(1938-10-24) Questioning the Quizard
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Summary: Deputy Headmaster Dumbledore meets with Brad about his desire to use students for the first airing of Quizard.
Date: 24 October, 1938
Location: Three Broomsticks Pub, Hogsmeade
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When an owl came to the Wizarding Wireless Network with an envelope addressed to Brad Moody, it came not from the desk of Headmaster Flint as expected, but from the Deputy Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. It was a simple, polite request to meet at the Three Broomsticks for a drink and a chance to discuss Mr. Moody's request regarding his wireless programme.

It is a cold autumn afternoon in Hogsmeade, and though there is no rainfall, everything remains damp and freezing. Thankfully, the interior of the Three Broomsticks is toasty warm, thanks to the blazing fire burning in the fireplace. The pub is a bit busier than usual for the time of day. Perhaps due to passers-by seeking out a warm room and a warm drink. Perhaps thanks to the many rumours flying about the eccentric new owner. Probably both.

Among those customers is one Albus Dumbledore, who sits alone at a table, patiently awaiting the arrival of another. When a barwench comes by to offer him a refill of his brandy, he politely covers his glass and gives. "Thank you, my dear. But I'll refrain until my guest arrives."

Brad Moody enters the Three Broomsticks, shrugging off his black overcoat, his gaze moving across the Pub before spotting Dumbledore, making his way towards him he snaps his fingers, pointing at him with his overcoat draped over his arm, "Deputy Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore!" he exclaims rather loudly, his fingers bouncing as he continues to point at the man.

"First let me say, you look Wonderful then let me thank you for extended the invitation to meet me!" he says spinning on his heels before sitting down across from Dumbledore, "How are you? Great I am going to assume?" he says slowly reaching into his jacket pocket and sliding the other man an autographed picture of him, turning his head and winking, Brad mimicking the movements.

"So lets talk about Quizard shall we?" he says giving Dumbledore a soft smile, "I want a contestant from each house, preferable a mixture of lineage, to be the first people to appear on Quizard, thoughts?" he asks tilting his head curiously as he clasps his hands together leaning in waiting for the man's response, a small smile on his face.

Dumbledore smiles warmly at the animated gentleman's entrance. He picks up the photograph, chuckling and winking back at the little Brad in the moving image. "You are quite photogenic, Mr. Moody." He signals the barmaid to return, "Whatever my friend here would like." But still, he refrains from a refill of his own brandy. "Now then, about your programme, I'm very enthusiastic about the prospect. But I do have a few questions before we get to the particulars. First, I am very curious about the sorts of questions that will be asked. Is this an academic quiz? Or might we be discussing a test a trivia?"

Brad orders a Gin and Tonic and smiles warmly at the Barmaid, "Thank you for your kind words." he says with a small wink, "Leaning back in his chair, letting out a exaggerated sigh, "Well when Quizard starts to go past the Student level, it is going to be a mixture, of Wizarding Lore, Academics and… muggle triva." he says slowly, flicking his tongue against his teeth, "The producers feel that, that will attract the largest Demographics." he says slowly with a nod, before the smile creeps back on his face, before snapping his finger again and pointing up, "Now though the Hogwarts Edition, which I am hoping we can make at least a annual event." he says with a nod, his hands forming a steeple as he points them at Dumbledore, "That I would like to be purely academic, I want to showcase, Hogwarts and the students." he says with a small nod.

Dumbledore nods with obvious approval. "I see. Very good. Now, regarding your other programme, Cauldron Talk — which, by the way, I am a regular listener of. I find it quite interesting. But my own fandom aside, through that programme you are positioned as a voice for those who believe in the strength of pure magical blood. I'm sure that you can appreciate what a volatile subject this has become, even at Hogwarts. May I have your assurance that your political views will not affect the sorts of questions that are asked to the students?"

Brad smiles softly at Dumbledore, "Dumbledore, first thank you for being a listener, it is always wonderful to meet a fan." he says with a small nod, "I will note now, that Cauldron Talk and Quizard are in not way connected to each other, I was chosen for Quizard due to my… energetic mannerisms." he says snapping and pointing, "Though I can see your apprehension, I also respect it, the minds of the youth are a very important matter for me." he says with a small nod, his hand moving up to his chin, "As I said I wanted diversity in the Students, I do very much so want at least, One Pure-Blood, One Half-Blood and One Muggle-Born." he says with a small shrug, "I leave the other house contestant up to the school's to decide. Now if it would put your mind and those at Hogwarts, I would very much so like, the Professors to come up with the Questions, then any question brought on the show was created by the Staff of Hogwarts." he says bringing his hands up and running them through his hair.

