(1938-10-23) Leaning
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Summary: Medusa and Gerald are made to take an injured student to the infirmary, afterwards Douglas shows up then Gerald leaves and Eibhlin shows up then Douglas leaves and after that Medusa leaves. In the midst of all the comings and goings there are various leanings.
Date: 23 October 1938
Location: Entry Coutryard then later outside the Infirmary, Hogwarts

Medusa is starting to think the professors have it in for her. Yesterday it was Viridian picking on her in class, today it is that Muggle Studies professor telling her to escort an injured student to the infirmary. She puts on her 'nice' face and starts to guide the crying third year Hufflepuff boy off when Professor Palancher calls for Medusa to stop and points to another student, "He will also help you. Ensure that Madam Spleen knows Ryan Lampiter hit his head when he fell while climbing the cliffs." Medusa deals with the teacher first, nodding politely, "Yes, professor." Only then does she turn to see what other schlep has been forced to help take the crying boy with the broken body to the infirmary.

Naturally. Gerald doesn't react initially, rather he takes a few ticks of a moment to glance to the injured boy, perhaps gauging his injuries. He does make his way after the two however, reaching as he nears them to take the young man's weight. He doesn't speak. Not for now, but he does set his jaw firmly for the moment. Awkwardness has never been his talent.

"Oh," says Medusa when she realises it is Gerald she has been forced to deal with. The boy cries, whimpering as Gerald jostles him. "Hey now," says Medusa. "Stop that. You'll be fine. Madam Spleen will sort you out." She adjusts her own stance now that Gerald is holding more of Ryan's body weight. "Come on then, slow and steady."

Gerald mutters something as the move, though it's rather low. Helping to adjust the boys weight again, he sighs, "At what point in time did climbing the cliffs seem like a good idea?" Sure it happens, but really!!! "I mean, there are better ways to get a pretty girl to pay attention to you. And you messed up too, you get to look at my ugly mug now." He chuckles though at hair ruffling moments are omitted due to the boys condition. He does send the blond girl a glance, but otherwise he keeps his eyes on their path.

It is a slow progression towards the entry hall with Ryan sniffling and the two of them bearing his weight so he can stay off his possibly broken ankle. "Gerald is right. You shouldn't have to go to such lengths to get a girl to notice you. You're kinda cute." For a third year. Small people. Eugh. Ryan turns bright red, which given his slightly green complexion from the pain makes him look puce. Medusa looks over at Gerald, silently imploring him for some help. She thought she was being nice!

"I'm not telling him he's cute." Gerald drones lowly as he senses Medusa's gaze. He smirks faintly as they move. Slow and steady. "That's your job. Everyone wants to impress you." So small, painless jabs, maybe. Ger's not very good at being mean.

Medusa sighs and looks at Ryan, "Ignore him. He probably does think you are cute. He's just too shy to say so." Ryan looks confused but wisely stays silent. As they near the entry hall Medusa reaches out with her free arm to pull out her wand and use it to open the door. "I take it you got my note and still think yourself better than me," she says to Gerald.

Gerald scowls, though there's almost no force behind it. If anything he looks drained. SO. Much. Angst!!!!! Eventually he does nod though, "I did. I even wrote one back but I got sidetracked, and I don't have a platoon of tiny students to deliver notes for me. I have to bribe mine." This causes a small chuckle, perhaps his last attempt to get something delivered went badly? Seems to have. "I'm pretty sure you didn't get it, and that there's a small red haired girl running around with a pocket full of my own business."
"And never have I ever said I was better than you. I just value my friends more than my self."

"I don't value my friends more than myself," grumbles Medusa. "I went well out of my way to not speak to Sunny. Do you know how much effort you have to put in to not speak to someone of the same sex in your own house? She probably thinks I hate her because I kept ducking out of the room when I saw her." Ryan looks between the two of them, clearly getting the idea that they are forgetting him, but also getting an earful of gossip. For now he remains quiet.

