(1938-10-24) Dinner Topics: Birth, Chaplin, and Magijugend
Details for Dinner Topics: Birth, Chaplin, and the Magijugend
Summary: Bannon manages to stop by for supper at the farm. Giving Bannon and Camilla some time to catch up.
Date: October 24th 1938
Location: The Fawley Farm House

It's closing in on eight in the evening. It's already dark as Bannon makes his way down the dark path to the Fawley farmhouse. The only lights to guide him are the moon, the stars, and the light that is emitted from the end of his wand. Though he hears the occasional rustling in the fields to either side his eyes remain focused on the ever approaching house at the end of the lane. The house that belongs to the woman that has taken care of his daughter ever so vigilantly. The house that makes such a cosy home. As he makes his final approach and steps onto the stoop, he quickly darkens his wand, tucks it away, and knocks loudly upon the door.

Camilla chuckles that laid back soft little soulful laugh. "Come on in Bannon, it's going to get cold." Using her wand she sets up this spot beside her at the table. It's just her and Demetrius who is already wolfing down his barely cooked thick t-bone steak. When he enters she does give him a warm smile and points her fork to the hearty helping of steak, potatoes, glazed carrots with carrot greens salad and some Forfar Bridies. "Little something for super." She teases him, a bit of a usual topic for teasing between them is all the Scottish Country eating she does and makes him do when he's over.

Without furthur ado, Bannon reaches for the handle and opens the door slowly, entering the warm home. "Ah, Camilla. Good evening." He bows his head, closing the door behind him. He leans the walking stick, which normally houses his wand, next to the door, as well as placing his hat nearby as well. He walks toward the table at a measured pace. "Good evening, Mr. Orpington." He greets the other man. "How are you both on this fine night?" He asks as he takes his place at the table, glancing at his plate. "Yes…a 'little something'." He does seem amused by her definition of 'little'.

Demetrius just nods as he chews on the steak to indicate he's well enough. He gives them both a smile and then he lifts up his plate and goes to the door. "G'night." I muttered around his mouth full of barely cooked meat before he steps out and gives he couple some privacy. "Everything is fine, running smoothly. How about yourself? Did you catch the bad guy?"

"Good night." Bannon responds to Demetrius, taking up his own fork and knife to begin eating. After a few bites, he swallows and looks at Camilla curiously. "Well, it depends on who you may be speaking of. But, regardless, it's classified. It's all rather hush hush. Ministry politics and all that, you know." He smiles softly at her. "How goes the farm?"

Camilla sighs a little, but she knows very well the way it goes. Doesn't keep her from asking him proudly every time she sees him though. "It goes very well. Lavender, Princess Anne and Liz and Peppy Damsel are all progressing beautifully. I can't believe the breeding took for every one of them. Usually it's only one or two, but this year it's all of the mares. It's going to be a busy spring time."

"That's wonderful news. I'm delighted to hear that they're pregnancies are coming along well. And, with your marvellous care, I'm sure they'll have healthy foals." Bannon takes a few more bites of food, often glancing between it and Camilla, seeming not able to decide which he wants to focus on. "Have you been present at many births?" Interesting conversation for supper. But they've most likely had worse.

Camilla takes several bites as she is obviously counting and recalling. Then she realizes something and pauses the counting to ask after taking a sip of her stout. "Just the Granian births? Or birthings in general? Because if you're being more general. I could be counting well after dessert…" She laughs and beams over at him.

"I suppose just Granian births, then?" Bannon smiles a little. He looks down for a moment, looking as if he's hesitating about saying something momentarily. "Have you heard from Josie lately? I'm afraid I've been so terribly busy as of late that I've utterly lapsed in keeping in touch with her." He looks back up at Camilla. "I do ever so hope that she is doing well at Hogwarts."
You paged Josie with 'So what's News with JoJo? So Cami can catch Bannon up. ;D'

Camilla answers, "36." Just before she takes another bite which makes her just smile and nod assuredly to him that Josie is alright. "Halloween Feast is coming up soon. I wonder if she's going to go with that boy again…" Now that's a topic every father wants to discuss! His 12 year old daughter going to dances with older boys!

"That's quite a bit." Bannon smiles softly. "I can't say I've been to even one." The food on his plate is slowly disappearing. "The Halloween Feast. Ah yes, I seem to recall that tradition." He can't help but pause at the mention of a boy. "Boy? Who is this boy? Does he have a name?"

Camilla smiles softly over at him. She does adore when he get all fathery about Josie. A hand snakes over the table top to take up his free hand and give it a squeeze. "It was so that they could be two Muggle Film people. Something about a tramp and a kid. I can't remember very well now. It wasn't anything untoward." She promises him and lifts up his hand to kiss his knuckles. "Just as friends. Oh! She's made the Gryffindor Quidditch Team! Chaser. Dem's very proud. She's in Athletics Club…." There's more, but that should be enough to hopefully side track him away from thoughts of last years Halloween Feast.

