(1938-10-23) WWN: Cauldron Talk - Hopeful in Hogwarts
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Summary: October 23rd Broadcast of Cauldron Talk, were your host Brad Moody, responds to a letter from a Hogwarts student in distress.
Date: 1938-10-23
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade

After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Lets find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning, today we are going to talk about A very interesting letter I received yesterday. Many of you know I recently spoke about the The Magijugend club at Hogwarts, the support group for Pure-Blood students who are seeking to learn more about their heritage and to celibate their lineage. I received a letter from one of these Brave Children yesterday, now before I read this, I want to thank this student for the iced bun, it was delicious.

Dear Mr B. Moody, I am an avid fan of your show. We listen to it regularly on the wizarding wireless in our common room. I wanted to ask you some advice. There have been problems this year; students who are not as magically gifted are bullying good pure-blooded believers of the truth. While we have the Magijugend the others have their Mud Club. They claim it is open to anyone who wants to be nice to Muggles, but that can't be true because the only professor involved with them isn't even the Muggle Studies professor. Far away from our loving parents with their guidance even the purest among us are falling prey to the seductions of pretty eyes and whispered words of love. How can we stay strong? It is my hope you will have words of wisdom for us young witches and wizards - a way to stay true.

Your firm fan, Hopeful in Hogwarts

Well Hopeful in Hogwarts, let me say how brave it was of you to write me, I know it must be a very hard thing to have such a personal concern and also how absolutely amazing it is that you are concerned for your dearest friends. First let me say that you need to stand strong in the face of your opposition. They are clearly jealous of your talents and that they do not have such a rich History to call their own.

As far as the Mud Club, this sounds more like a group of bullies hiding behind the protection of club, to lash out their frustrations at poor Brave Students who just want to celibate their lineage. Stay strong Hopeful in Hogwarts. I urge all of my listeners to write Hogwarts and demand answers as to why, WHY, such bullying activities are being allowed to take place against, young Brave Students who are just seeking the TRUTH!

I of course encourage any feedback from Hogwarts on this matter, though sometimes it is hard to be the focus of the Truth, which is why the writer sent me the letter anonymously, I urge Hogwarts to serious consider what may be going on in the halls and behind the backs of Professors.

As for your last question, Hopeful in Hogwarts, stand by your friends. Encourage and remind them, that Hogwarts is a place of Academic adventures, not that of the Heart. As a young Pure-Blood, often times you are not yet emotionally mature enough to truly understand, the Heritage and Gift you have received. Be sure to take the hand of your friends and guide them towards, The Truth, For the Greater Good.

Parents talk to your children who are students there. Help them with the truth but remember to seek out the TRUTH yourself! If your child is wearing the Eye of Truth and you have not yet donned it, consider this letter as an example of what your child is suffering through daily! He or She is brave, perhaps you should be just as brave as they are. Also if your child is a part of this bullying Mud Club, I recommend you ask them to leave it, before it harms them as thugs like this in the real world, end up in places like Azkaban, a place none of us wish for our youth.

Well my Seekers, My Friends and yes you my opposition, that is it for this installment of Cauldron Talk. But before I go, I would like to remind you, that here not soon My New show will be coming to Wizarding Wireless Network, Quizard! This is going to be a new type of show, with yours truly, Brad Moody! To put it simply it is a Quiz Show you will want to flick your wands at. We are still accepting entries, for it's premier. If you think you have what it takes and know enough about the Wizarding World, please send me an owl, you might just get one back with an invitation, to be on Quizard!

With that, I leave you to ponder the truth! I'll catch you next time, Around the Cauldron, for Cauldron Talk!

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