(1938-10-21) Press Release: Glinch Spell Identified
Details for Press Release: Glinch Spell Identified
Summary: The Ministry issues a press release about the spell used by Darnell Glinch.
Date: 21 October, 1938
Location: London
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Press release from the Ministry of Magic Central Department

Recent articles in the Daily Prophet and on the Wizarding Wireless Network have referenced the investigation and prosecution of Darnell Glinch and his use of what is a restricted spell. While being questioned in Azkaban, Glinch and his wand were tested. The ministry is now aware that the type of spell Glinch used is an older and restricted version of the obliviate spell used by the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

The current spell as it is used by the Ministry is not the restricted use spell, which is not allowed to be used anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Following his interrogation Glinch revealed the process through which he learned the restricted spell used and further arrests have been made.

The Ministry of Magic wishes to make clear that it will pursue any and all suspects believed to be using restricted magic or those maliciously using non-restricted magic and ensure that Britain is safe.

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