(1938-10-21) Hogsmeade Revoked
Details for Hogsmeade Revoked
Summary: Fiona curiously wants to know about Hogsmeade.
Date: October 21, 1938
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

The Ravenclaw Common Room is one of the most airy rooms at Hogwarts. This wide, circular room's floor is covered in a deep, midnight blue carpet and the arched windows are hung with soft blue silk curtains. The high, domed ceiling carries a charm similar to the one in the Great Hall making stars glitter and move about on it reflecting the proper placements of the constellations according to the seasons. During the day, the Ravenclaw students have an excellent view of the surrounding mountains. The room is furnished with comfortable tables and chair upholstered in midnight blue with white pinstripes and bookcases stand along the walls.

Fiona has been waiting, lying in wait even, to catch this Gage boy. She has a vested interest in knowing about things in Hogsmeade because she can't go for another TWO years. TWO years seems forever when you are eleven. When poor bespectacled Gage pops out she leaps in front of him. "So why did you do it, huh?" Hoping from one foot to the other to stay with him as he crosses the common room she peppers the poor boy with questions. "What were you doing? Were you with a girl?" Her brows arch upwards, "A boy?" More questions come. "Where were you? Did you get stuck hiding from bullies?" Because that could happen, he looks the sort.

Gage is almost certainly frustrated that he got his Hogsmeade privilege revoked, but at the same time he is thrilled - thrilled that he didn’t have to talk to certain members of the faculty. So Gage is quite relieved, really, that it wasn’t anything more. As he descends from the boys’ dormitory he just stops when the girl pops up in front of him. He stares at her silently, and very slowly a scowl starts to form, deepening throughout her questioning until he lets out a snort. “Oi wus on me own,” he mutters grudgingly. His Irish accent is quite heavy.

Well would you look at that. You can't spit in Ravenclaw without hitting someone Irish it seems. "Well even if you were a bit of an eejit, it still sounds neat." Fiona grabs the undoubtedly perplexed boy's hand and drags him over to a sofa then makes poor Gage sit with her. "I want to hear all about it. I'm not allowed to go and Scotland isn't really Father's favourite place so I have only seen Hogsmeade once during the summer and that was briefly. I'm Fiona. Fiona Donnelly." You know, the rat who actually earned house points for tattling. "Do you like sweets?" From inside her robes she produces a small satiny pouch embroidered with her initials (FSD) on it. The bag opens to reveal different types of wrapped boiled sweets, from which Gage is allowed to make a selection.

Gage just stares at the girl, his normal expression seeming to be a frown, and his eyebrows furrow. He blinks and practically jumps back when she reaches for his hand, eyeing Fiona uncertainly. At the same time there’s a twitch at his lips that could have possibly been close to a smile, but which doesn’t linger. He’s dealt with this energy before, and in fact, as he reluctantly is lead to the sofa, his eyes become distant as he thinks of Arevan. That thought leads into others that sears across his mind, and so he does sit, even if he scooches so that he’s not right beside her, plus his head drops so that he’s staring directly down at his knees, playing with his fingers as his hands rest in his lap. “Gage,” he utters, suddenly responding after a good moment, as if he suddenly remembered that he should probably introduce himself too. He shakes his head hastily, swallowing, as she first asks about sweets. Nope – he stays away from anything sweet. His shoulders lift awkwardly, but he turns his head to give her a look. “Oi wus alwus at de stables.”

There is odd and then there is a kid that doesn't like sweets. Fiona eyes Gage suspiciously as she puts away her bag of treats. "Stables?" That piques her interest again. "Were they magical animals or the boring ordinary kind? I want to see a dragon someday. I've seen dragon eggs, well petrified ones. And I've seen these things muggles call dinosaurs, well remains of ones." She doesn't take a sweet for herself, sacrificing her own happiness to get a bit more information out of the Stone of Gage. "Why did you go there?"

