(1938-10-24) Upperclassmen and Spies
Details for Upperclassmen and Spies
Summary: A group of upperclassmen talk about things, mostly the Halloween dance. Two spies pay close attention.
Date: 1938-10-24
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands
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There were only a handful of subjects that could infuse Alphard with enough enthusiasm that he forgot to be his usual superior and haughty self. Which still left an agonizingly self confident youth who thought he had an answer for everything. But what could you do? He'd start hand waving, emphasizing his points with cutting motions or pounding the opposite palm with his fist. His voice going from thoughtful to stubborn and all the way around. Loud, including. Magic was one of those subjects, assuming he wasn't in lecture mode. Because if he started lecturing, then obviously he was superior. "No, no no! If you do it like that, we'll end up with a blue pig. I want a green and gold pig. A Gryffindor pig, alright?! I mean, even Dumbledore has to own enough humor to give extra credit for that, right. Right?! See.. how I thought we'd do it is.." And what followed was a quick outline of his theory! This to Andromena, whom he was walking next to, and with whom he had the desk-to-pig transfiguration project with.

Andromena suppressed a heavy sigh. She liked to discuss magic with Alphard, but on some points he could become as stubborn as a mule and it was altogether impossible to get a word in edgewise. In defeat, she threw her hands up, exclaiming, "Okay, okay! We'll do it as you say." Because he had the ability to make lives miserable if he did not get his way, and considering their other two partners on this project were rather…less enthused than herself and Alphard…well, one could see where that left the Ravenclaw girl.

The pair were wondering about on the grounds below the towering stands, because Alphard said he needed 'fresh air' to properly think as opposed to the stuffy old library. Andromena suspected he just wanted to daydream about being some glorious quidditch star again, but the truth was he was far too busy telling her how very right he was about everything.

Pale head bowed as she tucks her blouse back into her skirt and smooths out her jumper, Medusa can be seen emerging from beneath the Ravenclaw stand. Hearing voices she slows to a stop and drags a hand through her hair, juzzing it so that it looks to be in its normal toussled state. By the time she is visible she looks presentable and is leaning casually against the corner of the stand. "Well, well, well." Lifting her voice to carry over to the pair of sixth years.

"I knew you'd see it my way," he told Andromena. She was rewarded with a bright white smile, and if he was aware that the Ravenclaw had only folded because of ceaseless pressure, then he didn't show any signs of it at all. Looking at the bright side, that was Alphard Pollux Black.

Alphard and Andromena were currently walking side-by-side down ont he grounds of the Quiddich field, talking, when they'd just been hailed.

"Malfoy." His hand casually - and subconciously - reached over to pat against his chest. There was a bit more neutrality in his tone than he'd normally use with Medusa. He looked the blonde over critically.

Calista is currently wandering by the quidditch field with a book on advanced Transfiguration in hand. She looks about carefully and spots Alphard and Andromena walking and then her eyes fall upon Medusa. She puases he walking and looks at the group thoughtfully as if considering whether or not she should approach them. She brushes a loose strand of her hair behind one ear and considers quietly.

With Medusa's appearance, she and Alphard slowed to a stop. To be sure, nearly everyone had something to say about the Slytherin girl, but Andromena had very little experience with her. She gave a small wave before tucking her hands into the sleeves of her robes, lips quirking into a faint smile as she greeted Medusa. From the corner of her eye she spied a wandering Calista, but Alphard's decidedly cool tone drew her attention away from the other girl. Truth be told, Andromena would have preferred to have not run into anybody. The woes of being a shut in: it was trying enough on her person just dealing with Alphard!

A sly grin tilts up one corner of Medusa's mouth as she spots Calista as well. However, her words are aimed at Alphard, "Starting a collection, my friend?" One hand gestures towards Andromena and the other Calista. "Or just a happy coincidence." The older girl pushes herself away from the base of the Ravenclaw stand and starts to walk in their direction. Alphard's chest patting draws a quirked brow from her. "Something in your pocket, Alphard or just happy to see me?"

