(1938-10-24) A Whole New World
Details for A Whole New World
Summary: Rhyeline is joined my a muggle, RAF Officer, Clayton… this ends with her on a motorbike!
Date: October 24, 1938
Location: Fleet Street Bistro & Lambeth

Black clouds looming over London block out both moon and stars. It is left to the lamps along the Holborn streets to cast their warm glow, guiding wayfarers to and from their destinations. Wearing an expensive muggle coat, Rhyeline slips out of a dark alleyway and makes her way down the street towards the Fleet Street Bistro. The waitstaff have come to recognize the peculiar, quiet girl that lingers alone on occasion at a small table looking out onto the street. Tonight is no different. She orders a cup of tea and once alone, gazes out at the street, watching the muggles stride down the street.

Roaring down the streets comes a dull green motorbike, the headlight breaking through the darkness of the street. It begins to slow down and with one final roar, stops just outside the Bistro. Clayton climbs off removing his pilot's goggles and leaving them hanging off the handlebars. He moves and enters into the Bistro, his hand moving up and removing his officer's cap from his head, his other hand running through his hair slowly. His green eyes move across the Bistro before, he walks up to the table, wearing his RAF greatcoat, with his rank on his sleeves and his wings above his heart. Looking to Rhyeline then to the table, he slips in the chair across from her, "Mind if I have a seat, Ma'am?" he asks slowly, a playful smirk on his face.

The roar of the motorbike immediately catches Rhyeline's attention. She watches as he heads into the Bistro, but just then the waiter returns with her cup of tea. With a soft smile and a silent nod, she thanks him. Finding the young officer sitting across from her makes the little mouse flinch in surprise. She gazes up at him wide-eyed and her cheeks grow rather pink. Lips slightly parted, the girl can't quite seem to find her voice.

Clayton catches the waiter, "I'll have what she is having." he says offering the man a warm smile, sitting across from Rhyeline, he smiles warmly at her, "I can leave Ma'am…" he says looking around the Bistro, "You just looked a bit, lonely." he says with a small shrug, "Thought you might like a friendly face to look at." he says with a small wink, "And a kind ear to listen." he continues, his green eyes still peering out at Rhyeline.

Rhyeline hides behind her teacup the moment Clayton glances away to speak with the waiter. Despite the warmth of her cheeks, her dark gaze shines with a hushed curiosity of the muggle man. Lowering her teacup slowly, she hesitates a moment more before murmuring, "It's alright… I don't mind… Please stay."

Clayton smiles, "Wonderful." he says bringing his hand up and offering her a quick two fingered salute, "Squadron Leader, Clayton William Kable at your service tonight Ma'am." he says slowly, looking around the Bistro again slowly, "Never been here before, what's good?" he says with a smirk, "Or should I ask, what I am getting since I order what you are having." he says with a wink.

"Oh, I… I just come here for tea… and- just to… to watch… But- I know that the steaks- they should be good, no? It is a bistro…" she murmurs with a soft smile before hiding once more behind her cup of tea.

Clayton looks around, "A Lady, that comes to a Bistro for tea and to watch…" he trails off, his green eyes locking onto Rhyeline again as he leans on his elbows looking closer at Rhyeline, "What?" he says with a smirk, "Also I didn't catch you name." he says with a smile, "Certainly you don't want me to call you Tea Lady?" he says with a chuckle.

"My name is Rhyeline," she murmurs with a small, Mona Lisa smile. It is a peculiar name, one from a different world. Tilting her head to the side just a bit, "A squadron leader… RAF?"

Clayton offers her a small wink, "Yes Ma'am." he says slowly, as he silently words her names a few time, "Interesting name, Ms. Rhyeline." he says his proper British and Italian accent mixing together to create a odd sound as he says her name, "Still didn't tell me what you are watching." he says looking around the place slowly, the smirk still on his face, as his own tea arrives, adding a single sugar cube and a bit of tea, he picks up and takes a sip.

"Diderot," she murmurs with a flawless French accent. "Rhyeline Diderot…" Not a name in any muggle directory. Her soft smile grows. She seems to enjoy speaking with this muggle man, knowing secrets he does not. "I like to watch the people… I like to guess what life each one is coming from and hurrying off to…"

Clayton sips his tea cup down, "So like a game?" he asks curiously, his mouth once again mouthing her name, silently, "Hmmm interesting enough name, can't say I am familiar with either. Is it French?" he asks curiously, his hand moving and taking the sip of his tea again, "Also if it is a game, I shalt like to play. What am I hurrying to and from?" he asks curiously.

