(1938-10-21) Welcome to the Family
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Summary: Phil makes an appointment to see Mikhale and speak about Thomas' position within the Carrow family.
Date: 21 October 1938
Location: Steele Travel, Diagon Alley, London
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As much a home as it is an business, the door to Steele travel is usually closed and locked. A small atrium at the front has a pad of paper and a slot to request an appointment. Otherwise the door is thickly warded and steel reinforced. Once you get past the door however, it's like entering several new worlds all at once. The entrance has a traditional genkan, with the lowered floor and a rack to place ones shoes. Each section is separated by a theme relevant object, like a wall of ferns, a Japanese folding screen or a wall carved in Egyptian hieroglyphs. One corner has a hammock, a sand pit and a floor to ceiling window enchanted to mirror a Caribbean beach. In another area is a fully stocked Japanese tea service. A sectioned off area near the back contains Turkish hookah den. To the back and right is a replica of an Amazonian forest, complete with an enchanted water fixture and a boat that dips slowly in the current. The last area is full of Egyptian motifs and statues. With a large table and chairs allowing for several to be seated comfortably. A cleverly disguised rope pulls down a set of stairs that lead up to the second floor.

Being a meddling girlfriend probably won't earn Phil any brownie points with Thomas but the letter to Mikhale was sent, asking for a meeting with the acquisitions specialist. When the appointed time comes she raps her knuckles lightly on the door to Steele Travel. Dressed impeccably in her red velvet cloak over a black jersey dress, her style a combination of up-to-the-minute wizarding and muggle fashion. Because it is raining her hair has a slight frizz to it that she can do nothing about, but hopefully the rest of the effort she made with her appearance will more than make up for it.

Usually the door of Steele Travel is closed. Closed and locked. A small atrium at the front has a pad of paper and a slot to request an appointment. However, today the door is not locked, because that paper is just fulfilled with many names of women. It looks like these days might be the best to get vacation or something.

The bark of the dog can be heard, as the young woman's and man's voices:

W: "So, Belgium, then. I will have to come, though, tomorrow, to agree on last terms, yes?"

M: "Indeed. I will wait around five."

The woman in quite a fancy gown opens the door, but is unexpectedly stopped by an genteel man's kiss to her hand. She blushes and all giggling hurries away, almost bumping to the next lady in row.

Mikhale glances at the woman outside and gestures for her to come in, "Lady Philomena Thomasina Rowle, yes?"

He is dressed in dark leathern clothes, but his jacket is opened, showing perfectly white shirts, which bare a part of his strong cheston which strange pendant is glinting. While woman is entering, Mik glances at the mirror and tosses dark curl away, while dark gaze just indulges in his own image.

Phil looks amused by the interplay between the man and the woman. She nods, "Yes. Are you Mikhale Carrow?" She doesn't use his incredibly lengthy name, being of the sort to prefer an abbreviated version of her own." Following him in she pushes back the hood of her cloak and looks around curiously. "Fascinating. Is that a statue of Isis?" She crosses over to look at the small Ancient Egyptian artifact.

"Cheers!" Mikhale claps, "You are right and just won a discount!" His deep laugh mixes with the bark of the dog, who quickly appears near new arrival, sniffing around her legs. However, Mik scratches behind the ear of the dog, "Precator, that's not very polite. Where are your manners?.." Precator glances at the man, at the woman and runs away wagging his tail. "So, please, come in and take a seat," the man gestures to the table, but before that he offers to take her cloak. If she will let doing it,he will hang her cloak and follow her near the table later, "Will you drink something or we go straight near business?"

The dog's arrival draws a smile from Phil and she reaches down, offering her palm for Precator to sniff. "I hope to visit Egypt someday along with several other places." She trails after Mikhale and after giving him her cloak lowers herself to sit down on the offered chair. "A drink would be lovely, thank you. The word on the street is that you are a very busy man, so I appreciate you taking the time to see me." Her mouth quirks with humour, "Especially considering your previous appointment looked to be more interesting than this one will likely be."

