(1938-10-24) Well That Went Well
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Summary: Phil and Thomas try to spring the news of their engagement on Felicity with a nice breakfast that becomes awkward.
Date: 24 October 1938
Location: 5 Thistle Grove, Chelsea, London
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Catching Felicity for a private family announcement is difficult given the schedule of a healer so it comes down to breakfast. A nice breakfast made by Rosie with a nervous Phil watching over things to make sure the magic doesn't go wrong. A nice breakfast laid out on the beautiful dining table. It really is only Felicity's schedule and Phil's habit of not being home often that has made it possible to keep things quiet, that and a promise from their mother to let Phil be the one to tell her sister.

Felicity comes hoping down the stairs on one foot. She is holding the banister, but her other hand is trying to squeeze her foot into a shoe that belongs to Phil, who has smaller feet. Thanks to Rose some pumps got switched up. But only by one. The other shoe on is just fine. "Why won't you fit!?" She cries and grumbles down at the shoe as she finally gets to the floor without incident, amazingly. "This is…" She blinks seeing the breakfast all set up. Her foot still all twisted up in the too small shoe. "What's going on?" Her pale blue eyes squint a little.

Then a few solid raps come at the door, As Thomas stands outside, of it looking around the street. Wearing his dark grey overcoat and matching fedora. He brings his hand up taking a long hard drag off his cigarette, exhaling the bluish grey smoke as he watches an interesting transaction between two muggles who apparently are debating about something. Shaking his head his gaze moves back to the door, waiting for it to open with another quick drag off his cigarette.

"Just hold that thought," says Phil. She even holds up a single finger. The door is opened by Rosie in her pretty little maid's hat, she loves her hat. "Come in Master Thomas, come in." She giggles and steps back so he can come in. "The Misses are in the dining room." Phil quickly realises what hand she is holding up and switches hands, hiding her left behind her back with a soft, "Eep."

Felicity squints even more and there was a glint that caught her eye. So it's with a recently pinched piece of toast in her mouth, sticking out like some triangular cigar that she hobble-lunges at her sister to try to get that hand back where she can see it, "Philomena! What!?" She's talk more but she might lose her toast so she continues to try to wrestle without a word more. Of course the moment she realizes that there is a guest at their house for breakfast she freezes entirely and clears her throat and composes herself. Usually she's very presentable, sophisticated and refined. This however was a peak into how she is when her baby sister is hiding something from her. Just some sisterly rough housing.

Thomas smiles as Rosie, "Why thank you Rosie, you look absolutely smashing today if I may say so." he says softly as he removes his fedora and overcoat, hanging them on a peg. Hearing what sounds like an interesting scene in the dinning room, he looks at Rosie, "The dinning room you say?" with a small chuckle, before heading that way. He manages to miss the scene, though offers Phil a warm smile, before looking at Felicity, "Ah! Ms. Felicity Rowle, I assume?" he says softly, moving to take her hand to place a small kiss on it, "Thomas Beowulf Greyson Carrow, I assure you the pleasure is mine." His eyes move across the table with a small smile,"I see I managed to not be late for Breakfast, thank you both kindly for having me." he says softly looking between the two.

Phil looks over at the doorway and smiles at the sight of Thomas. "You're not late, Fel just…" she looks at her sister and takes in everything including the scrunched foot. "Has on my shoe." With a shake of her head she calls out, "Rosie! Bring Felicity a pair of shoes please!" That done she moves over to take Thomas' hand and guide him deeper into the room. "Felicity, Thomas and I wanted to share a breakfast with you and to, well to tell you something important." The weight of it all is undoubtedly quite clear to Felicity as her little sister is something of a flibbertigibbet at times but has never cared to introduce someone she is involved with to Felicity at a one on one meeting. Even Laurence had to be summoned to a family dinner with several siblings.

Felicity squints at Thomas when he kisses her hand. She's standing all leaned over and rather uncomfortable. Then her eyes snap back to her sister. "Are you pregnant?" Sophisticated yes, but that doesn't mean her social skills are exactly what most would term pleasant, especially when it comes to having a surprise breakfast popped on her, to meet the man that she knows her sister was having "relations" with and being asked for advice merely a little over a week ago and now, engaged!? The Healer just rather immediately hops to the worst case scenario that of course include something medical. The full power of her squint bores into her little sister, hand forgotten about in Thomas' hand. She's not had her tea, yet, poor poor Thomas.

Thomas is smiling softly at Phil, as she explains they wanted to have a nice sit down with Felicity. Then Felicity asks her question and Thomas looks like someone just dropped a bag of bricks on him, his mouth opens as he looks at Phil, then at Felicity, then back to Phil, his mouth opens again but he quickly shuts it, knowing if he also asked Phil this question, it would end badly, for him. He coughs slightly, "I will let you handle that question, Love." he says softly with a small nod.

"What?!" Phil gapes at her older sister. "No. I am not pregnant. Merlin's beard Felicity." She drags a hand through her hair and looks at Thomas, the look she gives him one of those silent ones that say 'See what I have to put up with.' A shake of her head and she walks over to the table to sit down, dropping unceremoniously into the chair. "We wanted to have breakfast to tell you we are getting married. I asked Mother to let me be the one to tell you."

