(1938-10-24) Maybe Boyfriends Aren't All Bad
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Summary: Niko, Kimiko and Ahnaliese have dinner together at the Gryffindor Table.
Date: October 24th, 1938
Location: Great Hall

Dinner is just about to start, most students starting to file in and sit at their respected places at their House tables. The Great Hall is buzzing with nose and excitement as students discuss their days and seem excited about the prospects of the upcoming weekend, after just one more day of classes. Sitting with most of the Sixth Year Gryffindors is Niko, a empty spot next to him that the other Sixth Years seem to move around, leaving open for someone
"I am telling you, it was just three points. But completely worth it." Niko says to another boy at the table, "Though I am not sure what that one girl was thinking…" he says with a shake of his head, "There is something about her that her…" he says slowly shaking his head, "That makes me think she is up to something…" he says running his hand through his hair.

Kimiko's eyebrows loft curiously as she approaches that empty space. "Something about whooo?" She comes up behind Niko, brazenly wrapping her arms around him in a warm hug. The bat is out of the bag, as he'd put it. So she has abandoned any pretense that they are not a couple, in spite of the 'ooooohs' and snickers she gets for her display.

Elise is sitting slumped at the Ravenclaw table, not really bothering to talk to anyone. There's a book open in front of her, just beyond her plate, but she's not reading it. Rather, she's sort of zoned out, staring into space and idly mangling her napkin. She looks tired.

Niko moves hand up and touches Kimiko's hand softly as she embraces him, "Ria, in the N.E.W.T. Transfiguration class the other day." he says softly shaking his head, "Normally I am a very trusting person, but she was a bit to eager to be my partner, then the whole nonsense that happened." he says with a small shrug, looking over at Kimiko he gives her a peck on the cheek, "How was your day?" he asks warmly, giving her a soft smile.

Ahnaliese files in among the usual push for food and ends up making a compromise between head of the Hufflepuff table and end up it, both with their respective benefits, and the middle with less.

She glances up at the enchanted ceiling and the sky it suggests beyond, and finds herself peering at it for a bit- it's really quick a pretty sight.

Kimiko beams at the little kiss, and settles into the empty spot beside Niko. "What did happen with Ria, anyhow? All you said was she was annoying." She picks out a few biscuits for her plate, and serves herself up some vegetables.

Niko runs his hand through his hair, "Well she just made some annoying comments about Janette and I… and a few that seemed like advancements and insults at the same time." he says slowly, clearly trying to have that make sense in his head, "Then the nonsense in Transfiguration." he says slowly shaking his head.

Some comment from a fellow Hufflepuff finds Ahnaliese looking away from the enchanted ceiling and scowling aside at them. "So what if I like to think a lot," she says loud enough to be heard by anyone paying attention to her or close by. She stands up and steps out of the bench-seat. "That's fine," she says, when another boy asks if he can take the seat.

Ahnaliese begins to walk down the aisle between the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor tables again.

Kimiko frowns in concern. "Advancements? And what nonsense in Transfiguration? I thought you ran into Ria at Harkiss's." She hooks her hand around his elbow in a show of support…and maybe a bit of possessiveness. 'Advancements' can be taken so many ways, after all. From where she is sitting, she can see Ahnaliese drawing nearer. Recognizing the young girl from Domestics Club, she waves and beams a friendly smile.

Niko sighs, "She just said a few things at Harkiss's like, she could see what the fuss was about and things about having a godd face." he says waving his hand, "But it was all coupled with my blood status and it was just weird." he says shaking his head, "I meant Charms, not Transfigurations." he says with a small cough, "Sorry don't know why I mixed those two up." he says with a small nod.

"Hi, Saito!" Ahnaliese says, spotting Kimiko. Apparently seeing the older girl is enough to make her brighten up and smile. "Will anyone budge up so I can sit here?" she asks, pausing beside Niko and Kimiko. "If not, I'm okay with that."