Gage is super at staying silent, and his stare at the younger girl is quite awkward as he makes no real expression at all. Just creases his brows and thinks, wondering about her words rather than asking aloud. But then he scowls deeply, his accent heavier as he says in a biting tone in annoyance, “Jist ‘orses – nae /borin’/.” They are interesting too, even if they don’t have an awesomely spikey tail that whips around dangerously or big, floppy, ultrasonic ears. But then a smile only begins to flutter over his lips as she mentions dragons, but that too fades. “Dragon,” he utters. And he’s looking at her with more interest. “Yer saw an egg?” What wouldn’t he give to have a live dragon egg. He snorts in response to her last question, and gives her a long stare as he ponders. “For de ‘orses?” he says by way of questioning. Then also adds in, uncertain if she meant to the stables or to Hogsmeade in general, “Or ter git away from de bloody castle.” And here he glowers as he lowers his head, fingers curling around the fabric of his pants as they tense. And he lost that privilege…

There’s suddenly a loud meow from the stairs. Gage’s fingers relax as he turns his head swiftly. The grey cat hops down the stairs, walking towards the sofa, meowing again as she rubs her side up against the edge of the couch. She looks up, maw opening wide as she meows, staring up at Gage expectantly. The boy scooches onto the edge of the cushion and bends over to scoop her up, drawing her into his arms as he kisses her head. He shifts his dark blue eyes towards Fiona then, and says as he sets the cat down between him and the girl. “Shadow Mist.” The feline, far more sociable than her person, meows and taps her paw through the air toward Fiona.

"I have seen a dragon egg. It was huge." Fiona looks at Gage's cat. "Hello Shadow Mist." Fi holds her hand out to the cat. "There are some good hiding places here in the castle," she tells Gage. "I can show you where some are if you want? You're a bit bigger than me so you can't fit in all of them but some are good still." She shifts on the sofa. "I can get wanting to be away from people. I like to be outside. There are so many people here."

A soft sound escapes the feline’s throat as she moves closer to the girl, and Shadow Mist nudges her head firmly against her hand. One ear twitches as she twists her head, as if not giving Fiona a choice to pet her.

Gage watches the cat, keeping his eyes turned down to the animal. As Fiona speaks Gage doesn’t make any show that he’s listening, except that when she finishes his dark blue eyes lift from the cat to the girl. “Oi knu whare ter ‘ide,” he states quietly. His eyes furrow and he watches her. “Nae that Oi nade ter… ‘ide.” His eyes shift away from her, glancing quickly to the fire as that clearly isn’t the truth. He ends up looking down at Shadow Mist again.

Gage is silent or a while before he suddenly mutters, “Why?” His eyes lift to her. “Why do /yer/ nade ter git away?”

Fiona likes animals, even boring non magical ones. She smiles as she strokes Shadow Mist, scratching the cat behind its ears and rubbing its stomach. Head down, focus more on the cat than the boy, she shrugs. "Same as anyone really. I get tired of there always being people around. I want to breathe. I'm not used to so many people. I'm the youngest so it was just me and my parents at home after everyone else went off to school. Even before that I did my own thing. Climbing trees or hiking, just being outside." Even when the weather is bad Fiona is rarely found indoors unless there is a lesson or a meal to be had. "I joined those pirates but they don't look for real treasures, they're interested in reading. I like to read, don't get me wrong, but I'm used to a more adventurous life than that of a librarian."

Gage’s eyes are focused on Fiona as he watches her with lowered brows, expression barely shifting as she speaks. There’s a small twitch at his lips and he nods before his eyes are lowering to the feline. He can relate to wanting to be adventurous, at least, as long as he’s safe. “Yer got ter be safe,” he mumbles, not very clearly but warning all the same. There’s so much danger with magic that it’s a good warning, especially with all that has been going on at the school. Then he suddenly scoops up Shadow Mist, hugging her to his chest as he stands, and gives one last look to Fiona and musters up a bit more of a smile. Then he walks away, not actually /saying/ bye.

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