Gerald rolls his eyes. "She knows about it. It doesn't change our relationship. You're missing the point all together." He carefully hefts Ryan's weight again as they slip through a door, watching to not jostle him too firmly. "You were perfectly comfortable asking me to break up with Sunny to benefit yourself. I think you and Douglas is a ridiculous idea. But I'd never let anyone even consider leaning on either of you to break up. No one has the right, you deserve the right to be involved in a relationship without people trying to mind our business." Poor Ryan. Perhaps the cliffs were kinder than his help will be. "Silly me."

"That is not what I asked you at all. Good ghosts alive you weren't even listening." Medusa flicks her wand so the doors close behind them and tucks it back into her pocket. "I was asking you how attached you were to her. The whole point in me asking was to find out if you were serious or not. Since you moan about her so much - which by the way I never do about Douglas - I thought maybe it wasn't serious and you weren't so bothered in which case then I would speak to her about Kaiden." Ryan tries not to look interested, he even moans a little…very quietly…so as not to interupt .Interjecting his thoughts Medusa adds, "And loads of people have told us to break up." Just maybe not leaned on, but then she doesn't think she was leaning on Gerald in any case.

Gerald sighs, "It's just the fact you asked." He doesn't seem willing to revisit that day. It's with reluctance he even speaks. "And I have never asked you, or even eluded to you breaking up. Just that I was shocked. And you lack of complaint doesn't change anything. Like I said, we talked our problems out. The fact is that when Kaiden even mentioned it, you should have said no. That's what the decent thing to do would have been." Poor, poor Ryan.

Progress up the stairs is awkward, both of them having to take turns so Ryan doesn't jostle his leg. It is also requiring physical exertion, something Medusa doesn't tend to engage in too often. "Fine. So you don't want to be my friend anymore." She huffs and not just from the effort of moving the third year up the stairs. "Over a stupid question."

Gerald does try and take most of the weight off of her, leaning heavily on the wall as they head up the stairs. "I never said I wasn't your friend." He adds with a small grunt of his own. "I just didn't enjoy feeling like one of your game pieces." Or toadies. Pick a term! "I'm just hurt. I feel like you tried to manipulate me and I'm not over it yet."

"Who put the bloody infirmary so far up the stairs?" Medusa's grumbling this time has nothing to do with Gerald and their row. She stops to catch her breath when they reach the landing and looks at Ryan who quickly looks away in case they realise he's been listening in. Misinterpreting the look she frowns. "It must hurt quite a bit. We're nearly there." Medusa takes a steadying breath and starts again. "I am sorry Gerald. I didn't mean to upset you. And I didn't tell her in any case. I told him I'd get help somewhere else, that you were my friend and you two were serious about each other. I also told him to let her alone."

Gerald nods, though as Medusa takes her break, he braces for Ryan's weight. "Thank you." He states simply, though there's always more going on in his head than that. After a moment, he sighs, "I told her. She'll deal with Kaiden. I'm not very concerned about him." He admits this, though he does narrow his eyes down at the boy leaning on him. "And that, Ryan, you didn't hear. I don't like gossip." And my how easy it would be to dump him down the stairs! "It didn't cause problems. So, I'm less angry than I was."

Ryan looks at Gerald and whimpers, "My leg." Medusa rolls her eyes and steers them down the corridor where the infirmary is. "Nearly there." She looks over at Gerald, "Why did you tell her? You know about her ex-boyfriend, right?" As they near the door she takes her wand out again.

Gerald sighs, reaching to try and take more weight off Ryan's leg. Poor guy, falling victim to an argument that's clearly hindering them getting him help. "I told her because we're honest about things." He admits with a groan, "And yes I know about him. I also know she's bored of the drama that revolves around it, and that Sunny isn't fickle enough to cheat. If she, or I, decide to find someone else, we'll be mature about it. There are people in both our lives that we've..had interest in. None of them are exactly 'right' for either of us."