Kimiko nods, still looking a little confused, but decides not to press the matter. "She's always been awfully concerned about blood status. I usually steer well away from her." She dips her head guiltily at even admitting that. But the arrival of little Ahnaliese is enough to perk her right up. "Hullo, Brown. Of course you can sit with us." She smiles prettily at the boy sitting on the other side of her, and he relents, moving to make room between himself and Kimiko. "Just hope the professors don't mind. Niko, have you met Ahnaliese Brown? Brown, this is," she pauses, her cheeks pinkening slightly, "This is my boyfriend, Nikolas Denholm."

Niko offers her a warm smile, "Nice to meet you Brown." he says while giving her a small wave, "Well I tend not to pay attention, she hasn't had anything to say to me before recently and then asking me to be her partner in Charms?" he says shaking his head, "Though I am sure she is just trying to be nice, I must just be starting to get paranoid." he says with a chuckle.

"I remember you, Denholm," Ahnaliese says with a smirk along the row to him, likewise saying, "Thanks," aside to the boy that budges up as she sits down. Turning back to Niko she adds, "You were skipping that one day that MacMillan sunk his little boat on the lake, weren't you?"

Kimiko blinks incredulously at Niko. "Skipping? Niiiko." So it begins — the very first disapproval from the girlfriend. "What possessed you to do that?" The disapproval quickly fades, turning into a wide-eyed look of concern. Surely, Niko would never skip class without a good reason…right?

Niko looks right then looks left, "I wasn't skipping…" he says slowly looking around, "It was after lunch and I was in between classes." he says softly with a smile, "MacMillan was skipping, though that is hardly a surprise. Though I recall you, you where yelling at the lot of us, I remember having to tell them to lay off of you, because they were getting a bit rude." he says with a chuckle, as he pours himself a little bit of water and takes a sip. "So Kimiko anything you want to do this weekend?" he asks her softly.

"Yeah, thanks for that," Ahnaliese says. "It did kind of help. They were making me mad." Leaning a little closer to Kimiko, Ahnaliese whispers, "Don't worry, he's not a bad boy after all." Her side-leaning posture transfers into a grab for a lumpy-shaped roll.

Kimiko grins at at Ahnaliese, smiling proudly. "No, he's a very good boy. I'm glad he was looking out for you. That sounds much more like my Niko." She shrugs to Niko's question. "Professor Beery has these big plans for some sort of Christmas pageant, and he's asked me and a few of the others to work on backdrops and props. I thought I might get started on some of that."

"Not a worry, they shouldn't have been acting that way." Niko says with a small wave of his hand, putting a bit of food on his plate, "They haven't given you any more trouble, have they?" he asks Ahnaliese curiously tilting his head, before his attention returns to Kimiko, "Do you need any help with it?" he asks softly, poking his food with his fork for a second before taking a bite, "I would be happy to help you." he says with a small nod.

"No, but I'm up for it if they do," Ahnaliese leans forward to answer Niko with a her quirky, lopsided smirk. "Ornery people don't bother me." Finishing buttering her roll, she asks before taking a bite, "Do you have to know anything special to help work on the backdrops and props, Saito, like any particular spells?"

Kimiko lights up with excitement at both of them. "You want to help? That would be wonderful! I'll have to get Professor Beery's permission, but I'm sure he would love to have you two involved." Professor Beery loves pretty much everything, in the most dramatic way possible. "It helps to know a bit about art. But I can absolutely walk you through all of it."

Niko chuckles softly, "Well if they get to be too much, let me know and I will have a talk with them." he says to Anhaliese slowly with a nod. "Well I am not the most artistic, you know I just like to take pictures." he says softly looking at Kimiko, "But anything I can do to help, especially help you, I would be glad to do." he says taking a few more bites of his food.

Ahnaliese smiles as she watches Kimiko's reaction. "You're always so cute," she tells the older girl softly, leaning a touch closer so that it's more of a whisper. She smiles after saying it and turns back to her roll. Toying with it, she says, "Thanks Denholm." Her smile suddenly flashes back and she leans forward again. "I'll tell them that if they don't start using their intelligence, that you'll beat it out of them."