Alphard's shoulders twisted in a dismissive shrug, and he explained his association with Andromena as: "We're working on a project." He had always been really good at making people feel valued, right? He hadn't noticed Calista until the other two brought the newcomer to his attentions. His head swung around, dark eyes looking her over. After a monent he added a companionable enough upnod in greeting, once he recognized her for who she was. After all, she checked all the right boxes: Pureblood, Magijugend, Slytherin. Really, what reason was there not to be friendly?!

"What? Oh." Blinking, Medusa drew him back to the moment. He let his hand fall. "Just some letter. Haven't gotten around to reading it yet. So what're you doing? Didn't think this was your usual hide out."

As if Andromena would not have introduced Alphard in the same manner had the roles been reversed. She /was/ rather stand-offish, after all. However, she hardly saw herself as a collectable in a proverbial harem. There was little that she had to add for the moment, leaving the conversing to Medusa and Alphard. What would she say, anyway? 'Oh, who's the letter from?' Like it was her business. Or, 'Something interesting under the stand, Medusa?' Yeah, like she hadn't seen the blonde trying to quickly adjust her hair and clothing! These things and more danced across her mind's eye but outwardly she remained cool and quiet.

"Project?" Medusa nods slowly. "Of course." She looks at Andromena, sizing up the smaller girl and then back at Alphard, "Just make sure Beatrice thinks it is only a project. She might be angry otherwise." She slips her hands into the pockets of her woolen winter over robes. "I mean what I said," Medusa somewhat crytptically tells Alphard before she turns her attention to Andromena. "Rowle, isn't it?"

"All I'm doing is taking Beatrice to the Halloween party," Alphard protested, clearly feeling it was not his responsibility to placate the red haired Nott. He rubbed his hand against the back of his neck. "I mean, it's not like I'm marrying her! Oh sure, there was that thing in the broom closet.. and.." Frowning, he caught himself and quickly cleared his voice with a throaty cough. "Anyway. It's not like I can exactly talk magical theory with Beatrice. She's pretty and attentive.. but she's not. Well.." See how hard Alphard was trying to be a gentleman and not outright say he thought Beatrice was mentally challanged? "Anyway. What are you guys going as?"

Andromena nods to Medusa. "Indeed," she answered. There was, naturally, no reason to ask the other girl about her lineage. She imagined even if someone did have the ignorance (or audacity) to ask, it would likely still work to Medusa's favor. Not that Andromena was singling Medusa out for this spat or that - girls tended to have them for no reason at all! - because the same could be said for Alphard, too. A wise person simply knew these things, and Andromena liked to believe she had /some/ wisdom stored up in her person.

Then talk turned to the feast, albeit rather haltingly as Alphard struggled with his take on Beatrice. Andromena gave a shrug, putting on an air of nonchalance. "I haven't really thought about it," she answered, as if it were no big deal. It was far too beyond her personal pride to admit to anybody that perhaps she /had/ been looking forward to it all, and spent many an evening thinking up just what she might like to be.

Morgana is out for a walk. It's one of those, I have no where to go, or no where to be and the library is entirely to crowded to get in proper work done sort of walks she takes on occasion. Coming by the stands she notices the small gathering, and before she joins it, she scans to see who is in it, just to make sure there isn't someone she doesn't want to see. Thankfully, no one present is on that list so she quietly approaches them, and forces a smile on her face. "Hey everyone." She says politely.

Medusa laughs, nodding in agreement with Alphard, "You're right. Beatrice is like that. Pretty but not quite so bright." The question of what she and Douglas are going to the Feast dressed as draws a shrug, "I don't know. I don't much fancy him using his head severing charm. It isn't that funny and it takes ages to set right. I'm still hoping that my sedan chair will be ready in time. Thought about maybe paying those pirates to carry me in." Her glance flicks to Andromena, "You should go, even if you don't have a date. Go and have fun. Eat cake."

