girl face'. "You'll have to find a different way to get tutored, Medusa." He does send her an apologetic look, but he doesn't seem unwavering. "Emotions aren't pawns to be played with. Saying I don't know how attached I am, not the same as saying I'm going to step off so someone can step in. It's not a business arrangement." Yup, he looks just a little pissed, but he holds it back well.

Medusa shots Gerald a look. "I am not asking you to step off from her Gerald. I am telling you that I am going to tell her that he fancies her. It would have been easier if you didn't like her that much. I know Sunny, she won't go for him anyway. He'll just be another boy who fancies her."

"Well I would expect that you told her. She has a right to know." He allows easily enough, though his look isn't much weaker than her own. Gerald HATES social drama. Even more than he hates crowds. "Of course I'm a little offended that you're even involved in this to begin with. I would think a friend would defend my relationship, not stir the pot, so to speak, regardless of the reasons. I'm not one of those kind hearted people that don't shoot the messenger if they cause problems in my life."

Poor Thaddeus and his date are forgotten, let's hope Thad can do well without his wingman - er - woman. "As a friend I have noted you whine about Soleil more than you extol her virtues which is why I asked if you were that interested in her. If she is just a convenient pair of soft lips and breasts with a moderately pretty face then you are doing both of you a disservice." Medusa looks Gerald over as if waiting for a reaction to that. "If it were me, if I were her I'd chose you over Kaiden Sykes even with his talents. I expect she will do the same."

Gerald snorts, "We were having some miscommunications about things. It's been corrected." And boy would Medusa love to hear about that, but it's neither here nor there. "Our relationship has been doing much better. We've made arrangements." So to speak. He manages to remain calm despite the whiting of his knuckles, "Kaiden would do well to look elsewhere. No one likes to waste time."

Actually Medusa isn't really bothered about Gerald and Soleil's relationship aside from…well having to sell Kaiden to Gerald's girlfriend. But this is Medusa, she will do it in her own way. "Arrangements?" This earns Gerald another eyeroll. "You two are so clinical. Arrangements. Penciled in clandestine meetings." Forgetting about holding the paper up she wags a finger at him, "Which by the way defies the definition of clandestine." One side of the newspaper falls, revealing the pair of them.

"It's not like that." He allows with a sigh, "I don't like talking about my personal life is all. I hate this exact type of bullshit. Most people lack any form of loyalty at all." Apparently that was directed toward the blond. "I'm not concerned about Sykes. Sunny and I have had this talk, not about him specifically but about other people. What I am concerned with is that you think your approach or intent is even slightly acceptable. I appreciate you talking to me about it, but the fact you're even going to go through with it…I'm just very disappointed."

"I cannot fail Gerald. You have no idea what is at stake. You have another year before your exams. I have months. At this moment you think Sunny is great and wonderful but in two or three or six months you will both be on someone else." Medusa drops the paper. "If you want to make this about loyalty then fine. I'm glad to know that your sixth-year romance of the moment is more important to you than my future."

"You're not going to turn this on me." He states simply. "That you even tried..it's not like I've gone out of my way to help you and demanded nothing at all." He only shakes his head. "You sleep in the bed you made. Alphard can help you with potions..I'm sure he can think of some demands. Doing it out of kindness. I need to go. Have a nice afternoon." Yup, she broke the Gerald!

"I could have never told you. I didn't want to go behind your back." Medusa clearly thinks she deserves some points for that even if Gerald likely doesn't. She looks around and realises people are staring at them, well Thad and his date anyway.

Gerald shrugs, climbing to his feet. "Either way, you hurt me on purpose." He doesn't seem willing to wave it aside. In fact he does seem hurt, very hurt, so if her goal is to be important to people she has the satisfaction of seeing that she was! She gets points there. "Good luck with your classes." He turns to leave, his eyes lowering as he feels the stares..because that makes this all better! Sold out AND the center of attention! Hello center of hell!

Medusa just groans with frustration, but rather than blaming Gerald she mutters, "Bloody Kaiden Sykes." She crosses her arms over her chest and glares at the people staring at her.

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