(1938-10-21) Just Looking For The Truth
Details for Just Looking for the Truth
Summary: Before the October 21st Broadcast of Cauldron Talk, Brad and Astoria speak briefly before the show goes live
Date: 1938-10-21
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade

Wizarding Wireless Network

This is the offices and studio for the Wizarding Wireless Network. There are three broadcasting boothes filled with the strange sort of devices that one would expect Wizards to use to deliver to the Wizarding World who have a wizarding wireless the latest in magical songs and news.

Early Monday morning, and Wizarding Wireless Network is a buzz, people moving in and out of the Station while various people seem to running around exchanging memos. Brad is preparing for his show, by speaking with his personal assistant, just outside his booth. Brad movements as always are rather exaggerated throwing his hands up, before stating to pace back and forth, his hands clasped behind his back and his eyes focused down on the ground.

Astoria enters the studio wearing a coat made of black wool that stretches to her knees. Beneath it is a tailored black robe that hugs her figure conservatively. She strides down the hallway before finding a witch. After asking for directions she is pointed to Brad's office. While walking, Astoria unbuttons her coat and makes a few last-minute alterations to her hair.

As Brad catches eyesight of Astoria, he throws his arms in the air, "Ms. Bletchley!" he exclaims taking a few steps towards before stumbling back slightly, "You look absolutely stunning!" he claims, bring his hand to his forehead, acting as if he is getting his bearings back, "If I had been smart I would have certainly ask you on a date rather then to be a guest on my show." he says softly with a small wink, "Though I assure you the pleasure is all mine though, well with both being graced by your divine presence and for you joining me on my little, News Show." he says with a small nod.

Astoria's eyebrow raises during Brad's reaction, and the left side of her mouth curves slightly upward. "You are too kind, sir," she replies easily, accent light and tone rather amused. "I am of course very excited to appear on your morning broadcast." She shrugs out of her coat and drapes it across an arm. Afterward, her gaze settles upon Brad - perhaps curious to see what he will do next.

Brad looks at his assistant, "Bring Ms. Bletchley some tea and coffee, also bring some biscuits to snack on." he says with a small wave of his hand, "Oh and Sarah do not forget my coffee this time." he says offering her what at first glance would look like a warm smile, though if one was to notice it might show a hint of frustration. Looking back at Astoria he waves his hand, as he opens the door to his Booth, "Please, Mr. Bletchley join me in my booth, we can start the broadcast shortly." he says with a smile
Once she has entered, Brad's hands clasp behind his back, and be begins pacing, back and forth, "First let me say Mr. Bletchley, a lot of people say… well they say bad things about me." he says with a small nod on his head still pacing, his lips curled into a frown, "I do not blindly attack people, so I am very glad you are joining me." he says with a small nod before spinning on the balls of his feet and pointing at Astoria, "You see? I invited you I just want the truth! My listeners just want the truth!" he says offering he a warm smile, "That is why I want you here, to help My Viewers here the truth!" he exclaims with a clap of his hands, "You ever been on the wireless before?" he asks suddenly tilting his head.

Astoria enters the booth quietly and quickly finds a seat. She crosses one leg over the other and sits up straight. Her posture is rather rigid, and her focus quite keen on Brad while she listens to him speak. "I am willing to answer questions pertaining to the article and any entanglements surrounding it, but, as I said, I am here as a reporter. Nothing more." A practiced smile spreads across her lips before she answers Brad's final question. "I have not. Please, show me - I would not want to make a fool of myself on the air."

"Of course! I told you I completely understand, you are here to speak about your article, nothing more." Brad says with a soft smile, "It is rather simple, you will sit there and I will sit here." he says gesturing the the chairs, "After the Theme music finishes, I iwll give the greeting and introduce you." he says with a small nod, "I will have flicked the Microphone on and we will both sit rather still so we do not send over any rustles, over the waves and we will just talk." he says looking at the window were a Wizard is holding up a small sign that says 'One Minute' on it, Brad slips into his chair and claps his hand, "You ready for all of the Wizarding World to hear you live, Ms. Bletchley?" he says playful offering her a small wink.

Astoria listens quietly to the explanation, her rather dark gaze settled intenty on Brad. After his question, Astoria nods and clears her throat. "Yes, I believe so," she replies. When coffee or tea arrives, Astoria takes a final sip and clears her throat once more. Few nerves are readily visible, though her hand does open and shut several times, and her fingers flex.

As the theme music suddenly starts being heard behind Brad on speaker in the booth, he starts to waves his hands as if conducting the song, his eyes closing, seeming to really get into the opening of the music, his assistant hurries in with the two coffees one tea and biscuits on a tray and scurries out to not interrupt the broadcast, once it finishes he leans over and flips the speaker off and pulls the microphone down quickly, leaning onto the table staring across at Astoria.

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