A low sigh emits from Bannon, shaking his head. "How well does she know this boy? Is he in Gryffindor as well?" He places his fork down and gazes over at Camilla, smiling at her ever so softly. "That is quite excellent. Chaser is a very important position." Though really, he'd say that about any Quidditch position. "I'm sure she'll do wonderfully." He gently squeezes Camilla's hand. "Though I noticed you never mentioned the boy's name." He raises an eyebrow.

Camilla pulls out another trick to distract him away from the matter of the 'boy' in question. Honestly she doesn't remember his name, but she makes a guess while she drifts her finger in a little circle on the palm of his hand. "Charlie? Chaplin?" For all she knows that's the boy's name and not the costume he wore. "Potions is becoming easier for her. But she's upset about the new Headmaster. All of this nonsense with the 'Magijugend'. Nothing has happened to her just yet. But I'm sure it's frightening for her. She talks about the 'Mud Club' a lot. Seems like it's a haven from those fears. There has to be something we can do. Do you know anyone on the Board of Governors?"

"Charlie…Chaplin?" It's a name for Bannon, at least. He'll be looking into it! His mustache moves left and right for a few seconds as he thinks, trying to decide how he feels about Josie and a boy. "Is Slughorn as…eccentric and selective as he used to be, do you know?" Though he's got no reason to suspect that the potions master has changed. "Potions making is a good skill to have under one's purview." Though genuine concern does appear on his face at the mention of Flint and his Magijugend group. "It displeases me to thing that there could be such prejudice present amongst Hogwarts staff. Especially amongst their highest rank. Has no one thought to speak with Professor Flint on the inappropriateness of the Magijugend?" It's a question less directed at Camilla and more a general question. His brow furrow more at the mention of the Mud Club. "'Mud Club'? Mud as in…well…how rather unsavoury of a name in and of itself. But if it helps her, if its a haven from the worries and fears of such things as the Magijugend, than who am I to show displeasure in the group without learning more of it?" He takes both her hand gently in both of his and squeezes it gently, shaking his head. "Unfortunately, I do not know any of the Board of Governors." He wiggles his mustache a little more as he hesitates. "But I may enquire about, see if I can't make myself known to them. Perhaps we can make some changes for the good."

Camilla tries to lift up his hand to kiss his palm before giving it a squeeze. "That would be wonderful. The Pure-Bloods have much of the Power in our world, there are several where that's not the case, like we Fawley's but darling. Do be careful. I know you are used to painting a target on yourself for the greater good. I just don't want you to feel attacked by not only Dark Wizards but just normal families who appreciate their children taking pride in their way of life. I'll support you, of course, I want to see this done. I just know you." She smiles and tries to lift his hand so she can just press her cheek into it. "Josie says the name of the club is deliberate. The creator felt it was a way to prove that silly name calling means nothing."

"I shall be discreet." Bannon raises an eyebrow. "I am…accustomed to being quiet in my dealings. I am an auror. We fight dark wizards and witches. We fight so that others do not need to. There was a muggle philosopher named Plato, he lived was from Greece, and he had some words of wisdom that are quite apt for this situation: 'We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.'" He smiles softly. "These children, Josie included, are quite understandably afraid of the dark. And it is easy to forgive them that, as the dark can be quite frightening. It is when we become accustomed, complacent, and even comfortable with said dark that we should be ill at ease." He listens to the explanation of the Mud Club, merely nodding along. "This 'Mud Club' helps her, you said?" He asks, making sure. If that's the case, he may not say anything more on the subject of the club.
Camilla smiles and nods, "It's the bulk about what she talks about. The Club. It's a support group. It's rather what you said, some muggle-borns and those that support them banding together to be less afraid of the dark and shine a light on it. She gets her bravery and sense of right from wrong from her father I think. I think we have been a good influence on her. She's doing so much better than she was at this time last year. Even then I was thrilled with how well she got on."

A very small smile crosses Bannon's face. "I daren't discount the sense of right and wrong she must get from you. Taking her in. Showing her such kindness. "As for me, am I brave? I do what must be done." He leans back and looks about. "I certainly am glad that Josie is finding her footing. She is becoming her own young woman, slowly but surely. Her growth is certainly amazing."

Camilla smiles proudly and goes that dusky dessert sunset hue as she blushes and she moves to lean over enough to kiss his cheek. "Thank you. I try my best. She is a wonderful girl. I really lucked out that day in the Alley. "I picked up two strays for the effort of one." She winks to him before giving his lips a soft kiss before she moves to stand up and clean up the table.

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