(1938-10-23) Ninth Month Check-Up
Details for Ninth Month Check-Up
Summary: Elly goes to visit her mid-wife for her 9th month check up. Only 30 more days to go! ((Mild Mature Medical Play))
Date: October 23rd 1938
Location: Midwife and Infant Care Ward, St Mungo's

A private consultation for a friend is always a joy and this one is no different, except Elly knows all the nurses and midwives as well. Ranjit bustles Elly into the check-up room where the bed is already lowered to a comfortable waddle-seat level and the temperature is like a lukewarm bath. "I've missed having you around this year, but I am so excited about the baby. How is Jack?"

Elly is all beams of warm sunny disposition as she greets everyone as she goes, giving hugs more often than not. Once inside she gives a 'Phew!' as she settles down onto the bed and assumes the position. A perk of being trained in this department herself. "Aye, the squidge is going to be a happy lil addition. It's so adorable seein all me customers fret so. They just con't realize that I'd go mad iffin they 'ad their way! Silly loverlies. Jack is doing so well. Could take apart and put back togefah a plane wif a blind fold on. 'E bettah be able ta! Wif all the trainin' they've been slave driver wif me poor cheeky begger. Miss'm… but I knew this was wot it was when I said I do, right?"

Ranjit flips through Elly's file to find the right page so she can make notations about today's visit. "Indeed. But he's a good one, your Jack. He'll keep them planes flying right and those boys safe and you two will be great parents." Warm hands make light work of the checks, checks which are only a precaution since Elly's due date is eminent. "Any problems? Ankles doing better now that you have the potion?" She smiles down at her friend. "Have you two finally settled on names?"

Elly does the tiniest of squirms at the checks, but nothing to bothersome for the actual exam, she hated it when a mother would just go crazy about it all. She breathes deep and keeps calm. She's full term now, the Squidge is all done developing, just the little final few finishing touches to go. "Aye thank ye dearie for those. Con't wait to see them again though. Wiffout being upended like this." She giggles and sighs. "Thanks for that too…" Elly likes to be all sunny about things with Jack, but like any mother that's practically going at it alone, she's lonely and nervous. "Well he's still got the scrunchy face every time I bring up if it's a girl going wif Ethel for Mumsie. She's on the poorly again. Dada finks she's just holdin on til the Squidge is 'ere…" Elly's smile as she rubs her big belly is warm and genuine, but there is of course a sadness to her. "Prolly will fink of it once we lay eyes on the Squidge."

Dropping onto her stool Ranjit wheels over to sit beside Elly and takes her hand in her own. "Hey, now. You will have me. And you can bring in anybody else you want. If you want your mum there, we'll have your mum. If you want to do it at the pub, we'll do it at the pub. I can't see any complications arising. This is your special day, Elly. We'll make it how you want it to be." Ranjit gives her friend a reassuring smile. "You know me, I'd tell you no if I thought you had to be here."

Elly smiles and nods, "Aye, at the pub. s'where I was born. S'where I want my great great gran children born. Fank ye so so much Ranjit. I really would be in such a state wiffout ye! So we're alright then?" She asks sitting up enough so she can hug her midwife. "Jack says he'll be there. We'll see… but I'm not worried. Everyfing is grand. Really."

Ranjit returns the hug. "You'll always have me, Elly, don't you worry. Not many stood by me after what Jonah did, but you've always been really kind about it." She gets to her feet and offers her hands to help Elly up. "I'll come by tomorrow to check out the room you want to use, just measurements and what not in case I need any emergency equipment sent over. I know you will organise cleaning it properly, but don't do it yourself. Get someone to help you. Right now, you need to eat. Rest and walk but don't stand for too long. The baby is pretty much ready to get here anytime now."

Elly makes a little sound that plainly gives her 'let me at him' opinion of Jonah. She even gives the fellow midwife's cheek a kiss before cupping both of her cheeks and looking into her beautiful brown eyes beaming warmer than ever. "Us lot has to stick together!" A joyous little squee and seated happy dance is done. "Fink if I jump up an' down enough we can get the show on the road?" She jokes. It's a usual little playful joke she usually gives to her own patience. "Make sure ye bring the salts. Jack's one of them that wants to be in wif. But I'll bet ye all on nothin' he'll be on the floor first contraction. Bless'm."

"If not the contraction, then when the baby crowns. They never can handle that." Ranjit makes a few notations in the file and sets it in her pile to be tidied away at the end of the shift. That done she opens the door for Elly. "Let me know if there is anything else I can do, or bring. Just send word when you're contractions start."

Elly stands and gets all presentable before she's coming in for more tight hugs, including the side to side rocking. "I will dearie. Fanks." One more kiss to Ranjit's cheek and she pulls out a covered cast iron casserole dish that's stacked with several other containers and of course a tin of her fudge and jammy dodgers. "Here ye are…" Elly always comes bearing food.

Ranjit blushes, she is used to Elly trying to fatten her up. Likely because only Elly really knows how destitute she is. "Thank you. I will be able to live off this for a week." Ranjit laughs and slips the containers into the charmed pockets of her healer's robes. "You are always too good to me. Next time we meet I am going to tell you about my night at a jazz club. It was great fun."

Elly playfully puts on quite the hoity toity airs and giggles, "Oooh ho hoo! Ye will hafta tell ol' Ells all about it! Bet ye had all them Jazzy Gents eattin' outta the palm of your hand. Ye take care loverly. See ye on the morrow." She blows an air kiss and then turns to waddle-bustle her way out to get herself home….where she most likely won't be keeping off her feet and resting.

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