Medusa gives a little wave to Morgana as she stands talking with Alphard and Andromena.

Alphard's features took on that look he got when he had a diabolical plan, and he had just had the solution dropped in his lap. "You know, Meanie.." the only reason he used that nickname was because he really was mean. "If you haven't thought about it.. I could use some bodies to help make up my outfit. I could use people dressed up as my lynch mob. You know, when muggles reveal their true selves, carrying torches and pitchforks and screaming for the murder of good honest witches. Drooling, crazy eyed.." As he spoke, he seized Andromena up, envisioning her in the role. "How's your acting? And hey, Douglas could go as the crazy evil muggle mayor, and you the wife!"

"Hey Rashley."

He was talking about Medusa doing the wife role.

She gave a small gasp as Alphard gripped her shoulders; tensing as if she feared he would begin to shake her. "Why should I want to be a crazy-eyed muggle?" She griped. Unable to wave properly, Andromena turned her head until she could better see Morgana, whom she greeted before turning her regard back to Alphard. "Ask Beatrice to be one of your pitchfork-bearing mobsters." To Medusa, she brightened, feeling encouraged. "I will be there. Don't need a date to have fun, or enjoy cake." Which so many girls seemed to believe. Andromena was much more independent than that!

"Black, Medusa." Morgana says, nodding to those who greeted her. Picking up on the conversation she raises a brow. "Well, I figure I came up with the most clever costume. I'm going as the Head Girl. It saves me from having to piece together a costume." She says with a shrug, but she doesn't dare talk about dates and the like. "Are you really going to pay pirates to carry you in?" She asks Medusa.

Is there a couple students underneath the stands? Peeking through the spaces of the stands at the upperclassmen, Angelus shushes to aside to the girl and whispers, "Now to be a good spy you have to be stealthy." A giggle starts to escape from the girl before she claps a hand over her mouth, and she whispers back, "Oh, of course, not word." Angelus grimaces at the giggle, even as short as it was, shaking his head even as he smirks in amusement. He turns back to peer through one of the cracks in the stands.

Nodding in agreement with Andromena Medusa states, "I would never want to go as a muggle either. Tres tacky, Alphard. Better to go as something like the wizard they chased out of the village." When her entrance to the ball is discussed Medusa grins. "Just imagine it," says Medusa as she begins to paint the mental picture. "Me, dressed as the last great Veela queen of France, complete with a tiara. I arrive at the feast in a sedan chair covered with silk, carried in by several small people." She looks between the three other sixth formers, "How great would that be?"

Fiona doesn't quite get why they are under the Slytherin stands but then she is not the leader of this expedition. She crawls forward on her elbows, dirtying her dungarees even more. "Let me see," she whispers and tries to peer through another crack in the wood. "What're they doing?"

direection. "You can't go more monster than a full on muggle mob, can you? Do you even know how many poor innocent witches they brutally murdered over the years? Makes vampires look nice. But whatever. If I didn't know that any mudblood would try to sabotage the whole thing by underplaying their evil, I'd try to get some of them to do it. For authencicity." His eye rolling underlined how unimpressed he was with both MOrgana and Medusa's proposed costumes. "It's not about looking pretty. Imagine the wonderful chaos of a dozen blood thirsty muggles running riot through the ball.." Wistful sigh. He was going to make it work.

Andromena had to admit, it sounded pretty great. Damn shame she did not think of something like that. It was certainly a far sight better than being a backward, shoeless, drooling firestarter. "Listen, Alphard," Andromena makes an attempt to educate him. "Boys are better suited for being something frightening, girls want to go as something pretty." It was one of the few times of the year said girls got to dress up fancifully without excuse. Although…Morgana did not sound as if she were very excited at all, or even that she cared that she did not intend to dress up. Well, that was her prerogative.

