(1938-10-21) The Proposal
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Summary: Phil and Thomas have their first date and it quick turns into the already agreed upon marriage, by way of proposal.
Date: 1938-10-21
Location: Black Friar's Pub, Black Friar's, London

As part of the effort to get out and be seen together Phil brings Thomas to have dinner in a…muggle pub. As they walk in she explains, "This place is amazing. My friend Tim lives around the corner and brought me here the first time. I love it. The food is great, the gin is good. Graham likes the cider." She grins and steps off to the side to let Thomas soak up the atmosphere once they are in out of the incliment weather.

As Thomas walks in a smile creeps across his place, he looks like a child in candy store. His eyes move across every inch of it slowly, "Wow." he says simply with a shake of his head, "This…" he starts with a small nod, "This is what I am always talking about." he says in a small hushed tone, "The brilliance, the understanding of art they have." he says slowly shaking his head, "They create things of pure beauty." he says softly, his hand moving to take Phil's softly giving it a small squeeze.

Her grin widens. "I knew you would like it." Tugging his hand she pulls Thomas to one of the booth tables, offering over a wave to the bartender with her other hand. "As places go I thought this would be nice for a proper date." Which they haven't really had despite everything. They havent been sat down long before one of the barmaids come over and gives them paper menus. "Hullo Philly," she grins and gives Phil a hug. "Did you see our Tim 'ere on 'is date? Rig't knocked me for six it did. She were rig't pretty 'ing." Returning the hug Phil laughs. "I didn't see them now, but I set it up." This earns her a playful punch in the shoulder from the barmaid before she heads off, giving them a few minutes.

Thomas takes his seat, his eyes still moving across the people, "There needs to be more people who are not afraid to venture out." he says slowly with a small smile, "I mean you know me too well, to know that I would like this place." he says with a small smile, watching the interaction between Phil and the barmaid, "Also people who are not afraid to make friends." he says softly, reaching over and stroking her cheek softly, "So what do you recommend?" he asks curiously tilting his head.

"The meat pies are nice, so are the roast dinners. Tim is partial to the cheese dishes." Phil opts for a steak and ale pie with mashed potatos and gravy and rather than her usual gin has a pint of cool, room temperature bitter instead. "I don't fear having friends outside the society was born into. I just tend to keep those parts of my life separate. You'll know more than my family does. They - especially Felicity - are quite protective. So I shelter them."

Thomas chuckles, "Well I suppose I will try one of the roast dinners." he says slowly, rubbing his chin, "I defer which one to your judgment." he says softly with a smile, "Well my family would have died if they had seen how I was living, but I really like parts of the culture." he says slowly with a small nod, "That was the hardest thing about this change is the culture shock of getting back into my own." he says with a smirk, "Mikhale was the only one who wouldn't freak out, but he can be a bit too protective of me at times." he says slowly, "So I understand."

When the barmaid returns Phil orders for them boat. Thomas is getting a roast pork dinner with all the usual muggle trimmings of crackling (baked hardened fat), stuffing (sage and onion) and of course mashed potato and plent of gravy. She gets him the same drink she has, "Two pints of Banks." With a wink and a nod the girl heads off with their menus and their orders leaving them alone again. "I went to see Mikhale today. Made an appointment even. I wanted to ask if there was anything I could do to help you get back into your family's good graces."

Thomas chuckles, "I am sure Mikhale was happy to see you, he doesn't like that I have taken his bad name away from him." he says softly, picking up his fork and cutting a small bit of pork off and taking a bite, "What did he have to say?" he asks softly, a smile on his face, tilting his head a bit curiously at Phil.

"He was prefectly charming," says Phil as she cuts into her steaming hot pie. "Especially when I told him that I intend to marry you at some point in the future." She watches Thomas for his reaction as she eats a forkful of her food.

Thomas takes a small bite of his food, "You know you can't keep going around and saying that, til I get you a ring." he says slowly, looking up at Phil, "What kind of gentleman would people think I was, if I couldn't even buy my fiancee a proper ring?" he asks curious tilting his head a bit to the right.