Felicity kicks off Phil's shoe and puts on the one that Rosie offers up to her. Oddly she keeps hold of Thomas' hand to help steady herself. "Have you fallen in love with him? Forgive me for my shock. Mr. Carrow, I'm very sure you're a very nice man." Her tone does make it clear however that she questions him being a gentleman. Here comes the But… "But this all seems very quick to me. It feels like yesterday I was on that couch in the next room having sisterly talk with my…sister. The topic of which is none of your business…but let me say that it's caused this announcement much confusion and surprise." Two things she does not process well. "I would very much like to stay and further examine this situation. But I have to go to work. I promised a colleague I would help him dissect the Mermaid." Shoes on she finally lets go of Thomas' hand to grab for a piece of toast, slathers it in jam, slams her cup of tea and gives them both a look that's a mix of confusion and startled deer in the headlamps. But then she remembers the word she should have said in the first place and blurts out, "Congratulations." As she hastens to throw some breakfast together to take along with her.

Thomas looks between the two slowly, "Thank you." he says softly, to Felicity. Before nodding softly, "I certainly look forward to a time, when you do not have a previous arrangement, so that we can sit and get to know each other." He says it with a smile. Taking a seat now, next to Phil he gives her a look, that clearly says 'She hates me,' before pouring himself a small bit of tea and adding two sugar cubes and a bit of cream. Taking a sip he looks at Felicity, "You can always stop by my shop, Books Unbound, if you would like to talk also," he says with a small nod.

Because this is what siblings do, it is a game Phil and Felicity have been playing all their - well her life given that she is the baby of the family - the answers are just as snappy from her. "Yes," she says somewhat snidely, "I love him. I wouldn't be marrying him if I didn't love him." No longer even bothering to hide the ring she holds a plate of fruit out to her sister. "And furthermore he's moving in. Now. Today. But we're not getting married for at least a year. Mother wants a big production and those take time. Time which you should be thankful for because that means months of her focus being on me." Phil looks at Thomas and shakes her head, it isn't him, Felicity is just like this.

Felicity takes a piece of fruit from the plate she is offered and stores it in her cheek, little did she realize that her sister did that on purpose before bomb shelling her again. She reals and wags a hand with another piece of fruit in it, one finger lifted up to increase the gravitas of the wagging. She is obviously trying not to choke as she hurridly chews the fruit. But she will choke if she talks so grand gestures with her hand of pointing to Thomas, wagging no in the air and then pointing to the floor of their home. Finally she is free of possible death and swigs some more tea before gasping and once again giving Thomas an apologetic smile. "Again, I'm sure you are a very nice man, welcome to the family. You're not moving in." Then she points to Phil and SQUINTS, "He is not moving in and you and I are having a private talk when I get home. This is insane, and uncalled for. I don't know what I've done to deserve such treatment from you Philomena, but you've gone too far. You want to distract Mother, move him in with HER!" She bites down on her piece of toast and storms for the door, wobbling as she goes because the shoe that Rosie brought her might have been hers, but the heels were of different heights it seems.

Thomas sits quietly as the two sisters, do not see eye to eye. His heads turns from one to the other, not saying a word. As Felicity storms off, he just takes a sip of his tea, "Well that went swimmingly" he says slowly looking at Phil, a smile on his face, "I think she likes me." he says with a small nod. Reaching onto the table and removing a bit of toast and spreading some butter across it, "Thoughts?" he asks Phil, tilting his head at her.

Before Felicity can make it out the front door Phil scrambles to the door of the dining room and shouts down the hallway after her, "Well maybe I will just move out THEN!" With a huff she turns back to the table and drops into her seat, this time slumping. "She exhausts me. Everything has to be on her timetable. Her way." Reaching over she pats his hand, "Don't worry. It will be fine. She's just so ruddy stubborn. Like a dog chasing its tail."

Felicity turns around to yell back from the door through her teeth. "Fine, you'll do what ever you want to do without a thought for anyone but yourself anyways." Her voice sounds about as bad as the squelching sound from the door as it opens up and slams shortly afterwards. Then the door swings open again, and it's Felicity as she usually is, "It was very nice to meet you Thomas. I do hope we can get to know each other soon." A brisk nod and then the door slams again.

Thomas takes another sip of his tea, "Really the little flat is pretty cozy, if you consider the store your living and dinning room." he says playfully, then returning Felicity's comment, "The pleasure was all mine, Ms. Felicity Rowle, I look forward to our next encounter." he replies loud enough so that she can hear him before slamming the door, taking a sip of his tea, "Good Morning Love."

Phil lifts a hand as if Felicity's words and actions have proven her point. She leans over and kisses Thomas lightly on the mouth before sitting back again and reaching for her own tea. "I love my sister," there is a but coming, "but she fears intimacy and relationships so finds it hard to understand why I want them. She hated Laurence. Felt he was duplicitous and underhanded. She will like you Thomas, I know she will. You're honourable and kind. A gentleman and not just with your manners but in everything you do." Taking a sip of her tea she sighs into her cup. The breakfast did not go as planned, but at least it wasn't any worse.

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