Medusa tries not to look smug when Andromena backs her up, the way to this is to focus on Morgana. "You should go in a fancy dress at least Morgana. It'll be fun." She nudges the Head Girl. "I'll dance a dance with you. It'll make all the boys happy."

"It's that chaos that has me thinking I should attend as Head Girl." Morgana says to Alphard before she looks to Medusa. Raising a brow she'll shrug her shoulders. "I didn't know we were in the business of making boys happy." She says, crossing her hands behind her back. "Besides, I left all of my fancy things at home, though I suppose I could send an owl." She says thoughtfully, but shakes her head. "It's not all about monsters, I just think it's the part most people enjoy celebrating."

"Fine, fine, fine. You go be pretty princesses," Alphard exclaimed with a deep suffering sigh. It didn't stay too pained, though, when Medusa mentioned making the boys happy. His grin was mischiveious, eyes more than a touch interested as he gave the two girls in question a second look over. "Depends on what kind of dancing you've got in mind, Medusa." Beneath his humor, his shoulders shook, laughter bubbling up. "Come on, even you need a braek from being Head Girl. And besides, if ever there's a day when Chaos aught to be allowed to rule, it's Halloween."

Medusa looks Morgana over. "I'd lend you something but I don't think it would fit, you're taller. Get something sent from home. It's nice to dress up once in a while." She rolls her eyes at Alphard, "Behave, Black. Your sixteen-year-old hormones are showing." Even if she did bring it up. "If you have yourself all set on being a muggle mob, ask your cronies. Those ones you roam Hogsmeade with. I bet they'd do it."

"Just standing around - nothing exciting," Angelus whispers in return, his shoulders shifting lightly. He turns his head to look at Fiona when she joins him to peek out. "If we can't stay for the dance," he says quietly, a grin spreading across his face, "how do we give them a scare? In the spirit of Halloween, of course."

Fiona scratches her head because that is a good question. "We could sneak into their rooms and short change their sheets." There is a sense of familiarity to that, as if the mischevious first year has done that before; likely to her older brothers. "Then when they come back all tired they will be confused because the bed has shrunk." She peers out at the older students, "What were you hoping we'd see?"

Andromena took a moment to ponder why it was girls dancing together was so much more appealing than if it were two boys. After a few humorous mental images, Andromena dropped it as unworthy of her mental acumen. To Medusa, she nodded her agreement. Alphard would be better off asking other boys to serve as his muggle mob. She also agreed with her point concerning Morgana, to whom she turned. "Everyone already knows who you are, so really, if you don't dress up all night long you're just going to have to deal with everyone asking you why you *didn't* dress up." And how very droll would that be?

"That is a problem I have." Morgana responds to the tall comment. "If I wear heels, I end up being taller than most of the boys.. well I used to be." THough Andromena brings up a point, and Morgana frowns. "You are right. It would be extremely annoying to have to hear that question all night. Or I could just make a sign and wear it." She idly taps her finger on her lips as she thinks it over. Shaking her head at Black, she raises her brows. "You've just convinced me not to do dance with Medusa." Though her tone is light, could it be that she is joking?

"Please, this from MacMillan's most recent conquest? I don't think you've got any room to talk about overflowing hormones, Medusa." Alphared rolled his eyes right back at her, complete with that slight arch of his neck to get his nose up in the air. "Besides," he added, replacing arrogance with a crooked smirk. "As if that wasn't exactly the reaction you were looking for, anyway." When Morgana looked at him with her arched eyebrow, he just grinned. "And I probably will get them to do it, but I thought I'd be nice and offer you all the first oppertunity to be in on something fantastic." Because the scion of Black was just plain nice like that. Reputation as a do gooder if there ever was one. "Besides, I didn't say I was going to be part of the muggle mob. I just needed one."