"You? I hadn't decided yet," murmurs Rhyeline with a bit of a grin before hiding behind her teacup of a small sip. "Won't you tell me?"

Clayton takes a sip of his tea, finally moving his officer cap and sitting it down on the bar, "I am coming from something…" he says slowly with a smirk, "Top Secret." he says with a small shrug, "Though I am clearly going to the table with the prettiest women for company." he says taking another sip of his tea, "Still, you didn't answer my question, is your name French?" he asks curiously.

"Yes… Diderot is a French name," murmurs Rhyeline with a subtle smile. She speaks with a refined British accent containing soft hints of French. "Top secret you say… have you come from… the cinema?"

Clayton shakes his head, "Nope, not come from the Cinema." he says taking a small sip of his cup, "Have you just come from the Cinema?" he asks, raising an eyebrow. "Also, Diderot is a very nice name." he says softly with a small nod, "Diderot, Diderot, Diderot." he says slowly, "Very easy on the tongue." he says with a chuckle.

The possible double meaning of his statement seems lost on the girl. Taking another small sip of tea, she shakes her head. "No… I haven't been to a cinema. But- ah- I have it… you were riding on your motor-car, so perhaps you have come from the technician? Technician, yes? That is the word? The doctor for machines…"

Clayton chuckles, "Motor-car?" he says looking out the windows, "I ride a motorbike." he says slowly with a chuckle, "Also the right word would be Mechanic, though I suppose Technician would work." he says with a shrug, taking another sip of his tea, "You know for English not being your native tongue, you certainly do have a very good accent." he says with a small nod, assuming she was mixing up words because she is still learning English.

Rhyeline's cheeks warm a bit, but she doesn't seem too troubled for having gotten it wrong. "Thank you…" she murmurs before taking a last sip of tea. Setting down her empty cup, she murmurs, "It has been good to meet you, Clayton William Kable… squadron leader… I hope very much that the growing storm over Europe doesn't pull your aeroplane into it…" Placing a pound note on the table- far too much for a simple cup of tea, she then places her hands on the table to steady herself as she rises with care.

Clayton smiles softly, "Even if the storm pulls me in, I am a good pilot, will take more then a few storm clouds to pull me down." he says with a small wink, as she gets up he reaches into the pocket of his greatcoat and tosses some coinage on the table, "Would you like a ride home, Ms. Diderot?" he asks as he picks up his officers cap, "Might be a tight squeeze, but if you have never been on a motorbike, it is an experience." he says softly.

"No thank you. I know my own way home…" With a small nod and a soft smile, Rhyeline then turns and hands clasped behind her back, drifts out of the Bistro and down the street.

Clayton moves to get the door, looking out at her as she walks away, "I don't doubt you do, but the streets of London at night?" he says warmly with smile, "I couldn't live with myself if something was to happen." he says slipping on his officer's cap, "Please allow me, Ms. Diderot, I already told you that I was at your service tonight." he says with a small wink.

Rhyeline pauses as he opens the door for her. For a moment, a subtle shyness seems to emerge in her dark gaze, almost as if a veil has briefly slipped. But then her smile returns and stepping out of the Bistro, she murmurs, "I assure you, sir… I will be alright…" Hands clasped behind her back, she faces him as she slowly backs away. Despite her soft smile, her dark gaze lingers now on his with a subtle shy caution. She studies him with such care, that she isn't noticing that she is about to back out onto the street where cars are rushing past.

Clayton is watching her, his hands out as to say, 'Come on' the warm smile on his face, before his eyes dart as she starts to take a step out into the street, with the cars, quickly he takes two largest steps forward and wraps his arms around her her spinning so his back is facing the car that rushes by, the sound of his greatcoat hitting against the car as the driver hits the horn. "You see, Ms. Diderot." he says slowly, with her still in his arms, "You are already trying to get hit by cars." he says offering her a small wink.

Rhyeline gives a sharp little squeak when he snags her from the claws of certain harm. Such a fragile girl, it isn't difficult at all to move her. Finding herself held close, his arms around her so unexpectedly, her earlier manner falls away and is replaced by a powerful sudden shyness, much as he had seen when first joining her. Her hands rest upon his chest and for the moment, she seems too dazed to say anything.