Ahnaliese almost laughs, she's smiling so big. If there's any ulterior motive in saying this, it is perhaps betrayed in that Ahnaliese looks to Kimiko immediately following, and between her and Niko.

Kimiko giggles at the compliment from Ahnaliese. But her giggles and smiles fade quickly. "Oh, nooo. Don't tell them that. Then they'll just think Niko is looking for a fight." She looks to Niko. "You're not…right?"

Niko takes a bite of his food looking between the two girls for a moment, "No? Not unless they really push my buttons." he says slowly, "Though the most I have ever done is threaten a fight, normally it is easier to kill them with kindness." he says picking up his glass and taking a sip of his water, "No sense in throwing punches if it can be helped." he says with a small nod.

"True," Ahnaliese says, as if she's not really listening. She has something else on her mind. "Do you know what relationships are for?" she asks as soon as she gets the chance, though her tone suggests this might be a rhetorical question, and that she keeps talking: "They help two people get to know each other more," she explains. Smiling in her quirky fashion again she adds, "And I'm helping you two do that. So I'm an integral part of your relationship so far." She continues smiling as she takes the last bite of her roll and heaps some veggies on her plate.

Kimiko blinks at the precocious little Ahnaliese in surprise, then bursts once more into giggles. Unable to contain herself, she throws her arms around Ahna in an affectionate hug. "You hear that, Niko? Miss Brown is absolutely vital to our relationship. Listen closely to her wise words."

Niko smiles warmly at Anhaliese, "Well I welcome your input and you continued dedication to, insuring both Kimiko and I, continue to get to know each other better." he says softly, his voice sincere and friendly, before he looks at Kimiko with a smile, his bluish green eyes looking into her brown ones.

Ahnaliese mumbles amidst a big smile as she leans her head against Kimiko for her part of the hug, and then laughs. Flushing a little, she digs into her veggies, and begins to make quick work of them. She must love her veggies.

Kimiko could just melt where she sits, provoking plenty of eye-rolls from other students around them. When one jokingly informs Kimiko that she's drooling (she's not), she blushes fiercely and buries her face against Niko's arm. She glances back to Ahna apologetically. "Sorry. Um…so…any other weekend plans?" Quick! Subject change!

Niko chuckles softly, "Well I was think we could maybe do a little bit of reading in the gardens, maybe around lunch?" he says slowly taking a bite of his food, "Kinda like a picnic." he says slowly, before taking a few more bites, looking over at Ahnaliese, "You know those veggies won't run away." he says softly with a wink.

Ahnaliese glances back aside at Kimiko and Niko. She covers her mouth then. "Oops, I'm sorry," she says through her hand, and then more clearly, "I know, I eat too fast sometimes; my Mum always tells me that. I just want to get it done with so I can go do other things."

Continuing to look between Niko and Kimiko, she asks, "What kind of books are you reading?"

Kimiko grins, nodding emphatically to the suggestion. "Will you read to me?" She glances to Ahnaliese, then back to Niko, awaiting answers to both questions.

Niko looks between the two then at a few of his yearmates you are chuckling, then back at the two, "Well I was…" he starts, "Well…" he continues, "Yes I will read to your Kimiko." he says, taking a bite of his food, "I figured we could read a book." he says giving himself a nod, at his dodging of the question, "And yes if you eat to fast you feel fuller then you really are, will get hungry later." he says offering Angalies a warm smile.

"Maybe boyfriends aren't all bad," Ahnaliese says, smiling at Niko, and then glancing at his chucking yearmates. "And I'm okay with getting hungry again later," she adds, "but yes, Mum." There's some teasing sass in her tone. Grinning, she makes a forced display of eating at an appropriate pace, and with perfect posture, at least by the standard her Mum finds acceptable.

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