"Andromena is right. Everyone will ask that." Medusa leans in towards Morgana to say, "You should dress up, look amazing and unavailable," not offering any explanation for it. She's too busy sniggering at how all of them have ended up teasing Alphard. Medusa rolls her eyes when he teases her about Douglas. "I was going to be nice to you, but not now," she jokes. Instead she lightly elbows him. "So if you're not the mob, what are you? The crazed priest leading the mob?"

The Rowle girl laughs at Medusa's jeer, holding her hand up to her mouth. "You would make a good crazed priest, Alphard - very scary!" Because that was what he was aiming for, right? She could just imagine it: Alphard in long, thick robes, holding high his priestly relic and shouting angrily for something silly like: BURN THE WIZARD AND SAVE YOUR SOULS. Excited by the notion, she takes Alphard by the elbow, using her free hand to paint a picture before her. "Think, Alphard, you and your mob can assault all the good people of the feast by threatening to burn them alive." It probably would not go over well with the faculty, but kids can dream.

Angelus just about lets out a chuckle, but he clearly wraps his arm around his mouth so that his mouth is against his elbow. He lets out a breath when he pulls his arm away, shaking his head. "We need accomplices in other the other Houses then. Maybe more girls…" Angelus ponders as he nods his head. "You know, it's not really fair that you guys can come into our dormitory and not the other way around." 'Cause… That's totally unfair. Ahem. Cough. He doesn't bother looking back through the cracks of the stands, just shrugging as he lets out a sigh. "I guess nothing," he answers Fiona. "I was wrong, apparently."

She thinks on it and Fiona says, "I bet we can ask the other Pirates. I'll have to ask the Captain, but it'd be fun." She reaches over and swats Angelus on the back when he coughs. "Don't breath in the dust." She looks back out at the sixth formers then at her friend, "Wait, how do you know you can't go into the girl's rooms but girl's can go into your's?" The suspicious look she gives Angelus goes well with her next question, "Have you been trying to sneak into girl's rooms?"

"I don't need to look amazing to be unavailable." Morgana replies, but there is a hint of defeat in her tone, which suggests that she'll be owling her grandmother once she gets a chance. She'll shake her head at Alphard and his plans. "Are you really wanting to cause that much chaos?" She asks before she crosses her arms over her chest. For now she goes quiet, just listening to the conversation around her.

Medusa and Andromena's little suggestion got Alphard to seriously rethinking his his plan. His brow scrunched up in thoughtful thinking. "Hrmm.. that would be fun, wouldn't it? But no.. I was gonna go as Cornelius Fiddilus. I remembered reading about him in History of Magic. You know the wizard who heroically saved a poor little witch from the terrible mob back before the Secrecy Statue. He put her on his broom, but just as he was gonna climb up onto it himself he got hit in the back of the head by a thrown stone. She got away, but he was horribly hanged and burned!" His grinned enthusiastically at the ghoulish tale, his eyes bright and his bodylanguage animated. "See? A charm to put some legs on the tree, so it moves around the Ball where I wanna go. Then I'll hang from it, while conjuring blue harmless flames to lick my feet and legs. I'll be the martyred victim of the evil muggle mob! Screaming for mercy, which they wont give! Because they're dirty evil peasent muggles. Plus, how great will it be when I'm doing dance moves while hanging burning from a walking tree?!"

"Isn't that the point of Halloween?" This asked of Morgana, quite serious. "Also, who're you dating if you're so unavailable?" His brows lifted teasingly.

"I bet if you go as Cornelius Fiddilus Beatrice would be the witch," Medusa volunteers a costume for her cousin. Her head turns towards Morgana briefly before answering for her friend, "Morgana is above dating. She is focused on doing the best in her NEWTs this year and of course her Head Girl duties. She's trying to convince us all that the boys here are children and not worth our time." Okay, that's a biiiit of a stretch but points for trying, surely. "What are you planning to go as Andromena?" Since they all know what Medusa is going as.