"He said that marrying me might be useful but it wouldn't be enough. He thinks you'll need to beg." She eats a little more and washes it down with the bitter then says, "I won't let you beg Thomas. You can be part of my family. And Mikhale says he will stand by you. Your fight was, like you said to me, just brothers fighting. Siblings have scrapes." She eats another piece of the succulent and rich steak pie then picks up her napkin. The paper ring which held it tightly closed is slid of and Phil looks at it, suddenly getting and idea. "You have a ring you can give me, one right there." She points to Thomas' napkin with the paper ring on it.

Thomas can't help but chuckle, "The day I beg to my Father is the day I break my wand." he says with a slight wave of his hand. "Mikhale is a good brother and guy, a little bit too much of a flirt, but that is in his nature and many people admire him for it." he says softly with a smile, "I would be glad to be part of your family, though I would prefer it if mine would stay out my life, their beliefs are not my own." he says with a small wave of his hand, still listening to Phil, a smile creeping on his face as he removes the ring, "Well I suppose if I am going to do this, I should do it right?" he says slowly, with a smirk, slipping out of the booth and going to one knee, "Philomena Thomasina Rowle, you are able to make the words written across the pages of my heart, spring to life. The pages of every love story begins to burst from my very being, if you will have me, I would be honored if you choose to live your happily ever after with me, by your side." he says offering her the small ring from the napkin.

Had he been quiet about it and not got down on bended knee nobody else would likely have noticed, but because Thomas decided to go all out heads have turned in their direction and those which hadn't been, thanks to the barmaid's loud shrill whistle had their attention drawn to it. Bright pink cheeks, Phil turns watching Thomas as he does down on one knee. Even though it was her idea she still is a bit surprised he went for it. She laughs and offers him her hand. "Yes. I would be happy to be your wife and share my words and my soul with you. To live a life where we both are free to be ourselves and share our passionate love for the greater world and all the stories it has within it." She leans over and kisses him lightly on the mouth, a soft laugh escaping her lips as she whispers, "We are both mad, you know."

Thomas returns the kiss, as various people in the bar cheer and whistle, he whispers back, "Well I never claimed to be anything but mad." he says offering her a small wink, before slipping back into the booth a smile on his face, "Wait til our friends hear, not to mention our siblings." he says picking up his drink and taking a small sip, "Also you got the proposal down that time." he says softly with a small wink.

Looking a little embarrassed by the attention Phil waves and then picks up her glass to take a large mouthful. "I'm glad you approved. I was trying hard to come up with a better one." She looks over at him, blue eyes glittering with humour. "If you don't want to tell anyone for a while we can keep it quiet. Though Mikhale was forwarned this afternoon." Her mouth quirks upwards into a grin and Phil sets her drink down so she can resume eating. "Proposed to in a muggle pub. How's that for different?"

Thomas takes a bite of his food and winks, "Different but fitting for us in my eyes." he says softly, with a small nod, "It is up to you, I am behind you all the way Phil." he says softly, picking up his glass and taking a small sip, "You have to admit, nothing about our relationship has anything but mad." he says with a smirk, "But that I think is what makes it so exciting." he says softly reaching over and softly taking her hand.

She turns her hand over so that their fingers can twine together. "You are right. Nothing about our relationship has been typical, so it is fitting that this isn't either." Phil nods towards his half eaten dinner. "How is your food? Sometimes the gravy can be a bit much if you're not a huge fan." Her's is also half eaten, but then she knew she'd like what she ordered. "When I brought those chicken pies that night, they came from here."

"I like it, very hearty." Thomas says with a small nod, "I also enjoyed those chicken pies." he says with a small smirk. He takes another sip from his glass, "I am glad you are happy Phil, because you make me happier then I can put into words." he says slowly with a small nod, "We should come here more often, I mean it is were we proposed to each other." he says with a smirk and a small wink.

Phil nods in agreement as she chews another bite. "At least on the twenty-first of October every year." Her leg finds his under the table, foot curling around the back of Thomas' ankle. "Just so you know, my saying yes was not your birthday present." She grins and eats a few more bites before pushing her plate aside and cleansing her palate with a couple of mouthfuls of bitter. "You could move in with Fel and I, if you wanted? Jean too. Then turn your flat into an office."