With a flick of her wand the doors open and Madam Spleen can be seen as soon as she spots them the nurse bustles over to take charge. "Professor Palancher said he fell while climbing the cliffs. Said he hit his head." Tucking her wand away Medusa gives Gerald an odd look when they are alone again. "I'm not going to insult you by asking if it was Janette. But I am curious. Was it Evie?"

Gerald helps as much as he can as Madam Spleen steps in. Once the boy is safely in her care, he makes no small secret of removing himself from the room. After all, that's not his favorite place to be. Of course, Medusa's question earns a momentary glare and a sigh, "No, it was not Janette. And Evie and I are just friends. She would be a great girlfriend, and any guy that gets her is a lucky one, but even my parents would die of aneurysms if I brought home a half-blood." He seems almost ashamed at his small confession, and even goes so far as to sigh. "Though I don't think of her as a half-blood. She's going to be a great asset to the wizarding community, no matter the career she chooses." That said he turns to begin the long trip back, his steps slow to wait for the blond. Avoid the question? Check!

"She is really clever," agrees Medusa. "And nice. Shame she is only a half-blood." She reaches out to touch his arm, trying to stop Gerald before they reach the stairwell again. "I don't like fighting with you. Please can we not be fighting anymore?" Her lips quirk into a grin, "I must be a glutton for punishment because I keep wanting to be around you Gryffindors despite all the moaning it earns me from my housemates."

Gerald groans. "You girls and your desperate need to make me talk about things." Already he looks drained! "We're fighting anymore." He decides, possibly out of exhaustion alone. "It's over and done with." He forces a smile, "But really you should embrace the Gryffindors. We're a pretty decent lot." Beat, "Even your boyfriend…I guess." That does however get a laugh. "Sometimes, when he's not losing our house a billion points."

"At least nobody is chaining him to a desk," comes the retort. For now Gerald is safe. Medusa isn't going to press him about who this girl he fancies might be. "He's turned a new leaf. Comes to class. Does homework. It's my amazingly calming influence of course." And nothing to do with threats from the headmaster. Medusa drops her arm, pulling her hand away from Gerald's shoulder. "I was really angry after we argued. I insulted Alphard in the Broomsticks." She pulls a face. "That one I am going to have to pay a lot more for." She starts to walk again, heading towards the stairs.

As Douglas, with perfect timing, rounds the flight of stairs and then stops, hands going up. "Fit like, loun an quine, I hivna ta see yat kina hin goan oan," he calls over in the broad Doric, flashing the pair an easy grin. "Cornfoot, put her down! You don't know where she's been!"

"Actually Douglas, I have an idea. That's what worries me." Gerald allows his own easy smile to part his lips, though the words inspire a mental image he wasn't prepare for. Bleeeh. Going to take more than bleach to get THAT out. Medusa has at least managed to inspire a little relief to what was a very heavy conversation moments ago. So much so that Doulas gets an almost approving look from his housemate. "Oh yeah? You going to classes now, yeah? Who'd have thought it?"

The voice is familiar. The face and body are familiar. The words? Not so much. Medusa gives Douglas an odd look, clearly not understanding what he is saying or for that matter why. "I've been with you, you dolt," she says to him. Gerald's obvious revulsion earns him a light shove from the girl. "Hey, Mr Maze-Make Out."

Douglas raises his brows, giving Gerald a thumbs up. "In the maze, eh? Nice one, pal. Remind me some time and I'll show you the one spot along the cliffs where nobody can spot you. That piece of knowledge right there is pure gold. Trust me."

Gerald chuckles, nodding gently. Sunny would strangle him for this discussion. "I trust you on that." He admits with a small laugh. Because Douglas never gets caught doing ANYTHING. Inwardly, he does snort just a little. "I need to get back to class. Since Medusa is so loving and nurturing I can only assume that she's staying with poor Ryan until he's situated." He sends her a glance, his brows arching lightly before he smiles. There. You have a smile of your very own, Medusa. "I'll see you guys later."