Another chuckle escaped her at the thought of a dead man's jig, as macabre as it was. She turned to Medusa, and though she had still been considering her costume, she saw no harm in sharing what she felt likely to go as. Animated now, Andromena dives into her idea.

"Have you ever heard of the Erlking's Daughter?" A tale of a being intent on seducing a knight, who spurns her. As is common with such stories, be the woman natural or otherwise, the knight dies for his grievous error! "I can go as something elegant /and/ somewhat frightening," this last bit directed toward Alphard.

For a moment, Morgana goes very silent, narrowing her eyes at Alphard as he asks his question. She's about to open her mouth and explain just why she is unavailable, but Medusa beats her too it. Which is probably a good thing, since Morgana might not have said anything polite. After a slow breath, she'll nod her head. "Indeed. I'm far too busy to date anyone." And that, is all she seems to want to say about that.

Remembering something Medusa pulls a face and swears in front of the Head Girl, not her finest move. "Fuck. I have to go see Slughorn. I completely forgot." She puts a hand over her mouth and breaths into it to check her breath then says, "See you later," and before anyone else says much else to her takes off at a fast clip heading up to the castle.

But was it all Alphard wanted to say about it? Nope. "Really?" He asked, scratching his cheek thoughtfully as he eyed Morgana. One of his shoulders flopped in a teenager's lazy shrug. "I don't know. Seems like there's more to it. Right?" Though Medusa'a departure did derail his attentions, blinking a couple of times before he lifted a casual wave in farwell. "Great way to make good with the teachers. Be late with the Professors." He snorted. "But anyway. Erlking's daughter. I guess that could work. All pale and otherworldly."

Angelus knew those pirates would be useful, except that before he agrees he frowns at a thought. His tongue slips out to touch his upper lip briefly before he's letting out a breath. "It doesn't hurt to ask," Angelus decides, bobbing his head twice. "But leave Gryffindor to me," he adds in. His eyes shift away from her at her question, and is once again looking through the stands. "Yeeeea," is rolled off his tongue. "Um. May can come find me in my dormitory." He turns his eyes onto Fiona to finish, "And I was only looking for a housemate, purely innocent intentions." The boy suddenly turns his head and is peeking out of the stands again, with a little more interest, as he scans the students until he finds Morgana. "The upperclassmen can't seem to stay together very well. I guess I now know why I saw Quinn kissing Evans."

Fiona frowns at mention of her cousin. "I was confused by that too. First Con was dating Morgana and then Gabrielle. It's all silly." But she hasn't let Angelus off the hook entirely either. "You know I can just ask your sister, Gel. She'll rat you out." The look Fiona gives him makes it clear she doesn't buy his story. "You told me to tell you if you were being girl stupid. Don't be girl stupid, Gel."

"It is perfectly understandable to put off dating for ones studies," Andromena chimed in. Whether or not that was the entire truth hardly mattered to her. After all, /she/ was the girl who was practically unknown by her classmates simply because she put her education before her social life. No thanks in part to a very stern and demanding father and the notion of an eldest child that she can't possibly disappoint…neither here nor there! "But really, Alphard, if you were busy working on something for transfiguration and Beatrice interrupted you, would you put off what you were doing or tell her to go away?"

"It does seem like it doesn't it?" Morgana says to Alphard, tilting her head to the side as the other SEventh year takes off. Did she notice the curse? Yes, but she doesn't say anything about it. "Perhaps you just have less care for your studies than you do for snogging?" Morgana questions with a very faint smirk.

"Well, you would say that, wouldn't you, Meanie?" Alphard teased Andromena with, a sly little grin on his lips. He shrugged. "I guess it depends on whether it was anything important she was interrupting." Because Black really was the sort of nice guy who would tell you to get lost if he was busy. He scratched at his cheek, then snorted at Morgana. "Please. I've got great grades. Mostly." The latter added with a little shifty-eye.