The young man quickly prepares some green tea with the aroma of strawberries. He places the cup in front of the girl and settles in front of her. He grins a bit playfully and curious dark gaze finds girl's, "Oh really? What type of appointment it will be, huh?" Mikhale takes a sip of his own drink.

Taking the tea, Phil blows gently across the surface first before taking a careful sip. While her name undoubtedly gave away her breeding it is also there to be seen in how she presents herself and the unconscious good manners. "I wanted to speak to you about Thomas, your brother. To ask if there is anything I can do to help with the rift that his foolish trip and sacking has created." She lifts the cup to her lips and takes another small sip. "I fully intend to marry him at some point so this is not some idle curiosity on my part."

Mikhale's eyes widen and he stares at the woman a few seconds with amusement and surprise. "Oh boy… New say, new winds in my brother's world. So, now he loves you, not that little mouse?" The man places his cup on the table, before turning the gaze back on the girl. This time the gaze is quite evaluating. Mik slowly nods, "I see. You look quite a strong woman. That kid is in the need of strong hand to control him, you know. He spend his whole life between papers and suddenly decided to steal my hobby from me, you know," the man starts laughing a bit louder, before seriousness comes back to his features, "Our father hated me. Really. For no reason," however, some strange sparkles flash in his eyes, oposing for his words, "But I have never been disowned. Just… No, our father's word is very strong. Thomas was not just disappointment. He raised the bar super high, when the father disowned him." For some reasons, that makes him chuckle. The man looks a bit amused. "But if you really want to marry him, you won't change our father's decision. Just he might do that, if he will beg forgiveness. You, you can just keep him out of troubles and wish of adventures. As I said to him, if you need to deal with something really hard, I am your man!"

Phil considers what Mikhale has told her, she takes a few minutes longer to respond in kind, punctuating the silence with sips of the fruity green tea. "I was afraid it went beyond the surface and clearly it does. It is, as you say, you were fired by the Ministry and yet were not disowned. There have been plenty of Carrows who have walked a different path." Even some dark paths, not that the Rowles don't have a few shady characters in their family tree. "Thomas is a proud man. He won't beg for forgiveness and I wouldn't ask him to." She leans forward and sets her cup and saucer on the table. "Your fight with Thomas, it was a minor affair, yes? Or are you no longer able to be in his life because of your father's wishes?"

"I am a free man, not my father's puppet," sniffs Mikhale quite offended, "My fight with Thomas was just to punish some sober minds into that kid head. Even if he is disowned, he is still my little brother and he is not allowed to take any idiotic decisions, without my approval. We already made a deal about that. So, if we both will stand around him, he might be saved from himself even," offence is forgotten now and Mikhale chuckles once more. At this moment Precator comes back and places his head into the lap of Mikhale. He pats his animal now, curiously staring at the girl.

She smiles at Mikhale then a big wide smile that encompasses her entire face and makes her look quite pretty. "That is what I hoped. I have siblings, you see. Older brothers and an older sister. Fighting is not unexpected. Even throwing a punch because someone you care for did something incredibly stupid. In some cases such behaviour might even be said to be expected." Phil's smile shifts into a grin. "I am a determined and ambitious woman. If I can do it I will use my social standing to improve Thomas' and hopefully given time with both of us helping him, your father will change his mind."

"Then what can I say? Welcome to the family!" Mikhale stands up and takes woman's hand just to place a brief politine peck there, if she will let him. At this moment a woman almost runs inside. She a bit nervously cleans her skirts, and cloak, and slightly wet hair, "It started to rain, Mikhale," she chuckles and blushes brightly, when she catches the sight of Phil, "Oooh… You are not alone. I thought… It's my time now…" Mikhale turns to the young woman, giggling a bit, "Yes, indeed, this is your time now and papers are ready. Just a few signatures and you will be able to pack for your journey. "If you will excuse me," he will bow for Phil.

Rising to her feet she inclines her head respectfully and says "Thank you for giving me…" Phil laughs, "I will leave you to it." She gives Mikhale a little wave and heads off.

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