Dumbledore nods thoughtfully, tapping his fingers on the wooden tabletop. "I admit some reservation about reserving seats based upon blood status. I fear doing so could actually fuel the conflicts that have been brewing. Tell me something. How is an acceptable answer decided? Say, in the case of an answer that does not strictly match what is written, but could be interpreted as correct. Is there a panel of judges to address this?"

Brad nods slowly, "Well like I said it is a preference, I would hate, for three students to be Pure-Blood for example and only one a Half-Blood or such." he says with a small wave of his hand, "The preference in blood status is to help people understand, that Cauldron Talk has noting to do with Quizard." he explains with a small nod, "Though I leave it to you to decide and the respected Heads of Houses." he says with a small smile, "Well there will be categories, the contestant who answers the last question will select another question from the category they choose." he says with a nod, "Once buzzed in they will answer and a panel of silent Judges will approve or disapprove of the answer, Would you prefer the panel to me made up of Hogwarts Professors?" he asks quirking a eyebrow.

Dumbledore nods, stroking his beard. "I think depending upon the size of the panel, that I should like to see at least some of them be professors. In fact, I would gladly volunteer myself. But I would not be opposed to other appointees as well. There is one final thing I must address. Headmaster Flint…is not terribly fond of extracurricular activities. I don't believe he will stand in the way of this, but I think it would be best to host the event here in Hogsmeade. Had you planned on using the W.W.N. station? Or were you thinking of a larger venue with an audience?"

Brad nods slowly, "Well you are welcome to be on the panel." he says, "Well I was hoping to host the first show at Hogwarts so that the Students could have the support from their Houses…" he says slowly, his hand coming up and stroking his chin, before suddenly he snaps his finger pointing up, "Ah ha!" he exclaims slowly, "Would it be possible, if I provide the equipment, for their to be a Radio set up in the Great Hall, have the first Quizard take place at W.W.N. and broadcasted so that their fellow student can listen?" he asks softly tilting his head.

"I'll see if I can arrange it," says Dumbledore enthusiastically. "Meanwhile, may I suggest scheduling the show for a Hogsmeade weekend? That would allow many of our students to attend directly. I could possibly even make arrangements for those students who do not have permission to come freely to Hogsmeade to make a special trip. We could use the time until then for a preliminary bee of some sort, to decide who should compete on the programme itself."

Brad thinks thoughtfully, rubbing his chin as he does so, "That was what I was wanting, though I was afraid it wouldn't be possible." he says slowly with a small nod, "I can arrange for the show to take place outside and have a crew build an area for the show, I can have it done around November Second." he says slowly tilting his head a bit to the right, "Is that too soon or would that work for you to be able to get everything done that you need too?" he says, the whole time talking with his hands, in rather exaggerated movements.

"Though I do wish to also speak Prizes, the Network had the thoughts of a new Cleansweep Three or the Network paying for all the Student's next year supplies including Robes, though if the Student would be graduating Next year, we are prepared to offer a Seven Galleon cash prize to that student." he says clapping his hands together rather excitedly, "Also we want to thank Hogwarts for their Hospitality, the House of the Winning Team, we would like to provide a Brand New Firestone 7425 for both the House of the Winning Contestant and Two additional ones for the School to place at heir digression." he says rubbing his hands together with a large smirk.

Dumbledore taps his chin. "We might be able to be ready by the Second of November. Though with the Halloween Feast approaching, the students are rather focused on costumes and such. I'll keep in contact with you about it, and we'll sort it out.

"As for prizes, your suggestions sound marvelous. Though I daresay our Ravenclaws have an excellent shot at winning, and did you know, they actually constructed their own wireless last year? They keep it in their common room. I do believe you had one of them write in to your programme recently, in fact."

Brad smiles as his Gin and Tonic arrives, picking it up and taking a sip, "Well just keep me informed on the dates, so that I cna have the crew tackle building and setup." he says slowly with a small nod, "Ah yes, Hopeful in Hogwarts. I didn't know they actually built their radio, I am sure they would be ecstatic to get a Harpy, I actually just purchased one for my home, truly marvelous." he says with a small nod, taking another sip of his drink, "I am glad you are on board, Dumbledore, I think this will be an amazing opportunity for Hogwarts, The Students and of course W.W.N." he says snapping his finger and pointing at the other man.

Dumbledore rises from his seat, offering his hand to Brad. "It's been a pleasure, Mr. Moody. I shall be in touch. Perhaps next time, I can convince you to give me a tour of the station. Fascinating, this wireless."

Brad smiles and stands taking the man's hand and shaking it firmly, "If you want a tour just stop by anytime, Dumbledore, I would even let you sit on a Broadcast or even be on the show if you would like." he says with a smirk, "I assure you the pleasure was all mine." he says nodding slowly.

Dumbledore dips his head respectfully. "Until next time," he says with a grin, and makes his way out of the pub, nodding politely to the staff and acquaintances as he goes.

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