Thomas, moves his free foot to softly stroke Phil's leg, still smiling at her, "Well of course on the 21st of October." he says with a small wink, "Though I doubt you will want to wait a year to eat here again." he says softly with a chuckle, "Well I could, though I think Jean is happy at the shop, he likes all the attention from my patrons and has made a good chunk of friends, that and he loves trying to get those song birds." he says playful with a smile.

"At night," clarifies Phil. "Bring him home with you at night so he's not lonely. Then take him to work each morning." She watches Thomas as she sips her drink. "The house is big enough for all of us. You didn't really see anything but my bedroom."

"And a nice bedroom it was." Thomas says with a chuckle, "Though I think I should see if your sister likes me first. I am rather worried she will hate me." he says with a soft chuckle, "I certainly hope that my stain with my family doesn't sway your sisters opinion of me." he says slowly with a smile, "I think Jean would like that, though. He has grown rather attached to you, Phil." he says with a smile, "Are you going to tell your sister?" he asks curious looking from Phil's eyes down to the ring.

Phil thinks about it and says, "Felicity will like you. She will like that you are respectful and well-mannered. That you come from a good family, even if you are on the outs with them at the moment. She will likely take you under her wing because of it. Felicity is a healer because she cares about people. You did some stupid things but you didn't deserve to be disowned because of it." She sets her glass on the table. "Do you want to tell her? I honestly can't see that there would be a problem. For her there are two positives: one, you love her favourite sibling and want to devote your life to making said sibling happy, two - and this should not be underestimated - you and I marrying will take the heat off of her for a bit longer."

Thomas chuckles, "Well I am glad she will like me. Also I would be glad to let her know." he says removing his pack of Chesterfields from his vest and pulling one out and pinching it between his lips and lighting it, now that he is done with his meal. "Though I said I would have to beg Father, Mother on the other hand." he says slowly, taking a long hard drag off his cigarette, "Her little Baby Thomas is going to be getting married." he says slowly with a small smile, "She might want to meet you and for that, I am so sorry." he says with a chuckle as he exhales the bluish grey smoke.

"I am not afraid of meeting your parents Thomas. I'd be delighted to meet any of them. If I can fend of Mikhale's questions about why you are now with me and not Rhyeline I think I can handle your parents." Phil sits back in her chair, feet entwined with his beneath the table. "I've been attending awkward social functions since leaving school. Have fended off countless meddling mothers with hopeful sons. It will be nice for a change to actually not have to run from a society mother."

Thomas smiles softly, "Well I have dealt with the same, hope filled mothers, though they were more interested when I was at the I.M.C." he says softly with a chuckle, "My Mother can be a bit firm… but she is not a bad person, she will just want to make sure you are good enough for her baby, though I can promise you that she will see that you are." he says with a small wink, squeezing her hand softly as he takes a drag off his cigarette.

Her mouth twitches up into a grin, "I am the baby too." Phil sips her drink, finishing the last of it. "How shall we do this? Do you want me to take you to see my parents tonight? We can do that. Or do you want to meet Felicity first?"

Thomas thinks for a moment, taking a few drags off his cigarette, exhaling the smoke slowly after each drag before tapping the butt of his cigarette, "Well I think it would be proper to meet your parents first." he says with a small nod, "I am sure your mother will be delighted." he says softly with a small wink, smiling back at Phil.

Glancing over at the clock behind the bar Phil mentally calculates and says, "If we go back to my place we can floo there in time for after dinner drinks in the library." She looks at Thomas, her eyes wide, "Are you ready for this?" Taking both of his hands in her's she tells Thomas, "I meant what I said. If your parents won't have you back you can become a Rowle."

Thomas takes her hands and squeezes softly, "Of course I am ready for this." he says softly with a smile, "I am in in this with you and nothing can stop me." he says softly with a smile, "Also I do enjoy drinks after in the Library." he says softly with a small wink, "If I need to become a Rowle I will, whatever it takes." he says leaning over and giving Phil a soft kiss.

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