Clayton releases his arms around her and moves her over to a bit safer spot on the sidewalk, "You know if you go getting hit by cars, I won't be to ever figure out were you are going and coming from." he says softly, "That is the game isn't it?" he says softly, smiling warmly, moving to guide her over to his motorbike, "Come on Ms. Diderot, let me get you home before you get hit by a car, mugged or worse." he says softly, genuine concern in his eyes.

Rhyeline parts her lips to protest, to reassure him that she can get home quite easily on her own. Of course, muggles aren't supposed to know about apparation. Before she can find her voice, he has already guided her to his motorbike. Blushing bright, she gazes at the strange, mechanical contraption with no small amont of apprehension. And yet, at the very same moment, she seems fascinated. Drawing just a bit closer, she reaches out to touch the leather of the seat and then the smooth metal of its body.

Clayton moves to open one of the saddle bags, digging around for a second before producing another pair of pilot's goggles, he slips them over Rhyeline's head letting them hang around her neck while she is all focused on his motorbike, reaching up he pulls his off the handlebar and slips them over his his head, removing his officer's cap briefly to do so. "You will have to sit on the back, it's not cushioned." he says slowly, before starting to remove his greatcoat, "But this should make it a bit more comfortable." he says folding his greatcoat once it is removed and making a makeshift seat for her, swinging his leg around the bike, looking at her now to follow.

Rhyeline blinks when the goggles are slipped over her head. She peeks up at him, filled with a sudden rush of apprehension. But he has already swung onto the bike and is waiting for her to follow. The little mouse takes a small step back, hands lingering upon her belly which feels filled with leaping crickets.

Clayton smirks at her softly, "All you got to do is wrap your arms around me and hold on tight." he says with a wink, she may or may not see behind his pilot goggles. "Oh and avoid the exhaust pipe, it will get a bit warm, don't want you burning your leg." he says with a small nod as he leans the bite forward to knock out the the kickstand, his boot moving to push it the rest of the way up, "Come on Rhyeline, you only live once." he says extending his hand out to her.

Something about those words seem to ensnare Rhyeline's attention. Then, without a moment more of hesitation, she slips her delicate hand into his and lets him help her onto the motorbike. Wearing suck a long dress, she has to ride side-saddle so to speak. Her arms go around his middle and she clings as tight as she possibly can.

Clayton smiles and when she gets settled starts the bike, his leg moving to strike the kick start, after the second go, the Motorbike roars to life, as Clayton revs it up slightly, "Just tell me where I am going!" he exclaims, turning the handlebars the bright headlight illuminating the night street as he, shifts gears and shoots out into the street, the wind blowing past them as he roars down the street, without even waiting to hear where they are going.

Rhyeline's arms remain tight around the man's middle. Squeezing her eyes shut, she gives little more than a squeak when they set off at a roar down the street. She can't seem to find her voice. It takes quite some time before she can even gather enough courage to peek out through her goggles. After a while though, the tension slowly eases, bit by bit from her delicate frame. Resting her cheek against his back, she gazes at the quiet London streets he takes her through. Never has she seen so much of the city before. Losing herself in the hypnotic peace of moving lamplight, she nuzzles her cheek gently against his back.

Clayton just continues to drive through the city, actually taking it a bit easier then he normally would as to not scare the already timid French women, when she doesn't answer he just rides the bike through to streets, taking random turns, going down seemingly random streets, finally after a rather interesting trip across the Tower Bridge, with the cool air from the water, Clayton slows down a bit as he feel her nuzzles softly at his back, "You know if you don't tell me where you live, I will just drive you through London all night." he says playfully loud enough for her to hear him.

"I… I live in- in Lambeth." Rhyeline speaks up at last, though her voice is rather dfficult to make out over the rumble of the motorbike.

Clayton smiles softly, even though she can't see it, his hand moves as he revs the motorbike back to life, "Lambeth it is." he says loud enough for her to hear, the motorbike roars through the rather quiet streets of London and after another rather interesting trip through the City, Clayton slows the bike down slightly as he starts to roll through Lambeth, "And here is Lambeth…" he says softly, "Though where about in Lambeth, Rhyeline?" he asks over the sound of the roaring motorbike engine.