"Ryan? Oh, the kid we took to the infirmary? No, he's her's now." Her being Madam Spleen." Medusa closes the distance between her and Douglas and looks over at Gerald, "Yeah, see you later." She looks up at the Scot again, poor Gerald all forgotten. "What on earth were you saying before?"

Douglas leans back against the stairwell, raising an amused brow. "Sent somebody else to the infirmary? What'd you do, turn 'em to stone? Again?"

"Hey!" Medusa gives Douglas' shoulder a soft poke. "This one wasn't my fault. Stupid kid fell off the cliffs. Teacher saw it and made Gerald and I bring him up to Madam Spleen. Possible broken leg, maybe a concusion." She looks around and sneaks a kiss. "Miss me?"

"Like a hole in the head," Douglas tells her solemnly, looping an arm nonetheless around her shoulders. "Cornfoot keeping you on track with… defence, was it? I forget which one of your minions is for what. I can always give you plan B for whichever subjects are being a ballache for you, too."

"No, Gerald was tutoring me in potions. But I'm doing okay there and if not…well there is plan B." Medusa half turns, not so much leaving his embrace but adjusting herself with in it so that she too can lean against the wall. "I've got Morgana to help me. Since she's in Ravenclaw and her ex-boyfriend did a runner on her I invited her to eat lunch with us. Figured it was only right since we've invaded their table nearly every day."

"Are we having a little interhouse collusion table to ourselves now?" Douglas queries, leaning his chin on her head. "Shall I get Gus and complete the set?"

"He's only a sixth year, it would ruin the effect and I don't really want to ask any of the Hufflepuff seventh years. I'd rather stab them with my fork." Medusa reaches up to try and tame his hair, despite knowing full well that it is a losing battle. "I told Lucian about Janette's threats. He's going to speak to Slughorn, get him to see the severity of the matter and deal with it quicker."

"That girl is batshit crazy," Douglas states simply, eyes rolling upwards as she manhandles his hair. "But what's Slughorn going to do about, though? Really? You should tell Flint. He'd actually do something, not just talk to you like you're six."

"Do you think Flint would want to see me?" Medusa hasn't spoken to Flint since she…well probably never considering she never took ancient runes. "I'm having a tough run with professors this week. I swear Viridian had it in for me in charms yesterday." She nods in recognition to a couple of students who walk past but doesn't speak to them.

Douglas flicks the pendant around his neck, shrugging a shoulder. "I bet he'd want to see you about one of these."

"I'd rather wear it as a bracelet, think he'd let me?" Medusa reaches up to touch the pendant, "I wonder if we can use it for something more useful after graduation."

Douglas tilts his head in consideration. "Well, as long as it's, like, really visible. He was really insistent on that. And once we graduate, I dunno. Is it silver? Worth melting down for plan C?" He and Medusa are lounging in the stairwell, leaning up against the wall casually while she apparently picks bugs from his hair. That last part may be a lie.

She smirks, "I could promise to raise my hand a lot so it catches the light." Medusa reaches into her pocket and takes out the ever crumpled bag of mints. She puts one in her mouth and holds them out to Douglas, her smirk shifting into a broad grin as she sucks on the candy.

Taking a walk after lessons, perhaps. Reading, yes. Are the two always the best things to combine, likely not, but its a bad habit that Eibhlin has and it is what brings her into this particular part of the school. Voices catch her attention as she moves closer to where the pair chat and the Ravenclaw's blue eyes lift from the current page, "And plan C is…?" she inquires. Well at least she's not completely oblivious to her surroundings.

Douglas takes one of the sweets with a nod of thanks. He tosses it in the air, going to catch it in his mouth. This, naturally, fails, because people are watching, and it smacks off a tooth before bouncing to the floor. Sucking his tooth and hissing, he shakes his head, glancing up to Eibhlin. "Plan C? Uh… we don't talk about plan C." He looks around with exaggerated carefulness, mouthing, "Christmas presents."