"Yes, I would," she answers somewhat stiffly as she crosses her arms. Perhaps he was only teasing, but did he keep having to call her that atrocious nickname? She would certainly have no problem telling another to leave her alone, however. "Technically, it's no one's business what another person chooses to do with their single life." Said with a haughty little sniff.

Angelus shakes his head, a smirk touching his lips. Instead of responding he listens quietly for a while longer to the older years, but then eventually pulls away and looks to Fiona again, and cracks a grin that threatens to come out a chuckle. "You know I can't hide anything from you," he says, giving her a wink. "So you can ask her," he gestures out with a hand, "but you know what the answer is already, don't you?" As for being 'girl stupid,' Angelus shakes his head and loses his smile. "/Girl stupid/ is what my brother is doing. And what yours did," he corrects.

Fiona is getting a cramp lying like this. She shifts and accidentally kicks a joist. Her eyes widen as the Slytherin stand trembles a little, attention drifting to the cracks in the wood. "Shhh," she hisses to Angelus, because of course it was all his fault and not because she hates talking about her stupid blood traitor brother and his muggle girlfriend.

"I thought so." Morgana says to Alphard's comment. Hearing Adromena's huff she'll nod her head. "Exactly. Don't let anyone tell you other wise." SHe says to the other girl. "Besides, no one is going to care who I snogged when I leave here, but they will care if I got decent grades." She says with a shrug.

"In your case are we sure it's so much a choice, Meanie, as much as.." The tall Slytherin boy was about to say something cruel, you could see it in the smugly knowing curl of his lips and the predatory glint in his dark eyes. But no! Wait, what was that? His attentions veered off course and fixed on the Slytherin stands. "Hrm.." With that he moved forward, those long legs of his carrying him with marked speed. "Let's see who is busy snogging under there!"

"Also, you're wrong Rashley. Who you snog in Hogwarts can have reprecussions later. Just depends on how low you went."

Unaware that they have perhaps been noticed Fiona whispers, "I think they didn't hear anything." She sounds relieved. The last time she was caught spying she ended up being bullied and Alphard had to come to her rescue, seeing as how Angelus has got her spying on Alphard it seems unlikely he will be her hero in this instance too.

Angelus freezes up when Fiona kicks the joist, wincing and even holding his breath. He slowly turns his head to peer out of the cracks, and bends his head lower as he looks to Fiona as Alphard calls out. He lets out his breath on a rush as he reaches his limit, but he wags his finger teasingly at Fiona. "I think we need a plan."

"Which is exactly why you snog no one, Black." Morgana responds, though when he seems to be distracted by the stands, she'll turn and follow him, shaking her head. "And now you want to watch? And you wonder why I stay single." She responds dryly, but she wants to investigate anyway. Curiosity killed the cat after all.

"Come on, you're the Head Girl. Isn't spying on people part of your duties?" Alphard asked over his shoulder with a mischivious sly tease. "Sneaking around in the corridors, trying to catch anyone with a foot wrong." And there he was, pale diabolical face, black eyes, cruel grin, tall for his age and broad enough over the shoulders to seem doubly bigger for his age. Peering in at Angus and Fiona. "Eibon. I'm disappointed in you!" He declared, pitching his voice into mock seriousness. "Are there so few pretty girls in your age year you have to corrupt first years to snog under the stands?! They're supposed to be sacred."

"EWWW!" Fiona looks out at Alphard through the crack in the wooden stands. "We are not snogging. That is disgusting. We were…climbing." Yes because that makes sense. "We were going to climb up the understide of the stands." But since they have been spotted she wriggles out from under neat the stands, covered with dirt and spiderwebs. A shake of her hair and a few brushing motions over her hands over her dungarees shifts some of it away.

Oh, but she could tell Alphard had been preparing to say something downright nasty. He should not think that just because the pair of younger students that Andromena would simply forget his premeditation. She considered giving him the silent treatment, but regardless of the male in question, it never worked. They never understood the whole reason for the treatment and that just made everything worse because all a girl wanted more than anything was for the boy to know WHY they were wrong without being told! What else could be done for it?