Rhyeline's arms tremble a bit as her embrace tightens around his middle. The poor thing is getting tired holding on so tight. Even upon arriving in Lambeth, the little one isn't used to coming and going from her apartment in muggle fashion and so it takes some time before she recognizes where she is. Catching sight of the entrance to the underground, she points off down a street ahead. "That way."

Clayton turns and heads down the way she points, slowly cruising down the street now. The bike, humming now at the slower speed instead of roaring, "That wasn't so bad now was it?" he says over the bike, "You seemed to be getting into it." he says with a small chuckle, waiting for her to tell him to stop.

"That's mine," she says, pointing at a blue door with exquisite stained glass windows. At first he wouldn't have even noticed her flat, but now that she has pointed it out, it stands in sharp contrast to the dull and dreary muggle flats on either side.

Clayton pulls his bike in front of the gestured home, bringing it to a stop and killing the engine. Waiting for Rhyeline to get off, he pulls his pilot goggles down around his neck. Once she has hopped off he props it up on the kickstand, looking at her flat for a moment, "Looks like you got the best out of the lot of them." he says slowly, offering her a small wink, "So was it worth the risk?" he asks curious the smile turning into a smirk.

Rhyeline slides with care off the bike. Her dark hair is now a wild mess of wispy curls. Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes shine with a light he hadn't seen before. "Yes," she murmurs, clasping her hands behind her back. Suddenly she remembers that she is still wearing the goggles. Her cheeks warm a bit more as she pulls them off and offers them back to him. With a shy smile, she peeks up at him through her lashes.

Clayton eyes moves to the goggles and he brings his hand up in a small wave, "Keep them." he says warmly with a smirk, "You will need them, for when I pick you up tomorrow to go to the Cinema." he says with a wink, "How is around seven, for you?" he asks slowly, leaning against his bike softly and carefully as to not tip it over. "Also I am glad you had fun, I told you it was an experience." he says with a small nod.

Rhyeline's eyes widen and ah, her innocent shyness shines bright. Cheeks aglow with warmth, she bites her lower lip a moment. "I… yes, I- I had great fun. But tomorrow… I don't think I could go… no… here, I- thank you for the motor-car ride…"

She tries to push the goggles into his hands so that she might retreat up the steps towards her flat.

Clayton chuckles softly, "Motorbike." he corrects again, as she pushes the goggles into his hands, he follows her as she tries to escape up the steps, "Then Saturday, or Sunday!" he says still smiling, "I mean I am open whenever you are." he says softly with a chuckle, "I mean I know you like the cinema, because you brought it up." standing on her steps, "Come on, what is the worst that could happen? We see a bad movie?" he says with a smirk and wink.

Rhyeline peeks over her shoulder up at him as she reaches her door. Unfortunately, she has no key. Only her wand can open the door. And so, blushing bright, she gazes up at him with such profound shyness. Pressed back against the door, she hesitates a moment before murmuring, "A-alright then… the cinema…"

Clayton claps his hands together and jumps down from the steps and tosses the goggles back up at Rhyeline, "Tomorrow at Seven sharp." he says with a smirk, "You want me in or out of uniform?" he asks with a wink, "You, Miss Rhyeline, have made this Pilot's day." he says offering her a playful smile and offering her a bow, "Then we are going to get something to eat afterwards, like Italian?" he says with a smirk.

Rhyeline squeaks as he tosses the goggles to her. Instead of catching them, she shys away to avoid them from hitting her (even though the toss was right to her). The glass of the goggles shatters. "Oh! I- I'm sorry…" She darts forwards to take up the broken goggles. "I… I'll fix them… before tomorrow. I promise." She hides the goggles behind herself, blushing bright. "Tomorrow… dinner would be nice… I've always like Italian cooking…"

Clayton chuckles, looking at the Goggles, "Don't worry about it, I can pinch another set of old ones that they are tossing out." he says with a chuckle, "I know the Quarter Master pretty good, he will write em off for me." he says with a small wave of his hand, "My fault, got a little excited, shouldn't have tossed them at you like that." he says with a smirk, "Perfect, because Italian is my favorite." he says with another smirk, as he moves to climb on his motorbike, "See you tomorrow, Rhyeline." kicking down the kickstand and kick starting it, bringing his goggles up over his eyes, turning and looking at her one more time, holding up his hand to the number seven, before his motorbike roars to life and he heads down the street.

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