"Classic, Macmillan, just classic." Medusa shakes her head at him and then looks at Eibhlin. "Not still reading that runes book I hope?" Her gaze drops to the book in the Ravenclaw's hand, just to check. Gesturing between them she asks, because it is possible they haven't given the year difference and Douglas' penchant for skiving, "Have you two ever properly met?"

Eibhlin can't help but smile just a bit as the candy skips across the floor, though she doesn't outright laugh. A nod and a silent 'ah' for those mouthed words of his before shake of her head follows for Medusa's question, "No, potions this time," she explains, turning the cover towards the other for a moment, taking a second to mark her page as she closes it. "I don't believe so," she adds, fingers idly tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Douglas pushes himself from the wall, unlooping his arm from around Medusa to offer his hand to Eibhlin. "Doug Macmillan. Yes, the Doug Macmillan. F'like?" He gives her an amiable smile, before opening his mouth expectantly towards Medusa.

Somehow Medusa knows what he wants and like a trainer with a seal she lobs a mint into the boy's open mouth, then offers the bag of mint humbugs towards Eibhlin, "Mint, Eibhlin?" The idea of it being somewhat comical that the Gorgon is feeding sweets to her lazy skiver of a boyfriend doesn't appear to enter Medusa's head or if it does, she doesn't share. Unlike the mints.

"Oh, I think I have heard of you," the redhead replies, switching her book to the opposite hand to reach out his. "Eibhlin Shine," she adds her own name, a hint of a smile touching her lips. "Well, as long as you're sharing," her answer to Medusa follows not one to turn down the offer of sweets.

Douglas dips his head, beaming and holding the sweet between his teeth as he catches it, displaying it in triumph before sliding it into his cheek to suck. "See, I told you I'm a legend," he insists, nudging Medusa in the side. "Either that or a terrible warning. I'm not quite sure which."

The bag of sweets is returned to Medusa's pocket where it lives in ever plentifulness. "I'm always willing to share with the right people." Her head turns towards Douglas at his elbow jibe and she rolls her eyes. "Yes, I am sure Evie is envious of your trip to Hogsmeade. She's secretly planning her own trip now, hoping to find they've brought in a piano for her to lounge on and sing showtunes."

Eibhlin raises a slender brow at Douglas' pride of being heard of. "I don't believe I said I heard anything good," she notes back before popping said shared mint into her mouth with a "Thanks," to the Slytherin.

Douglas pokes his tongue out amiably before settling back with his mint. "I still want to find out who grassed me up for that. I didn't even give them my real name."

"It wasn't me. I didn't even get an invite." Medusa half turns and with a bit of effort pulls herself up onto the windowsill so she can sit and do what she does best, look pretty while looking down at people. "I would have had to wear a disguise but that just would have made it more fun." She bites down on her mint, crunching it a little. "I can't wait to get out of this place. Nearly two months down." Looking over at Eibhlin she asks, "How did your first lesson with the new runes professor go?"

Eibhlin shrugs, "Wasn't me," she assures Douglas. "I don't know that I even know what you're talking about." So really, she couldn't have been the one to say. "So far, so good?" the girl remarks on her lessons, a response which sounds as if she's not quite certain herself.

"Ah, balls, that reminds me," Douglas muses, pushing himself clear of the wall, and briefly giving Medusa's leg a squeeze. "I'll catch you at dinner. Got a few things I need to do."

"I'd say stay out of trouble but I know better." Medusa gives him a light affectionate kick as he departs and turns her focus on Eibhlin. "Glad to hear it. I wondered if he'd be a hard arse, seems the type."

Eibhlin hmms, "It was nice to meet you," she calls after the departing Douglas before her attention refocuses on Medusa. "Yeah," she agrees about the new professor, "He certainly seems like it."

Medusa hops down off the windowsill. "I should get going. I promised my cousin I'd speak to her before dinner. She's all worried that her date might be planning to change his mind and go to the dance with someone else." The Malfoy girl rolls her eyes. "As if I can magically fix it." She smooths down her skirt and jumper. "See you later, Evie, yeah?"

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