"Climbing," she muse aloud, clearly not bought with the lie, however, she does not call Fiona out on it. To her best guess, the squirts were probably staking out for themselves a camp, because young children were fond of things such as secret camps and forts. Or she had been…still was, if she thought about it.

Angelus simply glances over at Fiona, a smirk flicking at his lips, and gestures out a hand at her. "What she said," he confirms, followed by an amused chuckle. He follows Fiona out from underneath the stands, not seeming to care about the smudges over his own uniform despite his usual tidy and neat appearance. "But now that we're apparently finished," he hums and shifts his eyes over the field, and then over to Fiona, "let's go inside and get some snacks. I loaded up last weekend."

"Of course it is, but have you ever heard of me being caught? Besides, the best spies are the ones hiding in plain sight." Morgana says with a brow raise, as she crosses her arms to look down at the younger students. "Climing? Really? You would be in less trouble if you were snogging." She says, gesturing to the structure. Turning to black, she'll smirk. "Maybe you should take her advice on snogging." She says, gesturing to Fiona. Though as one of them skitters off she'll smirk, after all they didn't really do anything worth getting in trouble for.

Looking shiftily at the sixth formers Fiona decides to beat it when Angelus does. Safety in numbers! Safety in numbers! "Yeah, snacks sound good." She curtsies for Morgana, because she's the Head Girl and a Ravenclaw which makes her like royalty to the first year. The other two get nervous grins from the first year, then she runs off chasing after Angelus, "Wait up!"

"Climbing. Yeah, that's real likely," Alphard said as he gave Fiona's dirty look a pointed eyeroll. "Don't let me catch you again." It came out mild enough, but there was a real warning lurking beneath the reasonable manner he tended to put on when there was someone around who could actually get him in trouble. He turned to Morgana, chuckling. "Please. Give her a couple of years and she'll be worse than anyone, if she's already sneaking around with older boys."

Watching as the children ran off, Andromena shook her head. Sometimes she wondered if she had been that peculiar at that age herself. At least they hadn't been snogging, because how awkward would that have been? "I could go for something to eat myself," she admitted with a faint shrug.

Morgana shrugs her shoulders. "Who knows, but I don't think either of us will be around to find out." She says quietly, watching the children leave. She shakes her head at the curtsy from Fiona but doesn't call her out on it. "I knew I should have made a trip out to Hogsmeade last weekend. AH well, I'll just wait until the next one." Morgana, is apparently low on snacks. "I'm sure if you ask that one nicely he'll share."

Exiting the back of the stands with a quick glance around, Douglas tucks his shirt into his trousers as he goes, giving an amiable nod towards those gathered there. There is a definite smell of smoke lingering about him, which he attempts to dispel by digging into a pocket for a bag of mints, one of which he pops into his mouth.

"I'll get you some, if you take Medusa up on that dance," Alphard told Morgana with a smirk. Of course knowing Alphard, half his candy store had probably come from some unfortunate kid he'd bullied and stolen from. But who cared about that, when it tasted so good?! "Anyway, I've got some stuff to do, so I'll see you around. See you tomorrow in the library, Meanie? One more session and I think we've got the project covered." Spotting Douglas approaching, he squinted, then snorted. "Yeah. And she has the audacity to comment on me." Eyeroll as he started to leave.

Andromena nods absently to Alphard. "Yeah, sure." To Morgana she bid goodbye, before departing herself.

"And suddenly, I am no longer feeling in the mood for snacks." Morgana says dryly to Alphard, shaking her head again. She'll wave to Adromena as she takes off as well, leaving her with Douglas. "MacMillan." She says with a nod of her head. "Let me guess, this is the new meeting spot for everyone these days?" After all, she did just speak with Medusa.

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